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12:00 PM
@ArdaXi Again, preferences aren't weighted, just transferred
Thanks goodness the CSS is still there, I think I can recover the HTML
The js has to be completely rewritten though
@badp You seriously think there's going to be enough votes to pass over to a fourth?
@ArdaXi I think that the first and the second mods will be rather unanimously chosen, thus bringing the third mod choice to a simple majority count
because we only have three choices
if we were doing things through we'd have to make 10 choices
Bejol noted a corrolation between the up/down ratio of the primary votes and the outcome
@badp What you're saying means that the person who gets first gets enough votes to clear the quotum twice, then the second has enough votes to clear the quotum as well, and enough passes over.
For the first, maybe, but I doubt the same will go for second
12:03 PM
I think Grance and Juan will be selected right away, yes
without having to eliminate any other choice
by then you'll be using most people's third choices
Well then, the system works, doesn't it?
We only need 3 candidates, not more.
eh, it just seems overkill if simple majority is what it boils down to -- for us
If 3 people have enough votes to clear the quotum, our job is done.
I mean quotum, but sure.
12:05 PM
quota is originally feminine in Latin, 1st declination
I think the stats people will have a lot of fun when their election starts
so it's not quotum/quota, but quota/quotæ
you're welcome
New Latin :)
New Latin is not really Latin.
Well, fine, whatever, it's what the document on Meek's that I read used.
12:07 PM
Fair enough.
I mean, I know how Latin declensions work, I just don't look them up for every word I use.
After we got words like 'museums' I stopped caring.
I herd you like nitpicking, so I put sum nitpickin in ur nitpicking so u can nitpick while u nitpick
@badp Note the 'I stopped caring' :)
11 more approved edits before I can vote in the elections!
@YiJiang Wouldn't asking a question be faster?
12:11 PM
@badp Meh, the chances of any question I might ask getting a good answer is... slim
The answers from the two OpenTTD questions I've asked is... even less than I expected
@YiJiang eh, one thing we do need is a more varied coverage of games
You're probably the OpenTTD expert here.
@badp I'm not, I haven't created any junctions above 'intermediate' difficulty
@YiJiang Still you've likely played it more than anybody else here has.
And I'm still constantly messing up my OpenGfx settings
@badp Which is surprising, really
@YiJiang @Grace laments our lack of coverage in shooters and pals :)
I kind of lament our lack of coverage in the big name FPSes
(Quake, CS)
12:16 PM
@badp @Macha maybe.
Jan 7 at 22:54, by badp
@GraceNote I'd never displace one of you three. Maybe next year, maybe.
A year goes by fast.
@ArdaXi "Three" being the operative word.
@badp One of, actually.
@ArdaXi Feel free to use what I wrote, which differs from what I meant as I gave for granted that all three mods would nominate, against me. I'll feel free to pull out another quote of mine.
@badp I love pulling things out of context.
in The SE Tavern, Dec 18 '10 at 21:31, by badp
If I see people I'd rather not see in the spot then yes. :)
Jan 3 at 23:26, by badp
As I said I'll only enter the elections if I see a candidate I'd rather not see with a diamond.
Jan 7 at 22:59, by badp
Anyway, I've stated already I'll only join the election if somebody I'd rather not see with a diamond does
in The SE Tavern, Dec 18 '10 at 21:31, by badp
And then write in my description, OMFG PLEASE VOTE GRACE JUAN AND OAK INSTEAD
12:26 PM
@badp Ah. And of course, I was the first, so you nominating was a given.
My nomination was the eigth
so all you know is it wasn't one of Juan, CRoss, Kevin or Ivo.
Don't worry, I know it was me.
Feel free to bask in your newfound knowledge
Also, stop distracting me from my programming. :( Right, just to double-check, the axiom was "if you can't join them, beat them", right?
I think it was the other way round.
12:28 PM
@badp Oh. But what if you can't join them?
You pretend you do.
Nah, won't work. I'll go for beating them.
It's not so much as an inability to join it, it's being limited by it.
1:02 PM
I need more 'mindless' games.
Wait... Ricochet: Source was released a year ago? WHY DOES NOBODY TELL ME THESE THINGS?
Q: Songhai embarked unit defense

danixdEmbarked units can defend themselves. Special Ability: River Warlord: Triple gold from Barbarian encampments and pillaging Cities. Embarked units can defend themselves. What is the defensive rating given? Does it depend on the unit? Does it effect bombardment, ships 'stepp...

