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9:00 AM
@Rinzwind Awesome
Sooo many hacking possibilities
So I've switched my default terminal to Terminator. Hmmm , aint that bad for now :)
At least I can wall stuff
I feel like switching to 16.10 :-P
@Rinzwind VM all the things :D
How do I do feature request on launchpad ? or should it be just regular bug report ?
@Rinzwind noob of the day spotted? askubuntu.com/questions/804837/…
tsk tsk tsk.
9:07 AM
@Serg bug report it
We do not support versions of Ubuntu that went end of life. Please use unix.stackexchange.com "My job depends on my connection to the internet " then why are you not using 16.04 and let your system run into an EOL? And also what Byte Commander said :D — Rinzwind 12 mins ago
@Rinzwind did he edit it just now ? because it says in the question he upgraded to 16.04 3 days ago
@ƎpᴉʇʎXD in the post it says he has upgraded to 16.04 already , please remove your comment for now
i edited the 15.10 tag 5 hours ago
@Serg hmm cant tell. doubt is was in there when I marked it but he might have edited it in
retracted the cv just in case :D
I edited the post already
thank you @Serg for the super helpful link and sorry I can't test your active app script
9:19 AM
that's alright . . . I think i can close that issue , it's non-reproducible anyway
??? script???
yup , i have a script that makes your currently active application jump to the top of the Unity Launcher
ooo, can I test it?
sounds intresting
ok time for a pokemon run around hockenheim _O-
9:24 AM
You will need Ubuntu with Unity desktop , just FYI
i don't have ubuntu :P
nvm then
that's alright :)
Could he be using keyboard layout other then US-Intl
@CodeX good point. Ask him in the comments about that
9:35 AM
@Serg I can't .. I don't have 50 points xD
the GitHub comments...? no AU rep points required
haha no brain detected today >_<
9:39 AM
and you still pressed 'any key' to continue
where's the any key?
Q: Press any key - Which key to press?

FabbyI see press any key on my screen and: I'm wondering which key I should press... OR I'm pressing a key, but nothing happens!

Q: Ubuntu apt -f install equivalent in fedora

ranchoIn Ubuntu I often use the command apt -f install to fix missing dependencies. Is there any such command in Fedora? Also is there any equivalent of the command gdebi which also automatically fixes missing dependencies during install? I am experienced in Ubuntu and now want to make hands dirty at...

9:43 AM
@Serg Aww, just wanted to post that link as well :P
> No keyboard detected.
Press any key to continue.
Meanwhile, Serg would write a python script that would generate random hex number in range appropriate for any of those printable keys, and use xdotool to press it
@ByteCommander that was the funniest question ever. When I saw it , i was like WTF ? Then i was like , hold on let me post, but it got closed pretty soon
Also, this one
Q: How can I make my shell prompt look like a cheeseburger?

Corey GoldbergI want my shell prompt to look like a cheeseburger! 🍔🍔🍔 It would be nice if it also displayed: username, hostname, and current directory.

the hard way is always more glorious; that's why British spelling is superior to USian spelling. Why should spelling be concise and phonetic?
haha I'm just fiddling with my prompt now
Serg's timing is purr-fect
goodnight all
9:50 AM
the third answer is the best ^_^
mmmm chezburger
ok time for me to sleep
10:00 PM here
night all
3rd Answer is bit racist
@CodeX Serg likes this video . . . .
"Press any of the black keys once.

Don't press any of the orange keys."
9:52 AM
no I mean the third answer on how to get cheeseburgers in PS1
A: How can I make my shell prompt look like a cheeseburger?

Dan MorrillI couldn't help but take this probably a step too far. This version updates your prompt to display a different character based on time of day, to illustrate what you should be doing at that time. declare -A pp pp=(["09"]="🍩🍵" ["07"]="🌅" ["08"]="🌅" [10]="💻" [11]="💻" [12]="🍔🍟" [13]="🍔🍟" ...

