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12:58 AM
@Randal'Thor I don't know what edit this is referencing, but "circs." is not American English? I use it all the time and I'm American ....
I called it not American English based off 1) I am a native speaker of American English with a large vocabulary who had never heard of "circs" and 2) Merriam-Webster calling it "chiefly British"
Q: Murder thriller short story where a starlet kills her former agent and husband, who compulsively winks in a "sleazy" manner

Sean DugganI may have read this in an Alfred Hitchcock anthology somewhere in the mid 1990s. An up and coming starlet is about to head off on her honeymoon with her new beau when her ex-husband and former agent shows up, threatening to blackmail her for her more adult entertainment history if she doesn't pa...

1:15 AM
@bobble k thanks!
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5:30 AM
Q: In the story "The third Level" By Jack Finney, what is your point about the third level. Does it really exists or is it an imagination of Charley?

KarthikThe link to text I would like to know if the third level really exists or is it just an imagination of Charley. Does Sam Wiener really goes to 1800's or is it some sort of imagination of Charley?

4 hours later…
9:05 AM
Just 20 rep now between @verbose and @EJoshuaS-ReinstateMonica.
tense music
9:31 AM
y'know, Randolph, you could resolve the sitch right meow by liking any three of my posts 😁
(Please don't, that was a joke)
10:30 AM
How strange, I've gotten two badges + various rep increases on SO and Seasoned Advice (cooking SE) today but nothing on Lit SE. Most days I get nothing on the other sites and some rep on SE.
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3:19 PM
Q: Mexican identity of Frida Kahlo

General MO7“My dress hangs there” Hello there, I am still in the process of writing an analysis for one of the interesting extracts by Frida Kahlo. This painting represents lots of details showing how the US is seen negatively by Frida Kahlo, however, I am discussing the theme of “the impact of nationality ...

3:45 PM
Q: Technological and Intellectual Themes of Moby Dick

WWesEEEWhat are the intellectual and technological themes of Moby Dick? By intellectual themes, I mean pertaining to intellect, and methods/systems of getting insight into the world. By technological, I mean an application of science for commercial/industrial objectives.

4:19 PM
My query about whether this question is is still open
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6:45 PM
Q: Is the Wizarding World a dystopian society?

RedFlame0627We are learning about dystopian societies in my English 2, and I learned that dystopian societies have government control, meaning the government watches their citizens closely. Also, in dystopian societies there is a loss of individualism. Are these things in Harry Potter? Is there textual evide...

6:57 PM
There. My first question since 28 December 2020.
First upvote of the day for me
It's the sort of question that I usually expect Rand al'Thor to come up with.
Q: Since when do the Portuguese regard The Lusiads as their national epic?

TsundokuAccording to Wikipedia, Os Lusíadas is often regarded as Portugal's national epic, much as Virgil's Aeneid was for the Ancient Romans, or Homer's Iliad and Odyssey for the Ancient Greeks. The article has a source for this information but says nothing about when people started to describe Os Lus...

7:16 PM
We have 8 new tags without tag wiki excerpts and @PrinceNorthLæraðr is nowhere to be seen...
I've been dealing with them when I have time, but this week I've been tutoring every day and barely keeping afloat homework-wise...
Two tag-excerpt people are better than one :)
well more than two
but North and I do most of 'em
I know. I have kept back on the tag-wiki-excerpt writing so you and North could gain reps by editing them.
I have also been doing some Puzzling excerpts recently
And wikis for them, since Puzzling's tags are less so it is feasible to write decent wikis
7:22 PM
Do you currently still get notified when a tag-wiki edit has been accepted or rejected? (I.e. on Lit SE.)
I don't get notified if it is rejected, but if it is accepted then I see my reputation increase
To see if one has been rejected I visit my profile and filter "All Actions" to "Suggestions"
@Tsundoku I guess that fits, since I thought it was a really interesting question and instantly upvoted it.
@Tsundoku Sorry I've been really busy because spring vacation is coming up so all my tests are this week
Hmm, seemed a better fit.
@PrinceNorthLæraðr Oh, I don't want to take time away from the more important real-life stuff. I just hadn't seen you around for some time, so I was wondering how you were doing.
No need to apologise.
I'm doing alright. Just busy :P
Tomorrow's the last day of the quarter, and it's a short day, so I should be good by then
7:35 PM
I see. Good luck with your tests!
Gotta take a physics test right now :P
See ya o\
8:02 PM
Q: Kids’ almanac type book that had list of biggest mass murderers

blazemai3The book featured a chapter that listed people like Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Mao Zedong, etc. I’m trying to remember the name of the book, does anyone remember this book?

8:16 PM
"It was obviously in English". Obvious how? Because nobody reads anything that isn't in English?
8:52 PM
@Tsundoku 'Tis awarded.
@Randal'Thor OK. I just need to add one small thing to my answer and it will be ready to be posted.
@PrinceNorthLæraðr Good luck!
As a tree, can you pass biology tests by photosynthesising during the exam?
As a human, can you pass human biology by eating?
Just because I photosynthesize doesn't mean I instinctively know how it works
as a bobbling crown, can I pass physics test by going into free-fall?
No, because I assumed you levitate
Like you bobble in the air
8:59 PM
As a tree, is there any branch of biology you can't master?
@PrinceNorthLæraðr Dissect yourself and find out. You might lose a bit of bark, but it's worse than your bite anyway.
@Randal'Thor Well, we did have to lock ourselves in a room once with only but an incandescent light bulb as nutrient....
There were the poor souls who didn't get any food
Wow, I cannot spell
9:08 PM
@PrinceNorthLæraðr That must have been an illuminating experience.
@Randal'Thor Made really reflect on my life choices
As I slowly starved from malnutrition
If you were reflecting, there'd be two of you - maybe the mirror version would be outside the room and could let you out.
Through where?
This is an old one, but in case you haven't heard it before:
> A man is locked in prison with only a chair in his room. How does he escape? First he rubs his hands together until they're sore, then he takes the saw and cuts the chair in half. Two halves make a whole, so he climbs through the hole to get out of the prison. Then he shouts until he's hoarse, gets on the horse and gallops away.
9:15 PM
It's an old saw, you might say.
That's a lot more efficient that Andy Dufresne's method in The Shawshank Redemption.
9:36 PM
I know. Imagine if we could just like
Summon a horse
> You summon a light horse or a pony (your choice) to serve you as a mount. The steed serves willingly and well. The mount comes with a bit and bridle and a riding saddle.
I mean, okay, yes
@PrinceNorthLæraðr Mithrandir can.
@Randal'Thor Can Gandalf summon a horse? I don't remember that for some reason
You don't remember Shadowfax?
> Does he not shine like silver and run as smoothly as a swift stream? He has come for me: the horse of the White Rider. We are going to battle together.
9:43 PM
Ah, I remember now
> Gandalf whistled and called aloud the horse's name, and far away he tossed his head and neighed, and turning sped towards the host like an arrow.
> 'Were the breath of the West Wind to take a body visible, even so would it appear,' said Éomer, as the great horse ran up, until he stood before the wizard.
10:41 PM
Time for me to

10:54 PM
11:09 PM
Is this an acceptable answer to a question? My comment-poke to get them to expand their answer hasn't been seen (user hasn't been seen since)

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