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1:40 AM
@Tsundoku thanks for the links! My novel is a personal narrative by an unreliable narrator so first-person present is perfect. A friend pointed out that "Hunger Games" is first-person present. Don't see how I missed that one. Other examples include "Odd Thomas" and "The True History of the Kelly Gang"
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8:54 AM
@Kevin I found more at home. Stanisław Lem, Wizja lokalna en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Observation_on_the_Spot is in first person present too. The other Tichy stories are in first person too, but in past tense.
5 hours later…
2:07 PM
Q: Should we make the criteria for book IDs stricter?

Peter ElbertI think we could improve the quality of book ID requests if we required sufficient information to verify if the book does not exist - a contrapositive. We could close questions if we don't feel that there's enough of a boundary to know where to look. In case people agree, how do we implement a st...

2:38 PM
Q: What's the meaning of "Hassan milled about uncertainty on the periphery of my life"?

QueenHFrom The Kite Runner: Hassan milled about the periphery of my life after that. I made sure our paths crossed as little as possible, planned my day that way. Because when he was around, the oxygen seeped out of the room. My chest tightened and I couldn’t draw enough air; I’d stand there, gasping ...

3:28 PM
Q: Rhyme scheme in two of William Blake's poems

balteoI have a question regarding rhymes in two English poems by William Blake. Here is the first poem: The Ecchoing Green The sun does arise, And make happy the skies. The merry bells ring To welcome the Spring. The sky-lark and thrush, The birds of the bush, Sing louder around, To the bells’ cheerful...

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7:02 PM
@Librarian I don't think this question makes a convincing case.
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10:24 PM
@Tsundoku The meta question is actually a little less detailed than its original incarnation as a (non-)answer on the main site.

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