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Well here we go again. Its Dec and the WB is back.
other options I had for the room name included the following:
Bans Her Wit
Ban Her Wits
I Threw Bans
Hi Wet Barns
A New Births
Absent Whir
Rehab Twins
if you don't know why ask someone from puzzling.
David has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
David has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
Remember until Jan 1st "WB" means Winter Bash.
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Q: Alignment issue in the previous year's Winter Bash site's top bar

ArulkumarThere is an alignment issue in the previous year's Winter Bash site's top bar. The tool tip texts are displayed next to its DIV. For example, when trying to access the following Winter Bash sites, I can see the alignment issue: https://winterbash2016....

Q: Winter Bash 2019 - is it happening this year?

Mark MayoOn a lighter note for meta, I was wondering if there was any heads up on a start date. From past years it looks like we're about a month out. I'm a huge fan of any hat targets that focus on answering unanswered questions (I mean, isn't that the point), especially old questions (> 6 months, for e...

Q: We Really Love Hats!

Resistance Is FutileWinter Bash is approaching and the general sentiment is meh. I tend to agree, nobody is in mood for festive activities... besides that after having a few bashes, it gets less interesting. On the other hand, all kind of crazy ideas are going around about making sites more friendly, more approach...

Q: My suggestion for Winter Bash 2019 was deleted for no reasons

Ver Nick says Reinstate MonicaNot a long time ago, there was an idea to create the "Reinstate Monica" hat. I've put that into action. After an hour of photoshopping, I got the result. And I posted it, with the title "Reinstate Monica hat", and nothing more. This was not: commentary on the question or other answers ...

Q: Is this a recycled Winter Bash?

Ankit SharmaThere was a lot of stuff happening on SE which I can't say was positive. Keeping it aside I was looking out for Winter Bash which might bring some positivity and to my surprise, it's here (countdown). But, is it a recycled 2018 Winter Bash? In previous years, the Winter Bash page used to have a ...

Q: Suggestions for Winter Bash 2019

jknappen - Reinstate MonicaWinter Bash 2018 is over now, and no one has opened this recurring question for the next round, so I'll just do it. Please post your suggestions regarding how to make Winter Bash 2019 even more fun than the previous Winter Bashes. New suggestions for hats and hat triggers (either regular or se...

Q: Let's not have hats on Meta Stack Exchange for 2019

Columbia says Reinstate MonicaThe idea of Winter Bash 2019 has...not been popular among Meta regulars. It does look like it is going forward in general. Could we make an exception and remove Meta Stack Exchange from the sites participating in Winter Bash this month? This would allow the general festivities to continue among ...

6:02 AM
If you are a veteran basher you probably know my back story (and so you can skip the rest of this message) I was a huge fanhatic of the WB, went all out for several years and back in 2017 "retired". You'll still find me around the bash, but I no longer race for first.
I don't feel like relinking everything again. If you want to find out about prior bashes start here.
If you have ambitions of getting all the hats write lots of Q and As now post them in the coming weeks. You will need posts for a few different sites too, just one will not get you all the hats. Plan for a gold badge (I always do) might not be a hat, but if there is you need to of already planned for it.
Block out you schedule till Jan 1st. The WB takes a LOT of time. Silly things like work, life, Christmas festivities, school, etc can not get in the way. You will need upwards of 8 hours a day to get all the hats (way more before the eureka! type hat was ended).
Number 1 thing is just to be active. Very active. Max your daily votes, and while you are looking at all those old post to vote on, edit them to fix all those salutations and dead links.
leave lots of comments, and delete lots of comments.
Basically do everything you would normally do on your site in a year, just do it in 3 weeks.
If you can do all that, have a ridiculous amount of luck, spent the last two months preparing for the WB, and happen to be on a favorable site then you have a very good chance of getting all the hats.
When you "win" I will send you a congrats message. I know how hard it is.

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