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12:22 AM
A: Proposed Question Sandbox - Mark XIV

GeobitsCircuit Breaker king-of-the-hill In this game, each entry is a switch that can be either on or off each turn. The switches are positioned in a loop. Each turn, a switch is powered, and electricity flows through all adjacent "on" switches. An "off" switch is not powered, even if it is in the cho...

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2:55 AM
@MartinBüttner very nice work with bracket numbers
3:49 AM
@Geobits I have read your post 3-4 times, and I don't understand it
I got it on the third read. It's not complex, just weirdly phrased
the basic premise is guessing how the other players will set their switches, with the goal of you being either the last + or the first - on a path full of +s from the P for the turn
I'm not sure how much strategy there will be, though...
if your position is being powered, you have to be on to even possibly get a point
if you're adjacent to the power position, then being off definitely gets you a point, and on maybe gets you a point, so of course you choose off
and if both of those players choose off, then no one else gets anything
3 hours later…
7:21 AM
@Sparr thank you! :)
8:17 AM
stumbles into room
yay, it's the 1st :D
@Trimsty Hi!
from last time i was here, i could only access the internet from 11pm to 5am because i used up all my b/w on erb and Lorde. lolol
@ProgramFOX yo D
my semicolon key is broken :c
Errmm... it works fine; how could you write :c otherwise?
@ProgramFOX i have to press it really hard
8:20 AM
eheh, I haven't used the keyboard in 2 days, so
@ProgramFOX also, there are other keyboard layouts ;)
a few people here use dvorak, yay
@Trimsty That comma is grammatically incorrect; it should be a semicolon. evil grin
@MartinBüttner ah, true :)
@Doorknob i complained to my mom about making me use commas where i should use those
8:22 AM
Huh? A comment flag of mine is declined, but the comment itself is removed...
@ProgramFOX ahem That... uh, might be my fault; I kinda maybe misclicked and hit "dismiss" on a comment flag earlier today. Sorry :/
No problem, I just found it confusing :)
it's a semicolon invasion; doorknob is using them correctly
no no, those should be colons
@VisualMelon semicolons don't require shift, not on qwerty anyway
8:27 AM
semi-colons tend to imply some sort of contradiction for lack of a better word
every notice how awkward it is to type "qwerty" on a qwerty? :P
@VisualMelon generally you can use them like "because," but you can spread a clause across it
If your looking four the most annoying thing you can do with grammar, its this.
it's*, but alright ;)
how do you pluralize "it"?
8:29 AM
that implies a personification
i guess them/they is the best way though
"If you want to eat one apple, then eat it, but if you want to eat two apples, then eat them."
could english possibly get any worse? :P
8:32 AM
"the Polish polished poles."
our writing class encouraged us to use things like that in writing
we had to use at least one per 3 paragraphs
also i just saw this, "English muffins weren't invented in England or French fries in France."
nor. It's "nor".
English muffins weren't invented in England nor French fries in France.
@Doorknob just read all of that
there's a chat badge for posting a bunch of consecutive messages
well there isn't, but i'll just pretend xD
9:12 AM
Found one of those chain post comments that tell you "tomorrow will be the best day of your life" and then threaten you if you don't repost
tomorrow is day 1 of post-alpha skating academy lessons
On the subject on terrible english:
The horse raced past the barn fell.
@overactor that can't be legit
It is
The horse that was raced past the barn fell.
my brain keeps changing "raced" with "racing"
Is a more legible way of saying the same thing.
9:16 AM
oh i see
@overactor that broke my brain... i'd read it 3 times and still didn't get it til you explained
I thought "fell" was a noun...
Missing Punctuation kills.
"Let's eat Grandma"
The complex houses married and single soldiers and their families.
hah. have seen that one before.
9:17 AM
that one didn't get me :D
The houses in the complex are the homes of both married soldiers and their families as well as single soldiers
wait, it just occurred to me, that's golfed english
awesome thought
there's a name for those kind of broken sentences...
garden path sentences
This one is fun too
The old man the boat.
9:19 AM
I once saw a triple one I think.
Timlan is so much better #visualmelon
for what it /can/ say, yes ;)
it's like lisp compared to java
9:21 AM
The tycoon sold the offshore oil tracts for a lot of money wanted to kill JR.
wait, no, sorry
lisp compared to css
@Trimsty Java is many things, but it's not ambiguous
@EoinCampbell wha
@VisualMelon i fixed it xD
i love java <3
The tycoon wanted to kill JR
9:22 AM
@overactor - The Tycoon (who was) sold... , wanted to ...
lisp is beautiful, logical, and pure
css is ugly, misplaced, and it can mean anything
.truth { value: dat }
i really hate the current web infrastructure, code should never go in strings, ever
you can't compile it, you can't optimize it, you...nothing
the future: the web will die, laptops will operate the same way phones do
well, the Surface does that already :P
you mean html & css essentially being "string files" ?
@EoinCampbell that, and inline styles/scripts
the internet'll probably be dominated by apps soon :P
9:38 AM
inline styles are the devil. working on an ExtJS SPA at the minute... spent 30 minutes trying to format a div because of all the inline/nested css bulls**t that ext injects into them. the chrome dev tool for computed style scrolls for about 2 screens
meanwhile the rest of the company is off paintballing while I'm manning the fort.
ouch man
hmmm... just stumbled this. (going back to our english is crazy convo).

@EoinCampbell D:
T_T (I've never used this smiley before, but it seems appropriate now)
I literally don't want to live on this planet anymore.

