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1:48 AM
Is anyone here completely happy without having gnome DE installed?
I'm new to linux so I'm used to gnome now and it seems so hard for me to get away from it
It seems no matter what I do , I end up coming accross an application that I wanna install that requires the gnome DE
to be installed
why u wanna get away?
GNOME rocks
completely rocks is a strong word though, but it's my no.1 choice
Tshepang: because I never use the DE for anything... For window management I use compiz-fusion and for a dock I use AWM so I don't need the gnome panel even
Tshepang: If I don't need even the gnome panel, then why even install the gnome DE O_o
specially If I can run gimp and inkscape etc without gnome DE
Tshepang: by saying "gnome rocks" are you saying that their windows manager rocks? or their filemanager = nautilus rocks? what does that mean O_o ?
2:04 AM
Q: Yanking URLs in w3m

jasonwryanI have been using w3m for a couple of weeks and am convinced it is my preferred text browser - with one ecception. Is there any way to yank URLs to the clipboard without using the mouse? I have looked through the manual and, using the default keybindings, there doesn't appear to be any document...

compiz is awesome. and AWn ... who needs gnome O_o
the only thing I like about gnome is their amazing control center and system tools
those are so helpful for newbies like me
@JoshuaRobison if u wanna notify me, start with @t and u'll see autocompletion
@JoshuaRobison I refer the the entire desktop
it's a simple interface for normal tasks
and pretty too, without obvious bloat
I'm love the system monitor applet, and consider it the killer feature of GNOME
disclaimer: I never used Awn and the like, or even much of compiz
so I dont miss them
am not too interested in glitz
@JoshuaRobison oh, and I like gnome-panel; not that it's better than the competition, but it's more than good enough
we r here talking about GNOME 2 right?
Nautilus is really good as well, even though not entirely stable
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5:26 AM
Q: Postfix: Can I configure it to *not* include original email on undeliverable?

pepoluanThe question's title says it all. Scenario: The Postfix server is used only for mail-relay; in the office back-end, we use hMailServer. Some hMailServer users have their emails auto-forwarded to their BlackBerry account. Sometimes, they changed their BlackBerry operator without informing IT Dept...

Q: iptables/pf rule to only allow XY application/user?

LanceBaynesI think there is no iptables/pf solution to only allow an XY application on e.g.: outbound tcp port 80, eth0. So if I have a userid: "500" then how could I block any other communications then the mentioned on port 80/outbound/tcp/eth0? (e.g.: just privoxy is using port 80 on eth0) Extra: virtual...

5:56 AM
Q: How to set username/password in Firefox when using proxy with auth?

LanceBaynesWhere could I set the username/password if the HTTP/HTTPS proxy requires it? Is Firefox securely storing the username/password?

Q: Weird Stuff in Terminal When I Hit Tab

TAB WeirdnessFor some reason, today, everytime I hit tab in the terminal this shows up: cat bash: warning: setlocale: LC_CTYPE: cannot change locale (en_CA) Display all 150 possibilities? (y or n) This particular one happens when I type cat then hit TAB. I never changed any setting or anything. Anyone kno...

6:48 AM
Q: OpenBSD on a SDHC or an microSDHC card - tips

LanceBaynesAny ideas for making an OpenBSD usable (how to turn off logs, "put os into memory"?) on a SDHC or an microSDHC card? Since full-disk encryption is not really a solution under OpenBSD so I though I would be more keen on physical protection, so I will install/use my "desktop os" on an SDHC or a mic...

@JoshuaRobison Applications don't require the Gnome desktop environment to be installed, they just might require Gnome libraries
You can run Gnome applications, KDE applications or whatever, independently of what DE or WM you're running
7:09 AM
Right, I have Gnome and KDE apps, but I don't have either DE installed
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8:45 AM
Q: Intercept input and output from specific executable

FabianI have a certain Linux executable that is called from a bigger application to perform some calculations. I want to modify the way the calculations are performed, for that I first need to understand how the executable is called and in what way the parameters and data are transferred. So, I'd like...

Q: What does '//' mean in as return from which

sawaI have an executable script test under the full path /home/sawa/foo/bar/test. The directory /home/sawa/foo/bar is within $PATH, and has priority over the default ones including /usr/bin. When I do `which test` to see whether this command is correctly recognized, it returns /home/sawa/foo/bar/...

9:27 AM
Q: Relationship of keyboard layout and xmodmap

xralfI'm using Xubuntu. Before login I can choose a keyboard layout. I'm using xmodmap for remmaping some keys. I'm interested in two things: How the state of keyboard mapping changes when I turn the laptop on, during the boot process and login to the system (in these three phases) and when workin...

9:48 AM
Q: How to use Filetype in Vim?

davidshen84In most cases, I want to use tabstop=4 while editing files. But for some types of file, like xml file, I want to use tabstop=2. I added au filetypedetect FileType xml,html,xhtml,javascript set tabstop=2 softtabstop=2 shiftwidth=2 in my .vimrc file. It works if I am editing only one file. B...

10:10 AM
Q: i want to save the result of one command in a file

user7164I am using cppcheck tool to analyze source code. At the shell prompt in gcc compiler, I have given the command as follows $ cppcheck abc.cpp The output is checking abc.cpp... (error) Possible null pointer dereference: <var> - otherwise it is redundant to check if <var>...

