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6:00 PM
@Sid lol :P I'll get something like that I guess
My languages weren't very good. Maths and sciences were fair.
Yeah, I got 97 in Physics and 95 each in Maths and CHemistry.
Congrats :) Anyhow, I'm least bothered about board exam results now :D
I'm waiting for 11th June :P
So am I. WHo cares about those? The 11th is always that matters now..
I started learning multivariable calculus and linear algebra meanwhile. It's interesting :)
Oh, and I'm going to watch Sachin's movie tomorrow! Yeah :D
Sachin's got a movie?
6:05 PM
@Sid You don't know? :O
facepalm - Just googled it. Apparently, it's a new movie.
I don't really watch movies nor am I a big fan of them..
Ow, on the other hand I'm a movie buff :P
I have just been reading about international conflicts..
6:07 PM
I watch almost every new Hindi and English movie that releases :)
@Sid Which?
They are so much covered in shades of grey that you could probably make tons of movies on them and yet show no side as superior over the other.
Usually controversial international conflicts..
Territorial disputes, etc.
Heh. Yeah, in wars usually there is no good/innocent side.
Yep. that is what makes them interesting.
I don't like those type of movies. I prefer happy movies. Not the cynical ones. :P
Those "happily ever after" movies don't give a reflection of true life. True life is covered in shades of grey not in pure black and white terms.
But, that is my own opinion.
6:13 PM
Exactly. I don't want to watch movies based on true life.
I like fairy tale like movies in a world of fantasy :D
"Happies Endings"
Happy endings don't exist in real life, I guess.
Meh, I am being too dark here..
@blue Could you tell me who's better. Mohit Tyagi or MC sir?
If the ending isn't happy then it isn't the ending. :) (My philosophy :P)
@SwapnilDas Both are very very good. It depends on who suits you better.
I mean I don't find anything new in Tyagi.
MC Sir suited me more
6:20 PM
Hey people
He also gave the solutions to all the exercises and past papers.
So MC Sir covers more questions while MT sir teaches the concepts in greater depth.
I recommend learning the concepts from MT sir and solving the problem sets by MC sir
@Avantgarde Helloa!
What book did you use for maths?
@SwapnilDas No book.
6:22 PM
Hey @blue
Hi @Avantgarde
I use Cengage.
Hey Swapnil
I take 5 mins for each hard problem :(
If you limit yourself to book in Maths, you are not doing justice to the beauty of the subject.
6:23 PM
No I don't.
@SwapnilDas If you solve MC Sir's problem sets you don't need to solve any other book
But a standard textbook seems necessary.
I used to use 5 books in class 11 and none in class 12. Hehe
I wish I didn't spend my time on so many books in 11
6:24 PM
Cengage has better probs than MC sir's
@SwapnilDas You need to solve relevant problems and not tougher problems.
I used to solve from TMH..
@Sid That's nice too.
After 2 years you won't remember any of the tricks used to solve the tougher problems
But you will remember the concepts
Yes. I apply the principle on me.
@blue Account block warning. I logged out.
6:27 PM
What I recommend is learning the whole 11+12 maths from MC sir and MT sir. And in 12 solve as many full papers on maths as you can. That complete syllabus practice is the only thing that matters. Not the ultra tough problems that you solved from Arihant or Cengage.
MC sir?
@Avantgarde Manoj Chauhan :P
I'm guessing this is IITJEE book discussion?
@SwapnilDas ? :O What happened
Multi Access detected.
6:29 PM
I need to change password again
@SwapnilDas Check your mail.
Nah, I won't use your account.
They have screened the software.
They might block mine too, so sorry about that
@SwapnilDas Screened? What?
Yes, they have used software screening.
So you can't access it any longer?
I changed the password just now
No, that's a risk. I won't take it.
6:33 PM
So you are planning to buy it yourself?
I'm fine.
Okay, all the best!
I've learned from experience that being an abstract subject, mathematics can't be taught
I need to work hard and rest will do.
Depends on how you define "taught" :)
Hmm. I mean getting lectured.
6:35 PM
Learning mathematics is like learning how to play football :P
Sure, no one can teach you how to play but someone can obviously guide you. Experience matters.
true, my FIITJEE teacher can help out, I hope.
@SwapnilDas You joined FIITJEE?
i'm from 10th
Heh. Then why do you need so many books? :P Their books are enough :D
they are nonsense.
6:42 PM
I meant for the problem sets
I think it would be a better idea to switch the discussion to the room where it belongs..
The theory is not good.
Ah well, I'm off now. Ttyl about this
7:03 PM
> I'm looking at page 21 of the paper (arxiv.org/abs/1208.4074.pdf)...
no, you're not
that's not a url that you can just copy off your browser
7:25 PM
@EmilioPisanty It shows to me only the length of the suggested edit queue, but it may behave differently for 10k+ accounts. I've seen, how a 10k+ screen looks! Thanks :-)
@peterh out of curiosity, why did you vote to reopen here: physics.stackexchange.com/review/reopen/176603
its a terrible question
if you vote to reopen every question by default, and never pause and think if its actually a good question, people wont take you seriously in the future
@EmilioPisanty ::chuckles::
@EmilioPisanty my bad, sorry :-P
7:45 PM
@peterh The number it shows is pretty meaningless.
Q: Please dim the color of the review task counter when there are no actionable tasks

E.P.I am glad to notice that the massively annoying refusal of the 10k flag counter to disappear when I'm not needed has been appropriately dealt with via the extreme decapitation method of simply eliminating the 10k flag queue. As of a few days ago, the orange-ish counter on the top bar now links to...

It is vaguely related to the total number of review tasks in all the queues, even if you can't access them or you've already reviewed them.
Is that stupid and counter-productive and can only lead to a de-sensitization w.r.t. the counter, with the result that people will just ignore it?
quite possibly, yes
Guys, is there a quick way to calculate for instance:
\frac{1}{2}\int_0^a x\psi_1^2(x)\,dx.
I’m guessing I should write out:
\psi_1^2(x)=\frac{2}{a}\sin^2(\pi x/a)
But then I will have to use trigonometric identities and integration by parts, and the whole computation is going to take a while. Same for the third term in the integrand. I was wondering if there was some trick to see the answer quicker?
@ShaVuklia sure, what 'bout'em?
@ShaVuklia not particularly
@Emilio that means I have to do it all by hand?
the trick is to use Mathematica
7:48 PM
LOL geee
okay well good to know
I don't want to be wasting my time on the test, if there was a quicker way
you can try differentiating from out of the integral sign
i.e. the Feynman trick
but no guarantees it'll be simpler than just doing it by hand
hm right, thanks
8:01 PM
@ShaVuklia What's $\psi_2\left( x\right)$ in this case?
well the same as $\psi_1$, but then the argument in the sine is doubled @Mithrandir
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