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8:24 AM
hi... it seems we have lost the sandbox link? codegolf.stackexchange.com
anyone know what the link is?
@Lembik ?
there used to be a link to it on the right
I found my question in any case meta.codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/10355/9206
I am thinking of posting it soon. Any last minute queries/problems?
@Lembik If you ever notice that the sandbox is no longer featured, raise a mod flag on the sandbox so the mods will see it and take care of it
@Mego thanks
@Mego and thanks for your comments on my codegolf question
just posted the fastest-code version
hope it is less controversial!
I like it :) That clarification was the only issue I had with it
8:34 AM
great! :)
now I get to wonder what the winning score will be. My guess is 25
but I am usually wrong :)
@Sherlock9 question posted!
I'm guessing 10s-20s, until Peter or Dennis come along with a novel solution that blows away the competition, getting 50 or more.
:) Shebang has a straightforward implementation of Ryser's algorithm which gets to 22 using pypy
it's very small and simple
Hmm, thought... If you don't count compiling time into the score, heavily abusing template metaprogramming in C++ could get a constant runtime (in exchange for increasing compile time)
@Mego yes that is a general problem
I mean I have posted a number of fastest code challenges all of which could have been cheated by that method
I think that comes into the category of cheating
I suppose I could a "no cheating clause"?
Yeah, but there's no rule against it :P I'd say it would be better as a standard loophole
In fact, I'll write one up now
8:38 AM
good point
in general I thought the voting system was meant to handle these things
you just don't get many upvotes if you cheat
Well, the difference between "cheating" and "finding a clever way to skirt the rules" is in the eye of the viewer
all true
Q: Calculate the permanent as quickly as possible

LembikThe challenge is to write the fastest code possible for computing the permanent of a matrix. The permanent of an n-by-n matrix A = (ai,j) is defined as Here S_n represents the set of all permutations of [1, n]. As an example (from the wiki): In this question matrices are all square and w...

Help, anyone here good with vim?
/join #vim :)
on freenode
8:39 AM
Too lazy, Dr Ham Jam is good enough
who he/she?
@orlp :) Re: your comment
@ASCII-only Have you tried Vi and Vim?
Because, you know... Networking.
Help, anyone here good with C?
hey geeks
Hi @Enthusiast!
whois geeks
Huh, no result...
basically everyone in this chat?
8:52 AM
You good with C?
I have no idea about C
what are u good with
@Enthusiast Breaking C.
I have this code that won't compile (see below), and I don't know how to fix it!
@wizzwizz4 I'm okay, I guess?
8:54 AM
pipecallbackid = XPLMCreateFlightLoop(
        (int) sizeof(int), //Size of *what* struct?!?
        NULL, //Deprecated parameter
        pipecallback, //Function
        NULL //A parameter to give the function. Unused.
wow, what is that
@wizzwizz4 What error does it give
Syntax error: expected ')' but found '{'.
Operands of '=' have incompatible types 'void *' and 'int'.
Syntax error: expected ';' but found '{'.
you are missing a '}'
@Enthusiast Where?
Also: Syntax error: expected ';' but found '}'
The line numbers are messed up, pointing to sections of a comment. :-/
8:57 AM
ehh, maybe u need to have a '{' and '}' like this
pipecallbackid = XPLMCreateFlightLoop({ }) I dont really know.
im just guessing
@Enthusiast I have that. The (XPLMCreateFlightLoop_t) is to cast it to XPLMCreateFlightLoop_t.
The {} stuff is a struct, which is a way of encapsulating lots of data into one data type.
or you have an extra '('
pipecallbackid = XPLMCreateFlightLoop(XPLMCreateFlightLoop_t){
(int) sizeof(int), //Size of *what* struct?!?
NULL, //Deprecated parameter
pipecallback, //Function
NULL //A parameter to give the function. Unused.
); maybe its supposed to be like this ?
oh no.
probably not
@Enthusiast I'm calling the function XPLMCreateFlightLoop with the struct as input. That isn't a code block, even though it looks like it.
@wizzwizz4 IDK maybe (void*) sizeof(int)?
Gimme a sec, I'll find the documentation page.
9:00 AM
@ASCII-only It wants it to be an int...
Also, it doesn't recognise the function XPLMCreateFlightLoop...
@wizzwizz4 D: Did you forget a header/library or something
@ASCII-only No, I have the #include "SDK/CHeaders/XPLM/XPLMProcessing.h" line right at the top.
Perhaps the docs are wrong and the function's actually elsewhere...?
@wizzwizz4 Oh maybe the fourth one should be (void*) NULL?
@ASCII-only Testing it, brb.
Well, the line numbering's fixed... -.>(o.o)<.-
But there's still the Undeclared function 'XPLMCreateFlightLoop' (did you mean '(no name)'?); assuming 'extern' returning 'int'. problem.
... Compiler directives.
@ASCII-only What's the way to read out the value of a macro?
It doesn't matter if it errors out the compiler.
9:08 AM
@wizzwizz4 #pragma message STR(<MACRO_NAME>)?
@Lembik for future questions
if you want to confuse anwerers
instead of saying 1, -1 matrix
say B, -B matrix, where B is Legendre's constant
@ASCII-only It keeps erroring on the pragma... I have PellesC if that helps...
@orlp thanks :)
I tried #error STR(<MACRO_NAME>) but it just printed it literally, STR() and all.
@wizzwizz4 Huh not sure if there's a way to do it on Pelles C, the major compilers support #pragma message and looks like there's no other way to do it
9:14 AM
@ASCII-only :-(
I'll try a borked syntax.
... The macro is the empty string...
Ok. That's confusing.
@ASCII-only I think it's complaining about the use of a struct inside a function. How can I work around that?
A: Loopholes that are forbidden by default

