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7:01 PM
@Geobits this Mathematica answer is a bit dangerous: FromDigits["MMXIV", "Roman"] ... but I don't think there's a way to get rid of the I.
(without it showing up in the output)
@Sp3000 I'm sure codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/42318/31625 will work
(My pyth answer from there does ;) )
Ahaha :P
Yeah you can do 2016-1
Exploiting the 2014 in the question eh, nice
Then presumably dump the rest
7:02 PM
I'm sure there's shorter than a whooping 84 though, surely :P
@Martin Well you know Mathematica better than I do for sure ;)
hi all
does anyone know if there is SE for questions about wireless networking, how to wire a house for networking and things like that?
sorry to ask but you are my source for all information :)
Now you have a worst case though :)
7:03 PM
@Lembik I think there are several where that could be on topic
oh cool
one sec
the on-topic page starts with
"(Note: All questions about RESIDENTIAL/HOME networking and CONSUMER-grade equipment, are explicitly OFF-topic.)"
7:05 PM
Yeah I thought that might be the case
@MartinBüttner ah. this is entirely residential
hm maybe also overkill
I am not sure they are nerdy enough :)
I want people with an opinion about handover between wireless networks, for example
or however you are meant to get wireless coverage for a large house
Q: Where do I connect the C wire in my furnace?

NathanI am upgrading my thermostat to a Nest, and would like to add a common wire. My current furnace controller doesn't have a C terminal, but the current thermostat wire has 2 unused wires (black and blue) what's the best way to do this? On the 24V side of the transformer there is: 1 Red Wire ...

@Lembik clearly lifehacks.SE
7:08 PM
If they allow that I assume your question will be ok?
Oh wait, they seem to specifically want physical wires :/
print 2015;i=" i;i+=;exec*" Hah. 26 bytes.
What's that from?
Looks like print even numbers 1-100?
:P that was fast
apparently, people are liking my writing - codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/40376/…
7:23 PM
also, if calvin comes back and accepts an answer on that question, I get a badge!
he actually does sometimes
(accept answers on old questions)
well he said in the question that he will
and he would have if he did not go missing
If we get OCaml up to 10 votes a lot of people would get badges :D
(A lot being... 5)
Oh wait this isn't ASCII, it's most answers not last isn't it
why ocaml ?
which question ?
7:28 PM
On Hello World. I mixed it up with 95 ASCII though
Basically I mean if Calvin accepts a 10-upvote answer 5 people would get Populist :P
only the highest one gets
Completely ignore what I've said in the past 2 minutes
rm -rf
@FryAmTheEggman You're recently starred comment demonstrates the same kind of grammar mistake that this sentence does.
I think it also has another mistake, this sentence is an example of that
7:37 PM
I know it should be it's :P
And that there should be a period :P
Here's a fun grammar problem: "The're are three errors in these sentence."
one is "The're", one is "these", and one is "three"
I used to hate those type of problems in grade school. I would come up with a perfectly valid sentence, and the answer was totally reversed.
7:39 PM
but the third one isn't grammar
Because two wrongs make a right, it's impossible to know right from wrong.
3 left make a right, so 3 lefts = 2 wrongs
left is 2/3 wrong
this silliness reminds me
UPS actually follows that philosophy.
They drive longer routes to avoid left turns.
have any of you been to the brainteasers stackexchange? it is horrible
as well they should
@EricTressler "The're" → "There", "sentence" → "sentences", "fun" → "stupid". ;)
7:42 PM
Puzzling? They're having fun discussing in the Green Llama as we speak
@IlmariKaronen "The're" → "There", "sentence" → "sentences", "grammar" → ""
yeah, puzzling. I find most of the questions on there really insipid. I was hoping for things like you might get in a tech interview
@Sp3000 what ? on my brother ?
They're trying to fix that
But meta's been a bit of a mess lately because people have different ideas about how the site should be
7:44 PM
@Optimizer I think he's still online regularly
did you see him recently ?
so SE is letting me down :(
I find it amazing there isn't a suitable place for this sort of question yet
maybe soon...
what is your question
@Optimizer well not in chat, but he's never been very active here
but he was online today
ah I see
I must say that the music is super hexagonest!
7:50 PM
@EricTressler I want to put in wireless coverage for a large house
@EricTressler what's the best way to do it?
Super User, maybe?
@Lembik call in a professional ?
@Sp3000 you meant Super Hexagonest, right ?
shortest program to wired house?
@Sp3000 interesting suggestions
@Optimizer we don't have professionals like that where I live!
shortest program to untanle bunch of wires
7:52 PM
@Optimizer you would get someone who left high school early and once built their own computer from parts, if you are lucky
@Sp3000 I think superuser might be the answer! Thank you
@Sp3000 getting stuck in that spiral in triangles :D
i think you probably want wireless repeaters
put the modem and router somewhere convenient, and try a laptop wherever you might want to go. anywhere the signal is too weak, hook up repeaters to remedy
Hey, a while ago, somebody on here posted a website that was fantastic for learning new languages
7:58 PM
I've never done this, by the way, but it sounds reasonable. the repeaters are wired, though, so they will require cabling.
@NathanMerrill w3schools ?
it was geared towards people who knew languages, and it was a very tall website
was it something like "learn x the easy/hard way"?
7:59 PM
how do you measure the tallness of a website?
By height, of course :P
basically, you could learn all of the intricacies of a language
feersum: the amount I have to scroll
that sounds familiar geobits
I remember talking about it here (when I was asking for Haskell info), but I can't remember the exact name.
learn you a haskell for great good
wow, someone's spamming the frontpage... I left a comment asking him to stop that
(just saying, so not everyone does the same now)
@Optimizer grrr
@NathanMerrill learnxinyminutes.com?
8:03 PM
What front page
thats it!
@EricTressler ppcg
@MartinBüttner Oh, should I have said w3fools ? :P
@MartinBüttner do you just mean "All questions"?
@EricTressler codegolf.stackexchange.com
the page you get to when you click on the site "logo"
the one that's always sorted by activity
8:04 PM
need more examples
the one where Aaron is currently spamming
@MartinBüttner @ □
i got some more reputation yesterday for a MO question I asked 2 years ago
still no answers :(
@MartinBüttner I see now; I wasn't really aware of that feature
I believe it's how most regulars on PPCG use the site (it's obviously fairly useless on the more active sites)
that is a very interesting situation with that snowflake question
@feersum What does that question have to do with the koch snowflake?
oh, there was a bonus
8:24 PM
them double staircases -_-
8:36 PM
I wish hats showed progress
8:48 PM
we are at 2.5 questions per day.
up by 0.2
@Optimizer this is the saddest thing about that :(
The difference in quality between bugs that developers write and bugs that testers write is astounding. The newest developer found bug reads:
"The message buffer is unstable."
and it has a description of
"Some quirky things are going on, and it may not be our fault."
That's verbatim, written by a developer who has been coding here for 18 years.
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