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2:41 AM
@user3306356 no note needed.*All hats* have a Implicit quality requirement. — David 11 hours ago
2 hours later…
4:57 AM
@Panda Finished the leaderboard from 2018.
I had to look through the stats (hence the bug) to find which secret hats went where.
@David I still remember it when we shared the first spot 2 years ago. Last year was tough for me to get all hats. And I am not really trying for hats this year.
You seem to be at #2 this time.
@AJ yah T'was fun. (ok so I had forgotten you were one of the WB winners) sorry
@AJ I have all hats lined up except for universe brain (great answer). :( that one is probably not gona happen. Unless you know a bunch of people that could UV the hat list...
Q: Winter Bash stats page is listing the stats from 2017

DavidThe Winter Bash stats page is listing the stats from the 2017 Winter Bash (archived version for comparison). For reference 2018 displayed the correct stats. The stats are useful, I miss this feature.

@Feeds about time. I posted that 17 mins ago...
@David Well, 3 days in HNQ can't get you 100.
Abby T. Mars on January 10, 2018

Last week, we bid farewell to Winter Bash and packed our Greatest Hats back into their boxes. It’s always a little sad to see the hats get put away for the year, but I always like to soothe my sorrows by reminiscing. (It’s only been a week and I’m nostalgic already.)

These hat shots came from the MSE community. Check them all out here!

The very first hat to be earned was Foot of the Rainbow, earned by Eran on Stack Overflow mere minutes after the event began. The first secret hat (spoiler alert) was awarded almost immediately thereafter: Ooh, Shiny! went to Olaf, also on Stack Overflow. A whoppi …

5:06 AM
@AJ :) I double checked already. (I have a folder called "hats")
Lol ok
> This is alecxe’s second appearance at the top of the hat podium (first was in 2016) and David’s third (2015 & 2016). Congratulations to alecxe on the repeat and to David on the hat trick!
that was my favorite line of any WB wrap up post.
@AJ so now that I know I have a veteran hatter in here :) Any ideas on 007 or blue?
@David Would this be 5 in a row if you get to the top?
@AJ no I did go for first last year. (no time and guru was impossible) This would make it 4 for me.
I decided to try for first because I think it might be the last WB like this.
@David I got the "Blue in the face" hat after 24 hours of posting an answer after trigger change. Though my answer got comments before that.
5:12 AM
hmm so you know you got it under the new trigger?
Also, it might have to do with editing the post after a comment
sounds like as good a theory as I've heard.
the thing that makes this so hard is I do not know what people got the hat(s) under the new triggers.
How do I get the time the hat was awarded at?
I think I can compare it with the post timeline and get some results
@AJ there is no way. best you can do is look at the order you got the hats in the snowflake drop down.
5:16 AM
even checked the api and there is nothing for time
I am not on computer right now. I will check later when I am on it.
thanks. @ping me so I dont lose the info
It's winter and Sunday so I am lying under the sun. You should try that too. ;)
@AJ we must not live in the same part of this planet :) there would be no warmth if I lay outside now.
question though, do you have a hat on?
Yeah cosmic brain
5:23 AM
lol. no IRL so you do not get sunburn. lol
No. It's morning so it's not that warm to get sunburn.
Anyway, it's time to go in and have breakfast. Good night!
@AJ good morning!
(time zones are weird)
Hehe! Yep!
5:57 AM
@David I think you should try editing a post after a comment for Blue in the Face hat. See if it gives you a hat.
6:20 AM
comment -> edit is a good thought. I've definitely done that on Meta...
but I commented and edited this post gamedev.stackexchange.com/q/177699/75627 (Q) and several Qs on Stack Overflow
still might be editing an answer though
I think it is applicable on answer only.
6:46 AM
Next Shiver Me Timbers attempt movies.stackexchange.com/a/105806/1190
@CinCout-ReinstateMonica @VerNicksaysReinstateMonica
7:05 AM
2 hours later…
9:31 AM
How come we missed the Edward Edwards secret hat?
It looks like it has the same trigger as in 2015.
"To earn this hat, you must win a bounty even though a competing answer had already met the criteria for the bounty to be automatically awarded."
9:51 AM
@Eran did you see this almost there for over me timbers
@Eran too late for me have to try later after a week
@AnkitSharma +1
@AnkitSharma I would appreciate some help with This is Fine on my answer here - stackoverflow.com/questions/59313358/…
10:16 AM
@Eran done
@AnkitSharma thanks! I already have This is Fine on MSE, but I'm trying to get it on SO too. And if the OP decides to award me the bounty (which wasn't me original plan), I might get Edward Edwards instead.
It's really strange we missed Edward Edwards. It was first awarded on Dec 11.
@NogShine Did you get red baron on my question?
Got this is fine
Too many hats took them off
10:32 AM
Shit I am on 3rd place now
Which i will get today
@AnkitSharma I am 4th! behind you by one hat
i will get foot of the rainbow
I'm 5th, but I expect to get Silencium today.
@Eran Yey gonna get foot of the rainbow!
Dec 9 at 4:07, by David
the Foot of the Rainbow is a slow delivery hat.
@U10-Forward-ReinstateMonica you'll get it eventually
10:43 AM
I had to wait a few extra days for Eliza Doolots, because someone deleted some of my answers
@Eran You do have Eliza!
Yes, I finally got it last night.
Passed the 2020 threshold
@Eran Oh yeah i thought you said "have" not "had"
Are you trying to get Edward Edwards?
@Eran How you get that?
10:47 AM
@U10-Forward-ReinstateMonica No I already got it on Show off hats post. Your question was +1 when I answered.
@Eran I think I should earn ~700 more
If it's the same trigger as in 2015, you have to win a bounty. But there must already exist an answer that can win the bounty automatically (i.e. +2) before you post your answer.
@U10-Forward-ReinstateMonica I don't think so. I think you should be awarded the bounty manually.
@NogShine good luck with that
It looks like the total number of hats this year is 31 (counting Where in the World? just one time) - 19 regular + 12 secret
@U10-Forward-ReinstateMonica I don't think you can win it on that question. Even if you get the bounty, there are no other competing answers eligible for automatic bounty.
What is Edwards Edwards hat?
@NogShine It's a secret hat that was overlooked.
Scroll 1:30 hours back to see it
@David wow it looks great! thanks for sharing!!
11:08 AM
This guy got edwards edwards
Based on the stats (winterbash2019.stackexchange.com/stats), 21 users have it
Q: Is there a bug in the Mother of Dragons trigger?

