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5:00 AM
@Mego Chuck it (first world solution)
It's water that has been blessed by a priest. Good for demons and the undead.
@Geobits But it's a really nice keyboard :/ I may cannibalize a rubber bit from another keyboard
Yeah, if your holy water is yellow and smelly, it might have come from a goat.
@Mego does oldest goat on farm count as priest?
First world solution: I'll glue velcro on it and my desk so that it stays put and won't be so loud
@Mego Is it one on the near side? If so, take the other one off and get some little felt stickers like you'd use for chair legs.
5:02 AM
@Downgoat No that's the elder goat. The priest goat is usually somewhere between #2-10 in age.
Velcro works too
@Geobits Back side
But a felt sticker would work... If I had one
I also don't have any velcro so I need a better short-term solution
Walmart's always open :P
Yeah but I'm not about to put on a pair of pants to deal with a minor annoyance
Fair enough. Also, thanks for sharing that.
5:03 AM
I'm now curious how penguin pants are shaped
@Downgoat Wide and short
@Downgoat Have you never seen a tuxedo?
leaked photo of Mego rn :P
I'm actually wearing sweatpants though. I'm not going to go out while wearing them. For one, it's much too cold outside for sweatpants. Also, I don't want the Walmart people to think I'm one of them.
My wife has no cold tolerance, so she has the heater running hot in our apartment. I am a penguin. It's rough.
You've got all sorts of first world problems right now :(
5:06 AM
I know
And here I am happily playing FFXV
How will I ever survive
:( I couldn't think of "first world problems" pun in time
@Geobits Are you enjoying it?
So far so good, but only a couple hours in.
Better than the first couple hours of XIII for sure.
5:08 AM
@El'endiaStarman Ugh that notice on the top is stupid. Mind your own business, article. You don't need to stick your nose into HN's moderation style. It is irrelevant to the article in every way.
The last FF game I played was VIII, not counting the Tactics series
This one is quite a change from the usual FF fare so far. Good, but just... different.
@Downgoat I'd be more evil, but too busy to get around IP check right now.
@Geobits I've heard some stuff about it. I'm not sure if it's a game I'd be interested in. Especially considering how (re-)addicted I am to Destiny right now.
It's worth a Redbox if nothing else. I probably wouldn't throw $60 on it up front if you haven't been keeping up with the series.
5:12 AM
I am not able to find a source on this but does anyone happen to know what type of backend Ghost uses for its database?
A spooky one?
I would think MonoDB but knowing Node.js community they probably implemented an entirely new database specific to Ghost
ah SQLite
@feersum the display portion can't really be "invalid", it can just be "not clear enough so people don't upvote your answer because they can't tell if it works"
@Geobits I have never gotten a game from Redbox. I don't know why.
This is the first time I have ;)
I wasn't even planning to, I just saw it when I was at the circle k and grabbed it. Ads work, apparently.
I'll be picking up a copy of the game though. Just wanted a preview first.
5:18 AM
I rarely preview games. The only time I have in recent memory was during the Overwatch free play weekend, and that's only because friends goaded me into it. I wouldn't pay for that game though - it was fun, but a game with only PvP isn't worth $60 to me.
I usually don't, unless you count seeing someone else play it. I thought about just going up to the store to buy it, but I didn't want to make another stop today, and I figured a couple bucks was worth the convenience.
I do t know whether I should be proud that I restrained my usual impulse, or sad that I let the poster on the Redbox make me rent it :P
OK, so executing a simple Hello World program in Powershell requires opening 158 files at the same time. With reasonable limits for untrusted accounts, you get errors like this one. With the limit set to 154, it simply says that it cannot find a file. With 155 or 156, Powershell terminates with exit code 1, but prints no error message. With 157, it throws System.OutOfMemoryException. With 158, everything works as intended.
Absolutely bananas.
5:38 AM
@Dennis @TimmyD We need your arcane knowledge of Powershell
On a related note: tio.run/nexus/…
Executing that program takes 3 wall seconds btw. Yowza!
I'm not sure, but TIO might just host the first ever online interpreter for Powershell.
Has Powershell been made open-source?
Apprently yes, as of a few months ago
And any sane person on Linux would look at Powershell, chuckle, and go back to glorious bash
5:55 AM
Yup. The Powershell and dotnet packages I needed came directly from Microsoft. I didn't think I'd see the day, and frankly, I didn't quite believe it until I got it to work on TIO.
6:13 AM
@Dennis woah. I freakin love the new play button. It looks really good!
7:09 AM
@flawr No, that's grumpy Steve.
8:03 AM
Q: Zipper multiplication

ZgarbIntroduction Let's define a new arithmetical operation, which I call zipper multiplication. To zipper multiply two nonnegative integers, you add leading zeros to make the lengths match, multiply the corresponding base-10 digits of the numbers, add leading zeros to the results to get 2-digit numb...

8:13 AM
:( my Clojure answers get no love
And no golfing tips
They're consistently at the bottom of the leaderboard
Do you have an explanation added to your answers?
Not really
I have an ungolfed version
I'm too ceebs to write an explanation sometimes
Q: What are the five most powerful characters in your language?

Calvin's HobbiesChoose any five characters your language supports. There are 5! = 5×4×3×2×1 = 120 ways these can be arranged into a 5-character string that contains each character once; 120 permutations. Choose your characters such that, when each of the 120 strings is run in your language, the 120 outputs prod...

8:28 AM
Maybe people don't upvote because they don't understand it
9:19 AM
5 hours ago, by betseg
Halp what's wrong with this code it works with all test cases but doesn't work with real BSNs http://codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/102486/56721
Use Java
Hell no
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