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4:06 AM
@Tsundoku You are one of those mods on whom arrogance has not taken over.
11 hours later…
2:39 PM
@Knight Did you know there was a great Shakespeare scholar whose name was Knight?
@Tsundoku I think I’m named after him
(Knight) “He was also an actor and theatrical director, and considered an outstanding lecturer.”
Yes. Unfortunately, I have not yet read any of his books.
Thanks @Tsundoku, I never knew I have that much talent in me
@Tsundoku You’ Talking to him, no need to reach his books
2:42 PM
Even better ;-)
By the way, if you don’t mind can you please tell which subject do you give lectures on, sir?
(You told me you were a lecturer)
On human-computer interaction, especially digital accessibility (i.e. accessibility for people with disabilities). Completely unrelated to literature.
@Tsundoku That simply means you are a prodigy
You know 5 languages, you are teaching one of the hottest topics in whole world, oh my god!
I'm not a prodigy. I studied literature and linguistics before going into IT.
But you’re brilliant in both of those fields, not to say anything about your gentle nature.
2:49 PM
I wouldn't say I'm brilliant, just been around for enough time to absorb some useful knowledge and skills.
Okay, but you won’t believe me but there are a huge number of aspirants for whom you can be an ideal :-)
I can only hope my students see me that way :-D
What are prerequisites for your lectures? Do we need to know the basics of Machine and Deep learning?
Just basic IT knowledge. For the accessibility-related topics, HTML, CSS and basic JavaScript are also useful.
I don't know much about machine learning. I don't have enough background in maths and statistics.
By the way, German pronounciations are trickier and I think I need to spend some time on it (some time means 3 to 4 months with half an hour each day)
3:00 PM
Check this page about resources for learning German on one of my websites.
German in 30 years? Hahahahaha
@Tsundoku I really got what I was searching for. Accept my Thanks!
You're welcome :-)
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4:25 PM
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5:13 PM
Q: How was Thangorodrim "broken" in "The Fellowship of the Ring"?

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5:53 PM
Congrats to @Tsundoku on 17k reputation and @MattThrower on 12k :-)
Q: Hi, Can someone tell what this metaphor mean 'You can die on St. Helena without being Napoleon'. Thanks in advance

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6:12 PM
@Randal'Thor And congrats to you on 42k reps.
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9:41 PM
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10:05 PM
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11:18 PM
Q: What was Proust's influence on Miroslav Krleža?

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