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9:20 AM
@Bookworm @bobble Isn't Anne of Green Gables a multi-book series which includes Anne of Avonlea?
10:06 AM
Yeah, seems like the series is also called Anne of Green Gables, as well as the first book. (Wikipedia doesn't have a page for the series, but it's mentioned in the infobox on the right.)
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1:39 PM
@Randal'Thor Yes, so I used series and book tags... I was recently convinced that was the correct thing to do?
@bobble Normally we just use series tags, not creating tags for individual books within a series.
Jul 20 at 3:51, by bobble
@b_jonas series and book tag?
sigh, I was running on an outdated meta post
2:01 PM
@bobble Which one?
Maybe we should close it as a duplicate of another one, if it's causing confusion.
There were a lot of meta discussions about tagging in the early days, and some decisions got pretty much reversed over time.
A: How should we distinguish between series and individual books?

user80Do the same thing we do with authors. A tag for the series, and a tag for specific books. If your question is about the series as a whole, use the series tag. If your question is about a specific book, use both the series tag and book tag. In the case where the names overlap, you can use someth...

2:23 PM
That does look like a clear consensus, and I'm having difficulty finding where we decided not to use individual-book tags within series.
I think it was part of a longer post, mostly about a different topic, that we just decided "that's sensible" and went with it.
there's this
A: Should we be tagging questions with the names of specific books?

GallifreyanDo these tags do harm? Unlike very broad tags like short-stories, individual book tags will hardly be abused. In fact, they will considerably improve the process of searching, especially for prolific writers. Think about it: Stephen King has written 54 novels. Surely, some people are expert in...

but that post is closed as dupe
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6:04 PM
Q: Who is "The Rithmatist"?

bobbleThe Rithmatist is a book (first in a planned series by the same name) by Sanderson. Who exactly is "the" Rithmatist referred to by the title? The school that is the main setting for the book has a dedicated program for Rithmatists, which most of the characters are connected to, so it's not as if ...

6:29 PM
Q: Meaning of "Her say said" in "This Side of Paradise"?

Michael WeissIn Fitzgerald's This Side of Paradise, we have this passage: MRS. CONNAGE: The poor boy looks so miserable every time he comes. ROSALIND: That was one of those romantic, pre-battle affairs. They’re all wrong. MRS. CONNAGE: (Her say said) At any rate, make us proud of you to-night. I have no ide...

@Bookworm Wow, I managed to edit this question before @bobble! ;-)
@Tsundoku cheating! I was working on school stuff
Really? I thought you were done with school by now.
(which I should be doing now, I was popping in for a break)
I'm taking a summer class through my university
So are we going to tag that series or ? (Wikipedia uses the latter as a name for the series.)
This question currently has both these tags.
6:40 PM
I think get rid of the book tag and leave the series, but Rand and I couldn't find a meta consensus about that
@bobble That wouldn't be a summer class on early 20th-century American literature?
@Tsundoku nope! And I don't think I have any literature/English gen-eds, either
Though there are some weirdly titled courses I didn't bother looking at, and I may have missed something
6:54 PM
@Randal'Thor Well, for the last four years, we have been working under the assumption that we title just the series. For example:
Jul 21 '17 at 18:31, by Gallifreyan
We have a consensus somewhere on meta that we should use the series/franchise/universe tag when a work is a part of one.
Jun 21 '17 at 17:36, by Rand al'Thor
Right, found it. Both Gallifreyan's and my answers to this question advocate using only the series tag when there is one, not creating tags for individual books in a series.
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9:04 PM
Our percentage of answered question has dropped to 77% again.
I apologize for asking my latest :)
No apologies needed. At some point, I wanted to start asking my series of 60 questions, which would push that percentage down even more.

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