Another reason why I hate what TF2 has become:
1:53 PM
Ma perchè c'è la parte di tolk sciò su Forum? Contano solo le leggi, i contratti e i fatti, quindi si deve parlare di sesso degli angeli?
He's speaking in tongues! Do we really want that in a moderator?!
@ArdaXi Google translate says: 'But because it is part of tolk shoo on Forum? Count only the laws, contracts and deeds, then you should talk about sex of the angels?'
2:05 PM
@ArdaXi I agree, but I have no problem ignoring that stuff when playing. It's still easy to hit join server and go bash people
@CRoss I do.
then no TF2. thankfully games aren't regulated and we can all play what we want
so, has anyone heard anything about Bulletstorm?
it's sounds rather ridiculous
@CRoss I won't trust mainstream media's reporting of technology, much less video games
@YiJiang I don't which is why I'm asking y'all
Dunno anything about this game in particular, but GameSpot reported Fox News reporting this: asia.gamespot.com/xbox360/action/untitledpeoplecanflyproject/…
2:24 PM
@YiJiang "Why is there even a talk show in Forum? Only law, contracts and facts count, the rest is just pointless chit chat."
@badp Where does "sex of the angels" come in?
@YiJiang "pointless chit chat"
a derogatory reference to theology that now has become common in language
"how many angels can dance on the tip of a pin?"
"who the hell cares?"
Just for the hell of it, I'm gonna try TF2 again. Myself, playing vanilla.
looks at TF2 Beta in his game list Erm, couldn't you have done this with your former horrible updates?
@ArdaXi what? you hated TF2.5 and now want to play TF2.6-pre?
@badp No, I want them to put TF2.5 in the beta, and let me play TF2
And never ever graduate it from beta.
2:33 PM
What is this 'the stone' thingy I see on one of the top homepage questions here?
Looks like some sort of puzzle site, but it asks for a login, which is odd, for a puzzle site
Q: thestone D:2 The Haystack nudges

edelwaterCan anybody provide me nudge / hint to solve D:2 "the haystack" in the stone? ( http://www.scarecrowsfield.com/index.php?task=show&level=puzzle&group=1&left=D&right=2) ? I've looked at it for a long time but I haven't been able to come any closer to finding a solution.

Oh wow. It's worse than I expected.
2:48 PM
[tag:foo] and [meta-tag:bar] syntax now works on chat too!
Q: Convert an XBox Live account to a child account?

JoeSo, I gave my autistic cousin an XBox Live card ... I had made sure to go in and change his user profile so there was no correct information in it, but what I didn't know is that he's had a couple of incidents with telling people online where he lives (and in one case, someone came to 'visit'...

3:18 PM
Oh wow. I thought they added an item store to the game.
I had no idea they turned it into Farmville with guns...
This is what the tutorial plays like: "This is a gun. It uses bullets. You fire that gun. Not just randomly, you fire it at someone. If you fire a gun at someone, it hurts them. If you fire it enough times, they die."
It's as if they think people buy the game expecting merely a hat simulator.
Q: What football game is this?

Ondrej SlintákI'm looking for old football (soccer) game from around 1990. It was sort-of-championship type of game where you played around 10 matches in a row against harder and harder opponents - it started with Japan, went through USA, Russia, to Argentina and Brazil. When you entered penalty area, it chang...

@badp Not loading.
You don't have permission to access /plus/misc/images/fractal-mondrian.jpg on this server.
1 message moved to Sandbox
3:25 PM
3:42 PM
@ArdaXi disappointingly unzoombable, as far as fractals go
@badp True. But incredibly zoomable, as far as artworks go.
@ArdaXi I don't think it was hand crafted...
@badp Artwork is not necessarily hand-crafted.
4:01 PM
Q: Looking for an open source, tile-based turn-based wargame/engine

WuckaChuckaHave had a quick look at Battle of Wesnoth, but not sure if it would be suitable for a light operational/strategic level WW2 wargame I'd like to develop over time as a hobby (think "Panzer General" or "Commander: Europe at War"). Programming language does not matter nor does the platform (I have...

