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6:00 AM
I'm too old to spend months charming girls anyway, I ain't got time for this
@Downgoat Say you can't have wires attached to the rotating thing. It's the image processing part that mainly stumps me.
@Fatalize haha
Ain't nobody got time fo' dat
@HelkaHomba maybe just point it at a wheel spoke and motion track it?
Now I keep thinking Downgoat is Digital Trauma because their avatars look very similar when they're scaled down.
6:03 AM
Challenge idea: given a list of angles of a clock arm rotating at a constant (unknown) rate, where each angle measurement is 1 second apart, determine the period of rotation
More simply: given a list of integers 0 <= k <= 360 that are samples of a periodic function at a constant sample rate, determine the period of the function
Challenge idea: Drill holes in apples and jam each finger in an apple then try to go about your daily business.
@AlexA. Johnny Applefingers, arch-nemesis of Edward Fortyhands
Appley Dinglefingers
@AlexA. I VTC as unclear cause we don't know what type of apple to use
@Fatalize Fuji, the superior variety
6:06 AM
Fuji are okay
I prefer ambrosia
or jazz
I'm not that fond of ambrosias
(I don't mean Pat Martino, who's a monster on the gee-tar)
Haven't tried jazz apples
They're good. Better than Fuji, not as good as ambrosia.
Given that you rank ambrosias over fujis, I'm not sure I trust your ranking of jazzes :P
6:11 AM
Fuji are too sweet and not crisp enough inside.
Q: Make the lowest number square that equals n!

George GibsonMake the lowest number square that equals n! A number square containing the values 1, 2, 3, 4 looks like this: 12 34 To work out what a number square is, you first make four numbers by reading across the rows and across the columns; for the example above you would get 12, 34, 13 and 24, then ...

@NewMainPosts 1. n! makes it so confusing
2. Doesn't:
0 0
0 1
work for n=2?
I think those would be more useful as comments on the post than as pings to the feeds bot. :P
What would you rather have? - strawpoll.me/10321178
I'm really not sure :I
I voted but the results page is a 404 o_O
6:24 AM
@AlexA. Strawpoll has gotten bad lately. I saw that someone voted before I voted but I still see only 1 total vote
@HelkaHomba Your vote is lagging
Woohoo, got a wordenticon solution in py2
A: Generate Wordenticons

MegoPython 2, 126 bytes def f(s):x=[''.join(" -|"[cmp(ord(a),ord(b))]for a in s)for b in s];y=[a+b[::-1]for a,b in zip(x,x)];print'\n'.join(y+y[::-1]) This is essentially a port of my Actually solution. Try it online Explanation: x=[''.join(" -|"[cmp(ord(a),ord(b))]for a in s)for b in s] # ge...

@himarmjr What happens whe you run document.querySelector('.profile-me').href on PPCG.SE?

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