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4:00 AM
I know.
I've always been bad at proofs.
That's why I don't try to prove anything, it's been working well for me.
I am profoundly disappointed there exists a video with that title.
@Mendeleev Prrofs are more my thing, I'm less good at Calculus etc. Fortunatly I have W|A for that.
@Phoenix I'm at a lower level of math than you I think
Oh right, I forgot you're in 9th grade.
4:14 AM
Anyone wondering why at 1:45 in that video Elsa suddenly moves from ~5 metres from the edge to ~15 metres instantaneously?
I'm just surprised you made it to 1:45
It was difficult. I nearly died k*100 times where k is the number of seconds I watched.
@HyperNeutrino I think it's that camera rapidly panning to the left, and it looks unnatural because it cuts in half-way through.
Yes. Also, the distance between the ledges seems to change a lot.
TBH I was just surprised to discover goats could sound like that.
4:18 AM
Goats never fail to amaze us, huh.
The worst part is that now my youtube front page will be full of goat remixes >_>
oh yeah >_> that sucks I should have opened an incognito tab
@Phoenix What's significant about that?
@HyperNeutrino $2^{20}$
@HyperNeutrino $2^{20}$
oh okay
4:21 AM
@Phoenix ninja'd
I forgot how $\LaTeX$ works with exponents
Phoenix posted first but Mendeleev got it right first. Who ninja'd?
both of us
double-ninja :D
and also wait there's a UW math competition?
4:23 AM
UW as in University of Waterloo right
and wait which one?
@Phoenix Nope, still... entirely Rainbow Six Siege. I have less than 5 hours in that game, there is no way I watched that much videos about it. This is actually silly
@HyperNeutrino Nope, University of Washington.
oh ok
so then i probably wouldn't know which one without looking it up :P
There's still 3 University of Washingtons
Seattle, Bothell, and the one actually no one cares about.
(Though not many people care about Bothell, either)
4:26 AM
D: oh i see
University of California is the worst
I think there's seven or something?
D: oh wow. interesting
but are they actually called "University of California" or is it just a university in California?
They are all called University of California. People refer to them as e.g. UC Berkeley for the one located in Berkeley.
Ah I see. Okay.
Does anyone know what language the .bmx extension is used for? I have some code that needs compiling, but I don't know what language it is in.
4:31 AM
@WheatWizard Alpha Five Image Library File
Yeah its not that
@Phoenix That's not a language
Which suggests is a custom thing.
Its code, I've opened it up
What does the code look like?
4:31 AM
@WheatWizard Pls paste the code
Framework brl.standardio
Import brl.retro
Import brl.filesystem
Import brl.stream

Global path$="code.txt"
If AppArgs.length>1 Then
	Local ona%=0
	For Local a$=EachIn AppArgs
		If ona=2 Then path=a

Type prog
	Global cmds$="  <>^v+-oecz/\?!*()]x.:@,"
	Global cw%=32,ch%=16,cx%=0,cy%=0,cr%=0
	Global cdir%=0
	Const e@=0,w@=1,n@=2,s@=3
	Global memw%=32,memh%=16
	Field code@[cw,ch]
	Field mem%[memw,memh]
	Field parens:stack=New stack
	Field memx%=0,memy%=0,memr%=0
	Field skips%=0
Nothing I've ever seen looks like that.
Ok Apparantly that's a language called Blitz Basic
same, However I do remember using .bmx files before in the past
@Phoenix Oh nice
Sorry lang is BlitzMax, BlitzBasic is the company name
It's a bit confusing but basically blitzbasic.com/logs/userlog.php?user=8077&log=1889
4:33 AM
Ok cool
I think it transpiles to C?
Now to click a very sketchy Download Now button
I think the fact that you're compiling code that looks like what you pasted is a sign you have moved beyond reasonable measures of sketchiness already.
It came with a .exe file. fortunately I'm to lazy to open Wine up to run that.
But not too lazy to install the sketchiest programming language in history?
4:37 AM
@Phoenix C++
Also, for me at least wine open by itself when I run an .exe. Nothing complicated.
@CoolestVeto I haven't seen you here for a long time
@ASCII-only Please do all you can to make VSL not look like Blitz Max.
who is interested in my Botdom koth, because I am probably about to put it on github
4:40 AM
@Phoenix How does it look anything like blitz max >_>
It doesn't, but it changes rapidly.
how do I push via git again?
git push
Remember to git commit -m 'message' first
@Phoenix really
@Phoenix and git add -A before that
or just do it the lazy way and git citool
I hear git add . is golfier
4:44 AM
Ok It looks like my sketchy donwloads are not doing what they should, which is always a good sign.
@Phoenix thanks but I also need to set the github repo somehow
@ASCII-only It wasn't meant to be serious, but... kinda? New features are added to the plan at the rate people come up with them.
@DestructibleLemon You have to set the repo up from the website.
Also, use GitLab
yup, done
but there is some sort of command to get the repo for when you want to push to it
git remote add origin <url>
@Phoenix oh yeah :P (well we're not going to make it anythin like BASIC :P)
4:47 AM
First do git init inside the directory if you didn't already, just in case you forget :P
@Phoenix is that origin? I can name it github right?
You should name it origin, sometimes it gets confused otherwise, I've found.
I guess I am just going to run the exes in wine
also then I have to go through the process of getting a special pass word for this computer because I have 2fa
like wtf github
Also, everyone calls it origin, so it will be easier to copy-paste code from SO
@DestructibleLemon Remember to cache git credentials or you will have to every single time you push
git config --global credential.helper cache
4:49 AM
Okay so can anyone think of a good unicode character for \r\n (newline + linefeed), basically instead of aligning to cursor x it aligns to x=0
@ASCII-only There's a literall newline character
@Phoenix no literal newlines pls :P
Then a newline literal
@ASCII-only ␍␊
4:50 AM
@Phoenix how to use that?
