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4:00 AM
No sorting required.
@BrainSteel cross product, I think.
@BrainSteel and yeah, you don't need to sort, but it's O(N^3)
Dot product > 0 will give you every vector that's within 180 degrees of your original vector, because x dot y = |x||y|cos theta
I really wish I had thought of this one an hour ago...
@BrainSteel Oh, but that's not what I meant.
the first vector shouldn't be centre of the 180 degrees, but the boundary
Ah, okay.
That'll probably work too.
@orlp are you sure you want hardware division for GOLF?
4:10 AM
I think I figured out what I was missing for C small: forgot an "if (sign != s)", and also, "s /= s" does not give the sign of a number...
@MartinBüttner Just for fun I unearthed a couple of "gems" (read: turds). On the guitar, me at 18 and me at 16. The latter was recorded to cassette using a karaoke machine in my parents' garage. Maybe don't add those to your list. :P
@aditsu lol, that second one
@Maltysen yes, why not?
@Maltysen it's supposed to be easy to target - not hard
@AlexA. I'll start going through all that "tomorrow"... it's 5.12, I should really get some sleep
4:13 AM
I just thought it should imitate real cpus, but I guess not.
2am next week it is then :)
@MartinBüttner: Hey, it's 5:12, you should get some sleep!
@Maltysen it does
@Maltysen real CPUs have hardware division, I'm not sure what you're getting at
@MartinBüttner: Nice chatting with you as always. Have a good "night."
6:19 here
thought I had fixed my sleep schedule earlier tonight
4:14 AM
9:14pm here.
then suddenly I'm awake for 16 hours
@Maltysen could you clarify?
What countries other than the US use a 12-hour clock in favor of a 24-hour clock?
@AlexA. It's always nice to find people who share your taste in music. ;)
4:15 AM
@AlexA. am/pm is a global thing AFAIK
both 24h/12h are in use around the globe
@orlp: Good to know!
here in the netherlands we generally use am/pm in speech and 24h in formal written text
@MartinBüttner Indeed! Among other interests, of course, seeing as how we're both in the PPCG chat room.
@orlp: In the US no one has any idea what you're talking about if you use 24h.
Well they do, but it takes them a minute to get it.
It's primarily used by the military and nobody else here.
@AlexA. well, same here, if you're talking about 1900
but written != speech
in written it's used a lot
we don't say AM/PM though, we use 'in the morning' or 'in the evening'
Right. It's not used in speech or in writing in the US. Is am/pm a thing at all there? Does any significant subset of the Netherlands know/use it?
4:19 AM
@Everone Sorry for being gone so long.
the thing I hate the most is when people say "12 am" or "12 pm"
both are absolutely meaningless
@aditsu '12 in the morning' and '12 in the evening' is perfectly clear :)
@aditsu: Where in the world are you?
dutch does that better IMO
In the US 12am and 12pm are very commonplace.
4:20 AM
@AlexA. if you write/say am/pm we know what it means, but we don't use those abbreviations ourselves
@orlp not really.. midnight is between evening and morning
Though typically they're just midnight and noon, respectively.
@aditsu not true
@AlexA. I'm in HK, but that's not really relevant
People often prefer their regional dialects, at least in my experience.
4:21 AM
@aditsu midnight is a lot closer to the morning than to the evening
That's why I ask.
@AlexA. yes, midnight and noon, or 12 midnight and 12 noon are perfectly clear
morning starts at 04:00, evening starts at 18:00
@orlp: By whose standards?
12 should be replaced with 0 for clocks.
4:22 AM
@AlexA. the dictionary
I say morning starts at 6
@TheNumberOne: It is in 24-hour clocks; 0 is midnight and 12 is noon.
@orlp: Oh no shit? I had no idea.
I have to go look now.
The ambiguity with days for midnight's probably a bigger problem. It's why our assignments are due 11:59
> allende duisternis; deel van de dag tussen ca. 18.00 en ca. 0.00 uur: 's avonds in de avonduren
generally we have a couple of ways to say stuff
Morning should start 1/2 hour before sunrise and evening should start 1/2 hour after sunset.
4:24 AM
@orlp ...I don't speak that language.
@AlexA. you can read 1800 and 0000 though :)
that's not the disputed part
@orlp: Nope, they're in another language. XD
allende darkness ; part of the day from about 18:00 to about 0:00 pm in the evening in the evenings
google translator
@TheNumberOne: Best Google product ever.
4:25 AM
00:00-04:00 is 'at night', 04:00-12:00 is 'in the morning', 12:00-18:00 is 'in the midday' and 18:00-00:00 is 'in the evening'
literally translated from dutch
so we say '3 at night', or '4 in the midday' or '8 in the morning'
Heh. I thought it was German.
it's always perfectly unambiguous
It sounds so weird to my American ears
"4 in the midday"
4 uur 's-middags
in literal dutch
That's not weird at all then.
4:28 AM
Okay, that one is weird to me.
Afternoon's probably more common in English
^ Yes
Adverb: 's nachts
  1. during the night, in the night, at night
@Sp3000 I use them interchangeably.
4:29 AM
@TheNumberOne: You would say "2 at night" for 2:00pm?
Personally I almost never use midday. Guess it varies
Evening and afternoon, not "at night"
Oh gotcha
Language is really interesting to me.
