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can anyone help me with this? Probably firmware issue: unix.stackexchange.com/questions/339384/…
I've added a bit more information
12:25 AM
@Seth ^ basically you irl
12:42 AM
Q: When should I alter a question rather than create a new one that's very similar?

user658182I wrote the following question: How can I safely allow a php based website to create a linux user and interact with the environment? I realize now that, based on a lack of understanding at the time, my question title is not exactly what I mean to ask. What I mean to ask is "How can I automate ...

1:27 AM
@Videonauth The best joke in millions of years!
3 hours later…
4:33 AM
ok that's funny. did not see that coming.
Anyone here tried starting a gui app on another tty? I tried:
startx -display :2 -- :2 vt1
but doesn't work.
I pressed Ctrl + Alt + F1 first
I was excepting a terminal to popup that can run gui programs.
Press Ctrl+Alt+F2, login, they type startx
The desktop will look a little funny though.
@JordanEvans Do you want another GUI that is on another tty? Or do you just want to run the command from the other tty but have the window come up on the GUI that you already have?
First would be nice.
4:47 AM
I think WinEunuuchs2Unix's way is best, then.
I don't see WinEunuuchs2Unix's instructions.
Press Ctrl+Alt+F2, login, they type startx
The desktop will look a little funny though.
@JordanEvans ^^^^ see?
Um close LibreOffice first on your Ctrl+Alt+7, it'll crash if open.
Can't. x stops.
Shame. It worked for me... Ubuntu 16.04, Kernel 4.9.5
Are you running nVidia or Radeon perhaps?
Not sure. How to check?
4:54 AM
Well basically you should know if you are running nVidia or Radeon graphics. I'm running Intel i915.
can someone perhaps superping this person and tell them not to VTC spam but just flag it? askubuntu.com/questions/875121 ? or how else can we tell them? <-- 10k needed to see this
@Zanna hi... What is a superping? :)
VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Haswell-ULT Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 0b)
Oh Haswell... there might be some problems there... I'm on Ivy bridge which is fairly stable.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix mods can ping people who haven't been in chat - I call this a superping
4:58 AM
I call it.... Ping Pong :p
Thanks for revising my answer yesterday... stripping out sda and sdb.... guess I was just showing off :p
The introductory sentence at the beginning rather than the end was even better!
It may have to do with the fact I'm using Elementary OS. Most of the time Ubuntu solutions fix my issues. But not this one.
I know I was able to do it. I just can't remember what i did.
Sorry never used Elementary.
Under the hood, very similar apparently
5:01 AM
So I've heard... But you have to pay 20 bucks for Unity interface... LOL
It's free. You just put a zero how much you pay.
I guess I misread the webpage 2 months ago.
They're trying to drum up money. I complained they may sending potential fans away.
I guess that's there way of making money.... Ubuntu makes it consulting to corporations.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix was that yesterday? feels like that happened about a week ago... yeah I don't know why your post got downvoted but in my semi-awake state I couldn't find the actual answer to the question spelled out in it, hence the edit (+ subsequent upvote)
5:03 AM
Anyway, they are interfering with Blender shortcuts, importnat ones. I may have to come back to Ubuntu.
That's my whole purpose for trying to run Blender on a tty so their windowing stuff doesn't interfere. Lubuntu's never did.
I just love the nice Elementary look.
@Zanna Maybe it was a few days ago... I played Weekend Windows Warrior on video games shooting aliens this weekend so don't remember. Thanks for +1 and it got accepted today as answer so that's another +1.5 :)
Yes I like the Elementary color of cyan on black.... it's very attractive... better than Ubuntu pukey orange.
I likes it's simplicity with nice polished look. But, probably will be installing Lubuntu again.
If you have Haswell processor, why not just use plain old Ubuntu 16.04 LTS? You have the horse power.
With 10 chrome tabs, two terminal windows, conky, and Youtube HTML5 running my processor is at 10% and it's only an i7 3630QM.
Not a fan of the Ubuntu interface setup.
I like the fact there is lots of support in AskUbuntu.
5:09 AM
I don't mind Lubuntu
Support is supreme I do admit
I'm trying to get a comic book going and I need my work flow to meet deadlines, so I'm not going to put up with setups that clunk me along
@WinEunuuchs2Unix awesome
Well Starbucks is getting ready to close, good night
good night and good luck with your comic book.
Q: Humor == or != Meta Post?

Antivistv2Do we need humor when we post here in Meta? I am Newbie with a little concern here. Any answer will be much appreciated. Thanks.

