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12:19 AM
@Danu Which part do you think is not a bad thing? (And no offense taken)
12:37 AM
@KyleKanos It being hard to get guns - in general.
12:56 AM
Except the problem is that it's too easy for criminals to get guns and very hard for law-abiding citizens to get guns
1:38 AM
Q: Answering homework questions and downvoting

AlanI just saw this thread: Parallel tangents and curves and there were discussions in it on whether or not it was appropriate to downvote an answer which was fully worked out for a questioner who seemed to do no more than post a homework question without thought/etc. I'm new here and don't have a h...

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3:59 AM
@KyleKanos I think the greatest regret I had growing up in NJ was that anything remotely resembling gunpowder was banned. Everyone I knew in other states got to grow up with fireworks and rockets.
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10:59 AM
Hello void! Talk about a delayed response (to the chat 3 days ago), here I go...
@Danu said near the end of the last chat: "Really? You don't believe in things like Hawking radiation, etc?"
Yes, I most certainly do believe in Hawking radiation, though I think his last almost-paper puts some pretty weird twists on exactly how it works.
But why would you think Hawking radiation to be a long-range quantum effect anyway?
The whole point of Hawking's mass-temperature relationship is that the event horizon has to be very, very thin for the radiation event to take place.
Dirac's point was something else entirely, which I'll presume to summarize this absurdly oversimplified way: The more curved the space, the more compact the wave function.
So, what I was asserting is this: Entanglement in practice, as it plays out in real experiments using real classical events as the bookmarkers that make it detectable and subject to analysis, is a phenomenon of flat space.
Entanglement of course still exists in curved space, but the probability of decoherence versus the interval increases dramatically as the space becomes more highly curved.
Hi @Omen... I'm busy talking to the past here... :)
11:16 AM
sheesh advertisers remind me of a rabies filled mongrel dog getting dementedly excited about rubbish - if an ad gets my attention, i refuse to buy the product they are slobbering about
@TerryBollinger hi! how are you?
Heh! Well, apart from sudden unexpected images of advertisers as rabid mongrel dogs (been there, thought that, especially when marketeers won't let me do obvious things like delete something just so they can plug their wares), I'm fine!
How are you? Don't think I've met you before.
I am relatively new here - I am doing well
just got word that I have been accepted for publication (paper 8)
just been dipping my toes into answering questions
Congrats @omen, that's great news!
Hi @Danu, didn't really expect to see you, just didn't want to ignore your final point. (Or more likely I just wanted to yap more, this time to an empty stage... :)
11:32 AM
@TerryBollinger thanks for the answer ;)
@omen, may we ask the topic of "paper 8"?
So...what do you think of semiclassical calculations?
Well, to be honest I think that classical is just an interestingly simplified limit of an underlying reality that is entirely quantum. So as long as you recognize classical as inherently an oversimplification of reality, I'm fine with mixing.
@TerryBollinger yes, it is to do with UV spectroscopy detection
@Omen, cool, extreme UV or more moderate ranges? Thinks get hairy up there...
11:41 AM
@TerryBollinger moderate range - mainly around UVA II (320-340nm)
what is your research/interests?
12:41 PM
Sort of from the other direction: I've been tracking the extreme UV debate in semiconductor lithography for years, and the challenges there both in generating and handling the EUV are... interesting to say the least. The current mantra is "this really is the end of Moore's Law (of semiconductor density going up exponentially).
Actually signing off now, work calls!
@TerryBollinger definitely like to discuss this further with you sometime! Have a great day!
1:39 PM
Yay! Finally, first gold badge. Today I become a SE physicist
Which badge?
electorate. Nothing special but it makes my user id look shinier
I remember getting that one
I spent 3 days of 40 votes to get it quicker
Had to go back through really old posts to do it
Next one you've got to get: Fanatic
No chance, it took me forever to get enthusiast. I'll get to 20-something days then forget on a Sunday or something
Have you a smartphone?
1:47 PM
I got up to 55 I think after enthusiast then went on holiday and it just slipped my mind.
Yeah, but same problem. You don't log in if you forget
I guess I'm really not a fanatic
and it's not like it's hard either. All you have to do is refresh the user profile page once a day
do you open your computer up every day?
I have a different computer at home and at work (like most people). The one at work it's always open on, so that not a problem
It's the one at home. I'll try to keep the browser open to it, but power outages, updates, etc are terrible. All it takes is one busy Saturday or one weekend away from home and all those days are wasted
No, the next gold for me is steward
Unless I give a really good answer
2:02 PM
A really good answer?
Like a 100+ vote answer?
Sure, I also have one really close to getting populist
Well, six votes off. But all I need to do is get the question re-opened. It was closed as a duplicate (pretty close to being one too), but it differed in a key way that I only care about because it's so close to populist.
Shut up, I can be petty and selfish if I want to
Which question?
Q: Rocky Planet in the center of System

user45974We all know that mostly stars are at the center of planetary systems, but is it possible that instead of star there was a rocky planet in the center with stars (and other planets and moons) orbiting it? To be more concrete: Is it possible for a star to have the same mass and radius as e.g. the M...

2:32 PM
@KyleKanos thanks!
2:43 PM
@Jim For what? ;)
This guy on twitch is going to stream for about 32 hours straight. He's in the middle of Final Fantasy 7 100% (runs it in about 15 hours, currently at 4.5 hour mark) and then will play Final Fantasy 8 100%
I don't pay attention for a few minutes to this room and there's been a whole secret conversation going on?!
I have no idea what you're talking about
I thought so. I guess you don't see any removed messages either? ;)
You're seeing removed messages? I'm no doctor, but I think they have pills to fix that
2:53 PM
Ah, I must have forgotten to take mine this morning. Would explain the pink elephant right outside my window, too.
No, that's usually the result of taking too many pills
Also possible. I would try to count how many pills I have left, but they've flown out of their storage and are hiding around the room, little buggers
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4:04 PM
Q: Sanction for answering a homework question

John RennieOne of the problems with homework questions is that they often get an answer before the question can be closed. So the vile perpetrator gets the answer they want, and the subsequent downvotes don't hurt them because their rep is probably already just 1 and they may not be planning to come back an...

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5:20 PM
Ī replaced author’s “2s1” with “1s²”. Please, take no offence because a mistake and a fix are obvious for an expert. — Incnis Mrsi 11 mins ago
5:33 PM
@Omen, yes, let's talk more later. Real stretch of physics, EUV for lithography, the method is more than a bit like sort of like surfing a very prickly wave to get max height. I think everyone's sort of given up on soft X-ray, though, so there are not many options left to keep those cell phones on their path to become smarter than their users... :)
5:56 PM
@ACuriousMind, back on the Wed chat you said: "Why would you say such a thing? Entanglement is a direct consequence of the fact that the Cartesian product embeds into the tensor product, but that this embedding is not surjective, i.e. that there are states in the product space that do not come from a tuple of one-particle states."
I absolutely love that one! It is so precise and well-stated, and resolves the issue in such a firm and clear fashion.

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