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12:05 AM
@Serg Which meta post, you mean the one where someone was asking for support and not asking a question about AU? (Can't, they're q-banned)
@ThomasWard OK, nevermind then.
@Serg yeah i already saw that post and tried to move it off Meta, problem is that it can't be moved if he's Q-Banned on the main site, which explains why he posted it on Meta
I found out just now I was supposed to upload my student ID to the board supplier site
gosh i am pissed
12:09 AM
I'm purposely not taking a swipe at Nvidia here for their drivers. It's hard, but I'm not :D
@Serg smile, you're on candid camera.
@NathanOsman phrasing . . .
@RobotHumans i've been on candid camera for 2 weeks ? that's like . . . some stalkery type of stuff
@NathanOsman we are not supposed to post linus memes, but you could post a comment that says "insert angry linus meme here". most upboated comment ever
1:14 AM
String val = text.getText().toString();
                int valInt = Integer.decode(val);
                if (val.length() > 0); {
                    try {

                        if (text == RedQT) {
                            redIntQT = valInt;
                        } else if (text == GreenQT) {
                            greenIntQT = valInt;
                        } else if (text == BlueQT) {
                            blueIntQT = valInt;
                        } else if (text == RedSig) {
There has to be a better way to write that...
with a hint of Android
replace that if/else tree there with a switch/case set?
maybe go insane?
either of those
text is of type TextInputEditText
switch was the first thing I tried :/
I think you're SOL then
but SO is better than here for such programming things
1:19 AM
actually, Code Review would be
is @KazWolfe here?
he usually has a few choice words (or heart attacks) :p
1:30 AM
SE chat needs emojis
i need them to respond to zach's code
@Zacharee1 So go there?
@edwinksl if you use @NathanOsman's script you get them
nah, i will do without
1:47 AM
It is not the day for Nathan's script lol
Never gonna script you up, never gonna compile you down, never gonna curl around and git pull you
sorry i had to
The git commit is what I'm thinking of, you would not git pull this from any other repository. I . . . just wanna tell you how I'm feeling, gotta make you understand . . .
*oh gawd . . . please don't let me organize my own wedding . . . it'll be just buns, puns, and silly *nix jokes
2:10 AM
@Seth lol
2:34 AM
Say, whatever happened to @Videonauth?
2:45 AM
He was here a few days ago.
3:23 AM
He doesn't come around much.... was wondering about him myself a couple days ago.
4:12 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Few unique characters in body, repeating words in body: Fonts not working correctly by friedcheese new on askubuntu.com
1 hour later…
5:28 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] URL-only title, bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, blacklisted website in body, blacklisted website in title, +1 more: getmenshealth.com/testoflex-advanced/ by sahoum on askubuntu.com
I'm here now.
What do you want, @Zacharee1?
Q: Bash script only runs sometimes, if not at all

kinx#!/bin/bash set -o nounset set -o errtrace set -o pipefail SCR="bunny" SCRIPT="/home/../run.sh" function main() { if find_screen $SCR >/dev/null; then close_screen start_script fi } function start_script { echo "Starting script with new screen" screen -d -m -S...

