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7:13 AM
Any networking guy here?
What's up?
7:29 AM
@NathanOsman Why is there "huge" similar type of UDP traffic when I tether my android to Ubuntu desktop?
How are you tethering? Via Wi-Fi or USB?
my rep :=)
I'm not sure why there's so much UDP traffic. That's a good question.
why is your tethered phone fragging your packets?
@Rinzwind Gimme Rep
7:33 AM
@Virusboy make a question or answer worthy of my attention >:-D
... but im pretty good with ubuntu
O.o what happened to all the questions? Who solved all issues in the world? Must have been @Rinzwind...
@RegisteredUser what are you connected to (like site?) It might be that the UDP traffic is to your cell provider as well
@RegisteredUser since it is not connection based.. like not TCP but UDP would make sense

I know I shouldn't flame but I think this is an exception.
@NoTime I'm only connected with firefox. two sites are opened, the askubuntu.com newest ques page and this page.
7:38 AM
@NoTime Its how the packets are being managed
And it does not seem to have any meaning when I tried "follow the udp stream"
I just couldn't see where it was going
It looked like it was sending to itself.. not sure (thats wireshark right?)
oh wait.. that subnet.. /32? yeah thats traffic to itself
and it continues when the internet is stopped(but thethering is on). @NoTime It's wireshark.
Im not sure how tethered works on phone, but it might be that a phone is like a router. @RegisteredUser did you examine the packets
they might say more than I could guess
When you tether your using it like a Modem
7:42 AM
so you demodulate to cell signal?
Ok.. just trying to wrap through this. USB gets sent to phone OS, OS handles, sends to wireless antenna on Cellphone demodulates, sent as cell signal. Modulates returned signal sends through USB. Just wondering where the UDP fits in there.
or actually probably MoDems on both sides
More its an ineffecent way because if the packet is too big it frags it down.
I was thinking about asking it on some se website, but not sure where it goes.
If the packet cannot be fragged it loops endlessly
7:48 AM
it should have like a ttl or something.. if you look at the packet
wait no ttl on udp
sorry i might be spouting misinformation i am a little tired right now. @RegisteredUser What happens when you examine the packet? (like double click and expand the bottom pane)
8:10 AM
oh wait
why wont it fucking update my icon!
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@NoTime This is some data from the initial packets that were send as soon as the tethering was started
le_pkt_send_buffer_ex_ioc client=0 pkt=ee49c len=1 ............. .AT_SerialRxHandler 1088953996 1 .............2.k:handle_pkt_alloc_buffer_ptr_ioc pkt=ee4fc len=1 .............9.k:handle_pkt_send_buffer_ex_ioc client=0 pkt=ee4fc len=1 ............. .AT_SerialRxHandler 1088953996 1 .............2.k:handle_pkt_alloc_buffer_ptr_ioc pkt=ee55c len=1 .............9.k:handle_pkt_send_buffer_ex_ioc client=0 pkt=ee55c len=1 ............. .AT_SerialRxHandler 1088953996 1 .............2.k:handle_pkt_
@RegisteredUser it may align better on pastebin
laters peeps
8:25 AM
LATER @virusboy
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@RegisteredUser do you have a galaxy-s?
@NoTime I have a galaxy chat b5330
@NoTime Here is the text dump pastebin.com/PWaLpLK0
I am trying to figure this out. I am used to seeing the packet with the headers set, and the hex next to them, with interspersed plaintext.
right there it looks like server to client chatter though
Ok first segment.. (by guessing here..)

send message to server, wait for message (rpc_wake_lock:FREE)
then rpc_wake_lock:UnLOCKED
recieve messages
then rpc_wake_lock:LOCKED
don't recieve (you are analyzing message)
Find how many servers (4)
(gets cyclical from there)
then it does a sim check
@RegisteredUser that doesn't say why your UDP is going like that though. It might just be checking the sim card a lot
8:47 AM
@NoTime So Ubuntu is repeating those steps infinitely, rather than doing it just once or once in a while?
I would think it is your cell phone. You just are picking up the traffic with wireshark (it monitors ANY network traffic) and your computer is in a network with the phone
the rpc parts are dealing with server (from what I have read so far)
it seems like most of it is for the play store too
@RegisteredUser so your phone looks like it is making sure google's store is available to you and your sim is authorized
i could be wrong but that is my guess
don't think it's ubuntu doing it
So it has nothing to do with tethering but wireshark just captures the packets because the phone is on same network.
Well yeah (for the most part) you CAN hide packets, but anything being sent across the network within range it can pickup depending. It doesnt always depending how it's setup (network wise) but since you are connected to both devices directly it is probably going to
not to outside of network though (past phone)
i need to sleep though
GN. thanks for the help.
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