94? Too long :P
4:33 AM
@aditsu: Congrats, that's awesome!
@Sp3000 yeah.. but I didn't want to spend too much time, and I had already used CJam
thanks :)
anyone have any comments on the GOLF instruction set?
anything missing/superfluous?
unwise cycle counts?
I think it's cool, but that's my only input. Just the fact that you know enough to implement something like that yourself is super impressive.
it's really not complicated
Any ways of getting a random number?
4:39 AM
well, you can implement your own RNG in GOLF, but perhaps it'd be useful
I guess I could make a rand instruction that gives back an uniform 64 bit random int
@orlp Do you have a CS background? I don't, so to me it's complicated. :)
@AlexA. I'm a 2nd year CS undergraduate
Oh cool!
but I'd consider the fact that I'm a passionate programmer a more important contributor to my skillset
@Sp3000 how expensive should this rand instruction be?
Not sure - what are the cycles for anyway?
4:44 AM
@Sp3000 the cycles are the entire point
to get an accurate model of execution time of entries, for performance challenges
@orlp sounds like Knuth's MMIX
@aditsu similar
Is this for a specific challenge you're writing, or...?
@Sp3000 yes, but I'd like to make it re-usable for other challenges
For example 'write the fastest 64-bit factorization routine in GOLF'
your score would be sum of cycles it takes to factor a static set of numbers, lowest score wins
Best to test with some programs, but probably really expensive, eg 100?
4:50 AM
@aditsu MMIX is too big for PPCG challenges IMO, you'd have to learn MMIX to be able to compete in such a challenge - anyone should be able to instantly get to work in GOLF
@Sp3000 why make it expensive?
Is GOLF an acronym?
might become a backronym at some point :P
Go Out & Live Free
Golf Olf Lf F
Well I don't know how much it takes to write your own PRNG, but I was thinking less than that, but not too cheap so people can abuse it
I mean, if division's already 10...
@Sp3000 you think that's low or high?
4:54 AM
I don't think I can comment without trying
@Sp3000 the reason I ask is because integer division in modern intel chips isn't even this cheap :)
I don't assembly :P
I'm worried I made memory a bit too cheap
I have to make a balance, because cycle counts must be static to not complicate the model too much
As I say, you'd need to pick a few problems and compare approaches
4:56 AM
G.O.L.F. : Gauge Of Language Fastness
in real hardware a load can be 3 cycles if you hit superhot cache, but can also take hundres
@Sp3000 the real challenge here is to write a LLVM backend so people can compile their favourite language to GOLF :P
Does mov copy the number to a new register or what happens to the original register?
it copies
GOLF: Guardian Of Little Forests
it's a pseudo-instruction for add r, a, 0
copy would be a better name probably, but the instruction is traditionally named mov
5:01 AM
So I can mov add instead of mul 2?
b = 2*a
add b, a, a
@Sp3000 no need to mov
you can use the same source twice
Oh, right
if you wanted to do *3 you can do
add b, a, a
add b, b, a
sal b, a, 3
add b, b, a
5:22 AM
Bed time for me. Have a good night, to those in places where it is night.
@MartinBüttner the -1 is the same as 0. No move is ever made. Who is EmoWolf?
5:55 AM
Hmm it's the 18th already. I wondered what happened to the red team's counterplan.
3 hours later…
8:32 AM
specs reasonably close to done
8:54 AM
Page not found.
Heh, seems interesting.
@orlp One question:Why don't you encode the registers as 5-bit sequences?
@Sieg I do?
"Each quintet of bits..."
"The remaining 25 bits each tell you whether or not that register should be restored, with the least significant bit being a, and the most significant bit y."
read past that
that's about ret
ret is a bit of an oddball
9:04 AM
I see.
it can 'return' up to 25 registers :)
my call/ret scheme is quite different from other architectures
That's pythonish.
but I thought this would be simpler from a beginners perspective
and easier to code
no push'ing/pop'ing arguments on the stack
And more powerful.
basically 'call' just goes to a different function, backing up your old stuff
'ret' goes back to the caller, and 'leaks' some of its variables into the old state of the caller
@Sieg if you have any comments/suggestions for the architecture, do let me know :)
9:08 AM
I'm not familiar with CPU architectures.
This is the lowest level program I've written :P pastebin.com/VT4cENDT
Well, I guess this is quite low levell too pastebin.com/SSqNPQdS
It's quite wonderful how GET TO THE CHOPPER i\nHERE IS MY INVITATION i\nGET UP 1\nENOUGH TALK is the shortest equivalent to i = i + 1
@MartinBüttner Why not create it?
2 hours later…
10:59 AM
Hoo. These all parse to the same thing now i.imgur.com/nyMUsOn.png
11:24 AM
I was wondering, does anybody else actually like the bracket retention style of my "Explanation Formatter" challenge?
@Sieg Mainly because I didn't want to bother anyone with it. The popular demand is rising though...
"maybe after exams"
A: Loopholes that are forbidden by default

QuincunxSuicidal entries to King-of-the-Hill challenges. EmoWolf was funny the first time, but it's getting out of hand. While some not-too-serious answers are often necessary to kickstart a king-of-the-hill challenge, purely suicidal answers put in little effort and tend to get more upvotes than serio...

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