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1:55 PM
@derobert my phones are supposedly noise-cancelling, but they can't make the outside completely silent. And the music with the old firmware was way too silent, it was made for earphones with different resistance than mine and crippled such that it only reaches the EU-allowed maximum with the reference headphones.
@derobert but I found out another thing: with Rockbox, I have much better sound quality than before. The space perception is much, much better.
Headphones aside, how far along are you with pumpkin puree writing-up?
2:15 PM
There's a bushel of apples on my freezer....How'd that get there
3:14 PM
@rumtscho ah, well, I haven't started the writeup. I need to.
@waxeagle Apple fairy, obviously.
@derobert obviously
There's the strange, obsolete word "bushel" on my screen... How'd that get there
Maybe you'll get lucky, and next time the Apple fairy will bring you an iPad.
@rumtscho Internet fairies.
@rumtscho hey, a bushel is a totally valid unit of measure :P
@derobert This would be nice, yes. Tell me when there is something to look at.
3:15 PM
And yeah, there are still markets that function in bushels...
@waxeagle Just like furlongs per fortnight.
e.g., corn is still traded in bushels
and wheat
@derobert Do you know where the Eizo fairy lives? I want another monitor or two.
@rumtscho No, haven't found that fairy. I wouldn't mind some monitors, either.
@derobert I still hate that name
3:18 PM
@waxeagle I got over my hatred of the name; I bought Android devices :-P
@rumtscho I'd take another for work and probably 2 more for home if you find her
@derobert I will be too :)
already have andriod smartphone, if I get a tablet it will be droid
I'm tempted to pick up a Kindle Fire. Would be nice if they had the Google apps, though.
I'm not sure a tablet is needed when one has a sufficiently big phone.
Also, I'm not sure if I'm required to conduct a book burning upon purchasing one.
(seriously, what were they thinking with that name?)
Why book burning? They will simply delete any inappropriate books they find on your device.
3:22 PM
@rumtscho Well, they have a product that they've fairly successfully associated with books, reading (the Kindle). So then, what does it mean to call the Android tablet a "Kindle Fire"? I mean, you put books + fire together, you get book burning.
I suppose, maybe it means that when they censor your books, they have loaded an MP4 of a nice fireplace?
... and they play that while remote-deleting your book?
@derobert with a name like Kindle, fire was a logical next step :P
@waxeagle Well, that's only if you're a competent outdoorsman. We have no reason to believe Amazon is that competent!
@derobert lol
I mean, its unlikely they could get you a fire in less than a week (2 days if you subscribe to Amazon Prime), or 1 day (if you pay extra).
(Well, actually, I don't know how long super saver shipping takes, I haven't used it in a long time...)
they sell that stuff, shouldn't be hard to get a fire out of it :)
@derobert me neither, been a prime customer for years now
3:28 PM
Yeah, exactly. Forget when I first subscribed to prime. Around when they started the program.
... my "orders placed in the last 30 days" is two pages long. Almost three.
Which reminds me. I need to order something.
@derobert lol, my wife does most of the ordering for us, I only have 1 thing in the last 30 days (which is odd because I swear there should be an app purchase in there)
ah, seperate tab
app purchases are on a different screen. Same with Amazon VOD, etc.
yeah! Now I have three pages of orders in the last 30 days.
@waxeagle I've never managed to make fire with one of those
@rumtscho I've never tried it, but the sparks from the thinkgeek pics are impressive...
@waxeagle When I tried it, its owner and a few other people from our trekking group could do it. It is a learned skill.
3:42 PM
@rumtscho gotcha
actually starting a fire after you can produce the sparks is also a skill one has to learn, but I expect a grillmaster like you to have it :)
@rumtscho lol, I'm a lighter and newspaper kind of guy at this point. I don't do much outdoorsy stuff yet. Hopefully will get into it a bit as the boys get older. (need to find out who owns the woods behind my house...)
Possibly, he uses a lighter like a sane person
@derobert yes
.... one that looks something like that, probably
(no idea what that particular one is, I just grabbed the first one on Amazon that looks vaguely right)
3:49 PM
@derobert that's about it, it's lacking the now standard safety button, but yeah, that's about right
Yep, easy to start a chimney with one of those. Unless its real windy, then some of them blow out
Q: Can you make popcorn in a pressure cooker?

BaffledCookWill the temperature become too high and will the popcorn burn? Can anything bad happen?

