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12:47 AM
Q: How to restore as much detail as possible to a scanned image of an inkjet-printed page?

Nathan OsmanI have a photograph printed with an inkjet printer on a piece of paper. Unfortunately, I do not have access to the original file. Here's a small sample of what I'm stuck with: Is there any way to make this image look less like a printed sheet of paper and more like an actual photograph? The ho...

Any tips or suggestions are welcome.
1:25 AM
@NathanOsman morning
are you here?
A: How to run applications as root?

user459451ham is delicious and I eat it 17 times everyday

that's a very patient prankster
but that was accepted answer..o_O
1:50 AM
How did that happen?
2:31 AM
@Ravan morning.
@NathanOsman morning? where be you?
upgrading graphics drivers fixed my issues \o/
2 hours later…
4:33 AM
@Zacharee1 It's not morning here.
I was just greeting @Ravan the same way he greeted me.
Also... how is this still around?
1 hour later…
5:50 AM
@Fabby Ping me when you're here, or directly send me your qtox to my email, which you should have. I went through a system reinstallation and didn't backup anything :|
6:29 AM
Q: Leaving a comment after downvoting a post (except spam) should be mandatory

RavanSometimes a down-vote may hurt ,sometimes not.I appreciate it very much when there is an explanation (my opinion). Generally a post is downvoted when there is any technical(conceptual) error or which can't be flagged as low quality or as not an answer or may be any other reason. At the same tim...

6:50 AM
If you ever fall in love with someone who's also into linux and stuff , make them run this: printf "\111\011\114\117\126\105\011\131\117\125"
7:41 AM
Sure is quiet here - even for a Friday night.
@kos :D
7:58 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Pattern-matching website in body: Believe that it’s going to matter and by Bricali on askubuntu.com
@Fabby I'm answering your comment to my Meta post there, because I really don't feel like exposing the discussion, i fear it might take over the topic
@kos tox?
@Fabby I don't know what's wrong. Whenever I put your full tox ID into the field it gets fully pasted, but as I confirm the ID is shortened and obviously won't work. I'm sending you mine, mind to add me instead?
You're sill in mine...
@kos Sorry, sound was really low... I missed your request...
@Fabby Yes but I formatted my old installation, so I have a new one
8:07 AM
I accepted and sent you a test now
and removed the old one
8:19 AM
@Fabby Hah, I guess that's fair!
@Fabby o/
@kos o/
8:42 AM
Morning all
@Serg I'll reply here since I don't really want to expose that discussion, which is a mere argument. I don't even want to make a case about that user, the fact that I disagree with him doesn't entitle me to do that at all. IMO that's just a nonsense but since there seems to be agreement I think it's worth to set the thing straight (again).
@Ravan o/
@A.B. o/
Fabby is gone?
9:20 AM
Hi! Anybody is/was working as IT consultant? Vulnerability assessment and all such things? Is only for a work unrelated question. Better if private.
Good Morning ! :)
@cl-netbox: Hi!
@A.B. Good Morning my friend - Fabby visits his cousin. :)
@cl-netbox o/ =)
@Helio Good Morning to you ! :)
9:24 AM
Hello everyone,
@kos: Is a memory fault or I heard that you are IT consultant? I don't know.
Please help me. My intel nuc runs into a problem that says Fast TSC calibration failed
What can I do?
@Helio No, not at all :D I had troubles with an hacked website once and I discussed it here, but I'm definetly not a consultant
@kos: My only trouble is of ethics also. Could I talk in a private room or something?
@kos: Niw I'm busy. See you later.
9:43 AM
@Helio I don't think I'm qualified to answer, i'm not an IT expert. If you want a mere advice of a technology enthusiast which had fiddled with some websites sure, no problem, but I don't think it will be particularily helpful. If you want feel free to take a room, ping me and I'll try to help
Looks like some people are recovering from friday night.
10:13 AM
Q: Why did not I get a half-bounty?

Pilot6This question had a bounty. The grace period expired and the bounty disappeared. I have a +4 answer there and as far as I know I was supposed to get a half-bounty. This is not a rant. I know this answer is not worth it, but I am just curious.

[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body: The Bond Between Food And Concentration by user459690 on askubuntu.com
@SmokeDetector Spam askubuntu.com/q/683736/367165
11:01 AM
Q: Ubuntu 15.04 with Firewalld not allowing Thunderbird client

ShrekFollowing this brief tutorial here I installed the firewall on my server and I can no longer access email on the server via IMAP (Thunderbird client) email is being delivered to the server though and I can send email out from the server via console. Im new to this so dont know whare to begin to ...

@terdon I have to ban stackexchange =) askubuntu.com/a/683639/367165
11:38 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Phone number detected in title: Microsoft Outlook Help 1-844-815-2122 by Audrey Fukao on askubuntu.com
Will this spam wave ever end by the way?
@kos Bad guys overall
@A.B. Yep. It's helping me getting my Marshal badge though :)
12:10 PM
@A.B. Yeah, that was probably a bad example. I changed it to 100.

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