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8:18 AM
@Knight It is a computer for "normal work" but I would no longer use a computer without hard-disk encryption. Without encryption, anyone with access to the device can access your data, not just thieves but also people who repair your PC. Authentication with username and password provides very poor protection.
@Tsundoku How can you work “normally” in Linux? I find it fearful (especially that Kali Linux with snake on desktop).
When I switched from Windows to Linux (roughly two and a half years ago) I found the switch so easy that I regretted not doing it earlier.
Kali Linux is a Linux distribution for security experts who already know Linux very well. It's not for every-day use but for penetration testing etc. The snake is just a wallpaper you can change.
There are plenty of Linux distributions that provide good usability, e.g. Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Pop OS. Linux Mint should be relatively easy for people migrating from Windows.
I’m currently on Mac.
So, right now how many computers do you have?
You must be having plenty of them :)
8:34 AM
No, I just have access to many computers at work. I'm currently working on a laptop that's 8.5 years old. I have a newer one that's just 4 years old with an unreliable SSD. And the newest one arrived just yesterday. The two older laptops originally ran Windows but I replaced that with Linux.
I use Ubuntu and it really isn't that much more difficult than Windows.
By the way, the command line that many Linux users use is also available in Mac OS. Last year, I helped someone install software on a Mac without ever having used a Mac - just because they knew I use Linux and the command line works the same.
If people see you using Linux, they often assume you are a power user :-D
@Knight The Ultimate edition of Zorin OS has a Mac OS theme but it is not for free. There are guides to make other Linux distributions look like Mac OS, e.g. for Ubuntu 20.4.
8:55 AM
@Tsundoku Yes, and if someone from my group see you using Linux he will yell “Oh! You’re a hacker!”
In the IT world, hacker has a different meaning than in mass media.
9:24 AM
Yes, the first sentence of that wiki article said it all.
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11:06 AM
@Randal'Thor It's been migrated now.
12:27 PM
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9:40 PM
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