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7:14 AM
Q: How should I go ahead and increase code coverage from functional tests report?

xplorerajI feel it's an incomplete question and also my effort so far is negligent, and I need suggestions to start. Currently, in our code base, we have unit tests written for each class and its classes coverage is close to 89%. Now, my task is to increase code coverage wrt functional tests which is abo...

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10:53 AM
Q: Assert two IList<IWebElement> selenium c#

ChathuDI have taken two outputs which are IList<IWebElement> type from the UI and the Database. So now i need to compair the two IList<IWebElement> . Im using nunit. How to perform this.

11:26 AM
Q: How to report screen resolution of mobile phone for devs to replicate using 'mobile view'?

papakiasI found a defect using an LG G4 android device. It has a 5 inch screen and the manufacturer writes that it's resolution is 2560 x 1440 (Quad HD) PPI 538. I would like to report the defect stating the device and resolution but I would also like the developers to be able to replicate it using 'res...

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1:05 PM
Q: How to handle a window which automatically closes and back to parent window

Vinicius KostriubaChromeDriver Version 2.27 The case, my aplication have duble authentication (depending where the user want to access). First I execute the login and do some clicks, after that I click on the BTN that needs another login. Another window open (I mean, window *is not a pop up or browser alert) so...

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8:34 PM
Q: How to select an item from a drop down list with same text appearing along with other text

DouggI'm using selenium/java and have a drop down list for languages. This list contains multiple variations of "English" as you can see in the code below. I want to select just "English". I thought of getting the div tag with span tag containing "English" and not containing "Creoles" (first option) a...

8:46 PM
Q: Ways to test user-generated reports/mailing lists?

Jordan ReiterLet's say I have a database-based tool that allows users to create mailing lists or reports on the fly from database tables. I want there to be a way for them to test or verify that the output they are getting matches what they really want. I'm wondering if there is an established practice for t...


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