9:46 AM
Oh yeah, well I just found this: lolchair.com
that makes my eyes happy
I could watch that all day... in fact I think I might
9:52 AM
i'm gonna buy a bunch of clay and a potter's wheel just so i can do that
@EoinCampbell Markov is slowly losing ground :( ... But I think I still win the Performance-over-CodeLength award :D
@Trimsty STAHP!
@MartinBüttner spamming pics is fun, lol
but i'll stop ;_;
You can always spam the Sandbox with pics :D


Where you can play with chat features without upsetting anyone.
@ProgramFOX :D
@MartinBüttner i should write a serious entry for that
@MartinBüttner yeah I think I'll add some silly kudos awards in the next one

Quick Draw - Fastest avg. Decision time.
Slow Poke - Slowest...
Concise - log 10 characters / wins

any other ideas
funny to see some of them... lemming bot is kicking some peoples asses. I need to dissect pony to understand why it's doing so consistently well. there's also the totally random aspect that messing up some people (markov, supermarkov, smarterbot) and causing them to switch places on subsequent runs
10:04 AM
@EoinCampbell I was gonna suggest "Steady Rock - Best Deterministic Submission", but any submission that uses its opponent's move is technically non-deterministic, too
Thought I had finally cracked the parallelization thing last night, but turns out the Q, QQ, Cobra entries are actually using the data history directory and those bots started exploded with write concurrency issues. need to figure out how to ensure that only one bot instance is running at any given time.
@EoinCampbell how many threads are you going to use?
up to 8.
i'm shocked at how well Entertainer does...
@Trimsty ???
10:08 AM
@EoinCampbell my poky submission
Herpetologist ?
@EoinCampbell well the caveman submission, but the herpetologist too
Ah! different game.
@EoinCampbell lol
might jog over to the caveman game and lob something in there.
10:11 AM
@EoinCampbell Could you do something by splitting the entries into 16 pods? first you run all the pods against themselves (two runs of 8 in parallel). then you do every division of the 16 pods into 8 pairs. for each such division, run the pairs in parallel. for each pair run all duels in the cross-product of the two pods.
does that even make sense?
@MartinBüttner yep... it does. and that's my fallback next attempt.
@EoinCampbell imma make a serious rpslv player sometime
@EoinCampbell what's Plan A? ^^
I'm using the TPL library for .net, so instead of just handing the parallel excutor a bog standard IEnumerable<MATCH>, I should be able to write a smarter enumerator which internally tracks players who are actively participating, and only yield return;the next match they're involved in once the current match ends... that means matches including faster players which are further down the list should get out in front of slower matches instead of blocking the pump.
ah, nifty
10:15 AM
i have never written a multi-threaded program in my life
generators are the best feature any language could have
i'm missing 2 things
glitches with global variables, and headaches
@Trimsty multi-thread is usually fine.... it when you get into messiness with idempotency and trying to lock on things out of process (file access, message queues, concurrency between different processes) where things get messy. company I work for does a lot of work on MSAzure. I've learned more in the last 6 months about concurrency trying to build a highly horizontally scalable infrastructure than in the previous 12 years
@EoinCampbell heh
ok... just realised it's 11:20am and as a result of no-one else being here today, I've done Sweet F**k all this morning o_O. better go do some work. laters
10:23 AM
see you
See you!
@Doorknob how come tag synonyms aren't applied retroactively?
@MartinBüttner What do you mean?
@Doorknob That the tag isn't automatically replaced on old questions.
(as it would be on new ones)
(whoa I'm rocking the chat sidebar)
Uh, not sure. Let me try to find something on that...
This answer simply states that fact:
A: What happens to the old tag when a tag synonym is approved?

Michael MrozekAdding a synonym doesn't change any existing tags. Mods have the ability to merge tags such that all posts tagged xlinq would be siliently changed to linq-to-xml, so that's usually preferrable if there are a lot of posts; editing them manually is slow and bumps 39 posts to the front page

10:27 AM
@Doorknob It also tells you what you can do about it :P
this addresses it among many other things:
Q: Improving Tag Synonyms

jmacExecutive Summary Jon Ericson asked, Does the tag synonym suggestion system work? The answer, unfortunately, is no. Tag Synonyms were introduced in August 2010: It’s been clear for a very long time now that we needed some kind of tag synonym system, one that the community itself could main...

:P You're referring to [drawing], correct?
yes ^^
In fact, I even have a convenient little "merge" button right here
Mergified! (delay was because I had to make sure I wasn't borking anything; I've never used the merge thingy before :P)
10:36 AM
oh wow, now I've got 5 tag badges pending
(i.e. enough upvotes but pending for lack of enough answers)
11:02 AM
@Geobits how about simply or ?
I was thinking that might preclude similar contests where the side is determined for you (by the OP, randomness, some rules, whatever)... but then who would want to participate in a team-based challenge where he can't even pick the team?
This might be a terrible idea, but how about a koth with two non symmetrical roles and splitting it up in two questions?
@overactor I have no idea what you men be roles but it sounds intriguing :D
well both sides have to compete in different ways
so basically attackers vs defenders?
what's the purpose of two questions?
wait actually
this might be an idea for that maze-generation KotH proposal that's floating around
the idea was that everyone writes a maze generator and a maze solver. every solver solves each maze, and then you get some overall score for how hard your maze is and how well you solved the others.
now you could actually separate this into two code-challenges
one for writing a maze solver and one for writing a maze generator
the catch is that each code-challenge's benchmark set is the other challenge's participants' outputs
let me find that proposal
and here is the sandbox post: meta.codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/1586/8478
11:30 AM
that moment when you realize that the zoidberg emote can be valid c code
(V) (;..;) (V)

woop woop woop woop woop
(V) (;,,;) (V)

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