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yeah, i was looking for references. i have to say that i don't know.
i see you previously asked something about the topic on physics SE, though
yeah.. but want as much opinions on this topic.. I have links to some of the scientific papers if you want to look over them (although I barely get the gist of the paper)...
I don't think I have the time right now to start going through heavy-duty papers. If I do form an opinion on the matter later, I'll answer your SE question. Don't hold your breath, though
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I have been a fan of nanotech so I wanted to start a stack exchange website on it... It also includes nanoscience so some of you may be able to answer and ask questions too:
Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Proposed Q&A site for students, professors, and researchers to ask questions about nano-science and nanotechnology

Currently in definition.

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@TAbraham I think Rod Vance's answer to your question is spot on - when you really do quantum mechanics, statements like "photons follow a path" become meaningless - if you do not observe a particular path (which you can't), there is no path taken at all. "Wave-particle duality" is a historical concept - today, we just understand quantum objects as having a state in a Hilbert space, being neither "particle" nor "wave".
@ACuriousMind so, you are saying that the photon doesn't take any path...
@TAbraham Yes
@ACuriousMind so, what was all the articles on this topic about?
It's not making sense..
I think they indeed do not make sense, because they are written by biologists who are basically just retracing the confusing steps that led to the inception of quantum physics - they cling to classical pictures whereever they can. If you read stuff from the "old quantum theory" - what Bohr and Sommerfeld did, for example, it is just as weird and confusing (and, mostly, wrong) from today's viewpoint.
no..physicists are owking on it too!
gota go.. thanks!
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@TAbraham Then I think Mark Mitchinson's answer is what you are talking about - the exact physics of coherence in complicated environments like plants is not fully understood, and an area of open research - and it could be that decoherence is what is described as "taking a definite path" in the sources you are talking about.
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@ACuriousMind well.. I didn't really understand that... for example, what does the superoperator mean in physics?
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@Cheeku Depends on the field
As far as programming goes, if you're eligible (branch+CPI) they hold a test followed by interviews for selected students
Usually something similar for the others
there's a concept of pre placement presentations as well
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First time I answered a question about a post I made:
Q: Question re Diagram for Stress Tensor

gjhI have a couple of questions related to the diagram in the answer by Kyle Kanos to this question, Why is stress a tensor quantity?. Q1. If the box shown is of finite size why are there not three force components on each of the six faces? Q2. What happens to the stress tensor when the box shrink...

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Q: Not a duplicate as marked

jdlugoszThe post is imagary time a fifth dimension may indeed have been asked before, but the referenced post is not it. That earlier one concerns Hawking's cup to avoid the point in the cone. This one involves the expression of the metric in Minkowsky spacetime. I can't interact with the banner where t...

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Yay No one here :D
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@DavidZ: Regarding down votes lasting forever:
If down voted posts would remind me they've been updated the way favorited posts do, I'd agree with you that downvoting with the expectation of changing later would make sense. However, without that I'd have to go through my activity history regularly, looking for down voted posts to re-read. Not gunna happen.

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