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11:17 AM
A conversation in the main chatroom about updating the links to: www2.stetson.edu/~efriedma chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/9369/conversation/…

Updating links to Erich Friedman's page (and broken images)

Dec 6 at 23:49, 3 days total – 30 messages, 2 users, 1 star

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On Mathematics there are still 31 posts with such URL: math.stackexchange.com/…
Sorry that was the wrong search, There are actually 66 posts: math.stackexchange.com/search?q=url%3A%22%2Aefriedma%2A%22
24 posts on Mathematics which had such link, but it was edited since then: data.stackexchange.com/math/query/938603/…
5 hours later…
4:07 PM
@MartinSleziak regarding Erich Friedman's links, does changing the links manually make sense or are there too many?
@FrançoisG.Dorais Do you mean in comments?
in MathOverflow, Dec 7 at 10:18, by b_jonas
@MartinSleziak Yes, I've edited the posts already, and for the comments I left a new comment.
Also do you mean on MathOverflow or on Mathematics?
Did you flag afterwards?
What should I have flagged?
I suppose there is some kind of misunderstanding and that we're talking about two different things.
Dead links in comments.
4:12 PM
OK. Looks good.
While you have my attention... What do you think I should do during my holiday on-duty hours?
There are 63 comments on Mathematics and 5 comments on MathOverflow.
As you can see above, Zsbán Ambrus says he left additional comments with the new link.
in MathOverflow, Dec 7 at 10:18, by b_jonas
@MartinSleziak Yes, I've edited the posts already, and for the comments I left a new comment.
Such as this one:
@j.c. link to that Erich Friedman survey article is now erich-friedman.github.io/papers/squares/squares.htmlZsbán Ambrus Dec 7 at 0:49
@FrançoisG.Dorais You men "on-duty hours" as in duties of a moderator on MO?
TBH I am rather busy with other things right now. But since MO mods often ignore posts on meta, it should not be difficult to find things which require input from mods and haven't been answered or dealt with.
If you think it is worth the effort, you could have a look at the remaining posts tagged discrete-mathematics - after they are cleaned up, perhaps the tag could be merged into .
In any case, since S. Carnahan created the synonyms, nobody heard from the moderators what are the further plans with the deprecated tags: What to do with the synonyms for the deprecated tags?
I've been away for a long while. Yes, I remember that tag issue and I can probably finish it off.
@FrançoisG.Dorais What do you mean by "finish it off"?
I will just remind that both for and , simply merging the tag into another one will lead to many incorrectly tagged questions.
4:21 PM
Yes, I know.
Here is an example of a question where probably the mods are more qualified to answer than others: Is there a software solution if we do cut the cord from SE? (Since the mods know how the software was run before joining the SE network.)
Also probably only the mods (maybe only Scott Morrison?) might be able to say whether there is a plan to revive some official copy of : Tea archive (mathoverflow.tqft.net) seems to be down.
I'll ping Scott but these are his personal servers, so I don't know if he wants to keep them up. What would be a better solution in your mind?
Concerning the deprecated tags, as you can see in the above link I have at least created some list and marked which questions would be (in my opinion) tagged correctly after merging. Still there are many questions left in the list which I did not look into. (I tried to mark clearly in that list which questions have been dealt with.)
@FrançoisG.Dorais Well, currently there is at least some alternative. I cannot promise to keep it up indefinitely - but the hosting is already paid for for the next year or two, I think.
Of course, since it was done by non-MO person, it is "unofficial" in a way.
Just to make it clear, the html dump on tqft.net is still available. Although I suppose that many users would prefer some solution where they do not have to download it and use it locally.
It's just as "unofficial" as anything under tqft.net, which is not owned by MO but it is owned by a current board official.
Well, I would call it more official, since it was created aby MO moderator/official.
And, of course, the thing which I wrote on meta still stands: "if, for some reason, MathOverflow moderators prefer to remove this copy, I will do so."
4:30 PM
It's not but that doesn't matter much
Your copy is easier to find, so keep it!
Reading Scott Morrison's description of what moderators actually do, it would seem that mods are among the people who might need to look into tea more often.
From the top-of my head, I do not have something which mods could look into now - if they have more spare time.
I was planning to write a feature request about customizing the modal window for the first time askers. But I did not have time to do it. (So I envy you a bit, if you have some free time now.)
So what should mods do, in your mind?
@FrançoisG.Dorais That would be probably for a longer discussion.
As I have stuff to do IRL, I am not sure whether we should start that now.
Can we schedule that discussion?
And I am not really sure I am the right person for such discussion.
4:35 PM
I'm asking you.
BTW I think that description given here is quite good: What do moderators do? But my impression is that in some of the areas listed there the MO mods are lacking. (For example, presence on meta.)
But maybe my impression might be influenced by the fact that I frequent Mathematics and Mathematics Meta, where the moderators are rather active and often respond to posts on meta.
Not to mention that moderators like quid or Asaf Karagila - who both write many answers on meta - might make quite the difference.
As you have asked whether there are things which mods could do now, @YCor might be able to suggest some tag-related issues. (He is relatively active in tag-related threads on meta.)
I wouldn't be the first to say that MO is different but that shouldn't mean that MO is bad.
It was announced that there will be moderator elections "soon". So maybe at that time there will be some input from the community on what the mods are supposed to do.
Sorry, I will have to leave.
In case I miss you when I come back, I wish you Great Year 2021!
Happy New Year to you too!!!
Would you nominate in an election?
1 hour later…
5:56 PM
@FrançoisG.Dorais Thanks for asking but definitely not. I would not run in Mathematics election - and that is a site which is much closer to me.
Still, I think that there are several users on MathOverflow which could be great candidates.
6:40 PM
@MartinSleziak I believe it would be great if you nominate as mod to MO.

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