Q: TF2 - Cloak and Dagger OR Normal Invis watch?

NottinylilWhat do I use for what situation? And general tips for cloaking with the spy.

I still hate "X, also Y?" questions.
If it's two completely separate questions only related by the game itself for example.
Q: Why are teamkillers not kicked out of the game in BFBC2 Hardcore mode on PS3?

user2133I've experienced that killing people in the own team becomes more and more common. Sometimes it's because they want to have the vehicle you're taking, sometimes I guess just for fun (I've even seen someone named "Teamkiller...") or as a revenge for being (possibly unintentionally) team-killed. T...

considering changing the title/question to "How to deal with repeat teamkillers in ..."
Might also want to change the body then too though...
4:16 PM
I'm going to be bold and assume you meant 'losing' there. :)
4:32 PM
I'm now subscribed to that questions feed.
@Mana You need to doublecheck that, the tag has 0 followers
unless you mean RSS.
well I meant on RSS.
In which case it's unnecessary, because I'll add three feeds for that question.
It's just that important.
user image
Note: I have never actually seen @ArdaXi, this is speculative.
4:41 PM
I'm not a betting man, but I'd bet it's right.
It's as close to the badge as it can get on SE
Ok, I have a story for you guys
yaaaaaaaaaaaay, story time with @tzenes!!!
we have an internal tool at amazon which is a website
and the backend for this website is in ruby
remember, google listens
4:42 PM
and as part of generating one of the pages it needs to create a series of ajax calls
these calls are all identical except for on value
now the values exist in an array on the ruby server
so this task is handed to one "brilliant" programmer
AKA you
now if it were me, I'd just print the array inside a script tag and map the array to the call
but I was not the programmer assigned to this
no, instead he decides to loop through the array to print its contents
c.f. brillant
4:44 PM
ok, sure fine, a silly way to do it, but whatever, loop through, create a js array, map the call
but no
he doesn't loop through to create the js array
He loops to write a function call per value?
instead, he loops through to recreate the entire ajax call
which is fine when the array is of length 3-5
except there is a page where it is 1000
dear god the inhumanity :(
4:45 PM
meh, it's not that bad
it crashed my firefox browser
eh, I've been reading The Daily WTF for so many years that I'm almost immune to that sort of story.
...okay, at 1k it is a bit too much.
(It helps me get through my day)
and I didn't hit one of the bad pages
there are worse ones
4:46 PM
Right now I'm thigh-deep in this really messed up asp.net webforms app I need to make changes to
I read the DailyWTF to fuel my insecurities that I'm going to become one of those programmers
oh god it was even worse, because he was reusing global variables in his js, it lead to an infinite loop
I spent two days doing a partial rewrite in mvc but then realized the change is so minor I can just do it to the original app in 5 minutes
... but I feel bad
I would strangle this "brilliant" programmer
except he no longer works at Amazon
@tzenes Didn't he consult the team before doing this?
4:48 PM
@Mana he was not the type to submit code reviews
oh, and then there was my source control revelation I had last week
what a great "brilliant" programmer
the only saving grace is that he can't write any more bad code
oh man I just got the best idea for SC2 training. I'll make a document app that treats each word I type as if I'm making a drone, and then I'll have to type OVERLORD one word before getting supply blocked or risk having my speakers blare "SPAWN MORE OVERLORDZZZZZ". I'll never forget about it ever again.
I once thought up the idea for a starcraft game where I didn't have to fight, I just built units and macro'd and the AI took care of the fighting for me
4:52 PM
@tzenes Well, unless 'no longer works at Amazon' is a euphemism for dead or incapacitated, he can write plenty more bad code.
You just won't know if you're using it.
@Less k, no more that I have to deal with
Although, 'no longer works at Amazon' is a pretty good euphemism out of context.
we don't kill people for writing bad code
... yet
we do something much, much worse.
eyes twitch
4:54 PM
57 secs ago, by tzenes
we don't kill people for writing bad code
no, we just fire them
I'm working on a project that parses the output of Microsoft FxCop and uses it to remotely control a satellite-mounted death laser.
7 mins ago, by tzenes
I would strangle this "brilliant" programmer
I said would
You didn't have the opportunity!
4:55 PM
except we don't kill people
I could track him down
look any good detective will tell you I have motive and opportunity
err, good to know
anyway, I need to get to work
5:07 PM
what's happened?
@Ronan not much, just Tzenes planning cold blooded murder
so the usual
5:46 PM
Q: City states declaring war

danixdI am in the middle of a game where I am the Chinese, so I am obviously going to play aggressively. I have declared war on two city states, and in turn, I have had about 6 more declare war on me. Are city states a threat when they declare war? Do city states even leave their borders? What are t...

