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12:08 AM
@Randal'Thor ISFDB for science fiction, but you probably already know that.
Occasionally very conscientious library catalog entries for books list the table of contents including the authors and titles of individual stories, so searching in a library meta-catalog can be worth a shot.
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12:22 PM
Q: Why are barons represented more negatively in literature?

yoloI've noticed that barons more often are portrayed negatively in comparison to lords or royalty (though the latter is a mixed bag). Come to think of it, I can't think of a baron portrayed in a positive light. Examples include: Baron Vengeous from Skullduggery pleasant Baron Zemo from Marvel Comic...

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6:10 PM
Q: Books with commentary on the context of the work

Dan OsipovI'm looking for poetry books covering a geographic or time period, or some specific poets, with commentary to give relevant context. What I'm looking for is for the context of the poem to assist with understanding the time period, or the author's background, or circumstances for writing the piece...

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7:49 PM
Q: What is the title/author of 1st person short story, MC=poisoner consulting w/"client" - ends with his offering antidote for poison already given?

SarahAddELAI first read this in the late 90's, and it was even then a purple mimeographed copy. My memory is that the speaker offers coffee to the "client" and then they talk for some time about the "client's" intended victim, which the reader discovers near the end is to give time for the poison in the co...

8:39 PM
Q: What webstie to buy chinese litertaure from in the US?

AsmodeanI live in the US and don't know where to buy chinese books from. One of the more notable sites like barnes and nobles naturally focuses on English. Can someone suggest me websites that sell chinese books? (Not ebook)

9:04 PM
Q: What is the Throne of Mammon grey? William Blake's _I Rose Up at the Dawn of Day_

R0b0t1The poem is fairly self explanatory, but I can not place the "grey" hanging off of "This is the Throne of Mammon:" I rose up at the dawn of day— `Get thee away! get thee away! Pray'st thou for riches? Away! away! This is the Throne of Mammon grey.' Is the throne grey? Or..?

If I wanted to ask a question about "An Ode to America" (from The Atlantic), would it fall under ?
Several of my questions here may have betrayed the fact I have a subscription :)
In other news, I'm deliciously drunk on reading, having polished off three novels in one and a half days. The wonders of hour-long theme park lines.
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11:15 PM
Jan 11 at 5:39, by bobble
I got a subscription to The Atlantic for Christmas and have been using it quite a bit...

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