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2:47 AM
With SE chat I have noticed strange stuff when doing preformatted text
But it seems like if we want this the entire message needs to be four-space indented
Like that.
It seems like we can't mix preformatted text and normal text in one message.
But we can still
do multiline, I think.
But does multiline
prevent [links](https://gaming.stackexchange.com/)?
That seems to be the case, if your chat message spans multiple lines, it no longer parses []() link syntax correctly.
Oh, but it looks like inline code works just fine though.
But does it
work with `multiline`?
No it doesn't.
Okay, I get the hang of it now.
If your message is multiline, *mini markdown* **no longer** [works](https://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/) `at all`.
But if your message does not contain line feeds, you can include as much markdown as you wish.
Apologies for rambling by the way, just trying to test the weird Markdown behaviour in chat
Like, can I mix bold and italics? Yes I can.
But I can't put links inside of italics or links inside of bold.
yeh, markdown just breaks when you do multiline
Oh wait, yes I can, it just switched.
@Memor-X I wonder why?
Not to mention preformatted text, which is probably the weirdest thing here
code fence
@ExpertCoder14 i just assumed it's got something to do with the fixed font being what you would expect as a code block
Ah, so the four-space indent is the only way to make preformatted text
Not the code fences made with `backticks`.
@ExpertCoder14 that's still preformatted because the unescaped ` are apart of markdown while my assumption is that multiline it just assumes it's going to be code, don't use markdown since all the SE chats did come from SO and you can expect people posting code in chat
2:59 AM
@Memor-X Nah, I misspoke earlier
i use Jabber at work sometimes and it tries to parse emojiis when i have to share bash script
I don't count count inline code as preformatted text
I meant, like actual <pre> blocks
like these
I meant, doing the standard <pre> syntax which looks like this:
huh, weird, never noticed they were different HTML tags
That doesn't work.
@Memor-X Yeah, a <code> looks like:
> this
While a <pre> is a block-level element:
Oh yea, blockquotes like these work:
> text
Apparently not in multiline though.
A: What is difference between <pre> and <code> HTML Tag?

gpojdDon't go to w3schools. Check the w3c documentation for pre and code instead. PRE: The PRE element tells visual user agents that the enclosed text is "preformatted". When handling preformatted text, visual user agents: May leave white space intact. May render text with a fixed-p...

that explains the difference between the tags
3:02 AM
> test
As a separate message blockquotes work
> > Nested blockquotes?
Those don't work.
yeh don't expect all markdown to work in chat
> italic, bold, code, and link in blockquotes?
> Preformatted text in blockquotes?
Doesn't work. (for reference, I typed this:)
>     Preformatted text in blockquotes?
Okay, that's all the testing I want to do for today, I don't want to begin to clutter up this room
no spoilers and no quote pyramids
A: Formatting Sandbox

Himanshu Jansari H̶̛͉̣͇̯̺̋̉́̐͊́͂͑͐̌͘ë̴̢̬̫͚̘̼͈́̈̏̅l̶͙̪̦͙͖̲̪̞͊̅̑͒̾̈́̈̀̆̕͜͝l̸͈̰̻͕͈͚͈̋̓͆͋̆̚̚͠ô̵̡̝͎̖͓̩͚͓͎̭̱̪͚͐̓̊̄̌̽̀̀̓͂̈́ ̵̨̨̢̜͚̱̙͎̻̭̠͇̝̓͐̓̈͐̒̓̋̿͋̀̾̚ț̴̟͑͂h̵͍̘̮̠̺͇̞̔͒̐͝͝ĩ̴̗͕͕̩̇̓̒͒̆̅͂͜s̵̖̅ ̴̼̲̖̖͂̀̆͛̈͛̈̀̆i̸͔̫̝͒ͅs̶̠̼̭̠̻̥̻̦̜͕͛͐ͅ ̷̺͙͌̈̀̈́͆̚͘͝a̸͉̹̦̔̈́̑̈́́͑̕ ̶̈́͑...

>! Can confirm, no spoilers.
And definitely no <a href="https://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/">HTML</a> at all.
Oh wait, one last thing:
Oop, looks like no horizontal line.
But did that trigger automatic seperation or something? Or was that just time based, let me try again:
Yes, it seems like --- syntax creates another "block". Did y'all know that?
3:29 AM
@ExpertCoder14 If you want to test out chat features, use the sandbox room, don't flood this one


Where you can play with chat features (except flagging) and ch...
4:23 AM
@murgatroid99 Ah, thanks for pointing that out. Didn't know about that, sorry.
@murgatroid99 What should I do with this litter? Can we get rid of it or something?
4:59 AM
@ExpertCoder14 just ping a mod
5:57 AM
68 messages moved from The Bridge
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1:14 PM
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5:05 PM
shakes fist at @Ollie
smacks @Ollie with a rolled up newspaper
@AncientSwordRage I'm really sorry about that, but I didn't think it would actually go through! Is that a bug or what?
@XanderHenderson ow.
@Ollie it can be necessary to purge comment history, which can be done on deleted posts AFAIK
though typically you'd edit first
swats at @Ollie with an unrolled newspaper
@Moderators apologies for that.
5:07 PM
reads painfully boring news at Ollie
that's taking it too far D:
*meekly accepts fate*
just tested and you can purge history of a deleted message
though the last version before deletion is still visible
@hyper-neutrino you can, but you can't edit it, it seems
so if it's that important
you should edit it to a stub, delete it, and then purge its history
it's probably still in the database just hidden from everyone including mods? idk
5:08 PM
@hyper-neutrino which is what I've done before
if it's already been deleted with sensitive data in the most recent version i suppose there isn't anything you can do about it?
@hyper-neutrino *shrug* I'm not a mod.
better get on that then. ;)
Well I can raise mod flags on deleted questions, so why not delete chat messages...
@AncientSwordRage Ouch!
5:10 PM
Won't do it again, though.
I can't delete your messages unfortunately...
@Xander Can you raise flags on a locked post with the same trick I used?
Can't find the URL
@Ollie No idea, but any "flag" that I raise is instantly validated. :D

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