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12:12 AM
Wait, that's all it takes to get a random upvote? Sets script to mention almost capping near the end of each UTC day
With an extra 10 rep a day, I'll pass Martin in.... sigh
12:53 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

vihanTriangulate a Location code-golf Modern day GPS systems use a method called trilateration (better known as triangulation) in order to determine the user's location. Your goal is to mimic this given some data, and output the devices location. You will be given the location of 3 satellites and as...

1:12 AM
days represented 2415
rep cap was reached via rep from upvotes *only* on 85 days
earned at least 200 reputation on 101 days
I need to work on my...rep cap hitting some, if I want to get Legendary. ;-)
1:31 AM
> days represented 659
rep cap was reached via rep from upvotes *only* on 22 days
earned at least 200 reputation on 20 days
earned 6 reputation from suggested edits
Not sure how my "upvotes only" stat is higher than my "at least 200 reputation" stat...
1:43 AM
@Doorknob /reputation always was slightly broken. The tracker on the new stats page is more reliable.
That one tells me 20.
That seems to be the one that counta for badges.
(Why can't we edit messages in the mobile chat?)
@Dennis You can. Menu -> edit last.
@Doorknob Which site is that, SO? Mine is for SO. ;-)
@ChrisJester-Young Oh, thought you were talking about PPCG.
19 on SO, although I stopped participating much there a long time ago.
1:52 AM
@Doorknob Hah, my stats for codegolf is:
> days represented 278
> rep cap was reached via rep from upvotes *only* on 1 days
> earned at least 200 reputation on 1 days
> earned 0 reputation from suggested edits
2 hours later…
3:28 AM
@Doorknob There's a menu button? Man, I'm blind...
2 hours later…
5:08 AM
@Jakube KcsJsQlJ?>f!sTy-RKJ2K":( seems to be one byte shorter. It would be two if I could figure out how to inline the assignment...
1 hour later…
6:37 AM
Congrats @Dennis for (exact) 30K rep!
3 hours later…
9:39 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Beta DecayHow many squares? code-golf Challenge Given an image, count the number of squares in the image. The images will never have squares separated, and they will always be touching and/or overlapping. Some squares may be rotated by n degrees, so you aren't just looking for vertical and horizontal ...

10:23 AM
Q: Code Golf : Parsing google results

WayToDoorWhen you search something on google, within the results page, the user can see green links, for the first page of results. In the shortest form possible, in bytes, using any langage, display thoses links to stdout in for of a list. Here is an exemple, for the first results of the stack exchange ...

@Dennis RIP open source :( Also, if you have not heard of the latest Android exploit which can give control of your phone to the hackers using a single MMS (which btw, you dont even have to open), better make sure you get the latest OTA android update
10:44 AM
Yeah, I read about that yesterday...
Damned thing is that my phone isn't one of the main models, so it gets updates late...
2 hours later…
12:33 PM
Finally, a newbie question that's actually half decent :D
12:49 PM
@trichoplax I was halfway through the same edit ;)
@MartinBüttner Sorry about that - I saw two of mine changed while I was typing too - that was my third attempt at editing :)
no problem :)
RIP Quincunx. Long live.... Justin?
on rep notes, Martin is approaching 50K
any day now..
I assume Martin is on the alternative logarithmic rep scale?
12:56 PM
@Geobits Are you stalking him? How did you know he changed name and its him only?
I ran across an old meta question of his that I answered, and noticed the very recognizable avatar...
Nothing creepy, and I know it's actually him (and not my bad memory) because it literally says so in his profile.
lol ok :D
Is anything unclear/problematic with this one?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

trichoplax64 bit weaving code-golf Input Two integers: A non-negative integer W in the range 0 to 2^64-1, specifying the weave. A positive integer S in the range 1 to 255, specifying the side length. Output An S by S ASCII representation of the requested weave (S newline separated strings of S ch...