@Zanna I owe you a goodnight :) or should I say happy 5:18am?
5:21 AM
They screwed up stack overflow !!!
Who came up with the idea that the top bar should be following around as I scroll down, taking up all my screen's precious pixels !!! Yew bashtards !!!
1 hour later…
6:25 AM
@WinEunuuchs2Unix goodnight to you in any case :)
6:51 AM
@Serg Where are you seeing that?
But it's all stackoverflow pages for me
That doesn't look like the mobile site.
It doesn't look like anything I recognize.
Well, i didn't change my user-agent, and neither have altered anything knowingly. Haven't visited any suspicious links either
If you view source of the page, what stylesheets is it loading?
Maybe I can replicate it.
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="https://cdn.sstatic.net/Sites/stackoverflow/all.css?v=3edfa0a7c93d">
Oddly enough, in firefox it looks normal !
6:58 AM
That's the same hash I get.
So it must be another file doing that.
Ok, so when i visit via private tab, it shows up ok on main page, but once i log in, i get that same thing
Running UPX on my Go executable is causing it to SEGFAULT :(
7:17 AM
Speaking of Go, it has been named the programming language of 2016
or so says Ubuntu newsletter
dammit, i'm getting sick . . .
I sort of hoped this spring wouldn't be sickly for me, but i was wrong
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9:06 AM
Toe browser... :D
1 hour later…
11:00 AM
Is this a duplicate (see comments)? Or is it a different, less severe problem because permissions were changed for several important directories in /usr but not for everything in /? I am unsure.
Q: I set /usr/bin, /usr/lib, and /usr/share to be owned by my regular user and now I am getting interesting errors

royAfter running this command - sudo chown -R $(whoami) usr/{lib/node_modules,bin,share} I am not able to run sudo anymore: sudo: /usr/bin/sudo must be owned by uid 0 and have the setuid bit set. How do I fixed that? I read this thread but I am not sure what advice to follow and if it's applicable ...

11:11 AM
I voted to leave that open
11:44 AM
Yeah I think that's a lot more repairable than the damage chown -R $USER / does.
Is there any single operation that would likely result in /usr/bin/sudo being deleted and /usr/bin/pkexec continuing to exist but losing setuid? I'm still wondering what else, if anything, may be broken on this OP's system.
Q: sudo is deleted

Kaliya MiteshHow can I install the sudo package? $ apt-get install sudo E: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13: Permission denied) E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?

Everything in /usr can be root-owned as far as I know. I just did a quick scan of my system with find /usr -not -user root | less and the only things in there are a handful of fonts I copied over and some node modules I installed with npm (which could be reinstalled easily).
On my main 16.04 system, /usr/bin/at belongs to daemon. (And that's it, besides files that I have put in /usr/local/src.)
12:06 PM
Should I ask the OP of this question (which I have answered) if they're using Ubuntu, and, if not, VTC it and ask for it to be migrated to Unix.SE? The answers apply equally to Ubuntu as other systems, but I think the actual confusion in the question -- at least when it takes that specific form -- is more likely to arise on systems that don't use GNU coreutils.
Q: using link command to see how it works

Mint.Klink file1.txt file2.txt file1.txt contains ham and file2.txt contains cheese. I added 123 in file1.txt. Now file1.txt has ham123. If my understanding is correct, any changes made in either file would affect the other, but file2.txt is not changed. Why not? Here's my edition with complete an...

file1.txt and file2.txt already existed, and the OP ran link file1.txt file2.txt, got link: file2.txt: File exists, and didn't realize it was an error. On my Ubuntu system, I get link: cannot create link 'file2.txt' to 'file1.txt': File exists.
@EliahKagan Where do you see the OP's error message?
That's not the only reason I suspect it's not Ubuntu, it's just the one that seems most relevant to what to do with it. I suspect the OP is using macOS because users are members of a staff group and the output of ls shows the @ symbol on the permissions string, indicating extended attributes. I think that combination is most common on macOS (because of the BSD-style user groups together with the extended attributes used widely and automatically by the HFS+ fileysstem).
@terdon It's in the text from the terminal that they put in their question.
D'oh! so it is
Hmm. I don't know if older versions produced that error message. Do you?
His username would indicate Mint :=)
@terdon I don't know for sure. Do you think it's sufficient to test 12.04? I plan to set up a 12.04 VM soon to try and see if one can still get previously purchased payware from the Software Center, and also maybe figure out if there is a way to authenticate and download it from a later system (maybe with APT in a debootstrap -- my recollection is that installing already purchased items didn't technically require USC). I'm hoping I can provide a working technical answer to this:
Q: Ubuntu Software Center Purchase

LasmaheiAbout a year and a half again, I purchased this wonderful game "Machinarium" from Amanita Design at the Ubuntu Software Center. Now, after I got a new Laptop Computer, I wanted to re-install my previously purchased game. However, it is not available anymore in the Software Center. I contacted Can...

