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11:54 AM
Q: What are the different forms of drama?

Aaryan KakkarOn searching for the same query on the internet, I found multiple articles that called Comedy, Tragedy, Tragicomedy and Melodrama as the major forms but, there were an equal number of articles that called out many other genre names and sometimes with no inclusion of one of the four. So my first g...

12:19 PM
Q: What is the significance of the name Jude, in Jude the Obscure?

Rand al'ThorThe meaning of "obscure" in the title of Thomas Hardy's Jude the Oscure has been discussed previously on this site, but what about the name Jude? Earlier versions of the manuscript had the main character's name as Jack, a much more common English name. Jude could be short for Judas, perhaps, and ...

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2:10 PM
Our high-rep user EJoshuaS is currently running in the mod election for Biblical Hermeneutics.
2:40 PM
I've been thinking of trying to research some of the questions here which are difficult to search for by tapping into my university's library's resources. And suggestions for which might be easiest to dip into?
3 hours later…
6:02 PM
@bobble You want the easiest to dip into among questions which are difficult to search for? That's a hard balance to strike :-)
I assume you've already seen the meta post on deadlineless bounties. Some of them might be relatively low-hanging fruit for someone willing to put in the research legwork: I seem to remember offering bounties on some things because I was frustrated they hadn't been answered yet as they should've been easyish.
5 hours later…
10:50 PM
@Randal'Thor ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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