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Yes I know Brazil is 85% portugese... sorry I lumped them together.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix no worries, the whole country speaks portuguese though. The neighbor countries speak spanish (in the colonization times Spain and Portugal made a deal and cut the south america colony vertically, which lead to most countries speaking spanish and Brazil speaking portuguese)
Treaty of Tordesilhas
The French and British did that with lots of African colonies too.
it's a shame most countries still feel the bad effects of the imperialism today, USA is probably the exception, because it was a occupation colony, not a exploration one
@WinEunuuchs2Unix let's hope they stick around
I think he was an expert before he came here but can't say for sure.
Have you see lots of people come and go @muru?
12:16 AM
@WinEunuuchs2Unix not lots, but some... And I have only been around for 3 years
@muru You are one of the smartest most knowledgeable people here. We all benefit from you.
2 years for me
seen some people disappear
@serg You are also one of the smartest most knowledgeable people here. We all benefit from you too :)... I'm starting to sound like a broken down record haha
eh, im knowledgeable in a limited set of things. Still lots to learn
The field is so vast we all have to focus in different areas.
12:35 AM
I've been having a headache whole day . . . just gotta survive the damn lecture and go home
I guess you can't put up your hand and ask the prof to speed up :p
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1:35 AM
Can I ask something?
You just did :p
Now that we know that works. What did you really mean to ask?
The question is confusing. But basically no. I think you can easily reformat USB to original size when you no longer need it as a live USB.
I said in the comments to redo the partition table.
It's a dupe if anyone wants to find it
1:42 AM
Just use dd if=/dev/null of=/dev/sdX count=100 and then use gparted to reformat partitions from scratch.
@chaskes I can't even find dupes for my own new questions...LOL
@WinEunuuchs2Unix I recommended gparted, but they used some proprietary Windows® thing instead.
Anyway to answer your question when you create a Live USB the size may seem smaller but you can reformat to get full size back.
As far as I know if I understand your situation.
That's probably my largest edit so far.
2:42 AM
@luk3yx how many characters removed?
is rw-r--r-- 644?
@Zacharee1 yes
@Zacharee1 when in doubt: stat -c %a
from TWRP?
2:52 AM
You know, I've decided I'm quite comfortable with my email sending all of facebook's messages to the spam folder.
@muru Has anyone written an ls derivative with rwxrwxrwx with number 777 side by side in directory listing yet?
Probably not.
Oh I think that would be a good Q&A then... I was thinking about that a couple of days ago.
What would be the point?
More of a challenge I guess... Plus I was curious about those numbers the other day and had to google them. Then I wondered if they could be listed side by side.
2:59 AM
@WinEunuuchs2Unix stat -c '%a %A'
$  stat -c '%a %A'
stat: missing operand
Try 'stat --help' for more information.
$ stat -c '%a %A' *
664 -rw-rw-r--
644 -rw-r--r--
664 -rw-rw-r--
775 drwxrwxr-x
775 drwxrwxr-x
775 drwxrwxr-x
It appears they are just masking bits... seems like an interesting project to add it to ls display.
3:47 AM
Q: Switch to local session from remote SSH

WernerCDSay I start a process from the local shell - keyboard, mouse, monitor connected directly to actual physical computer... I then go to a second computer and SSH into the first computer. Can I switch to the local shell that's running the process on the first computer? Specifically I'm using putty...

hang on i thought we turned off that feed
3:58 AM
This is freaking GENIUS!!!
when you have to add a disclaimer to your hackathon project because the CFO thinks it might be a bomb https://t.co/uXdTwMpwHs
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5:08 AM
Gravatar is having issues.
I was seeing this with Jon Skeet's Gravatar on SO as well.
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6:16 AM
Steam recommendation: store.steampowered.com/app/582500
Excellent co-op fun for two players.
And it's free, so yeah, not much to loose there.
6:38 AM
I don't see anything to indicate 16.04 here: askubuntu.com/review/suggested-edits/681472
6:58 AM
@muru yeah, judicious roll. The editor apparently thought it was a typo. Idk why people approved
Q: Some users' chat icons are sometimes displaying as default gravatar depending on size

Byte CommanderIn Ask Ubuntu chat, there are some users (e.g. cl-netbox and Thomas Ward) of which the user icon is recently displaying wrongly most of the time: cl-netbox' icon on all sites id a blue square with the white letters cl. It shows up this way in the user list on the right and even in the popup ...

