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4:39 PM
A: Help cleanup tags!

Sam HopkinsI suggest invariant-theory and classical-invariant-theory be made synonyms. Don't see the point in making a distinction here.

4:53 PM
The tag has a tag-excerpt and a tag-wiki.
Q: Resources on Invariant Theory

streklinHi, So my question is pretty much summed up by the summary - basically I've run into a need to teach myself some of the basics of invariant theory and was looking for a good place to start. I'd prefer online / freeish resources if anyone knows of any that can be trusted - otherwise if someone c...

Q: Enumeration of graphs arising in invariant theory

Charles SiegelI've been working on a talk based on some stuff in Olver's "Classical Invariant Theory" book and have been wondering about a related graph enumeration problem. Start with a triple $(n,v,e)$ of natural numbers. Take all $\mathbb{Q}$-linear combinations of directed graphs (allowing multiple edges...


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