@derobert yep. and I do get some windy days, but persistence and a bit of rotation can usually shield enough that I get get it lit
... I sense @BaffledCook about to try something interesting
@waxeagle Yeah, I'm pretty big and can normally function as a wind block
Of course, there is the issue of trying to keep an uninsulated Weber kettle hot on a very windy day.
@derobert yeah, I've seen people use wind screens, mostly I just leave the vents all the way open and let it fly :) (but I'm a vents all the way guy most of the time anyways)
I use mine more for grilling than BBQ. So its not much of an issue then...
3:54 PM
@derobert yeah, wind is a nightmare if you're trying to go slow. But as much as I love it, I don't do it too much, mostly burgers, chops, steaks and chicken
@derobert I don't see why it is interesting, see my answer to it
and hotdogs obviously
Yeah. I've been using mine recently as a source of obscenely high heat to finish things after cooking them low-temp
@rumtscho I don't know. If you could bring the pressure up high enough, its possible you could get interesting things, like starting to caramelize the popcorn.
@derobert the higher your pressure, the less popcorn you get
@rumtscho but, if you get something interesting, who care if you have to toss a few more unpopped kernels?
(and, now I'm curious, can you make popcorn in a vacuum?)
3:59 PM
@derobert I doubt that you'll get something interesting, or that they will be "a few more". I think that at some (rather low) point, the whole batch won't pop.
@derobert I don't think vacuum will be very good. You risk your corn popping before the foam is hot enough to set.
well, the popcorn pops because the water inside vaporizes quicker than the vapor can escape, raising the pressure inside the kernel. I'm not sure why that'd fail if atmospheric pressure is higher. It'd just mean the water inside the popcorn wouldn't vaporize until the kernel was hotter.
@derobert the water will vaporize at a much higher temp under pressure
which may mean the hull is compromised and it can just escape with no explosion
yeah, it might
@derobert it's an experiment worth an attempt though
chemistry.about.com/od/foodcookingchemistry/f/… ... leads me to believe 15psi from a pressure cooker wouldn't matter that much
but the extra humidity and slower cooling time might
4:37 PM
@rumtscho BTW, do you think it should be "Goo" or "Goop"?
@derobert "Goo" is the nicer word, I associate it with World of Goo - the only game I have played to the end in the last few years.
I'm curious what kind of reactions I'll get with that title :-P
4:59 PM
Well. There is a first time for everything. I just airbrushed a pumpkin.
@derobert lol IRL or in a photo?
@waxeagle photo
@derobert figures :)
We shall have only the best-looking pumpkin in the murder scene on our blog :-P
@derobert :) excellent, pumpkin murder is the best kind :)
5:02 PM
A quick preview...
5:30 PM
@derobert good looking pumpkin
@waxeagle yes, though he's had an unfortunate "accident" with a cleaver
@derobert man, all the best pumpkins seem to find themselves in these unfortunate "accidents"
any reason to cut it that way instead of top to bottom?
@waxeagle easier to steady it on the cutting board that way
well, I guess you could break of them stem first and do it that way
@waxeagle a pumpkin is always cut around the equator. This special case is almost spherical, but most pumpkins are slightly to very flattened.
5:47 PM
@rumtscho good to know :)
@rumtscho pie pumpkins are always spherical, at least the ones I've seen
@derobert Nobody here sells pie pumpkins
@rumtscho shame
hmmm, what is the stuff inside the pumpkin which holds the seeds called?
I can only find "fibrous strands" or "brains", but surely they have a real name.
6:06 PM
@derobert ask at biology.stackexchange, I don't know that much :)
wikipedia is usually much better a biology than the pumpkin article indicates :(
yeah, Wikipedia was no help
I think it's the endocarp, but not completely sure
I had a piece of pork with a best-by date of today
decided to roast it to 65°C instead of the usual 63 because it is so old
but didn't account for residual heat being so much higher in a roast than in a steak
> risotto dough
6:11 PM
It got up to 69°C outside of the oven. Now I don't know what I will find when I cut it. Hopefully not shoeleather consistency.
@waxeagle maybe just a slip of the tongue. Although I can't imagine what he was thinking when he wrote that.
@waxeagle askion on biology.se to be sure
Also experimented for a sauce - made a veloute, added pureed bell peppers and creme fraiche. Will eat this as a "liquid side". Not sure what it will taste like.
@rumtscho not sure. (although I should confess that until college I wouldn't have known that risotto was rice not pasta either)
@waxeagle nobody is born knowledgeable. You go to college to learn :)
@rumtscho true and you learn a lot outside of the classroom :). I learned that particular thing because my now wife's roommate made us a wonderful risotto during summer after my freshman year :).
that was the day my wife learned the primary reason she would marry me :).
6:17 PM
@waxeagle I'm afraid to ask what it was, but I will take the bait.
@rumtscho my grandmother's cookbook. at the time she was only giving them as wedding presents
Q: What's the name of the fibrous strands that hold the seeds in a pumpkin?

derobertIf you cut open a pumpkin, the seeds are suspended inside the pumpkin by some fibrous, slimey strands. You can see them in the middle of this sliced-open pumpkin: I'm writing a blog post for Cooking.SE, and am trying to find out the proper botanical term for the Cooking.SE blog. Someone sugges...