MegoAbusing compile-time computation to achieve lower runtime in fastest-code challenges Consider a challenge where solutions must print out as many Fibonacci numbers as possible within a certain time limit. A C++ solution might look like this: #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() ...

@wizzwizz4 Then it's because the function accepts a struct pointer?
Declare the struct elsewhere and call the function asXPLMCreateFlightLoop(&struct) maybe?
9:43 AM
@Mego Just curious: Has anyone actually used this technique in a challenge?
@NewLoopholeProposal PS: Since when do we have a New Loophole Proposal bot?
@flawr Some time
WTF: Why did this suggestion get 2 downvotes???
It show rarely 'cuz new loopholes are rare
10:01 AM
@Lynn I honestly still have trouble to understand how to set up everything e.t.c. but when writing code, it provides very good hints (better than any other editors I've tried) how to simpilfy your functions, improve readability e.t.c.
10:19 AM
Q: Balanced triplet brackets

jimmy23013A "triplet bracket" (that I made up for this challenge) is one of the following: (...+...) [...:...] {...|...} <...-...> A balanced triplet bracket string (BTBS for short) is either an empty string, two BTBSes concatenated, or one of the above triplet brackets with each ... replaced with a BTB...

@NewMainPosts Tried to regex this, ended with a monster ._.
goddamn recursion depth limits
@Dennis Could you pull Charcoal? Thanks!
10:44 AM
@Lembik I think I'm confused and actually implemented BBFG
what i'm using is the formula in the wikipedia article that sums over half all ±1-valued vectors
@TuxCopter fairly sure regex can't parse nested brackets or something
whereas the ryser formula sums over 0/1-valued vectors
@DestructibleWatermelon Regexs can parse context-free grammars AFAIK
Recursive groups
Oh irregular regular expressions
I forgot about them
11:00 AM
I was at the ophthalmologist
I have astigmatism
And asthma lol
@betseg Asthma's annoying. I'm really lucky that it mostly went away as I got older.
Wait what
huh. They changed the favicon for Slack to be red
Looks the same to me. Not really red.
It's an .ico file, so it will probably have layers.
Like onions. Or .tiffs.
Or animated .gifs.
11:09 AM
So? It definitely is not red.
(well, one of the bars is)
@mınxomaτ Each layer of a .ico file contains a different image.
You can only see one at once.
Have you got GIMP?
@wizzwizz4 Only if you choose too. ICOs don't have to have more than one layer at all.
@mınxomaτ I'll check whether this one does.
It's still not red :)
It does!
But none of them are red.
They are all just standard re-sizings of each other.
The boring but correct way to use .ico layers.
11:13 AM
I don't use slack, but I imagine if you're are logged in your favicon may change to reflect some sort of status (like the GMail favicon shows a mail counter).
@mınxomaτ How do you do that? Is it some sort of wizardry?
@mınxomaτ :-O Pretending to be Google?!?
What's an esolang that uses any two characters as symbols?
@Qwerp-Derp Unary?
11:20 AM
But that uses 1 char only
I need a lang that uses 2 chars
Wait, that has punctuation.
Gtg, bye.
@Qwerp-Derp Spoon
@Qwerp-Derp Lenguage can use any number of characters :P
Lambda calculus :p
1 and 0
11:23 AM
Looks like APL on drugs
^ Better
The encoding look like the 'shift states' system used by D2
12:00 PM
A: ASCII's 95 Characters...95 Movie Quotes

Qwerp-Derp2. Spoon (uses no 8) aaaa44a444a4aaaaa4aa44444aa4a444a444a4aaaa4a4aaaaa4a4aaaaaa4a4aa4a4aa4aa4aa4aa4aa4aa44444aa4a44a44a44a444444444444444444444a4a44aa4aa4aaaaa44a4a44a4aaaa44a4a4aaaaaaa44a4a44a444444a4a44a444444444a4a44aa4aa44444444a4a444444444444444444444444444a4a44a44a444a4a44aa44444444444a4a...

