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12:29 AM
A: Please don't refer to 2019 as 'a great year'

U10-Forward - Reinstate MonicaAfter this post: Update: an agreement with Monica Cellio If everything works out fine, and Monica is reinstated to her original position, we could call it a great year or at least not a super bad year. Maybe you didn't notice, Monica changed her profile image from: Back to: So it does se...

3 hours later…
3:13 AM
@MauricioContreras then just don't use SE until the 2nd.
@JesseBusman Jan 1st
@AJ your idea for blue did not work (I tried a few combinations, my answer, other's answer, Comment before and after edit, and more I can't remember I think all answers had UVs so there is that to try.)
In other news I'm pretty sure I cracked the new 007 :)
@YaakovEllis regarding 007's new trigger. well done. good trigger! Can I have my Eureka! or Archimedes now? :)
Well now I know for sure which hat "definitely does" have some semblance to their respective hat trigger
so blue is a harder trigger. and the name does not mean anything for the trigger. hmm not much to go on.
@David This was the possible thing I could think of when I got that hat.
@David What is it?
no matter what happened it is always a good feeling to figure out a trigger.
@AJ thats the (odd) thing. I don't really want to tell everyone.
maybe some hints first
how does that sound?
anyone have an account on lego.se? My Shiver Me Timbers need one more UV
3:42 AM
someone, anyone talk to me. Do you all want a hint(s) or for me just to spill the trigger?
4:28 AM
@David You could tell me privately. :P
@David There you go. ;P
@AJ Thank you!
@AJ I could, but what is the fun in that? You already have 007, it not like you "need" it.
@David I don't have 007. I have Blue in the Face.
Oh. well then that changes things. (I must be going crazy, thought sure you had it.)
@AJ If you dont mind I'll start with a hint.
4:33 AM
OK. Sure.
007 trigger hint. "Each individual digit does not have to account for something."
worded after pops' great hat hints
@AJ would it look odd/bad if I pin that?
Not sure.
ok then you pin it :)
Does it have to do anything with the chat?
@AJ (this has nothing to do with the trigger.) how many answers have you posted during the WB? I only saw one.
@AJ I'll give a second hint in 12 hours.
(and if no one has figured it out yet I'll post the trigger on Christmas.)
4:49 AM
@David 7 answers with 0 comments/votes?
@CinCout-ReinstateMonica no further hints (or answers) till Dec 24 16:00 UTC (plus or minus a few minutes)
@David atleast tell if my guess is in the right direction?
if it is, the trigger is a hard one for sure
@CinCout-ReinstateMonica Patience.
(its hard I know.)
@David Yeah only one.
4:58 AM
@AJ wow I guess you are not going for rep hunter.
that is a hard one (especially on smaller sites)
I was rather lucky to get it this year.
Last year I got to frustrated with it and quit.
@David I am trying for SO, which is no smaller site :D
wait were you talking about Rep Hunter. Silly me
@CinCout-ReinstateMonica yep. what were you think I was talking about?
5:01 AM
grr I so want to say something about that hat. but I must wait.
@David you are tempted. Spill it already :P
nope. you are not going to make me break.
@David is it your Christmas Gift to us or something?
evil plan hatches maybe I can get extort enough votes on the old hat list to get universe brain
@David aren't those Community Wiki?
5:09 AM
@CinCout-ReinstateMonica call it want you want. But I'm trying to give that awesome feeling of figuring out a trigger to others. (it really is less fun to just look at the hat list)
@CinCout-ReinstateMonica yes. so?
@David the votes won't count to get you the hat, no?
@David well, currently we are flying blind. A little perspective might help ;)
@CinCout-ReinstateMonica sure it will. I've done this before :) you can get the great answer badge for CW answers.
@CinCout-ReinstateMonica you all have the same information I did.
@David whoa. Didn't know that. So only the original poster gets it, or all those who contributed via edits?
@CinCout-ReinstateMonica nope just the OP
@David hah. alright
5:14 AM
@CinCout-ReinstateMonica see edited message with link.
yeah saw that
+1 on the old hat list
only 14 more to go. Still a nearly impossible number.
@David yeah. since it is an old post
I thought of bountying it but not sure how many DVs that will bring. :/
@David haha yeah
1 hour later…
6:39 AM
7:25 AM
Here's my next attempt for Shiver Me Timbers: stackoverflow.com/questions/59463115/… 4 votes to go
7:48 AM
@David I already upvoted the old hat list answer last year, so I can't help with that.
8:39 AM
@David Yeah right, that's a politically correct answer. But, would you respond this way to people asking for neutral pronouns? Don't use the platform. Nice one.
3 hours later…
11:23 AM
Q: Bûche de Noël with wrong description

Tiago Martins PeresJust got awarded with Bûche de Noël hat even though in Portugal is 24th of December and, according to the description of the hat ask, answer, or vote on December 25th Should we clarify in the description we get it if it's 25th of December in some other areas of the globe?

1 hour later…
12:40 PM
@David Could you give me Mother of Dragons?
12:56 PM
Happy holidays
1:10 PM
Heh. not for me. We don't get holidays for Christmas. :)
@AJ Neither for me. We celebrate Hanukkah, but no days off work for me.
2:05 PM
@MauricioContreras wow. So you come into a chat room specifically for the WB to criticize to WB. Then when someone who likes the WB offers an alternative you lash out?
Hi David
@AJ I would of when you mentioned it before, but I do not have an account on ell. If you do not have 3 by the end of 3 days I'll make sure you get the hat.
@Eran hello
2:29 PM
@David ohh. Okay.
3:21 PM
anyone trying to figure out 007 or you all just waiting for me to spill it?
3:42 PM
Second 007 hint. "Why not just call it 'double 7'?"
To prove I really did know the trigger here is the SHA-3 hash of the trigger:
4:20 PM
@David is it awarded for posting a +7 answer for a +7 question?
5:11 PM
@Eran yeah this makes sense

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