Request to Mods: Please stop telling people they can disassociate their posts. Let them figure it out on their own. Please.
(cc @ThomasWard, @Seth)
imo, we shouldn't be encouraging/advertising disassociation.
5:55 AM
Also, did you all see that the S8 "borrowed" Ubuntu Phone's docking feature?
6:07 AM
Docking phones is all the rage.
All the cool people are doing it.
Except Apple.
But then again, they're not a "cool people".
since when did apple innovate?
Not since the 80s.
("innovate" meaning not stealing someone else's tech and claiming it to be "revolutionary" and having the masses believe them)
The Apple II was the last time that happened :P
I've written an answer for the missing fsarchiver askubuntu.com/a/898364/61218.
@KazWolfe i'm not sure
nice to see you back
hi, likewise.
i'm about to get off, so... bad timing :(
Hi, there's still no good way to make scrollwheel go faster? I searched yesterday, but only answers are with imwheel, and it can be buggy it seems
@caub you wanted it for chome, right?
chrome or any other, even in folder manager (oh well it's fast enough there), so yes Chrome at least
6:38 AM
I found scrolling slower in chrome and ended up using an extension.
ah, ok thanks
I had to reinitialize full ubuntu and I forgot the name. sorry
well it's same speed on Firefox
same slower?
yes just as slow as chrome scroll
6:41 AM
Ubuntu 16.10?
I'm a but scared of extensions for that, it might mess up
Lubuntu 16.10
hmm... Lubuntu uses some config xmls. Have you tried lxinput?
I will, thanks for telling
you're welcome
turns out it was already installed, I already checked the configuration for mouse, nothing to change scroll speed
6:46 AM
try gpointing-device
ok, not avail :( on lubuntu
search in software center
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted user: Fonts not working correctly by friedcheese on askubuntu.com
7:04 AM
o_O ^
@Anwar users sometimes like vandalizing their own posts because we don't give them the delete button.
also lubuntu fonts are quite ugly :), coming from windows, but I don't mind and will get used
@KazWolfe but how will it allow them to delete?
@Anwar It doesn't.
It just annoys us because we need to rollback their vandalisms.
But it was an innocent post!
7:11 AM
Look at the revision history.
OP for whatever reason wanted it gone. I'm not OP, I don't know what OP was thinking.
OP just wanted it gone, and decided to vandalize his own post because you can't delete a question with answers.
hmm... I think it's because of the mentioning of some proprietary fonts?
I do know that this is known to happen where OP is embarrassed by their question (very simple answer) and/or it gains a lot of downvotes.
@caub Use subpixel rendering, hinting slight. It should be great
hmm how you configure that? the more annoying thin is sublime text font, but I'll find a way to put a better font there
any screenshot?
7:16 AM
ah screenshot, another thin I need to install, 1 min :)
scrot comes with lubuntu
i believe
hmm, I install gnome scrrenshot thing
gnome thing will look ugly on lubuntu because of headerbar
it's not too ugly, but i don't know it feels less readable than on windows
@caub why do you hink it's ugly?
maybe it's because of the font. Windows' consolas is super readable
7:21 AM
this was on windows github.com/babel/babel-sublime/issues/305, not so different, but slightly clearer to me
oh well, nvm, I need to get used :)
@Anwar can you screenshot a regiononly with scrot too?
hmm. You may try hinting: full then.
I haven't tried or I forgot. but It should be possible
windows / lununtu comparison (for same code)
well you can see windows fonts is a but more compact, I'll find a way thanks for the help
use line gap. It's in sublime preference
i need to go quick. bbl
yea scrot -s, thanks scrotum is nice :)
7:54 AM
@caub I'm afraid to ask if the later is an actual command.
yea, not avail on all systems tho
8:17 AM
Someone is flagging all the emergency mode questions as dupes. Is this is right thing to do? See for example this one
8:34 AM
@Zanna that someone is . . .
I don't think all emergency mode questions fit under the duplicate he provided
On that question itself there is ton of different answers which all seem for different cases
Due to lack of correlation between actual error that OP has and what is mentioned in the duplicate, I'd say it's not a duplicate
@Serg yeah I know...
@Serg I agree
@Serg I agree
@Serg I agree
I think someone should tell luk3yx not to do that
I don't know enough about what could cause it
@Zanna lol, you should start learning Python: print("agree"*3)
but I feel there are multiple causes
@Serg I agree!
9:04 AM
@Serg does it print a newline each time?
Is the achievements inbox not updating for anyone else?
@Anwar it doesn't
>>> print("agreed"*3)
>>> print("agreed\n"*3)
hmmm . . . . can I . . . .
nope, i cannot ping myself
Ok, so who wants to tripple ping me form a single message ?
@Serg @Serg @Serg
@muru what are you seeing?
meh, it counted as just a single ping
@Serg joined plain propic club
You should get 3 from that single messeage
9:08 AM
oh, god, now it tripple pinged
how can the acl package not be installed in 16.04 o.O ?
@Anwar Ok, how did you do that ?
@Zanna nothing. My achievements inbox is stuck at 103, but I'm at 167 for today
@Serg edit 3 times
Oh . . . that makes sense
9:09 AM
@muru where did you get the real count from?
well I will have to find some questions to answer in order to reproduce haha
@Zanna might be a minimal install or something
@muru @Serg but you can reply to yourself.
(which generates a notification)
@muru I can't reply to myself!
9:13 AM
@Serg asdf
oh wow
@Serg how do you do that?
@Anwar the GUI doesn't show an option, but you'll see reply messages start with :<message-id>, and the message ID can be changed to one of your own messages
@Anwar you have to get the permalink of the post , get the message ID , and just add :12345 (the message ID ) in the beginning
it's a bit too complex
but works
9:15 AM
sorry. wrong message :P
@Anwar will work
Well, now I know one more feature of the SE chat . . . not quite sure how useful it would be but it sure is fun to be able to ping my own posts
@Serg is it legal in US to buy used hard disk?
@Anwar Well . . . I don't actually know. There's lots of used hard drives on amazon and other sites, so i would assume it is . . .But I'm no lawyer . . .
I've bought one yesterday and you know what? his gmail id with password was stored on that disk in a text file!
Actually . . . this would be a very interesting question for law SE site
9:22 AM
A: What is the legal status of data (intentionally deleted or not) on a second-hand computer?