I have this issue for weeks already.
For me it's cl-netbox and Thomas Ward who look borked.
@ByteCommander ipconfig? :/
@Oded I ran ipconfig /flushdns as admin and hard-refreshed the chat site, but still see the green default icon showing up, unfortunately. — Byte Commander Jan 20 at 13:32
It happens only with icons of specific sizes of even more specific users, but on many different systems and on any browser.
That was on Windows specifically.
But my home Ubuntu machine later showed the same issue.
7:04 AM
@ByteCommander oh, then its ok.
@muru I can haz scarlet letter? :p
Haven't read the Scarlet Letter
scarlet letter? o.O
7:10 AM
I thought it was a play
OK. It is totally not what I remember :p
Oh. I confused that and the crucible.....
@JourneymanGeek interested in Literature?
Not really
Literature text. The crucible and the pearl. Like teenagers arn't moody enough
7:39 AM
@ByteCommander Didn't you see my message a few above yours?
Oh wait.
You did.
that's what I responded to... I thought
For some reason it didn't show as a response.
Anyway, my issues sounds like yours.
It seems like a Gravatar issue.
Likely caching.
(Because that's what you always blame inexplicable events on.)
Dang, that was such a fun game.
2 hours ago, by Nathan Osman
Steam recommendation: http://store.steampowered.com/app/582500/
It's a two-player co-op game.
The premise is basically this: you and your partner are trapped in separate rooms of a castle in the arctic.
Using only a couple of radios (voice chat) to communicate, you guide each other out of the castle.
Each player has information the other player needs to move around.
Kinda dark screenshot, but that's the outdoor chess set.
I won't spoil any more of the game, in case you try it.
8:12 AM
I don't have steam.
I managed to survive 20 years without it, so I don't see why I should pay for that now.
As a student I'm poor by definition anyway.
Steam isn't 20 years old :P
Steam itself is free :p
So is the game I'm linking to :P
8:24 AM
But I am.
And oh, I actually thought all Steam games cost money...
Guess I never really cared enough to look into it.
Maybe I should, in a few weeks when my exams are over.
Hi all
there are a few free games on steam , I remember playing a free FPS style zombie apocalypse game on steam on ubuntu
8:40 AM
@ByteCommander check out Humble Bundles as well
What's that?
Usually, pay-what-you-want
With extras if you beat the average, etc.
Great! The first 8-core AMD Ryzen can be pre-ordered now. Any info if Ubuntu can be installed on such a system?
Most of them give Steam licenses, that's how I got started on Steam
are the humble bundles easy to install?
8:42 AM
The bundles are generally licenses for games on Steam, Origin, etc.
Humble gives you steam keys.
So as easy as installing from them
Some humble games may also come as binaries.
so to install humble bundle you need to have the whole steam platform installed?
if it was a steam key you bought, yes
8:44 AM
Hmm... I guess I haven't paid anything for games in years.
And actually, I waste enough time on the ones I have or get for free already, spending money on more games will only increase my procrastination.
The costs for gaming hardware outweighs the costs for the games in my home.
By factor 100 at least.
9:12 AM
9:34 AM
So. Do I pre-order a Ryzen 1800X or buy a modded i7-7700K @5GHz... Or wait until Phoronix has a Ryzen 1700X to check compatibility?
I don't think any of the bounty hunters are reading what the bounty-offerer wrote askubuntu.com/questions/266224/…
> Looking for an answer drawing from credible and/or official sources.
The first isn't tested at all on Linux, no idea which motherboards are good or not. The latter is probably going to be slower under multi-threaded stuff... But how often is that really an issue?
@Takkat Good to see somebody else wondering this.
yeah... the prices are very tempting. But I read they are ready for kernel 4.10. - so 4.9 is unknown still.
And 17.04 will be 4.9 only so far.
@Oli I'd wait either way.
I expect an Intel price drop on the i7 from the Ryzen
9:38 AM
Potential for price cutx
aaaand I heard a Ryzen 4 core will be expected to be at $129,- - better for testing.
Fair enough. I'm up against the tax year so whatever I do, I'll be doing it in March.
But I guess that still gives me plenty of time to plan.
We (my boy!!!) need a much faster gaming box... but that's not so urgent to his dad's opinion.
9:56 AM
@Oli They've already sold out of the 7 up here.
I'm going to hold off until I can afford to upgrade most of the system in one fell swoop - I've still got DDR3 memory in this PC.
has anyone here installed the vim fzf plugin by any chance? Ive got the binary installed, but can make sense of how to get the vim plugin working
typo -> I can't make sense of how to get the vim plugin working
Hello ! :)
@Takkat Good morning ! :) I read somewhere that zesty will ship with kernel 4.10 @Oli ! :)
so I read with Debian 9 but they both apparently don't yet.
They will in 04/17 however... who knows. And the Ryzen may well run with 4.9 ... again nobody knows.
<-- wants a Ryzen system for testing - and keeping
10:12 AM
@Takkat I think so too - should work with kernel 4.9 ... :)
you test it!
@Takkat hahaha ... no ! :D
10:50 AM
This is pretty interesting, but is it likely to be the cause of OP's issue? askubuntu.com/questions/863049/…
@Zanna Looks like it might be legit, yes:
A: Power management for wireless unable to turn off in Xubunu 15.04 Vivid