yeah, you guys were talking about different posts
Speaking of prompts, there's lots of fun you can do with UTF-8 characters
i used to have emoticons for my prompt at some point
oh lord we can spend infinite time on PS1 customization
Yeah, and there's ways to have battery percentage and current time in prompt
there's lots of fun ways
what i want is a PS1 that tells me to get s*** done
9:54 AM
I like zsh
@edwinksl do you want me to make you a prompt like that ? XD
@Serg hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
i kinda wanna watch another silent hill video, but i also wanna sleep
about keyboard question .. he could be using english but with different keyboard layout
I wanna play with PS1 but I gotta go to work waves byebye to all
10:01 AM
well this is unusual . . . .
askubuntu.com/questions/804848/how-to-delete-this-kind-of-file am sudo rm -f <filename> I guess rm -rf /* will also work. :D Is this a prank?
@Serg you appeared in my review audit
that's why we have
@HenryWHHackv2.0 bad , very very bad command
rm -rf /* will remove everything in root directory
10:05 AM
@Serg I know I know I know
I know!
@edwinksl hope i didn't mess up too bad :D
@HenryWHHackv2.0 ok, just as long as you know :D
@Serg ;D
"This 7-inch Frankenphone comes with Android, PC Windows, and a projector"
PC Windows?
a projector ? what ?
10:08 AM
yeah windows 10
projector ..which uses light to display images on wall or anything
oh I reread xD ..yes a projector
night all
wow . . . .just wow . . . . Ladies and gentlemen, now you can make powerpoint presentations using your phone
i should follow edity's example and sleep
night night
484 more points until I'm back at 20k.
10:38 AM
It was not really necessary to star that...
Goodbye Everyone See You Guys Again Later! :)
Is this suggested edit improving/correcting the post or the opposite? askubuntu.com/review/suggested-edits/597415
11:22 AM
sudo apt-get install ubuntu is a thing? askubuntu.com/a/804874/15003
1 hour later…
12:38 PM
@edwinksl I think he just added some random stuff so that it qualified as an answer
I'm flagging VLQ
I agree.
at least we know how to install Ubuntu from the command line now though
Too bad it's only 5:45 for the silent mod
@CodeX How dare you show a Mac here?! Is that a shadow over the keyboard, though? It looks really cool
Q: Backtrack 5 r3 not showing wifi interface while airmon-ng

Irfan Hasnanihello i am using Backtrack 5 r3 in oracle virtual box 5.10 i have dell inspiron n5110 with "realtek pcie fe family controller" wireless card. but when i am finding wifi connection by typing airmon-ng in terminal it not showing wifi card in terminal... please helpout me from this trouble

1:13 PM
@Zacharee1 haha .. yeah its shadow
2:03 PM
Q: How do I run the ubuntu iso file on windows?

Jonathan ThangaduraiI have downloaded ubuntu 16.04 64 bit from the internet. After downloading the file, I don't know how to run it properly.I plan to run it on my usb.I use windows 10 OS.

2:34 PM
@Serg Btw, they started now to print some "pretty photos" on cigarette boxes to stop people from smoking here in Germany.
Generally I'm in favour of this, but please put a cover before these boxes then and don't just let every little kid see a photo of a naked man lying on top of the blanket on his bed with a caption "smoking can cause impotence" >.<
Banning tobacco ads in public places would be more effective and less disgusting IMHO.
sed 's/lol/yuck/' < what_Zacharee1_said
2:51 PM
3:01 PM
Q: Can't execute PHP files in Ubuntu 16.04

Amanda ThompsonI need an urgent help! I can't execute PHP files in Ubuntu 16.04 x64 - PHP 7.1. When I try to open, is download instead of executing.I already try EVERYTHING that I thought that will be solve this problem, but don't solved! :(

@ByteCommander well that's overkill. Ukrainian and Canadian companies print pics too but aimed more to scare people
and in the US ads are banned , iirc
@Zacharee1 is that a pen0s ?
@Serg wow
My jetlag reset seems to be working. Woke up today by myself around 8am
happy days :)
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive answer detected: wifi dosn't work by TomSawyer on askubuntu.com
3:20 PM
> I inject my 2GB memory car to my pc
Weird question.
Guy should visit an English course.
Well, if you can find an answer to his main question, then maybe you should put that in the answer too! ;D
3:26 PM
Translated version: I inserted my 2GB memory card to my PC.
I voted to close it as dupe, it's basically how to recover a file which got overwritten.
I'll leave the editing fun to someone else... ;-P
probably happened on Windows.
Then close as off-topic. I don't care, just close it...
don't remember asking you..
then leave it, I don't bother.
BBL, having a BBQ now.
3:37 PM
and I care about that because?
@jokerdino: Because he's trying to bribe you with BBQs. :P
Hello everybody ! :)
3:55 PM
Hello :)
Q: Users strange behaviour

Mark KirbyI noticed something about this user, almost all question the questions they ask are answered for them in comments or by other users and they take this information and create there own answers with it and accept it, just look at there question history. I don't know why they are doing this but som...

It's finally over. https://t.co/MMslUIm9E6
@Seth ooohhh ... no problem for me ... I somehow lost interest in MS products ... Hi Seth ! :)
4:08 PM
If I be given choice between windows 7 and 10 I will always choose 10
user image
because it is much better ..better 4k support ..rt apps..cortana..over all design and so much more
4:14 PM
Nothing can beat Aero
I left facebook
and my Windows 10 can't seem to stay connected to the internet properly
about once a day, I just lose access
driver issue
it says I'm connected but Chrome says I'm offline
works fine in WIndows 7
It just happened
works fine in Windows 7
Chat is lagging out
and I hate that I can't connect to VPN from the connection menu
it is not very customizable .. and loads a lot of things which we dont need
4:20 PM
windows over all
4:59 PM
Q: Clarification about these two flags and the ban trigger

Andrea LazzarottoApparently, I've been banned from flagging after I flagged these two non-answers + one answer: This one talking entirely about Android Studio, while the question was about how to run the Android AVD Manager (different software) and Android Studio was only briefly mentioned by the OP in a previe...