Q: Why are all these "overlapping" stack-exchange sites popping up?!?

aioobeI was just writing an answer to a programming question. It happened to be related to game development, but it was a fairly generic Java-question. Once I've spent 5 minutes or so carefully typing in an answer and clicked "save", I was surprised to see that it had been migrated to "gamedev.stackex...

6:41 PM
@Feeds Figures, a question that is like written directly towards me is posted during a time when I can't answer it.
@tzenes Have you looked into the games: Dungeon Keeper, Dungeon Keeper 2, Evil Genius, or Dungeons?
Hi everyone.
@Macha .hacks!
Finally someone got the reference :P
@Macha I commented upon it the other day, too.
@Powerlord When?
6:54 PM
@Macha I don't remember... I do remember commenting on how I got tired of the first .hack game, but I watched both anime series (well... not the OVAs)
Oh, my memory sucks then.
Q: Most powerful beam spell variant?

RedWas wondering what the most powerful beam spell combo is in Magicka. I know of a few strong beam combos but it's hard to tell which is the most powerful in terms of raw damage. My personal favourite is Arcane+Steam+Steam+Lightning+Lightning. It seems to be pretty effective. Has anyone done some...

My dream came true, on WebApps.
I blame @RebeccaChernoff
it would be interesting if a site got fewer nominations than open slots
7:11 PM
"Vote for Governor Marley. When there's only one candidate, there's only one choice!" -- Secret of Monkey Island
Q: Something Bad Happened on the moderator tools privilege page.

OakTrying to go to the moderator tool privilege page: http://gaming.stackexchange.com/privileges/moderator-tools Causes an error: http://gaming.stackexchange.com/error?aspxerrorpath=/privileges/moderator-tools Also, while you're fixing it, notice that that page is bugged anyway.

Do we really need ?
Or for that matter?
7:28 PM
goes add to a bunch of random and questions
Blah, I just noticed that you can't see the Accounts tab on a Meta site. Either that or you only can when logged in.
@Powerlord You just can't
@badp door.se
@LessPop_MoreFizz diy.se
@Feeds I saw @Oak and @GraceNote posting about the SO mod tools not being affected by this bug, so my first thought was "Do either of them actually have 10k+ rep on SO?"
and I can't check it because I'm not logged in on Meta.Gaming
Having said that, I can check SO myself, because I do have over 10k there.
Oh wait, that's the privileges page, not the actual mod tools. Derp.
7:32 PM
Q: How to play Starcraft II campaigns without logging in?

nimcapI have read that when "Play as Guest" mode is selected, Starcraft II campaigns can be played without achievements being recorded to your profile. Every time I click to the "Play as Guest" button, it tells me to authorize my game client. Then I login. Because game does not allow me to switch to g...