1:08 PM
If I can understand it on the first read through, I think it's safe to say it's pretty clear ;)
@trichoplax can input be taken in the opposite order?
@MartinBüttner Yes I'll add that - the order isn't meant to be part of the challenge. Thanks
@Geobits Thanks :)
In that case I think I'll go ahead and post
@trichoplax are | and - swapped in your examples? (after the first)
Oh. That's not good. Will fix now...
actually, only in the second and third?
1:13 PM
You should have a bounty asking people for the best weaves they've found
I've seen some pretty intricate weaves, but never worn one. As a white man, I don't think I could pull it off successfully.
@BetaDecay they've found? it's trivial to find the number for any given weave, so just design any weave you want.
Oh never mind then 😯
@MartinBüttner yep. Goodness knows what I was thinking... :)
1:16 PM
@Geobits q.e.d.
33 bytes in CJam (probably golfable by a few more)
@MartinBüttner Oh right, that fits perfectly there ಲ_ಲ
QED? To me that's just Quantum Electrodynamics
Quod Erat Demonstrandum
that's the difference between QED and q.e.d. ;)
Quit Eating Ducks
That was a fast star... is Alex lurking?
1:19 PM
Ahh so it's kind of like therefore
@Optimizer Thanks!
For once it wasn't me
Quincunx Evades Detection
@Dennis Inlining is not always possible. In this case we could inline K, resulting in ?>f!sTy-RKcsJsQlJJ2K":(, but that messes up the definition of J. Pyth always converts the first appearance of J and K into an assignment, with is not always the first usage of J. For instance mJ2J gets compiled into Pmap(lambda d:assign("J",2),J). But thanks for that P golf.
Question Ess Doff-topic?
1:20 PM
Aargh so many words! ↑↑
@Optimizer I use CyanogenMod (old version, since I don't like Android 5) and a different SMS app (which allows to block unwanted messages). Let's hope I'm not affected.
Quickly End Discussion (kinda works for the normal use case of qed)
@Dennis You can protect yourself on normal Android too:
Uncheck the box above
@trichoplax how long do you want me to wait before posting a solution? ;)
@BetaDecay that means no messages come to you.. right ?
1:24 PM
@MartinBüttner Does this mean you have the ultimate solution that will end all activity on the question?? :P
@Jakube That's what I was fearing. Thanks.
@trichoplax I doubt that
Post away then :)
@Optimizer No MMS come to me without allowing them to be loaded
@BetaDecay I block messages by sender, not type. My service provider sends out a lot of spam.
1:26 PM
@Dennis Do you still get phone calls from them? Or is the blocking tied together?
It'd be nice if you could just stop video MMS from auto-receiving. I'm not paranoid/security-conscious to disable images and everything along with it, but I don't give a crap about videos via text.
Q: 64 bit ASCII weaving

trichoplaxInput Two integers: A non-negative integer W in the range 0 to 2^64-1, specifying the weave. A positive integer S in the range 1 to 255, specifying the side length. These can be taken in whichever order suits you. Output An S by S ASCII representation of the requested weave (S newline sepa...