5:09 PM
opinions are funny
Pilot's defending flagging something as spam that (for everyone else in the discussion) is obviously not spam
but then in that post, says there's no reason to flag either question
indeed i am not sure how that can be construed as spam
it's easy to get yourself in a corner where you feel like you have to defend your decision, even if it was wrong, or "lost face", or something.
lol what is 1.6
From his previous question, I'm going to guess it's supposed to be 16
5:20 PM
that is beyond my mind-reading ability unfortunately
as in Ubuntu 16.04
ah ok
but it's like he got really drunk before asking it
not sure how the period ends up there
5:55 PM
really raining here
sunny here ;)
sleepy here zzz
go sleep? we will try to make sure AU doesn't become a hot mess while you are gone ;D
6:03 PM
@jokerdino Well, sorry for being a bit unfriendly two hours ago. I was slightly upset because of things on this side of my screen.
@edwinksl do do things when I am away. I would have an handy excuse.
@ByteCommander All's cool. No probie.
good slumbers <3
heyo. I got my mails every day of the week. @Zanna.
5 different courier folks.
^_^ happy days!
6:06 PM
na, hated talking directions to them.
besides, now I have to start reading the books.
hmm yeah, let me get back to doing that. Nighto.
aww take it easy
sometimes I feel like there is so much complexity to the SE system it's not worth it :(
Q: My HTPC sometimes displays a random series of colored blocks upon login

evil_dick2System Information: Model: Acer Veriton VN282G-UD5253W Processor: Intel Atom D525 1.80GHz Chipset: Intel NM10 Memory: 4GB DDR3 Hard Drive: 500GB Graphics: NVIDIA ION GPU - GT218 OS: Ubuntu Desktop 16.04 LTS, 64bit Browser: Google Chrome-Version 51.0.2704.84, 64bit (This is my home theater PC, ...

What the Win 10 free upgrade period is over already?
@ByteCommander finally, yes \o/
6:13 PM
Well, that saves me a few hours of time it would have taken to upgrade dad's Win 7.
\o/ ;D
If I upgraded Vista to 8 and then to 10, can I downgrade to 7?
@Seth what is not worth what?
@jokerdino I mean it sometimes feels so complex I am surprised people put up with it.
However that is just an occasional feeling. I think in reality it isn't as complex as it sometimes feels. People just take it way more seriously than it needs to be taken.
@NathanOsman 8 was pretty good.
It was at least stable.
Honestly 8.1 was my favorite version of Windows for getting work done.
6:15 PM
Yeah, 8.1 was nice. 7 was good too though.
Although 95 will always have that special place in my heart for nostalgic reasons.
That was my first version of Windows.
@NathanOsman Oh definitely. Still, 8 had several major improvements over 7. Like the new task manager.
Whoa! I'm a few years younger than you (I think) and I even had DOS/3.11 at some point.
Yeah, true. And 8.1 had the right-click-the-start-menu menu.
6:17 PM
@NathanOsman oh yeah. Forgot about that!
That 3.11 machine actually is still waiting in my basement, ready to run...
I have a 486 sitting here.
Has Windows 95, though.
We had Windows 3 and DOS and such, but I was young enough then I didn't really ever use them.
That one was a 386 DX if I remember correctly.
The only way for me to get a screenshot and show it to you is to copy it to a floppy disk, take it out, put it in another old machine that has a floppy drive, and copy it to USB or connect to the network.
6:18 PM
And that "special place in my heart" has Win 98 though.
The other old machine here has Windows 98 SE.
@Seth it can be overwhelming when you are exposed to all the little things at once. Fortunately, the privilege system kinda helps prevent that.
98 SE was the best thing since sliced bread.
@jokerdino true. Very true.
It was the first release with USB 2.0 support.
6:19 PM
Right, missed the SE. First Windows that supported USB. And you needed a special driver for every single USB stick.
I don't think I touched a computer until 8 years ago.
@ByteCommander Not if you got the generic one.
XP SP1 <3
SP1? :/
We never had XP. Went straight from 98 SE to Vista :D
6:20 PM
@ByteCommander A ship is a ship.
@ByteCommander Not only that, you could often make a stick work by forcing Windows to use a driver for a different stick.
But with SP3 some of the bigger leakages got closed.
Things started to be a problem when sticks were NTFS formatted by default though...
@NathanOsman Well, I guess my skills were not advanced enough for that at this time yet ;)
If anyone wants some nostalgia, George did a video review of Windows 98.
6:22 PM
i had windows 7 from preview all the way till windows 10 came out ;D
I originally had an OEM copy of Vista. Somewhere along the line it turned into a full license.
Okay, bbl. I'm going outside for another while until it gets cold or I get haunted by mosquitoes...
6:36 PM
6:46 PM
Q: Ubuntu KVM VM - Change IP address?

csharpnoobieso i have a dedicated server with 5 usable ip addresses, now what i want to do is run a different ip address to the one that is assigned on my dedicated server on my kvm vm. what network source do i use? I'm currently on NAT and how do i config it all via console? Thanks

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