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3:00 AM
Never seen the movie.
That's not good.
Am I missing out?
Well it's not terribly interesting, plot-wise
But the graphics are kinda cool
@Yohkura Do you want to have any equations?
3:01 AM
Yes. I have one for Schwarzschild radius.
But that's it
If you mention GR, you have to mention the field equations
@0celo7 GR? General Relativity?
@Yohkura yes
Do you know what the metric is?
@0celo7 I'm planning to scratch the surface on it but not go fully in detail for I have not the least bit experience in that topic.
@KyleKanos as in the metric system?
3:04 AM
@0celo7 Some people here who don't like English insist on calling it ART. It always confuses me.
@ACuriousMind ART?
@Yohkura .....no, the metric tensor
@0celo7 Allgemeine Relativitätstheorie
Them German skills
3:05 AM
@KyleKanos No I do not.
Might be hard to describe GR without that
The graphics of interstellar are more than kinda cool! They're the best thing since sliced bread!
@NeuroFuzzy Sliced bread is overrated.
The plot is close to tolerable
@ACuriousMind they're the bees knees!
3:07 AM
@0celo7 Wow. Thanks.
@ACuriousMind You a Brötchen man?
@0celo7 Yes. Brötchen FTW!
@ACuriousMind I love all breads.
Although I generally just don't have breakfast.
@ACuriousMind Ugh, you're one of those people.
3:09 AM
@NeuroFuzzy I don't like bread
@ACuriousMind Same here
If I have time, breakfast is eggs, sliced toasted Brötchen and cold cuts.
You can get German-ish bread in America if you look hard enough.
@0celo7 I might grab a cup of coffee if I didn't sleep much, but I generally don't eat anything till lunch.
These TED talks are great. So informative. Too bad I can't put them on the powerpoint
@ACuriousMind I always have at least a bowl of cereal.
3:12 AM
Psh, wait till you live alone
Sleep is overrated
My eating habits have radically changed after I left home.
@KyleKanos I agree. 3-4 hours everyday for me.
@Yohkura How's that working out for you?
@ACuriousMind When on break and I sleep till 10-11, I do mega brunches.
@0celo7 Always regretting the day after. And after.
3:14 AM
@Yohkura Heh, sounds like what I do. Although I do sleep ~13 hours on weekends.
BTW: I opted for option C
Today was panini day: grilled sandwich with spicy mustard, sliced hotdog, turkey, salami, pepperjack cheese and fried onions.
@ACuriousMind Exactly how i spend my weekends. Sleep.
I later discovered a package of spicy sausage in the freezer. Would have been better than the hot dog.
Although, Costco's hot dogs are extremely good.
I just can't eat much after I've woken up, I only get hungry in the evening.
3:16 AM
@0celo7 and cheap. "Costco keeps the cost low."
I'm nervous; there's a title on the main page Thunder Clap Armageddon
When in Germany, I found that very few Germans ate breakfast.
I was definitely the oddball.
@0celo7 We're working machines. Just insert coffee and we're ready to go ;)
Also, I remember getting yelled at for eating Pommes with my fingers. Now I'm all about that fork.
I even eat pizza with fork + knife.
@0celo7 lol, how fancy.
3:18 AM
@ACuriousMind Fräulein Rinder was a mean broad.
No clue if we called her Fräulein.
Fräulein is very antiquated, you don't call anyone that
I also used to hate Currywurst and WeiBwurst. I'd love to try that again.
@ACuriousMind Exactly. I don't remember what we called her.
Welp, now I'm hungry.
Speaking of hungry, I'm hungry.
First year physics is mechanics and E&M right?
Mechanics, waves, sound, thermo. Maybe E&M, depends on the program.
@0celo7 Danke.
3:24 AM
Why do you need to know?
@0celo7 I'm trying to prep as much as I can this summer so I don't get screwed up like this year.
Brb. Abendessen.
Well, damn it. The birds are chirping, and the sun's rising. What the heck is wrong with my sleep cycle?
I'm out.
@ACuriousMind Sanguinare vampiris
@0celo7 That'd mean you need silver bullets, no?
@ACuriousMind All I have to do is destroy the heart.
I think I'll be taking an AR to this fight.
3:29 AM
How do I log out?
@Yohkura Click on leave in the upper right
You don't.
Then log out normally
@KyleKanos mind = blown
3:30 AM
@ACuriousMind Thank you!
@ACuriousMind Same here.
I plan on picking up all my kids every time I seem them
Your poor back
I'm damn strong
And my oldest daughter is going to be like 154 cm
(though the boy might be closer to 200 cm)
Centimeters? Seriously?
Feet and inches are undoubtedly superior for human heights.
3:34 AM
I've been a physicist for like 10 years. That shit's engrained in my brain
@KyleKanos A wonderful plan :)
@KyleKanos Will he have to duck to get through doors?
@ACuriousMind Doors in the US are like 220 cm
I hear that's a horrible fate ;)
@KyleKanos Oh, nevermind, then.
I know a few guys who are a right around there and they don't seem to mind ducking
even if they fit under the door w/o ducking
The tall people I know are constantly subject to "How's the air up there?" jokes :P
3:43 AM
I try not doing those because I bet they get them all the time
I just ask, when needed, for them to get the things that are up high
@KyleKanos do you like bee knees?
Never had them
Huh. Me neither. But they must be good if it's a saying.
Bee knees are awesome precisely because no one has ever had them.
I'm sure someone's eaten a bee before
But just the knee...IDK
3:47 AM
@KyleKanos I've always wondered why people put things where they're awkward to reach.
Never got a satisfying answer
@ACuriousMind The obvious: nowhere else to put it
Are there any programs (not named Mathematica) that are available for free that can do some tensor calculus for me when I'm feeling lazy?
@KyleKanos But...there's so many other places to put them. The floor, for instance :P
@ACuriousMind The floor is where things are most vulnerable for breaking
How many people die on the floor vs not the floor?
Many people die by falling from ladders, I think
^or spill coffee during lecture -.-
3:50 AM
@ACuriousMind Yes, and they die on the floor and not not on the floor
@NeuroFuzzy Never seen that happen, really
My mates are responsible drinkers
Coffee drinkers, that is :D
@ACuriousMind :D I just brought it for the anecdote that this one guy in my classes has spilled his coffee no fewer than three times this year. Probably more when I haven't seen.
@NeuroFuzzy lol, nervous much?
no, just forgetful about where he put it I guess.
Heh, I can imagine that
I've got a friend whose notebooks are always coffee-stained
And I always hope there's some cool story behind it, but it's never exciting :(
3:58 AM
So no one seems to have proved that the acceleration moves objects with speed 9.8 m/s
@KyleKanos We're all just sheeple believing that, yes.
@ACuriousMind ...cool story? Coffee stain?
Also: annav is pretty good at making me feel a little bad about somewhat mocking new users.
@NeuroFuzzy Hyperactive imagination, I guess :P
@ACuriousMind Got in a car wreck in the middle of nowhere... had to hike for days to get help... sat up one night drinking coffee from a portable stove and my hands were shaking so hard I got coffee on my notebook?
4:16 AM
@NeuroFuzzy I...don't know. She had pretty good stories for the chocolate stains on her clothes once :D
@KyleKanos annav's heart is made of pure gold.
5 hours later…
8:47 AM
@KyleKanos Sage is an open source alternative for mathematica
2 hours later…
10:51 AM
I think someone should write a serious answer here
Q: Technical question abou 2 forms

