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5:00 PM
I can't even type
How is everything a haiku now
protected static
        int factorial(int n) {
    if (n == 0) {
        return n + 1;
    } return factorial(n
            - 1) * n;}
Are we talking Unicode pronunciation? LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A and all that?
Even java does haiku
@AdmBorkBork That should be a thing
Anyway I am going to leave now. Class is ending lunch is starting and I am hungry
Q: Rules for importing when the result is an anonymous function

CarcigenicateFor the Friday the 13th challenge, I have some code that requires an import, but results in an unnamed function when golfed: (import '[java.time LocalDate DayOfWeek]) (defn count-friday-13ths [year] CODE HERE) When I compact this, it looks like it may be unacceptable: (import '[java.ti...

If an answer to a question is almost correct but the answerer missed a criterion in the question description, should I flag it, and if so, should I use NAA or VLQ?
@Pavel Custom mod flag
The general guideline is, give the answerer 24 hours from when the flaw was pointed out. After that, use a custom mod flag.
I don't necessarily agree with that guideline (I believe deleting sooner is better), but that's a different discussion
5:09 PM
Ok. It's only been a couple of minutes since it was posted, so I was hoping that the poster would resolve that before that's necessary.
A few minutes is definitely too soon for a flag
Post in question is codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/111812/60042, which is almost valid but doesn't take into account the penalties described in the question.
Yeah. Give a comment and let them have a chance to fix it.
I usually wait 1-2 hours before flagging (unless it's attracted several downvotes already)
@Mego I wasn't going to flag it now, but I wanted to know what the procedure was.
5:11 PM
If it's an issue with the byte count, I wouldn't flag it at all. I would just correct the byte count myself and leave a comment explaining what I did and why.
I can do that? K
Oh man, that binary is really long.
But given that it's only been a few minutes, I'd still wait for the author to do it first
No one would want to sift through there and count accurately.
I should write a script
You really should :P
How do I slurp input in Python again?
Is it just sys.stdin.read()?
Hmmm.... If I use regex, would that match 00000 as 2 matches, I wonder.
5:16 PM
@Pavel raw_input()?
RIght binary doesn't have spaces
Oh wait to slurp it is sys.stdin.read()
According to the official docs, sys.stdin.buffer.read() is better, but I have no clue why
good to know
@WheatWizard raw_input() is just input() for Python 2
5:24 PM
@DJMcMayhem Other way around
Uhhh, no?
I mean, in py2 raw_input is the equivalent of input in py3
Oh yes I read you wrong
So I ran tio.run/nexus/… on codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/111810/60042 and it gave me the wrong answer, can anyone help me out with why?
Wait, it might not be wrong, the submission might be wrong.
No, it's wrong. ;-;
I think you need to pad your format with zeros?
oic my code uses little-endian representation
Wait no, that's not it.
No, you're right.
Yay, it works now!
5:50 PM
> This script might help you with your challenge, put your code in the input and it will give you your code's binary representation, it's length, your penalty, and the total score.
Pavel posted a tool just now
6:08 PM
Q: Java Programming

user67138Missed a week and a half of class and need help with some assignments I missed for a computer science class. Program 1 is Write a program which prints the average of 3 integer values. The 3 integer value should be entered by the user. The average should be expressed as a real number. If someone ...

umm, no
@LuisMendo for your clipboard challenge, does shutting down the system count? (optionalyl with reboot)
it clears the clipboard sooo
@Mego Found a post by your evil brother
it's got green eyes
the green-eyed penguin
Weeduin (sorry)
6:13 PM
It's the day of the month were I try to setup any linux distro on my baytrail laptop and hope it finally works. Maybe today...
For reference, these are the issues: phoronix.com/…
@mınxomaτ I must hunt him down
Yes. That's the law.
What is this Intel Bay Trail, anyway?
A fairly large family of ultra-low power CPUs.
Tablets, small netbooks, dev boards. That kind of stuff.
6:21 PM
So, atom 2.0?
It's actually not bad. I can get like 10h battery life during a heavy work day (CPU always >= 90 %) from a tiny battery. But I would like to use linux.
The only fix is to pin CPU power consumption at 100%, which makes no sense. The whole point of these CPUs is to prolong battery life.
Q: C# help for list items printing

LazyprogramerSuppose I have a list <string> with 1000 list items. Public List<string> myitems= new List<string>(); I have thousand of items inside this list "Car" "Bus" "Jeep" ...... so and so I want to print all these items 10 by 10 when clicks a button. Example: when I click button1 for print item...

@NewMainPosts At least they're honest about themself.
@Riker Sorry, that's not accepted
> The program should not have any side-effects like restarting the system, closing programs, [...]
then there's a non-answer
6:29 PM
Which one?
A: I copied my password to the clipboard! Can you delete it?

RobRuby, 11 bytes. `reboot -q` How it works: Reboots the machine, clearing the clipboard on most systems. I suppose the Windows version could call `shutdown /r /t 0` and accomplish the same thing. You didn't say you needed your computer still functional after you did this ... remember, the ...

I commented
Yes, he actually did say that. "The program should not have any side-effects like restarting the system, closing programs, [...]" — Riker 36 secs ago
I just saw, thanks
Let's give the OP some time, and then flag if needed
Should we downvote?
feel free
I'm not going to because I see no point
6:33 PM
Yes, we only need to remember to flag in a few days if the answer is still invalid
lol, somebody un-upvoted it
not downvote, but unupvoted
I did :-) I upvoted too hastily
Thanks for the heads-up about the answer being invalid
@LuisMendo np
6:51 PM
I just realised, not being on SE for almost 24 hours made this day the most productive day ever since I came back to PPCG a few months ago
Do. Not. Do. This. — ChrisInEdmonton 22 hours ago
holy shit 199 upvotes
@KritixiLithos hahahaha
We need more questions
@flawr how many subs are you subscribed to?
hey, whoever voted to delete that bad answer to the clipboard challenge, give OP some time
yeah, he didn't read the question well and yeah it's a bad answer, but the comment telling him such has only been there for less than an hour
7:17 PM
codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/111780/60042 appears to be a snippet, not a complete function.
Also the bytes in the imports need to be counted
7:35 PM
Yeah I commented and told them that
@MistahFiggins His tool is for UTF-8, not for ISO 8859-1
Here's a program to count penalties for ISO 8859-1 submissions. — mbomb007 1 hour ago
@Riker lol. Kudos to the OP for asking first.
Arch doesn't have 32 bit ISOs anymore

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