Hb-Check the file /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/default-wifi-powersave-on.conf if the system uses NetworkManager. It contains wifi.powersave = 3. This configuration file came after 14.04 LTS. To switch off the WLAN power save do: Create a new configuration file with sudo nano /etc/NetworkManage...

Oh, that answer is citing the first link so kinda circular.
hmmm TIL. Just wondering if there were any reason to think that power-saving were the problem in that case, as opposed to wrong driver etc
I don't want to upvote an interesting bit of speculation without knowing whether it's likely to be the issue for that hardware
11:17 AM
:35625609 missed it by microseconds for the third time today haha
@Zanna Do you use glasses with built-in spam detection ? :D :D :D Good morning Zanna ? :)
@Zanna I don't know either, but it does seem reasonable. I guess it depends on what "powersaving" means in this context. It does not seem too far fetched to think that it might mean "turn off wifi when not in use", for example.
@Zanna There the new system out where smokey casts 3 automatic spam flags. That's why it's suddenly so fast.
Q: Can a machine be taught to flag spam automatically?

AndyTL;DR: We did it, so... yes. What is this? Charcoal is the organization behind the SmokeDetector bot and other nice things. This bot scans new posts across the entire network for spam posts and reports them to various chatrooms where people can act on them. If a post has been created or edite...