Type it literally anywhere.
The --global will make it remember for all git activities, so leave it out and do it in the project dir if you have multiple accounts.
after I type the password?
It will store your info the next time you need to type it in
@DestructibleLemon If you could just use your plain GitHub password from the command-line, 2FA would be essentially useless.
if I could type the second factor from the commandline....
plus you know, the second password
4:53 AM
^^^ Is why I don't have 2FA
Too lazy
@DestructibleLemon Every time you push something? You'd disable 2FA after a day.
I did
so far everytime I push something I have to go through this shit of a new password
survey: how long is your github password
@Phoenix :|
@HyperNeutrino 10
4:58 AM
@HyperNeutrino 13 bytes, but 7 of them are a horizontal run on my keyboard. And the other 6 are two repeated three times. (No, no I don't care about security)
@HyperNeutrino 21 chars
@DestructibleLemon Those aren't one-time tokens.
@ASCII-only What's wrong with that?
lol mine is 38 chars
@Phoenix Considering you just posted the pattern for the whole world to see, the aclaration wasn't necessary.
5:00 AM
I don't even need my GitHub account for anything.
It's blocked at my school, so I use GitLab now anyway.
What if I start posting random stuff to it and then blame you for weirdness?
@Phoenix wait actually? that sucks
@HyperNeutrino I would prolly delete my account
Nothing useful on it
lol true
@Phoenix That's not how it works. First of all, you couldn't delete the account if someone took it over. And if anything illegal was done in your name, law enforcement wouldn't care either way.
@Phoenix CMC: Calculate how many possible passwords that generates, given that the seven in a row must stay within letters/numbers. Ignore shift key.
5:03 AM
@Dennis well, that's how they've been to me
I still don't see why they could not implement 2fa over the command line
also it got annoyed at me because there is a readme in the repo
what do
@Phoenix 12
@Phoenix 12 * 36 * 36 * 36 = 559872
@HyperNeutrino wait you're right
@Dennis They'd need a verification code from my email to sign in from a new computer, right? And if my email gets compromised I have bigger problems.
5:05 AM
onvm about my onvm
What is math
@HyperNeutrino 16 chars + 2FA
my password is so long that it's almost too long to be useful (according to one of my cs friends)
(>256 bits of entropy)
help me with git problems
@DestructibleLemon ok
5:07 AM
@Phoenix They would? I don't think I ever got one of those emails.
it says I can't push because there is something else in the repo already
@Dennis Really? I get them all the time for everything, I kinda assumed GH would do that too.
Anyway, I've deleted my account.
you could've just changed password
That's one way of solving the problem, I guess.
And then immediatly realized ^^
Fortunatly nothing useful was lost
5:08 AM
you really didn't think of that
I don't know man...
How come you don't have all your git repos on your computer?
I do. Which is why nothing useful was lost.
@HyperNeutrino You only need a long password in case of a server breach anyway. It's not like a website would let you try millions of passwords per second.
5:10 AM
maybe he just has 10 words or something
like the correct horse battery staple
@HyperNeutrino What does the math on that look like?
I was just about to go over the TIO and sort my password to show you the chars and then I realized that if I did that then Dennis might be able to steal my password from the TIO logs
@Phoenix My method: look at the keyboard and count.
I think there would be more than 12
with the extra chars
Theres 36^2 2-key combinations that could be the second part of the pasword.
@Phoenix oh
then 12 * 36 ^ 2
5:12 AM
ninja'd by ascii only
but ascii only got it wrong
Answer: 15552
oh, he must have counted wrong
That makes 15552 possible passwords given the information I revealed, which isn't that terrible.
@HyperNeutrino Only if you save it as a permalink before clicking run. Requests aren't logged, but referers are.
And it doesn't include the possibility of the shift key.
5:13 AM
ah okay
actually wouldn't it be 36*35*12
because it isn't 1 repeated 6 times
but the two are not guaranteed to be unique
I think they can be assumed unique tbh
@Phoenix In the same sense a 2-character password isn't terrible.
5:15 AM
@Phoenix a 3 character password has more possibilities
@Dennis Wait, if so, then when I run a program that gives an output, not generate a permalink, close the tab, open another TIO tab, type in the same program, and run it, how does it hit the cache if it's not logged?
I'm just going to hope that none of you try to log into my anything else.
logs into your life
You don't know my email address
I'm safe for now.
are you sure about that
5:16 AM
It's in my SE profile isn't it....
Not from what I can see.
Ok good that's private
@HyperNeutrino The output is accessed by a 256-bit hash of the request.
Oh, okay. I see.
CMC: discover Phoenix's email address and post its MD5 hash.
5:18 AM
You should start with my IRL name first
@Dennis right I should've thought of that, that's how I always store passwords on random servers I make :I
Which I have posted here
But it's prolly not too easy to find.
That is part of it, yes
Not that hard to find.
For one, it was your old username.
5:19 AM
what happened to grigori. is that part of it?
Right, but my lastname is harder
Also, real name when said by 242914 in room 240
@DestructibleLemon Famous Russian mathematician.
was the second part of that username your last name?
@DestructibleLemon oh nvm read wrong, i thought it was like aabbcc not aaabbb
5:20 AM
Grigori Perelman solved one of the mellenium problems.
also dungeon of botdom is up on github now
@Phoenix cool
He is very much not me.
What's Григорий ?
@Phoenix Found it.
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