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@Bookworm Another Tolkien question that became HNQ (9 hours ago).
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Q: What does cuatro cantos refer to?

TsundokuIn Nick Joaquin's story "Cándido's Apocalypse", Pete Henson tells Bobby, the story's main character, that "Joey Perez and some fellows went joyriding and dog-hunting and they caught a good one. They're going to roast it in the vacant lot behind the Gatdulas and they have a fine collection of lon...

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10:26 AM
Q: Dickens invented the scary clown?

Rand al'ThorToday in "Messages from Firefox" (some annoying thing that comes up in my browser), I saw the following which piqued my interest: Dickens invented the scary clown, the ‘80s perfected it. Read all about the monsters and ghosts that haunt us in these stories from Pocket. What does it mean that "...

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3:46 PM
Q: What's meant by "man of some character" in "The Just Men of Cordova"?

Ahmed SamirFrom the beginning of chapter 10 of The Just Men of Cordova (1917) by Edgar Wallace: There was living at Somers Town at that time a little man named Jakobs. He was a man of some character, albeit an unfortunate person with “something behind him.” The something behind him, however, had come short...

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