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@dmckee I agree it's shitty that economics limit the human experience. You probably won't ever have your own private jet even if you knew how to construct one yourself, simply because you don't have enough money.
A: Are there parabolic and elliptical functions analogous to the circular and hyperbolic functions sin(h),cos(h), and tan(h)?

Arturo MagidinEllipses and circles are "really" the same: a circle is an ellipse in which the focal distance is $0$. Or, put another way, from among all the ellipses $$\frac{x^2}{a^2}+\frac{y^2}{b^2}=1,$$ if you are going to choose a "canonical" one to define some functions, the natural choice is to use $a=b=1...

@Obliv You cannot strip humans of their contexts. We are social beings, even the ancient Greeks knew that. You cannot ask me what "I" want to do free of all influence, because an "I" that is free of influcence has never existed.
Your construction of an ideal goal that humans should follow just doesn't work - there is no way to determine it.
hi @Slereah, can you talk at one of the upcoming tues mtgs
Might be at work
3:06 PM
@Slereah ok. so is there a better time/ day? this is DZs recurring mtg
@acuri Actually, I can ask you what you want to do free of all external influence. You won't be able to do whatever that is since we can't (yet) live lives free of external influence. I'm arguing simply pursuing that 'goal' is the only valid path (maybe I'm just too antisocial).
Well at GMT+1, after 19h
@Obliv How are you certain that what I, living in my social context, say that I would do free of influcence is even close to what the "actual" me would do when freed of all social contexts.
Or the week end
Or wait until I'm out of work since that should be next week
And you're not "arguing" that that goal is the only valid path, you're simply postulating it.
3:09 PM
@Slereah the mtg is next wk tues. the 2nd mtg after that is 2wks later. can you do the 2nd?
There's nothing wrong with postulating ethical statements, but you need to recognize it.
Should be fine yeah
(I assume MTG is Magic the Gathering)
@Slereah You quit?
they didn't take me in
'cause I'm terrible at my job :V
god I hate web programming
There is basically no programming beyond using loops and arrays
@Slereah :) ok will see if @DavidZ is ok with that. its 16:00 GMT Tue Jun14th
3:13 PM
Oh man
Oh wait
I thought july 14
Where I'm double free because it's the national holiday!
are you ok with Jun14th?
@Slereah :) yay
@acuri I don't think it matters what the 'actual' you would do because we can't free anyone of all social contexts (unless you lived alone in svalbard with everything at your disposal). I think most, if not all, humans can imagine a life where they don't have to worry about anything.
I'll be unemployed for two weeks so mostly I'll be playing video games in my underwear
3:15 PM
@Slereah lol (what games?) you can post a picture during your talk :P
Who knows!
the underwear and game possibilities are infinite
lately playing guitar hero/ rock band 4 on ps4 =D
@Obliv Okay. So why would doing what I imagine myself doing in the influence-free context be a more valid life choice than doing what I, well, actually would decide to do given the constraints I have to work with?
Skyrim in boxers
Jagged Alliance in underoos
Portal in a jockstrap
Imagination is the only limit
@acuri I think this argument would lead in circles, by the way, since we have different value systems and I'm looking at this from my own subjective experience. I'm not basing this off of pure logic. From my pov, leading this life is more important/the only valid thing because once you're dead, the life you lived will be permanent. Living this life for yourself instead of for others/because of others seems more valid to me for whatever reason.
3:19 PM
But anyway
I am curious about the generalized trig functions
$\cos_e(t)$ and $\sin_e(t)$
@Obliv Ah, but that's your personal decision. You started this debate by telling others to abide by this principle of yours, and presenting it as if it were an obvious fact.
Apparently those are (possibly) the general parametric solution of conic sections
@Obliv some deep philosophical musings there. are you in academia?
@Slereah I am curious where you find these things to be curious about
@ACuriousMind isn't that obvious
3:20 PM
@Slereah Crazy GR stuff?
Or in your underpants?
Both seem equally likely from where I stand!
well I actually said imho (in my honest opinion) so I didn't present it as fact. It may have sounded that way, but I'm aware it isn't one @acuri
@vzn u mean am I a student? Yeah I am.
@Obliv undergrad?
yes. finished first year
Curious about time travel -> intrauniverse wormhole -> I hate using multiple coordinate patch -> try to find a coordinate system for a plane with a handle -> try to foliate it with conic sections
pretty obvious
I'm not used to people using "imho" and actually taking the "humble" seriously :D
3:22 PM
also oft contemplates life free of "constraints"
@Slereah There is no coordinate system that covers an entire plane with a handle.
I mean
Just like there's no global coordinate system for a sphere
Obviously not a regular one
I am an electron. The last thing you want to do is to confine me
3:22 PM
The sphere has spherical coordinates
@Slereah Oh, so you're seeking a coordinate system that's not a coordinate system? :P
oh I meant honest, not humble. Yeah I should probably not argue with acronyms on the internet lol. @acuri damn spent so much time here as usual. Gonna go back to studying ttyl
@Slereah You have to exclude two points for that to work
Well sure but who gives a damn :V
Do you see anyone not using spherical or cylindrical coordinates because of this
I'm not looking for a perfect bijection
Okay, but there's another obstruction here: The plane with a handle has a "branching" at the points where the handle is attached
I'm having trouble thinking of coordinates that can map to that
3:28 PM
Yeah that's not trivial
My best guess is like
Spanning various conic sections
The line running over the handle is a line with e ~ infinity
The circle in the handle is e = 0
And you have e as a function of θ
θ=0 e=0, θ=π e=inf
I think that might work
Though the problem is that for e<1, coordinates are cyclical
But not for e>1
Either that or I put everyone cyclical and then it's more a disc with a handle
@Slereah did you upvote the meta ad? only needs 1!
