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8:49 AM
@b_jonas It's one of a very few places where Christie comments on the work of other detective authors (chapter 28).
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10:08 AM
Q: Which poems compare a nightingale to freedom

a_personhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NK2_bcQcoD4 Sounds gentle! I don't read enough to answer my puzzle, that's all.

10:34 AM
Q: Understand a certain line in Ted Hughes' "A Kill"

HeyJudeIn Ted Hughes' "A Kill" (A Crow poem. See the full poem here), Crow's concieveing and its coming into life is described with opposite terms related to death. Specifically, the creation of Crow's organs, instead of enabling life for him, actually take life out of him, one by another. I'd like to f...

10:55 AM
@Bookworm I haven't clicked the Youtube link, but this seems to be a recommendation question?
@Randal'Thor The link is just to a recording of Nightingale song, as far as i can see. I went to the video but didn't actually play it. So, yeah, looks like recommendation.

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