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Q: Help us store our java programs

Rohan JhunjhunwalaMinify My Java Programs At FOOBAR consulting associates we write all our code in java and store them by handwriting them on the sides of coffee cups. The only issue is that our hands cramp to easily so we would like to shrink our code as much as possible. Task Your job is write a minifier p...

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None of those
gsub and sub
or have actual regex syntax
grep/rep is particularly confusing
it applies matching not substitution
Who wants to join in the development of my new programming language
It's called 'Aperture'
It consists of portals
@ven thanks :)
1:06 AM
+8 vs +6...anyone else want to weigh in?
Hmmm... tough
A: Interquartile Mean

Leaky NunGolfscript, 28 bytes ~.4*$\,.@/1>2<{+}*{+}*'/'@2* Try it online!

Any golfing advice?
1:40 AM
Has any idea to make the sandbox it's own site (a bit dirty maybe, but easy) been bandied about at all? Or a second-meta site (probably cleaner, probably requires custom code)?
Then migrate questions from there to here when the OP flags it?
I wonder how many other questions on network have 1k answers ◔_◔
1:59 AM
Anything that requires writing more than a few lines of code and can be used only for one SE site is unlikely to get implemented.
Q: Sandbox good for its own subdomain?

Isiah MeadowsEdit 2: See Grace Note's answer. Edit: Answers may be allowed, so that question-specific sandboxes would be actually on topic, such as attempted for Stack Exchange Quine. It could also enable people to post more detailed comments to proposed questions and potential answers, helping mitigate more...

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I'm unclear if Note's answer is about some custom subdomain (with custom code) or how migrating questions is "messy"?
@Dennis can you unlock the question so I can edit it?
From what I can read, the core point to his answer is, to paraphrase, that it's "a lot of work and overhead for an inelegant solution."
Fun fact: Invisibility fields are complicated
Asking for a custom subdomain is probably one of the larger things we've asked for. I think the only special treatment PPCG received prior to graduation was lowering the rep threshold for meta participation.
@MatthewRoh repo?
2:26 AM
To be honest, one of SE's main administrative flaws is that the network has broadened its scope without broadening the scope of the CM team: the people who are most able to influence our site's development (CMs who are able to get site improvements put on an actual TODO list) generally have next to no experience with the PPCG format and lack a thorough understanding of how our site works.
Eh, PPCG format isn't exactly cut-out for the SE network anyways.
@PhiNotPi Doorknob must rise to the ranks of CM :P
I think the only reason the site is allowed (tolerated probably a better word) is because programmers like it (bleed-over from SO) and it's not too chaotic.

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