So I could check in that guest box once I set it up. Or if someone here happens to be just running 12.04 still and knows...
12:36 PM
@terdon @EliahKagan also see:
I am using my macbook's textedit. — Mint.K 2 days ago
Good call. And that question is related -- they're both about opening a file though different hard links in an editor. Part of what it seems like the OP wants to know, at least in the closed one, is what TextEdit.app does in macOS when it saves a file (in terms of saving into the same file or making a new one). If we're considering closing and migrating the open, answered one, should we consider Ask Different too?
@EliahKagan AD is more AU-like than U&L, I think
You're more likely to get the gory details in U&L
So U&L may be better for it?
1:04 PM
@cl-netbox Hi I have trouble getting 95 up and running from an ISO. I'll tell you when you are here.
1:24 PM
Hello everybody ! :) Good afternoon ! :)
@EliahKagan Hi ! :)
@UbuntuUser Running from an ISO ? NO ... do what I told you : insert that ISO and attach the vdisk ... change the boot order to boot from CD ROM (see the screenshot below) ... then start the installation of the virtual machine ! :)
is this valid? askubuntu.com/questions/226755/… in MATE I have caja, not nautilus, and -s is an unknown option in caja
Hi @Zanna ! :) Good afternoon ! :) Everything superfine today ? :)
@cl-netbox superfine thanks :D
1:36 PM
@Zanna Nice ... very good ! :)
so, can anyone with Nautilus check that command for me?
1:53 PM
cl@cl-uw-1:~$ cd /media/cl/data/temp
cl@cl-uw-1:/media/cl/data/temp$ nautilus

(nautilus:6119): GLib-GIO-CRITICAL **: g_dbus_interface_skeleton_unexport: assertion 'interface_->priv->connections != NULL' failed

(nautilus:6119): GLib-GIO-CRITICAL **: g_dbus_interface_skeleton_unexport: assertion 'interface_->priv->connections != NULL' failed

nautlius opens in the /home folder ...
But does it accept a -s flag?
thanks but I meant nautilus -s pwd to open terminal in current directory
@Zanna it IS nautilus ^^^^^
yes... but the complete command nautilus -s pwd
@Zanna nautilus -s pwd opens nautilus in the /media/cl/data/temp folder ... :)
1:57 PM
ah so it is valid, thank you very much @cl-netbox :)
@Zanna You're welcome ! :) Always glad to help ... :)
2:08 PM
@Zanna nautilus is the default file manager in ubuntu ... what makes me curious to know : which operating system are you using ? :)
@cl-netbox Not under KDE or XFCE.
MATE has Caja instead of Nautilus, because it's a fork of GNOME 2, and all the apps and utilities are renamed to avoid conflicts.
Also, I mainly use Lubuntu, so I have PCManFM rather than Nautilus.
@Oli I know ... that's why I asked @Zanna which system she is having in use ... kubuntu / xubuntu or maybe something else ? :)
MATE as I mentioned when I originally asked someone to test for me :)
2:15 PM
@EliahKagan @Oli yes ... I meant ORIGINAL ubuntu with unity DE when I asked her ... :)
@cl-netbox I have it on the disk, it just is, do I tell in setup to boot from the disk?
@Zanna You use Ubuntu MATE, right?
@Zanna oh ... okay ... didn't see it ... was in another application when I saw you asking for validation of the command ... :)
Donkey Kong isn't a donkey! OMG!
@UbuntuUser Enough my friend ... Please ... Stop ... I already explained this to you so many times now ... do the basic homework ... otherwise I'm not able to help you further on ! :) bare metal is bare metal and vdisk is vdisk ... :)
2:18 PM
@terdon At least as far back as 12.04, link gives that same message with cannot create link file2.txt' to file1.txt': before (what looks like) the result of strerror(). It looks like this on the 12.04 VM I just got around to setting up. The 12.04 and upstream code are similar.
@cl-netbox OK, I got xp to work I actually have a problem, when I install from disk, it tells me to take the 'floppy' out and restart. When I take it out, it tries to setup again!
@EliahKagan Yes, Ubuntu MATE (not MATE DE on another distro. I do like it and now I'm used to it, I guess I would probably end up installing it on Arch in future when someone gives me an old laptop to play with (as tends to happen occasionally), after trying out some other DEs. It's a nice balance of looking pretty and not getting in my way (I also like Xfce)) (currently on 16.10)
@UbuntuUser Then you did something wrong ... shutdown the VM ... detach the ISO installation media ... then start the VM again by booting from the vdisk ! :)
@terdon @cl-netbox There are now two more users reporting similarly messed up icons meta.stackexchange.com/posts/comments/942111?noredirect=1
2:37 PM
@ByteCommander checked the comments ... but : why does this not occur on your home machine and only on your work machine as you said ?
I need help with CRDAO
@cl-netbox here is a screenshot of what I have.
@UbuntuUser I can't see a screenshot ! :)
@cl-netbox I'll reupload it then I see it!
PS I love the screenshot app!
2:44 PM
@UbuntuUser and ??? I still see the CD ROM attached ... right-click the entry and select remove ... :)
No the vdisk.
@UbuntuUser How often shall I repeat it ? With these settings it always boots from CD ROM ... so remove the device ! :)
Wait I need to install first. Can I do that?
@UbuntuUser you can do everything ... when you need to install first ... then install first (in case you want it ... do you ?) ... :D
@cl-netbox Thanks, Sorry for being like an old grannie who doesn't know how to upload pictures to facebook.
2:51 PM
@UbuntuUser hahaha ... no you don't appear like an old grannie ... more than an alligator trying to fish birds ! :D :D :D Wasn't that something "more funny" for you @Fabby - right ? :D :D :D
good afternoon
@IanC Hi Ian ! :) Good afternoon to you ! :)
@cl-netbox how are you doing, all good?
3:07 PM
@IanC Yeah - everything's fine so far - what's up on your side ? :)
@cl-netbox all good too!
@IanC Very good - nice to hear ... something new from flat search ? :)
@userdepth Hey, I just saw that @MarkKirby gave you a suggestion ... does it work for you ? :)
@cl-netbox just waiting an answer, made a formalized offer on a place, now I need to wait to see if the other part agrees with it. It's supposed to expire today, so I'm probably hearing about it soon
If he agrees we are both kind of "stuck" (didn't find another word) with closing the deal, because there is a fee for the part who gives up the deal
@IanC oh that sounds promising ... but what does "there is a fee for the part who gives up the deal" mean ? :)
@cl-netbox means that if we both agreed on the deal, and signed the papers, and he gives up selling the place for me he needs to pay a fee. If I give up buying it I need to pay a fee
3:16 PM
@IanC hmmm ... then buy it and you don't have to pay the fee - right ? :)
@cl-netbox yeah, if he signs accepting my offer things get serious, otherwise I'm just back to looking places again
good day to thee.
@ThomasWard Thanks ! :) Same to you Thomas ! :)
@IanC So let's hope you'll find an agreement suitable for both of you ! :)
@ThomasWard good afternoon Thomas!
@cl-netbox sure, I made my commitment already, now I only have to wait and see
@IanC As always : I wish you good luck for getting what you want ! :)
3:23 PM
thanks man! :)
@IanC You're welcome ! :)
4:11 PM
@Zacharee1 Strangest Ubuntu (MATE) misspelling ever: Ibuntumate
Q: Making Ahnenblatt work

