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Q: Is Phys.SE mainly for expert-level questions?

AnupamI have noticed that some stack exchanges sites have different policies as compared to the stackoverflow.com. e.g. Math.SE has completely different policies for comments and home-work questions. What is the policy of Phys.SE for asking beginner level questions, that is can unintelligent pe...

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What do you think of:
A: What causes the collapse of a Magnetic Field?

user44877The internal structure of the Earth, like that of the other terrestrial planets, is chemically divided into layers. The Earth has an outer silicate solid Crust, under which is a highly viscous Mantle. The Earth also has a liquid Outer Core that is much less viscous than the Mantle, and a solid In...

It's doesn't seem to answer the question (I'm not going to read it if it does) and it's copy-pasted from: planet-earth-2017.com/what-makes-earth-spin.
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Hi, anyone here?
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@mirgee You may see inactive members in chat in faded colors. Right below "The h Bar".
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Hello everyone
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@jinawee anything that is copied and pasted from an external source without attribution, I'd say just flag it for plagiarism right there, regardless of whether it answers the question
but yes, it did also seem like not an answer
I have one question: how to derive that if you will act annihilation or creation operator on state you will get:

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