beyondtheoryA technical question about the electromagnetic tensor, but before that, it is know if, say, instead of being $$F_{\mu\nu}=\partial_{\mu}A_{\nu} - \partial_{\nu}A_{\mu}$$it were $$F_{\mu\nu}=(...)_{\mu\nu}-(....)_{\mu\nu}$$ I am giving an example of the electromagnetric tensor because it is a 2-fo...

I'm personally a bit too lazy, but I think it's worthwhile to explain the difference of the concept of differential forms with the components that we use in physics.
Actually, the comment I wanted to leave is too long so I guess I'll post it as an answer, but I think a better one could be written.
11:03 AM
@KyleKanos SymPy can do some. Maybe Maxima has an external package?
11:16 AM
What relativistic conservation laws are there in case the invariant mass is not conserved? apart from energy and 3-momentum
3 hours later…
@ACuriousMind Do you not take a magnet to all things in your household?
@JimtheEnchanter Usually not. Their dark magic should not be toyed with lightly.
@ACuriousMind Not by mere mortals such as yourself. But I am Jim the Enchanter
Of course, there are some who call me..... Jim
2:08 PM
@ACuriousMind Inconsistent with the language of the indices on purpose here?
@0celo7 What do you mean?
@ACuriousMind You write $v=v^\mu e_\mu$ and then call the components $v^i$.
No, that's just a typo :P
You do it again later in the post.
You keep switching.
Oh, I see it.
2:12 PM
Unless you want to do it, I'll just fix it.
Hmm...that we are free to call the indices whatever the hell we want might be also a lesson to learn here...
Hey guys
Yeah, better this way
Also, you didn't space the second index on the delta.
2:14 PM
Does anyone konw a pedestrian way to say something about the connection between extremal Reissner-Nordström black holes and the BPS bound in SUGRA?
@0celo7 Why would I need to? The indices on the delta do not care for the order.
@ACuriousMind It just looks better.
I have created a monster :D
@Danu I don't know any way to say something about that. :P
Wasn't asking you (I know I know more about GR than you :P)
But I feel it's a long stretch anyways, because I'm not sure we have anyone who's into both SUSY and GR :(
@ACuriousMind thanks for writing a good answer to that question, btw!
Anyone here who would know anything about this?
Q: History of Coagulation of Milk by Short Waves

DavePhDIn 1968 NASA, through the assistance of the Israel Program for Scientific Translation, translated from Russian the 1964 book "The Earth in the Universe", with chapters written by top Soviet scientists. In a chapter written by Prof. A. L. Chizhevskii, who was honorary president of the first Inter...

