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1:52 AM
Q: What happens if we consider functions of bounded variation that are not in $L^1$?

shuhaloA function $f \in L^1(\mathbb R^n)$ is said to be of bounded variation if there exists a constant $C \geq 0$ such that $$ \int_{\mathbb R^n} f(x) \operatorname{div} \phi(x) \; dx \leq C \sup_{ x \in \mathbb R^n } \lvert\phi(x)\rvert $$ for all compactly supported differentiable vector fields $\p...

Q: First prime of the form $x_i$ for $x_0=658$ and $x_i=1+2x_{i-1}$

Roland BacherGiven an initial integer $x_0>0$, one can consider the first prime of the recursive sequence $x_i=1+2x_{i-1}$. Naïvely such a prime should exist for $x_0$ arbitrary since the sequence $\log(x_i)$ is asymptotically an arithmetic progression. Sometimes it takes however some time: for $x_0=147$ my M...

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5:38 AM
> Remark: I wanted to add the not yet existing tag to my question. I think this would be a good additional tag for many Mathoverflow question inspired for example by a reproachful pile of copies waiting to be corrected.
> Added: I have created and used the 'procrastination' tag. Not sure if its halflive will outlast the solar system but it applies well to some questions.
6:15 AM
I second the proposal for a 'procastination' tag. That's what I am doing at this very moment. — pinaki 12 hours ago
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7:16 AM
Nothing among the deleted questions: data.stackexchange.com/mathoverflow/query/883845/…
The tag would fall into the category of tags which are sometimes called "meta tags". I.e., the tags which are not specific to some subject or to some particular area.
The post "Frequently asked questions about tagging on MathOverflow" has this as one of the questions: "What is a meta tag, and why should I not use them?" But an answer was never posted in that FAQ post.
There is a blog post The Death of Meta Tags. On Mathematics Meta, there is a post created by Willie Wong: The "meta-tags"..
Tangentially, the question where this tag was created has no top-level tag.
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9:19 AM
Q: Tag suggestions on ask page

François G. DoraisThe ask page tag input box currently looks like this: The old ask page on MO 1.0 had a much more detailed description of what top-level tags on MO are: Since appropriate tagging on MO can be confusing to new users, it would be great to reintroduce top-level tag suggestions on the ask page.

Even if your proposal doesn't get implemented, maybe tag suggestion could help new users with the choice of tags: Should MathOverflow request suggested tags feature?Martin Sleziak 25 secs ago
Q: Should MathOverflow request suggested tags feature?

Martin SleziakThere is a feature of showing suggested tags after the body of a question is included. These suggestions are based on the body of the question. More details can be found in these posts: Automatically determine tags while writing a question How are “Suggested Tags” chosen? I will quote part of o...

9:45 AM
There are also tag warnings - but that's something which is shown "for a specific tag* - the suggestion from François G. Dorais was about something which should be visible always when somebody asks a question.
Q: Tag warnings on MO

Federico PoloniIn the last few months, Stack exchange has introduced tag warnings, that is, a text that is displayed when a user creates a new question that contains a specific warning, such as this example. Apparently, the feature has been introduced without a formal announcement by the SE team (or at least...

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3:10 PM
I have edited a link to a MathSciNet search to a direct link - I guess that is what was intended. (If I am wrong and the link to the search has some advantages, feel free to simply revert the edit. AFAICT the link to search will simply request login from people who do not have subscription. The direct link will at least show them the info about article - although not the review. Previously discussed on meta.) — Martin Sleziak 33 mins ago
@MartinSleziak, thanks, that is indeed what I had intended. — Joel David Hamkins 23 mins ago
Q: Correcting links with university proxy (especially MathSciNet links)

Martin SleziakLet me first say, that I consider links to papers referenced in MO posts a useful things. And so do other users, judging by an older discussion on this topic: Is it worth editing old posts to add links for references? Occasionally you can find links which contain part related to proxy of a speci...

A: Correcting links with university proxy (especially MathSciNet links)

Alexandre EremenkoLinks to Mathscinet and other similar sources cannot be "fixed" to work for all. Mathscinet indeed requires subscription. The ways to use it varies from one university to another and sometimes depend on where you use it from. Some use proxies, others use passwords etc. For this reasons, I try no...

I will add (as already mentioned before in comments) that links of the form ams.org/mathscinet-getitem?mr=2329695 are visible for people without subscription too - but they are displayed differently for subscribers and non-subscribers. Of course, my question was mainly about links to searches - which are not accessible for non-subscribers at all. — Martin Sleziak Jul 29, 2017 at 4:57
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11:30 PM
Q: Creation of "procrastination" tag

YCorOne user has created the tag procrastination: see this question. In principle I would have immediately deleted it as totally irrelevant (in the same way I would delete "Stupid question" or "Useless question" from the title of any post), but the user included in his post: "Remark: I wanted to add...


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