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12:43 AM
I would expect a certain site to show up somewhere in the bio/website field, but no
4 hours later…
4:28 AM
@bobble hmm, they're kinda distinct questions
I saw yours as a subset of the other
4:50 AM
It's more about a specific subpoint that could have stood to have its own discussion.
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6:47 AM
@Gallifreyan whoa
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7:57 AM
@Bookworm Erewh is this question? On the QNH list.
8:18 AM
Q: What does the poem "Philosophy" by Nissim Ezekiel mean?

user392289Here is the poem "Philosophy" by Nissim Ezekiel: There is a place to which I often go, Not by planning to, but by a flow Away from all existence, to a cold Lucidity, whose will is uncontrolled. Here, the mills of God are never slow. The landscape in its geologic prime Dissolves to show its quint...

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10:35 AM
What's happened to the "Song of young girl" question seems a bit odd to me. The original posting asked about the metre of a certain poem, and the version of the poem it included was presumably the one the original poster was familiar with and wanted to know about the metre of.
It was then discovered that that was actually significantly altered from the original, and someone went ahead and replaced it with the original version, and an answer has now been posted discussing the metre of that version.
So the original poster has now ended up with an answer explaining the metre of a completely different poem. Do you think this is reasonable? It's an academic question in this case, since both versions are in fact in irregular metres, but still.
2 hours later…
12:57 PM
@A.B. I thought carefully about making this change. The OP said (in comments that have been deleted) that they did not know where the poem came from, but thought it was "an old Indian poem" ("Indian" = native American). Comparing the OP's version of the poem with the published version showed the kinds of changes that are accidentally introduced through memorization and fallible recall.
Accordingly, I thought that the question would be better if edited to include the published version of the poem -- this helps the OP who gets a reference to the poem in its original form, and is better suited for people writing answers, since the original rhythm was chosen deliberately by the poet, but the rhythm of the recollected version had unintentional changes
When you write "completely different poem" this is an unfair characterization -- if you compare the two texts you'll see that every line in the recollected version comes from a counterpart line in the published version
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2:57 PM
Q: What is the meaning of "Illimba", "mani" and "acuminus" in TGOST, by Arundhati Roy?

avxI'm reading A God of Small Things, a novel by Keralan author Arundhati Roy. She masterfully plays with words, sometimes transforming them, mimicking the way a seven year old would (the main characters are seven in some parts of the novel). However, I'm stuck with this use of the words "Illimba", "...

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5:02 PM
Q: What does "It was like saying goodbye to a statue" mean in the ending to "A Farewell to Arms"?

Nour FourtiWhat does Hemingway mean by this line at the end of A Farewell to Arms? “It was like saying goodbye to a statue”

5:27 PM
Q: Who was the speaker here in The Markenmore Mystery?

Ahmed SamirIn The Markenmore Mystery (1922) by J. S. Fletcher, Harborough, who returned his home in a rural village after seven years of traveling, was talking to Harry and Harry's sister, Valencia, about some financial matters: “Harry’s not much of a sportsman,” she said. “He’s all for books and for busin...

5:45 PM
that's a first
took a short break to answer, and almost exactly once I posted the vote counter ticked up and an "accept" appeared
Answer: 17:45:16
Upvote: 17:45:25
Accept: 17:45:31
You need to time your sockpuppeting a bit more realistically (and maybe not boast about it in chat). ;-)
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7:58 PM
@Gallifreyan It's a pity I don't have my own server, because the HTML meta element method doesn't activate the browser add-on. (I have tested it here.)

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