@Geobits Just block everyone who sends you a video ;)
What if its your gf ;)
Retroactively blocking doesn't seem like it would work, since it runs before I know there's a video being sent.
1:29 PM
It autoruns? Now that would be annoying
yes it autoruns as soon as you receive it
Not the video. The malicious code in the video runs as soon as it's received.
Ohh. How long has the hole been open though?
@BetaDecay I use Clean Inbox, which only blocks messages. But I rarely get unwanted calls.
1:30 PM
back to froyo
Since 2.x, but nobody knew about it until a few days ago.
Because I'm sure many people would have exploited if by now
@Geobits hackers would be hating the leakers so much ..
Yea, anybody that had been using this must be upset. Patch incoming :)
But I don't think there's a known hack using it yet.
NSA is a known hack
1:36 PM
Sure, but they don't need to send you a video; they're already in :P
they got in via this only <revelation>
long long ago;
1:54 PM
anyone familiar with pattern matching in bash ?
abcd == *abcd* is giving false
How do you test?
[[ abcd == *abcd* ]]; echo $? prints 0, which is truthy.
single bracket test..
single gives 1, double gives 0
The star isn't sepcial with single brackets. [ is a simple program (/usr/bin/[).
but it works at another place where I am checking ..
So the glob is expanded. If you have a file called abcd in the current directory, abcd* will expand to abcd.
Pure luck. If you use [, always enclose the arguments in quotes. [ abcd == 'abcd*' ]; echo $? prints 1, as it should.
1:59 PM
I see.
2 hours later…
4:27 PM
@Geobits Nope
4:54 PM
Well now I have to decide whether you're telling the truth or just a really patient lurker.
Why will someone star that :|
@Optimizer We're glad you aren't blind.
You guys just don't get it yet ;)
this is the third time 1 went to 5+
@Geobits I don't have the attention span to be such a patient lurker.
^ bird brain
5:06 PM
That's a pretty believable excuse. Very well then.
Birds got stuff to do. We ain't got time to sit on branches and stare into windows.
Ugh. Trying to find a decent 14" steering wheel cover is a pain.
All the "universal" ones are 14.5-15.5". Universal my ass, my car is one of the most common on the road.
Geo Metro?
:D No, Honda Civic.
Ah, okay. My next guess was going to be an AMC Pacer.
5:10 PM
Nah, had to give that one up a few years back :P
Was it powder blue with flame decals and a soda dispenser?
Not just flames. Ghost flames.
mario cart?
I don't know what that means, but I was making a Wayne's World reference.
I didn't know the Garthmobile had a drink dispenser. Licorice rope, sure.
5:12 PM
The dispenser might be in the second one.
Ah, excuse me. The Mirth Mobile. Stupid internet, showing me where I'm wrong.
But you're right about drinks:
> Their Pacer had a full bar tap installed on the dash above the glove box.
I really want that car.
Woo, I started a trend! :D
3 hours ago, by Optimizer
I see.
5:16 PM
Actually, if I got to choose, I'd prefer the Back to the Future DeLorean.
^ Some kind of robotic llama enhancement?
you guys seriously don't know about M3 GTR?
5:19 PM
I take it it's not a llama thing then
Some kind of expenisve number plate I guess
wow, this chatroom is so anti AAA games
Looks like ME GATOR.
I'm not against AAA games, I just don't know what you're talking about.
okay, how about "Most Wanted" ?
5:20 PM
What even are AAA games? (O_O)
@BetaDecay I assume popular ones
Like big name titles
I haven't played racing games in a while. GT5 was the last.
Does GTA5 count?
It's like GT5, but there's an A
As AAA? Yes.
As a racing game.... meh.
Yeah, because there's an A
5:21 PM
@Geobits which expands to GTAAAAAAA
two less A ^
5:22 PM
@Optimizer No, GTAAA5 == GTAA(A*5) == GTAA + AAAAA == GTAAAAAAA :P
Uh jeez
GTA5! = (G!T!A!)^5?
I dunno. I think GTAA(A*5) is multiplication, not addition.
5:23 PM
sin(GTA) = 5
anyways, BMW M3 GTR is the original Need For Speed Most Wanted's main car
sin(GTA) = city
Looks about right, yea.
4 mins ago, by Geobits
Looks like ME GATOR.
5:24 PM
Yes, I said that.
Oh never mind. :/
All kids in this room.
Sometimes I feel like @Geobits's kid uses his account to chat in here
@AlexA. You are the most erratic person I have ever met (well kind of met)
@Optimizer No, just his dog.
@Optimizer Says the guy wondering why nobody knows NFS:MW's famous car.
5:26 PM
@BetaDecay I don't know how to take that...
it is actually pretty nice car. and you all were talking about cars
The pictures look nice, yea.
and its pretty famous among people interested in cars

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