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10:28 AM
Q: How to understand "made a picture" and "dates can work out"?

user8112The following sentence is an excerpt from "Wifey Redux" by Kevin Barry: And we made a picture – I was a gorgeous kid myself. A Matt Dillon-type, people used to say, which dates me. But your dates can work out, and we were historically lucky in the property market. How to understand "made a ...

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4:35 PM
Q: How one can use enjambment to enhance rhythm

Mallam AwalI was wondering how one can use enjambment to improve the rhythm in Poetry. I have seen some innovative uses of it by e.e. cummins such as by breaking a word and writing the ending on the next line. Example: A. me ri Ka, my mother la nd, land of the bra ve..... I am looking f...

5:16 PM
Q: Short story identification: Color of the Taj Mahal, mother says "Death rides a fast horse behind me"

JREIn grade school in the 1970s, I read a short story I would like to find again. I think it was assigned reading a school book (reader) that one of the schools used. It may also have been in an old reader that I borrowed from a school library. It was in any case not a new story even then. I'll ...

2 hours later…
6:58 PM
Q: When was the Holy Grail first depicted as an object to be owned by its seeker?

rafa11111While the Holy Grail was always depicted as an important or powerful relic, I have never seen in medieval literature a quest to own the Grail, only to seek it in a spiritual sense. In early stories, the seeking of the Grail was subordinate to a quest to fix a mistake as in Perceval, by Chretien d...


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