On a side note, it's working correctly on Board & Card Games (still in Beta): boardgames.stackexchange.com/privileges/moderator-tools
7:52 PM
They're all dead! Lets go shopping!
exciting head to head between FAE and CRoss!
they've been dead even for a while now
@badp You need more downvotes. I wonder if I can change my vote...
@Powerlord You can
Arda Ivo and Fabian are all hovering in their vicinity as well.
7:53 PM
Ivo yes, Fabian is a bit behind
I'm surprised Juan has that many votes... he hasn't really been active recently.
@Powerlord Yeah, same.
FAE and CRoss at +18, Ivo at +17, Fabian at +14, Arda at +9
also yay, first upvote for Ullallulloo
(how do you pronounce that?)
not that hard to pronounce.
I mean, at least it's not ulillillia
Also, while Grace Note couldn't remain at a score of +42, Juan does have 42 upvotes right now
7:58 PM
We all need to go to Duke Nukem's Titty City: static.arstechnica.com/Gaming/tittyecity.jpg
Isn't that game XBox only?
I still can't believe they actually rebranded a strip club with Duke Nukem Forever stuff.
@badp No. Well, maybe for consoles, but there's going to be a PC version.
Ars Technica's preview of the game is... a bit of a let down, actually. I guess I'm not surprised that they're saying the game doesn't look that good, considering how many years it spent in production.
Oh right, they complained about sluggish frame rates, but apparently they were playing the Xbox 360 version.
Not to knock the consoles, but both the 360 and PS3 are slow compared to a modern PC. I guess MS and Sony forgot the reason why they release new consoles every 5-6 years in their lame attempt to lengthen the console lifecycle with motion control toys.
never mind the whole global recession thing that would discourage people from dropping another 400 bucks on a console
besides, gamers are getting less impressed by pretty graphics, and it's about time
@Powerlord otoh as a responsible spender I wouldn't pay for an obsolescent console
My posts and brants made me think of two Nerf Now strips:
8:11 PM
@Powerlord "Quake 3"
(it wasn't released to consoles right? it then becomes an appropriate response. CS works too.)
I forget if Quake 3 was released to consoles or not.
I do find it strange that iD software didn't make a big deal about Quake 4 coming out. I didn't even find out that Quake 4 came out until last year, and it came out in 2005!
There was a Dreamcast port. They played alongside PC users on the same servers. It wasn't pretty.
@Brant Consoles versus PCs in FPS games never will be... not unless the Console players plug in a USB mouse and keyboard.
Mouse being the important one of the two, but you need some sort of movement controls, too.
Q: What can the Pyro return to sender using the compression blast?

RapidaWhat exactly can the Pyro's compression blast effect? I've reflected rockets back at soldiers, but I've had very sketchy luck trying to bounce other things back at enemy players.

@Feeds Oh come ON! Stop giving me questions I can answer when I can't actually reply to answer them!
8:15 PM
@Powerlord Write an answer here and we'll post it for ya!
(or switch for a minute to tethering from your mobile)
Here, free answer for whomever wants to post it: Soldier Rockets, Pyro Flares, Demoman Grenades, Demoman Sticky Bombs (both types), Medic Arrows, and Sniper arrows.
A: What can the Pyro return to sender using the compression blast?

badp Soldier Rockets, Pyro Flares, Demoman Grenades, Demoman Stickies, Medic Arrows, and Sniper arrows. Powerlord

It's CW ;)
I could go more into detail about the various speeds, but eh.
You can edit it when you're home
If you edit it enough you'll displace my name in the signature
Then again, there's just two firing speeds for the stuff above: Soldier normal rockets (slow), and everything else (fast). ;)
8:20 PM
Q: How to port iPhone games to Mac OS ?

user2113There are some great iPhone games that people who don't have an iPhone can't play but could play if there was a relatively easy way to port them to Mac OS. Is there ?

Hmm, because I own Borderlands on Steam, I'm supposed to have "early access" to the Duke Nukem forever demo. I wonder when that will actually be released.
I'll find out then whether the game is good or not.
8:34 PM
@badp Hmm, I just realized that question said "return to sender," which isn't strictly true for Sticky Bombs.
Oh well, I'll likely edit it later if no one else does.
Q: Call of Duty Black Ops: Taking Down Helicopters

BrianHello, With the M72 Law, when I look through the scope and lock onto an attack helicopter and fire, the helicopter makes an invasive maneuver and I never hit it. It seems like the best way to take down a helicopter is just to line it up without the scope and fire. Any other tips to taking a ch...

Q: Problems running certain queries

MugenI'm trying to run the following two sql queries on data.stackexchange.com/gaming : http://data.stackexchange.com/gaming/s/86/most-and-least-dangerous-tags-to-answer-among-the-tags-with-1000-questions http://data.stackexchange.com/gaming/s/85/posts-with-many-thank-you-answers And in both cases ...

8:52 PM
so my company just installed a corporate social network product
so far there are several groups for gamers, including one for CoDBO
this gives me a chuckle
@Brant :'(
@badp So I'm the least controversial candidate, doesn't seem to do me any good in the end ;-)
I'm baaaaaaaaaack.
@Fabian to be honest you're probably going to be my third mod vote in the last stage

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