@Slereah !!! awesome thx man! 6v as of this nanosecond! it will go live! =D
@vzn completed.
alas, its likely a fragile balance o_O
3:38 PM
Or maybe I split it into two charts :p
Cool idea, but do it right! I can't get much info from your link. — innisfree 2 days ago
@MAFIA36790 DZ said he can put link on main page, it can have more detail, will try to get that worked out soon, also DS has a statement of purpose now (see transcript), would like to see DS help respond to the meta objection(s)
@vzn It is better if he makes a separate post on it.
@MAFIA36790 yes, he volunteered for that, recently encouraged him to follow thru.
@MAFIA36790 probably will write up some details on a blog post at some pt also.
hey guys, im derping a bit on differential equations
mind if i ask a quick question about PDEs that is probably just me being stupid on being applied to what i learned about ODEs
3:43 PM
so im dealing with a 4th order linear PDE
$\dot x = D x'' - M x''''$
there we go
we use fourier transforms to solve this
and a term appears in the time dependent exponential
$k^2 D + k^4 M$
so now im suppose to plot this AT a concentration X=.5
this was all in terms of x to begin with
Someone has cited a vixra paper.
but im not sure how im suppose to talk about the behavior of that term AT a specific X
since we did the fourier transform on the whole function
x to k are the conjugate variables in case that wasnt obvious
what am i over-complicating in my head
did i explain clearly enough whats bugging me @Slereah
Uhhhhhh...is "x" the name of your function, or the variable whose differentiation you denote by the prime?
4:04 PM
its the concentration (so a function with value 0 to 1)
i guess blame chemists for the wonkiness in variable choice
OH derp
now i know why i confused you
its x(r)
i said something wrong a little higher up
x --> x~ and r --> k
Well, then just invert the Fourier transform of $\tilde{x}$ and plot that term as a function of k at $x=0.5$.
Let's be clear what you mean
@MAFIA36790 where?
@user507974 You have a function $x(r,t)$ and you solved it in spatial Fourier space as $\tilde{x}(k,t)$?
@MAFIA36790 There are a few real scientists using vixra out of a deep dedication to the idea of openness. Of course, most of them established their reputation before staking out that position.
And now you're asking to...plot $\tilde{x}$ at $x=0.5$?!?!
I have no idea what's going on :D
4:09 PM
there was a long conversation in here in the transcripts when "somebody or other" mentioned vixra and everyone piled on, essentially calling it 100% reputation-killing crap :(
@dmckee I never got why they prefer vixra to arxiv ;(
@ACuriousMind yea
@MAFIA36790 ArXiv has gatekeeping. Some people find that objectionable.
was just talking to a foreign (indian) cs student who couldnt get his paper into arxiv without "endorsers". elsewhere a high rep Theoretical Computer Science user assured me there was no such requirement/ filter whatsoever, asserting maybe it was only with the physics sections
@dmckee it has gatekeeping policy and its undeclared/ opaque. worst of both worlds :(
@vzn It is trivial to look that up.
4:14 PM
@ACuriousMind disagree / "[citation needed]"
::shrug:: The simply fact is that the wannabes and pretenders and kooks and cranks function as a denial of service attack against truly open systems. You don't even have to assume malicious intent: it's just that there are more of them and they generate more attempts to place material on the system than legitimate users.
It's similar to the problem we have on the site with homework-help.
@vzn What? I gave you the link that describes how the arXiv endorsement system works, what more do you want?
Of course, attempts to 'solve' the problem will always risk excluding valuable outsider content, so we lose something any way 'round.
ACM oh sorry didnt see link.
The Dunning-Kruger effect is why we can't have nice things.
4:16 PM
> Detailed instructions on how to proceed with the endorsement request are provided at that time.
↑ why are they withheld/ not openly stated?
@vzn Because endorsement requests go to real people who are busy doing real work. If the system allowed the requests to become a denial of service attack on the endorsers no one would agree to do the job.
Outsiders rarely understand how much of academia runs on people doing pro publica work that they don't get much credit for.
@ACuriousMind hadnt seen that recently. note that arxiv has been around a lot longer than 2004 (close to a decade more) where it said the policy started. etc... so maybe less opaque since then at least :|
@vzn I think that concerns details of how to contact endorsers or how to endorse people. You don't need that information unless you are already trying to submit an paper. I'm not sure what you think is "withheld", the rest of the page pretty clearly outlines how the process works.
I can't recall if I used gopher or ftp the first time I got a preprint off the arXiv, but it was before there was a web so it had to be one of those.
@ACuriousMind they recently asked for comments/ survey/ general feedback. have some info on that in my link pile. think the transparency is improving some )(. but it was a nearly radical gesture/ unprecedented considering their history & it was somewhat acknowledged in the article.
4:22 PM
@vzn I know. It was pretty hard to not notice the giant "Take our survey" when accessing the arXiv :P
anyway still think/ suspect/ feel the "endorser" policy is not uniformly enforced. edge cases. etc... but dont really wanna get into that debate
@vzn How could you possibly "feel" that?
@ACuriousMind anecdotal (ofc plz feel free to dismiss/ ignore it)
Also, note the part about "automatic endorsement" on the page I linked. If you are an employed researcher at a university you likely don't have to worry about getting endorsed.
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