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1:45 AM
Q: Doubt regarding smoke and sanity testing

a LearnerI have read several posts regarding smoke and sanity testing. All are almost confusing. Neither explaining them clearly,just repeating the matter except some two or three posts and based on that two or three posts i concluded that following is the formal process: Smoke testing(generalized health...

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6:52 AM
Q: Why is WebdriverIO opening Chrome while the default should be firefox according the documentation?

030desiredCapabilities Defines the capabilities you want to run in your Selenium session. See the Selenium documentation for a list of the available capabilities. Also useful is Sauce Labs Automated Test Configurator that helps you to create this object by clicking together your desired ca...

7:08 AM
Q: Can we access the value of a member or class variable of a test class in the testListner methods

Nikunj AggarwalI have a situation where 'xyz' is member variable of my testClass and I want to print some information in my report using that variable only. So I want to access 'xyz' in my 'onTestFailure' listner method. Please suggest if anyone has attempted it.

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8:29 AM
Q: Which tests to choose from a large regression test suite?

a LearnerI was once asked in interview that on what basis u decide which tests to choose from a large regression test suite for the regression testing. Any suggestions?


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