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12:28 PM
Q: Installing two glibc alongside in debian/ubuntu

Elazar LeibovichIs it possible to install and use two different glibc versions on the same machine. Where one version is only used to run legacy software, which relies on old glibc binaries? Is it possible to do that with the aid of the package manager (something like "install this package into and the dependen...

12:49 PM
Q: How to do a s/fromStr/toStr in a big folder hierarchy?

balkiI want to search and replace some text in a large set of files excluding some instances. I want a command line alert asking me if i need to replace that line or not. Something similar to vim's :%s/from/to/g*c* But across a set of folders. Is there some good command line tool or script that can be...

1:11 PM
Q: Xpdf fit to page width in fullscreen mode

xralfWhen I call the command: $ xpdf file.pdf -z width -fullscreen ...it does not have the desired effect. The individual options: $ xpdf file.pdf -z width ...and: $ xpdf file.pdf -fullscreen ...work as expected. Is it possible to achieve the desired effect in xpdf?

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2:14 PM
Q: grub: "Missing Operating System"

WolfI tried editing the menu.lst file in order to dual-boot with Windows 7. I simply uncommented the Windows entry and added map (hd0) (hd1) man (hd1) (hd0) according to the Arch Linux wiki. I rebooted and had a Grub menu with 3 options: Arch Linux, Arch Linux Recovery, Windows 7. Exactly as it sh...

2:26 PM
Q: How to close a socket left open by a killed program?

Mr. ShickadanceI have a Python application which opens a simple TCP socket to communicate with another Python application on a separate host. Sometimes the program will either error or I will directly kill it, and in either case the socket may be left open for some unknown time. The next time I go to run the p...

Q: dd vs cat -- is dd still relevant these days?

kizzx2I recently realized we can use cat as much as dd, and it's actually faster than dd I know that dd was useful in dealing with tapes where block size actually mattered in correctness, not just performance. In these days, though, are there situations where dd can do something cat can't? (Here I wou...

2:56 PM
Q: How to copy text from vim to an external program?

ripper234I'm trying to copy-paste some text from vim. I'm doing y to enter visual mode, then y once I selected my block. It appears to copy the text into vim's clipboard, because p will paste it. But in another program (e.g. Chrome), right-click->paste doesn't paste the correct text. How do I copy text t...

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6:21 PM
Q: Can I setup a loopback audio device?

D4RIOIf I can send audio to the output devices, then I can record the same audio as a wave. With filesystems, you can just setup a loopback filesystem and write binary data on a file instead of a device. My question is: Can I send the audio signal to a (for instance) WAV file instead of my audio devi...

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8:14 PM
Q: How to close a socket left open by a killed program?

Mr. ShickadanceI have a Python application which opens a simple TCP socket to communicate with another Python application on a separate host. Sometimes the program will either error or I will directly kill it, and in either case the socket may be left open for some unknown time. The next time I go to run the p...

anyone have any opinions on moving that to SO?
oh nvm... I should read the comments
8:28 PM
Q: Running C Programs on Linux

brewer2I watched a video lecture today that introduced C and things like how to make a C program that will run in Linux. I followed the steps given and now I'm stuck with a bit of a problem. I created my C file (HelloWorld.c) and used the command gcc -o HelloWorld HelloWorld.c to compile the file, both...

8:40 PM
Q: Terminal command vs. GUI drag & drop when copying large no. of files: Any tangible benefit?

boehjI'm finding myself in a terminal more and more often these days as I learn to do certain types of things quicker or more conveniently. However, when it comes to copying a large amount of data (i.e. hundreds of gigabytes) from one HDD to another, I always revert to the GUI (Nautilus or Finder in ...

9:01 PM
Q: No window menus in freenx

churndI recently upgraded an openSUSE 11.3 install to 11.4 by downloading the DVD, burning it, & chosing the upgrade option upon booting to it. I used all the upgrade defaults. Upon coming back up, I added the FreeNX zypper repository & installed the latest FreeNX. Connecting via FreeNX works, ...

9:13 PM
Q: Where did Trampoline.S go?

Dervin ThunkDear all, I was wondering where the trampoline code went. It is referenced here, and I could find some code in an earlier distro, but I can't find it in the 2.6.38 kernel. Can you explain to me the path of execution, if trampoline.S is not there anymore? Thanks.

9:43 PM
Q: Ubuntu asks for password several time when logging in

YotamHi guys. When ever I log into my machine (Lenovo Laptop) Ubuntu (Natty running Unity) ask for the keyring password several times (4-5) why does it do that and how can I make it stop? Thanks Yotam

10:16 PM
Q: Multiboot, Live Tiny Core and grub4dos

Click OkI've got a usb pen drive that miraculously I installed grub4dos, and it works, I can start some iso's like MSDart, etc. I've decided put Tiny Core Linux in the usb stick, then I downloaded the latest iso from tinycore website, xcopy the .iso to usb stick and.. it doesn't works... I think that I...

11:11 PM
Q: ftp and shebang

user3454Is there a way to shebang-ify ftp and write small ftp scripts? For example: #!/usr/bin/ftp open put *.gz quit Any thoughts?

11:28 PM
@UnixandLinux I wish I could set a bounty on the question. I hadn't realized it was possible (and easy!) before, and I've been using w3m and inefficiently copying URLs with the mouse for over a decade!
@Gilles I sympathize

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