I am trying to make a bot for atomas
Retrieving chains is hard o_O
12:19 PM
@Qwerp-Derp wat
@ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΟΗʹ ?
@TuxCopter Zachtronics' SHENZHEN I/O
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Sherlock9Finding isomorphic elementary cellular automata code-golf An elementary cellular automaton is a one-dimensional cellular automaton with two possible states (labeled 0 and 1) and calculates the following state based on a cell and its two immediate neighbors. Each elementary cellular automaton ha...

Holy cow, that was fast :D
12:31 PM
Let me know what you think of that Sandbox post. I'll be back later to read the responses
oh hey, the quine challenge finally has gold
12:43 PM
@MartinEnder The quine for great good challenge?
Destructible Watermelon's Turtlèd quine?
12:56 PM
I forget, when are we supposed to get our site design, again?
@ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΟΗʹ November 1st.
modulo 365.25 days
817132 seconds and counting
> How much damage in MONEY $$$$ is actually done, an example would be for the attack on PSN (Play Station Network) or the CIA's web sight.????????
Oh no, <insert social media site> has invaded SE
@ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΟΗʹ I wouldn't happen to have you on Steam, would I?
(asking because I have some people friended who I can't remember who they are since they keep changing usernames)
@Sp3000 Nope, my only two Steam friends are from IRL
1:10 PM
k, just checking :) thanks
Any good BF metagolfers out there?
I believe Phi had a really good one for strings
Know where it is?
like it was able to find primo's HW
@ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΟΗʹ You'd have to ask him. I think he uploaded it to GH
1:28 PM
Q: What kind of weapons could squirrels use?

death meisterOkay, so I know this sounds like a joke, but it's not. I am 100% serious. So my world has this kind of... squirrel expy, that is somehow intelligent enough to use weapons + have some sort of society. Otherwise they're basically your average red squirrel (but slightly longer and chubbier). I was ...

1:45 PM
> implying squirrels need weapons
Those guys are scary as hell. Don't ever let their cute apperance fool you, they can do a number on you
All they really need is some form of brass-knuckle esque claw device that fits over their claws and has poison all over it. They'd be assassins at that point
2:30 PM
@ASCII-only Done.
Question: On an question, if an answer is invalid, then is it okay to write another answer based off of that one's parent?
@ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΟΗʹ that should be explained in the question itself
@NathanMerrill It isn't in this scenario
then I'd leave a comment
or see if there's a precedence
2:52 PM
@ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΟΗʹ If the answer is invalid, it is subject to removal, so basing another answer on it is a bad idea.
@Dennis No, I'm saying to replace it before it's deleted
(i.e., add another answer)
Ah, sorry. That should be OK, I guess. Which answer is it?
A: ASCII's 95 Characters...95 Movie Quotes

Qwerp-Derp2. Spoon (uses no 8) aaaa44a444a4aaaaa4aa44444aa4a444a444a4aaaa4a4aaaaa4a4aaaaaa4a4aa4a4aa4aa4aa4aa4aa4aa44444aa4a44a44a44a444444444444444444444a4a44aa4aa4aaaaa44a4a44a4aaaa44a4a4aaaaaaa44a4a44a444444a4a44a444444444a4a44aa4aa44444444a4a444444444444444444444444444a4a44a44a444a4a44aa44444444444a4a...

(see Martin's comment)
I have a Lenguage answer, just waiting to hit the "Post" button
That answer doesn't exist anymore. Lenguage would also be invalid though.
@ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΟΗʹ codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/48290/53745
2:56 PM
@Dennis Why so?
(I should read better)
Oh well, here's the Markdown if you want to read it:
# 2. [Lenguage](esolangs.org/wiki/Lenguage), uses no `a`

Number of characters:

    370 234 111 905 065 994 107 716 627 461 663 802 034 076 301 777 494 934 370 880
    038 174 592 985 044 999 443 142 030 070 439 392 868 543 363 339 429 774 157 561
    890 064 386 585 518 857 167 453 282 680 397 820 952 678 962 660 341 930 962 659
    174 133 051 154 858 280 401 942 328 621 188 296 054 558 028 352 627 682 454 891
Autogolfed and in a language specially made for the challenge
Here come the downvotes :P
@TuxCopter Nah, the second part made me not post it
CMC: Give me a way to make the F9 key map to ಠ_ಠ on Win10
Seriously though, that should be straightforward in AutoHotKey.
That's a really impressive compression ratio. Probably optimal
Hahaha. The name is pretty great too
> LenPEG
LenPEG 3 really raises the bar
4:01 PM
@Dennis Looks like tryitonline.net is down
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