@waxeagle what a golddigger.
@rumtscho to her credit she is still here 6 years later :). (she might actually like me)
@derobert You should have linkified that "Cookin.SE blog" expression
@waxeagle Nah, once she got kids, it's too hard to extricate herself from the father. Turns out you knew how to chain her to yourself.
6:21 PM
@rumtscho :)
@rumtscho fixed :-P
@derobert You put it in the wrong place, causing a redundant phrase.
right, fixed again
Now there is only one problem left - this "viewed 1 times" is my page view, not a biologist's :(
its ok, its viewed two times now
6:35 PM
@derobert mine :)
It'll never get an answer. I'm used to going to SE betas to ask questions that don't get answered. Like:
Q: How do I have Oracle ASM scan for and repair uncorrectable ECC errors (bad sectors)?

derobertI'm running Oracle ASM (11gR2) with normal redundancy on SATA disks (WD Raptors). This is on a physical standby database, if it matters. Occasionally, disk sectors develop read errors (ECC failures). When that happens, that block is no longer mirrored, but ASM doesn't know this. How can I have A...

6:53 PM
@derobert do we have something scheduled for the 31st yet?
If some of us are making decorated Halloween stuff, we could do a picture-post again
@rumtscho no, nothing for the 31st
For my "run and dine" event this week, it looks like I will be doing a pumpkin pie - it is rare enough here to be considered "very halloweeny"
If I also decorate it a bit - I am thinking of piping ganache to make it look like a pumpkin-cut face - it could do for some pictures
Is any of you doing anything showy for halloween?
no, I'm not planning on doing anything...
hallowe'en - humbug!
another excuse for the stores to sell wasteful tat
and worst of all, children seem to think it gives them a license to go door to door begging
@ElendilTheTall just give out pretzels, and the children will stop begging.
7:05 PM
I give out nothing but some choice expletives
@derobert Why? I would like to get free pretzels.
@rumtscho Well, then you're officially weird. The children who come begging expect candy.
Oooh, pencils work too. That gets rid of the children quickly.
@derobert I know, but pretzels are tasty too.
Also, I should be clear, I'm not talking about freshly-baked pretzels here. I'm talking about little packs of factory-made hard pretzels
chocolate coated brussels sprouts
7:12 PM
@derobert oh, those.
that's what I'd give 'em
Well, they are edible too, if there is nothing better around. (I mean the little hard pretzels, not the chocolate coated brussels sprouts).
Gimme food!
Wait, I think I'm going to make mousse au chocolat.
tasty and easy
@Cerberus This sounds almost good enough to be worth travelling to Amsterdam for
7:19 PM
I'll give you some!
Mouse au chocolat is very easy to make, you have probably made it yourselves?
See, the half-mortal knows.
@Cerberus No, never.
Oh, you should!
It's easy to make top-quality m.a.c.
Everything you buy in the supermarket is crap. It's not even chocolate. Except Bonne Mamam: they actually have great m.a.c.
Too bad my supermarket doesn't sell it any more.
Thei crème brûlée is actually quite OK too.
melt chocolate, whip cream, whip egg whites, fold choc into cream, fold egg whites into cream, fridgerise, eat.
@ElendilTheTall The recipe I have here has no egg whites
it is more like a whipped ganache
@ElendilTheTall Yes, although I think the conventional method has you add yolks to the chocolate.
And heat it until it is about to congeal a bit.
@rumtscho Huh??
You must use egg whites!
7:24 PM
wow, egg yolks would make it super rich
Maybe this is not actually mousse au chocolate, it is just "a" chocolate mousse, the one the book uses for filling in desserts
there are quite a few variants
I have seen some with butter, some with just chocolate and eggs
@ElendilTheTall A bit...they also stiffen it up.
Yeah, I would use dark chocolate, butter, and egg yolks.
I like my mousse light
Yeah, all variants can be great.
And without egg whites you have chocolate custard, which is also great.
7:27 PM
I like getting a nice glass, putting some amarena cherries in the bottom, then piping mousse on top, then chantilly cream
I once tried making extra-low-calorie mousse.
Just chocolate, sugar, water.
like a Black Forest mousse
Plus egg whites, of course.
@Cerberus good gravy, WHY?!
And it was still OK. Though of course not as good as the fattier stuff.
@ElendilTheTall I know. But...
I don't want fat rolls!
7:29 PM
there are no excuses
@Cerberus Then eat less
But but.
meh, life's too short
@rumtscho That's so hard!
if you want to eat healthy food, do it
7:29 PM
Eating large amounts of bad-tasting food is not a good plan
don't try and make unhealthy food healthy
It is a balance.
I could add tons of salt and butter on anything I eat. I would love to do so. They do it is restaurants too.
i try and limit unhealthy food to one day
usually the weekend