@terdon Seems to work pretty fine ... Good morning terdon ! :)
@cl-netbox morning :) my glasses reflect blue-violet light and detect UV so they can become sunglasses. But they can't tell what is spam
@Zanna What? You have upvote detecting glasses!?
11:22 AM
@terdon yeah I skim-read the awesome news yesterday.
@Zanna I thought they are connected to a device running ubuntu-core ... :D
@terdon haha it would be funny if upvotes made them become sunglasses.
@Zanna In your case that would make you blind ... you get so many upvotes nearly every day which would turn them into black as fast as lightning ! :D
hmm no upvotes today and no questions I can answer apart from one that Wayne Yux answered first because I was preoccupied trying to figure out how to report a bug when typing any key causes a shutdown
@Zanna Still not closed -> askubuntu.com/questions/886164/… Did you miss it - or did what I said above happen yesterday ? :D
11:27 AM
I think it's on of those weeks when I know nothing
The S7 Edge is $480 on T-Mobile
@cl-netbox there are > 150 posts in the close votes queue
11:30 AM
@Zanna aha ... I don't check the queue regularly, I find such dupes more accidentally when checking the unanswered questions. :)
@jokerdino Hi ! :) Congrats for what the Citizens achieved ... that was a cool fight ! :)
Hearts in the mouth and head in the bed.
@jokerdino hmmm it could be somewhat my fault
@jokerdino hahaha :D
@jokerdino Have to think what this means more but it's star-able :)
It means I was sleeping.
11:33 AM
Like a poem though the phrase can have many meanings.
I am not responsible for some naughty meanings ._.
I can't find any unless any mention of bed is immediately suspect
I wasn't thinking naughty per se. More like a guy in a bar trying to pick up a girl with the right lines being spoken but his mind being elsewhere.
Zanna if I had known muru was writing an answer at the same time on: askubuntu.com/questions/886325/… I would have bailed out.
lol @ concept of AU General chat as a bar where folks try to pick up "girls"
Zanna your popularity just sky-rocketed with male-female ratio :p
11:45 AM
@WinEunuuchs2Unix I'm glad muru answered it, makes me think maybe I was not wrong to VTL-O
@WinEunuuchs2Unix hmm?
@WinEunuuchs2Unix You bring some nice kind of humor along ... :D Hello to you ! :)
@Zanna I think the question could be reworded to stay open, something like "How do I decide which compression format to pick?"
@cl-netbox Good morning cl... good to see you today :)
@WinEunuuchs2Unix that would deviate from the intent quite a lot I think... I think the "why" question is answerable, really
But the "why" leads to the "which one" in the practical usage
things are allowed to be subjective as long as they are constructively so if I understand correctly... but shrug
@WinEunuuchs2Unix I don't see that... I don't think that's what they were asking. but maybe it's just me :)
11:50 AM
I was just looking for wiggle room to keep the question open... Maybe I was grasping at straws.
what did you mean about skyrocketing popularity
You're one of the few girls in AU Chat General Room.
If it was a virtual pick-up bar your competition is little and your suitors are many :D
people here are very strict about POB. But on the Vegetarianism.se beta, I am struggling a lot because people ask questions like "is it acceptable to refuse to handle animal products for someone else" and then object when I VTC and say "this is too opinion-based blahblah"
She is a woman.
@jokerdino thanks <3
11:51 AM
"girls" is a figure of speech, not meant to be literal.
You're digging your own hole. . .
digging a hole is a figure of speech, not literal.
@Zanna It's a beta, you'll have many users who aren't used to the strictness. Also, it's kind of a POB site, really.
"Heart in mouth, head in bed" is the "figure of speech" that got us in this "hole" :p
11:54 AM
@terdon yeah :/ it's quite difficult to figure these things out.
@terdon will be fun when Zanna becomes a (pro-tem) mod over there.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix It was Netbox who started this :P
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Nice to meet you too ! :) Sorry for the late reply ... just finished improving the question I answered ... :)
Which answer @cl-netbox?
@jokerdino @WinEunuuchs2Unix and who created this chatroom in the first place? such a troublemaker, whoever it was
I agree with you.
11:57 AM
@WinEunuuchs2Unix The answer to this question -> askubuntu.com/questions/886448/… :)
I thought Office 365 was microsoft product?
me too
@jokerdino ;)
@WinEunuuchs2Unix yes it is - he wants to integrate that account into UCC ... but there is no plugin available. That's why I suggested the alternative solution. :)
Ohh ok... over my head then :p
Can anyone come up with better tags for this: askubuntu.com/q/886485/85695 ?
12:04 PM
@muru No, they're q-banned on U&L, no reason they can't ask here.
It's a horrible question, of course, but being Q-banned on site A doesn't mean you can't ask on site B.
@Zanna some sites are more subjective than others. Parenting, Pets, etc. are pretty much completely subjective.
@terdon no, but it doesn't mean they aren't trying to bypass a q-ban either, which is what I said.
@terdon done :)
(also, they said SO, not U&L)
@muru I know, but they're Q-banned on U&L.
12:07 PM
Anyway, I don't see what some "profile" file has to do with Ubuntu. I VTC'd it as off-topic.
@muru yes indeed. Maybe I am having trouble switching registers
@muru No, they aren't. Q-bans aren't network-wide. They are site-specific, and it is perfectly OK to ask somewhere else. Attempting to "bypass" a ban would be creating a sock to ask on the site you're banned on. Asking somewhere else is absolutely fine.
@muru ~/.profile ?
@terdon they said profile, I take it as profile.
@terdon I'm sure I have seen action taken on other sites for trying to slide through question bans elsewhere.
@muru No you haven't. This is not against the rules.
Unlike voting to close perfectly on topic questions as off topic by pretending you don't understand them. But hey, suit yourself.
@terdon if you say so. You seem to be the final arbiter after all.
12:11 PM
@muru I think they meant "I know I'm on the Ask Ubuntu Stack Exchange* site but my Unix & Linux account has been q-banned" implying "I'm not using Ubuntu but figured it wouldn't matter".
*I mean I think they said SO when then meant SE
Q: Ubuntu 16.04 has experienced an internal error

