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OK, maybe not the best example.
A: Shortest Longest Common Subsequence Code

aditsuCJam, 31 q~L{_:&\f{_2$f#:).>j+}{,}$W>s}j Try it online 9 bytes golfed thanks to Dennis! Explanation: This algorithm tries every possible character for the first position of the subsequence, replaces each string with the substring after the first occurrence of that character, and then calls ...

@WheatWizard well there are some challenges which are outright impossible, e.g. "count from 10 down to 1, waiting a second between each output" (Brain-Flak has no time-related builtins)
That is true, even the truth machine is impossible
Just so you know, the "guess the program" one was written in Hi\n.
oh, so the program was actually keyboard mashing? that makes sense, it didn't look random
It actually was random. It was generated by a CJam program I wrote, but I just forgot to remove my debug, so the string was quoted by accident.
I think it would be difficult to type C\8|8 by keyboard mashing (relevant xkcd)
I use my smart TV for chat
@betseg Does that use the desktop or mobile chat interface?
I was joking :(
Mobile, but with the desktop interface
Since the mobile interface borks for me
5:19 AM
I chat using my car-mounted A.I., of course. Who doesn't?
I don't. I use my smart TV.
My chat interface is Python requests.
I'm actually a spambot who decided he hated spam.
Yup. We've gone full xkcd.
I rigged up an irc client to connect to ChatExchange
Anyone uses the mobile app instead of the site?
5:24 AM
@betseg well i use mobile when i can't access the computer
Whoops, infinite loop
@LeakyNun me too, but I asked about that time period. App or site?
@Challenger5 what have you done
@betseg Exactly the point of befunge - it's hard to do static analysis. What have I done?
5:38 AM
iirc the point of Befunge was to be a PITA to compile.
@WheatWizard this swaps the stack in Wise, as long as there are no 0s in it.
I'm pretty sure one can shave off a couple bytes, but it works
Also, how can I add to the wiki? I forked the project on github, but the wiki doesn't seem to transfer...
Q: Snooker scoring

MichthanI was watching the world snooker championship and I got me wondering.. Snooker scoring In the game of snooker there are certain rules that you must adhere too: When there are red balls on the table, during your turn you must first pot a red ball After each red ball, you must pot a colored bal...

Phew I just wrote a longish explanation for my answer, if there's anything that seems confusing please tell me
Isn't it just Clojure?
@Phoenix Nope
It's slightly different, Clojure compiles to Java, whereas ClojureScript compiles to JS
It's basically Clojure for the web
5:45 AM
Was there a particular reason that you chose ClojureScript?
@Phoenix In some cases it's golfier than Clojure, because CLJS is based off JS
I chose it for that reason
And because it's a lisp, which makes it infinitely cooler
Your answer doesn't seem to implement any fancy builtins and such.
@Phoenix (int (apply str ...)) turns an array of integers into a number, that's cool
In other languages it would probably be harder
Regular Clojure doesn't have that?
I would love golfing suggestions, if you have any BTW
@Phoenix It kind of has that, except int would have to be replaced by read-string
5:50 AM
Wait, your solution doesn't have (int (apply str ...))
@MistahFiggins Actually, the part in the loop reverses the stack that is before the last 0 and after the last 0, but the first part just puts 2 0s at the beginning
@Phoenix It technically does, it's just split over two parts
I see.
@MistahFiggins except for the top of the stack
@Phoenix Wait did you change your name
5:52 AM
that will be directly after the last 0
@Qwerp-Derp I think he was pavel
@MistahFiggins That's what I suspected after seeing their profile
And my suspicions were confirmed
Plz stop changing names weekly
I don't
Not just you
5:54 AM
I can change back
Q: Found the answer myself for one of my questions - how to award bounty?

Henrik BergYesterday I started a bounty for a question I posted on Stack Overflow. I received a couple of answers, none of them solved my problem, but one of them gave suggestions that pushed me in the right direction, leading me to eventually find the answer myself. I posted the answer myself to my quest...

@betseg I stopped and I'm keeping my name as Mendeleev until at least 2018
@Mendeleev I'll hold you to that
I've mentioned it a few times before
@betseg Welcome to the "Not-Changing-Names" club
Apr 14 at 19:15, by Mendeleev
This is my final username for a while (i.e. I will avoid changing it until 2018 at least)
5:57 AM
@Mego do you have any good questions? Pyth seems to be inactive these days
@LeakyNun I've been in an inspirational rut lately for challenges
@Mego I don't necessarily mean challenges from you
TBH I haven't been keeping up with recent challenges very well. My nose has been buried in code.
Q: Generate Pyramid Scheme code

PhoenixPyramid Scheme is a language being developed by @ConorO'Brien. In Pyramid Scheme, the code that you write looks like this: ^ ^ / \ /3\ / \ --- / + \ ^-------^ /9\ /3\ /123\ --- ----- Now, that code has two obvious qualities: It's difficult to ...

@Phoenix seems interesting
6:03 AM
Also difficult
If you want something easier, you can try codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/111758/disconnect-4-bits
oh that's easy
Restricted source
oh, never mind
Though a Pyth solution exists, score 41.
There's only one penalty-free solution, you can change that.
6:11 AM
lol my current code has 8 penalties
Still better than Java
now 12+40 = 52
That's not much worse than the leading pyth answer.
11+30 = 41
now it's equal
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