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8:34 AM
@Gallifreyan I don't know it either.
@IkWeetHetOokNiet "What does IDK mean?"
5 hours later…
1:17 PM
@Mithical I don't know. But I'm sure that's what you expected :-P
3 hours later…
3:55 PM
"Ik weet het ook niet" (Dutch) = „Ich weiß es auch nicht“ (German) = "I don't know it either". (Germans can be peculiar about the quotes they use.)
4:41 PM
It's very close to Berlin dialect actually, which would be "Ick weeß-et ooch nich". ;-)
3 hours later…
7:18 PM
Q: I'm looking for a book that my teacher wrote

Equivalent-ExchangeMy teacher recently told us that he has written multiple(?) mystery novels, but he won't tell us what it's called, and they're published under a pseudonym. This is all I know about the book: It was most likely written in German. ( A student in his previous class presented it as a book report f...

8:17 PM
Hi all, a question I asked just was closed: literature.stackexchange.com/questions/4361/…
Q: Examples for using Nothing as a Being in poetry

HeyJudeIn Conjuring in Heaven (of the Crow collection), Ted Hughes uses the word Nothing to actually mean Something, a Being. For example, in the first verse, "nothing" is "put inside", "added" and "squashed": So finally there was nothing. It was put inside nothing. Nothing was added to it A...

I disagree with its closing reason: "...as they generate opinion-based answers." I'm asking for specific usage of the word "Nothing", which I explain in the question, so I don't see what could be "opinion-based" here. Be glad to hear what I can do now.
@Gallifreyan, it would be great to hear your comment regarding this.

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