MaxI m trying to make the geneology program AHNENBLATT 2.97 work (Wine 1.8, Ibuntumate 16.0). All I get is EAccessViolation at 0076ca04, while reading 00000008. Can somebody help? (German or French is possible). Thanks Max

Hello everyone :)
@Hizqeel Hey my friend ! :) Good afternoon ! :) Something new ? I'm afraid to ask ... is kitty back ? :)
@cl-netbox Good Afternoon :)Thank you U asked but no she is not back yet :| Anyhow What about you How are you doing? How's the Day
@Hizqeel Thanks for asking ... everything okay here ... also I got it managed to answer some questions since we last met (fortunately found some suitable) ... :)
4:22 PM
@cl-netbox That's Great.. :)
@Hizqeel Yeah ... hope they solve the problems ... one is quite easy (qemu installation didn't work), two other address deployment issues ... often many comments with additional explanations are needed after answering ... :)
@cl-netbox Yes Mostly OP just asked the question but they were not pointing to the right direction and have a lot of confusions too
@Hizqeel Yes and in many cases they just don't follow exactly the instructions given in the answer ... I can "sing a song" of this ... :D
@Hizqeel Oh ... and what I love is when they say : I already tried everything, but nothing worked ... hahaha :D
@cl-netbox hahah I know that specially that ubuntu user example :D
4:38 PM
@EliahKagan What I forgot to ask you ... why do you prefer Lubuntu ? Do you use it because your hardware is a little bit older (system requirements) ? :)
Originally that was a bigger part of the reason than it is now. I like how it's simple and streamlined. I also like how it doesn't use graphics acceleration by default. There are a lot of great things that are being done with graphics acceleration on the desktop, but I'd rather have my GPU power available for other things (like running the GPU Folding@home client).
But actually, I do have one particular machine I use a quite a bit that is not very powerful, and it does benefit from LXDE, though I suspect it would run okay with Xfce or MATE.
@EliahKagan That's one of the reasons I like linux systems ... there is something suitable for nearly everyone's needs available ... me personally, I prefer ubuntu with unity as my main driver and fedora with GNOME coming up second ! :)
how can you force a certain language on the markdown code block syntax highlighting? I added a C snippet in an answer and it is highlighted wrongly
<-- language: lang-none -->

IIRC, that is
syntax highlighting usually is based on the tag if you don't otherwise specify

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