2:34 PM
@Danu lol...milk curdled by thunderstorms? Really?
Friggin' cool, right?!
It sounds so absurd
But if it really happens, it's cool as fuck, yes :D
Sumbag HE. Those surfaces in the past light cone are supposed to asymptotically approach the light cone.
2:59 PM
Q: What is the principle used by mangalyan to place it in mars orbit with 0 fuel consumption?

Demietra95Recently I came to know from a seminar that where most of the satellites need gallons of fuel to be consumed to get placed in one planet's orbit Mangalyan took 0 fuel and it waited for the 'right time' by using centrifugal force to get placed in the mars's orbit. My question is what principle did...

From Wikipedia: Mars orbit insertion burn time: 1388.67 sec
It used the principle of imagination to do it with 0 fuel consumption
3:55 PM
Q: How can I view the breakdown of votes on an answer versus the simple total?

Bill NI recently had a non-multiple of 5 rep points for an answer (specifically, 18). I assume that is due to 2 positive votes and one negative, but there was no comment explaining the down vote. When I look back at the answer, I see it has a total of +1, but there doesn't seem to be a way to view th...

1 hour later…
5:06 PM
So I was going through the review queues and noticed a nice comment and tried upvoting it. Turns out the nice comment was mine from last night & I couldn't upvote it.
Kinda hate it when that happens :(
5:21 PM
@KyleKanos Wow, I'm not sure who this Kyle Kanos guy is, but I really like the things he says. Wish I could meet him and get inside his head.
I rarely look at the names of the commenters
Well, take comfort in the knowledge that you have no internal contradictions in the way you see things
That is actually a thought I hadn't had yet, thanks for that one
Okay...so this is weird:
On the android SE app, I can see a link to the posts where I gained +2 rep from a user deletion
But I can't seem to find out how to do so on the main site on the computer
It just says +4: User removed (learn more)
Humorous Mother Meta post whilst searching for the answer to the above oddness:
Q: Freemarket reputation

DinahOn http://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/20420/countdown-app-for-devdays balpha comments, "I would be willing to donate 500 rep (on meta) to the first guy who does this with LOGO turtle graphics and this program actually gets used at one devdays venue." This got me thinking: why not allow peop...

1 hour later…
6:54 PM
@Danu: chesspastebin.com/2015/05/25/kkanos-brother-by-kkanos I thought I was dead in this game, but managed to eke out a win.
7:35 PM
@KyleKanos Hah, you play? Nice!
Interesting game :P
@Danu I play kinda regularly with my brothers, but we both suck terribly.
I just suck less worse than he
Cool dude :)
I'll refrain from trying to give you tips and spoiling the fun with my know-it-all attitude :D
Could I have mated earlier?
7:58 PM
@KyleKanos It's not so much about that as about the openings ;)
There was a nice tactic that you missed near the end
After 45. Ra2 Qb3
see if you can find it ;)
There was not really an earlier mate, as your mate depended on a blunder by the opponent only 2 moves earlier ;)
2 hours later…
10:28 PM
Q: particle physics and the problem with understanding

andrew leeImagine a world that is watching ours, theory is theory , what if theory was real, why do we breath, physics is all theory until proven otherwise

Can we kick this guy out? And who is upvoting his questions?! He has a reputation greater than 1.
Remember when user:Blah had more rep than me by commenting "Blah" 13 times?
10:41 PM
Can moderators ban people? It's pretty clear that he's a troll. I lost my shit at "magnetism creates white holes!!"
theory is theory
what if theory was real
have you seen his earlier posts
someone upvoted them
no i'm afraid to lol
10:43 PM
and our downvotes didnt cancel them
so he has rep above 1
He does not deserve 16 rep lol..
whoah nvm he's a genius. "if we introduced magnets to cancel out inertia as we travelled at this speed"
never thought of cancelling out inertia with magnets
Obliv, it all makes since if we remember that "theory is theory".
physics.stackexchange.com/questions/185970/… I don't understand this question.. How does he want a mathematical model of something so abstract?
I'm not completely sure that I know what he's asking.
He's asking how we define the present in a very convoluted way. It's relative isn't it? the present is relative to everyone because of inertial reference frames and special relativity?
Most people just leave it at "time is non-simultaneity" but he wants some principle or mathematical model..
11:01 PM
BTW, please do not upvote the non-answers to troll questions, either.
Also, please do not post non-answers, @Obliv!
sorry haha won't happen again. Just wanted to have a bit of fun with the question. I did not expect to receive rep from it.
Some people are very liberal in giving out upvotes
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