MikiBelavistaI will show here what I got with error tracker Error reports sent from this system Occurred Received Problem Type Program 2017-02-21 08:02 2017-02-21 09:02 UTC Crash boinc-client 2017-02-20 07:02 2017-02-21 08:02 UTC Crash boinc-client 2017-02-16 08:02 2017-02-17 08:...

Q: restart kills Compiz and Firefox

tomasOn my Ubuntu 16.04, I've discovered that this line kills both Compiz and Firefox. $ restart unity7 start/killed, process 22087 22087 is Compiz and it gets printed at each restart. Firefox gets a hit too, though that's not reported on in the terminal. No other demise observed. Is this a design...

@Zanna Probably. I have a policy of not putting in more effort in understanding a post than the OP put in writing it. So crap question == take it as written.
@muru fair enough. I think I may as well edit out the q-ban part though...
@cl-netbox thanks, apport is what I was trying to remember. But please don't add version tags unless the question is somehow specific to that particular version.
1 hour later…
1:42 PM
@terdon okay, thanks for the hint, I didn't know that it has to be handled this way. :)
@cl-netbox This has been a very contentious issue on meta in the past. And it is a losing battle, people will always add version tags even when they're not really providing any useful information. The general idea is that i) if wee need to know the version (and we usually do) that should be in the question, not the tags. Tags should only categorize a question, they shouldn't be providing essential information.
and ii) that version tags are only relevant if the problem/question is specific to the version mentioned. Most questions are version-agnostic, really.
If you want more background, start from
Q: Version tags are being used improperly -- what to do?

Andrea CorbelliniTags like 12.04 and 13.04 are being used almost every time even if the question isn't version-specific, and even if the tag description explicitly says: You should only use this tag if your question is hardware or version-specific. Why is it a problem? Because the StackOverflow platform req...

And work your way through the linked posts. Wont' be fun though, I'm warning you :)
@terdon Got it - thanks for your explanation ... why do we need version tags then at all ? :)
We don't, really. Or, at least, I don't think we do. I'd love to get rid of them.
@terdon Why not let the system admins delete all of them "silently" ? :)
We'd need a meta discussion first and nobody wants to start another meta discussion about version tags. There was quite a brouhaha over this in the past. Also, they are probably the most used tags on the site. Removing them would leave many questions untagged. It can be done, but it isn't super simple.
1:53 PM
@terdon Hmmm ... I don't think a discussion would be very productive ... 100 users will post 100 opinions, which in the end leads to ? Nothing ! ... right ? :)

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