GlorfindelThe secret hat 'Mother of Dragons' has the following trigger: More specifically: I have asked a question a week ago on Earth Science: Does the geothermal activity influence the climate in Iceland? which was my first post there, and I think it should qualify for the hat. Is there a bug in...

Any idea about the trigger?
@U10-Forward-ReinstateMonica this should work. Assuming you are awarded the bounty.
@NogShine we are assuming it's the same trigger as in 2015
@NogShine According to Eran: If it's the same trigger as in 2015, you have to win a bounty. But there must already exist an answer that can win the bounty automatically (i.e. +2) before you post your answer.
@Eran Please don't took that back since maybe others will upvote and i would get automatic bounty
@U10-Forward-ReinstateMonica I don't think the votes make any difference for this hat. If you (or anybody) gets the bounty automatically, no hat for either of you. On the other hand, perhaps if there are two answers that may get the bounty automatically, and one of them gets it automatically, it can still meet the hat trigger. I'm not entirely sure it has to be awarded manually. Either way, upvotes can't hurt (they might even encourage the OP to give you the bounty).
1 hour later…
12:36 PM
Q: Winter Bash knitting editor shows 2018 when JS is disabled

PandaThe header on the Winter Bash knitting editor shows 2018 when JavaScript is disabled, as the image between the <noscript> tags isn't updated to 2019. <noscript>&lt;img src="https://cdn.sstatic.net/Winterbash/img/header-large-main.png?v=2390b8b5f07d" /&gt;</noscript> Specifically, this image – ...

Q: Is Where in the World? still awarded using Sklivvz's hardware RNG?

PandaThe Where in the World? hat first appeared in 2016 as a secret hat. In the WB2016 wrap-up blog post, it was mentioned that the hat's awarded using Sklivvz's then newly-built hardware RNG, a rather creative way to award the two hat forms randomly. Just curious, is this year's Where in the World? ...

1:17 PM
Q: Why am I going to get the Hero of Time hat for posting this question?

Yaakov EllisThe WinterBash site defines Hero of Time as follows: So why will I win that hat by posting this question, even though it is not "on the hour" right now?

4 hours later…
5:10 PM
@Eran well I'm impressed. kind of stopped looking after dolots was out, figured that was all.
5:52 PM
@David Edward Edwards was first awarded before doolots. We just didn't noticed, because no one on the top of the leader boards got it
1 hour later…
6:58 PM
"The stats are useful" more then I was thinking of then.
1 hour later…
8:26 PM
@VerNicksaysReinstateMonica why did you edit in the trigger for doolots as "(Not confirmed)"? In every other hat list there was always a notice saying "Only edit the secret hat answer with definitive and correct triggers."
2 hours later…
10:16 PM
@Eran here's my first try.
we'll see

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