7:31 PM
So if I can make a dish that tastes almost as good but with 1/3 less calories, that may be worth it. Of course the problem is the if.
@Cerberus I don't think you can have saved many calories that way
and how almost is almost
@rumtscho Perhaps not. It was an experiment.
@ElendilTheTall Yup.
also, you probably got bad chocolate - real conditor chocolate will seize if touched by water
my brother in law made 'pizza' using tortillas the other day
i nearly slapped him
7:32 PM
You melt the chocolate first, then add a bit of water once it's melted, just to make it a bit thinner.
@rumtscho I never use bad chocolate.
@Cerberus I have seen that before
Bad chocolate is just not worth it, not even is mousse (it is not as bad as when eating a block of chocolate, but still).
I can imagine the emuslifier-filled chocolate bars from the store staying liquid with water
@ElendilTheTall And?
@ElendilTheTall Haha.
it worked fine :)
7:33 PM
@rumtscho It was just a regular 70+ % bar, I never buy anything else. It's good chocolate.
@ElendilTheTall Tell that to Rummy!
Now I have to go buy some chocolate!
Oh, by the way, have you ever tried making chocolate or m.a.c. with cocoa powder?
@Cerberus I've personally seen good chocolate seize from a tablespoon of water
I was wondering whether that might work.
@rumtscho Well, I don't know how it works, but I had no problems.
@Cerberus No, you need cocoa butter in chocolate. Cocoa powder is chocolate with the cocoa butter removed.
Powder + regular butter.
+ Sugar.
@Cerberus No other fat makes chocolate
But it might taste just as good...
It would be an interesting experiment.
there you go rummers, molecule illustrations and everything
@rumtscho Lunch time. I've uploaded what I've done so far to the drive. Well, actually, its still uploading. (now it's done)
@ElendilTheTall I see. Yup, the way I saw it was room-temp water added to melted chocolate; it makes sense that the other way round will work.
Thank you for educating me.
I live to serve
8:22 PM
The simplest kind of mousse au chocolat imaginable, the basic recipe.
Just chocolate and eggs.
But perhaps a bit of extra sugar and butter will be nice if you use very dark chocolate.
What do you think?
8:33 PM
Why would you start with dark chocolate and add sugar? This makes no sense, lighter chocolate is different from dark because it has more sugar, but it is better incorporated than what you could do yourself.
Adding butter because it is dark makes no sense, dark chocolate has more fat than light chocolate
@rumtscho Umm proof?
@Cerberus don't even know where to search for it. Look at the nutrition facts on chocolate bars, for example. Chocolate is made from cocoa beans, cocoa beans are mostly fat.
The more cocoa beans you have in your chocolate, the more fat you have in there.
Light chocolate is made from cocoa beans mixed with sugar, so it has less fat.
So you are saying extra dark chocolate contains more fat than milk chocolate?
9:03 PM
@Cerberus yes, of course. Milk chocolate contains 70% sugar and 30% cocoa. Extra dark chocolate contains 20% sugar and 80% cocoa. Cocoa contains X% fat (around 60% IIRC), so milk chocolate should have 0.3X g cocoa per 100 g and dark chocolate 0.8X g cocoa per 100 g.
about 18 vs 64 g, assuming that it is indeed 60% fat.
I didn't know milk chocolate contained so much sugar.
I thought it was more fat.
So dark chocolate contains many more calories.
Because fat is about 600–800 kcal/100g, while sugar is eh much less, 200–300?
9:22 PM
Fat should be 9 kcal per gram, sugar is 4.
Every pure carbohydrate is 4 kcal per gram, proteins the same.
But most foods don't come that pure, they have fibre, water, etc.
It is only highly processed food such as sugar, flour, chocolate bars, oil, which have such high calorie counts. You can't say that a steak has 400 kcal per 100 g, because steak has much more water than protein, even if it is lean and contains no fat or carbs.
Normally, the information on the packaging takes all that into account.
My mousse is in the fridge btw.
@Cerberus yes, it does.
Oh, and I added a bit of water to the chocolate, specially for you!
And I heated the chocolate + butter in the oven.
Which was 40 °C most of the time.
<Now something off topic:>

Client: We have decided we want to call our new website ‘_________.com’

Me: Unfortunately, the .com is already registered and in use. However, .net is available. That’s probably the best option unless you choose another name.

Client: Ah. Yeah, I don’t like the .net so much. I think I’ll just stick with the .com

Me: Sorry, I think you must have misunderstood, the .com is already owned by someone else. You need to pick another name.

Client: Thanks for the advice, we’ve decided we don’t like the .net so we’ll just go for the .com as originally planned. If you ca
@derobert I did do something interesting, in a way

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