kevinData, as it happens in law, can also be owned. That's why we have a discipline called "Intellectual Property". It is a "thing" - like other properties like cars, houses etc., someone owns it. Now, does the transfer of a computer also includes a transfer of data ownership stored inside the comput...

Hi @Anwar :) how are you?
it says "If somebody uses this data, then he is using data collected through illegal means, and can be prosecuted." why is it illegal? Since it's their failure to protect the data. The usage should be illegal, but the capturing isn't imo
@Zanna I'm fine. Thanks for asking :) you?
@Anwar I suppose the data must be obtained with permission of the person/organization
Although taking into account the recent bill that the US government has voted on , this is basically doesn't matter
According to that bill ISPs won't have to have permission to collect user's private data; they just can and can sell it to advertisers
Eh, go figure
9:33 AM
OK @muru I reproduced your achievements inbox bug
@Anwar still waking up I think :) it's taking a long time today
@Serg WAT? O.O
@Zanna what sorcery did you use?
I answered a question and someone upvoted my answer haha
but no green stuff
But I live in a country where illegal is legal. No law is law here :D
9:38 AM
So, it means ISP can literally sell your data without breaking any law?
I'd say trumptastic!
Technically, yes. Of course, they can't technically sell it to anybody, probably sell it for advertisement purposes . . . But let's say . . . AT&T's servers get hacked . . .or Verizon's . . . all that juicy data that they collected from users will go into the hands of black-hat hackers
I'm interested to learn the reaction of US citizens about it. What do they think about it?
A lot are upset about it. I see more and more people mentioning VPN, which is great news, although it seems to lack the outrage.
But it's inconvenient to stick to a VPN i think. you need to connect to it every time and check if it's connected and etc etc
@Anwar not really. It is just another part of connecting to the internet. It will slow down your connection setup but can be made to automatically reconnect on disconnect.
@Serg you own it. :-)
9:47 AM
@Rinzwind fair point. I remember seeing an option in connection manager. btw, nice to see you :)
I see you got that Legendary badge. Late congratulations!
yes I have
and thanks :)
we have 1 computer here that I must use to connect to our google instances. It is basically a VPN connection and I can SSH into that system from the office (and only the office).
but what is your options if VPN is made illegal?
That's . . . a big problem . . . and i doubt government wants to open that can of worms
10:20 AM
@Anwar how would they enforce that? You can't detect if someone is connected over a VPN.
@Serg China likes cans of worms :-P
10:35 AM
@Rinzwind Pfff, even China doesn't nuke VPN as much. I know because I have friends who access facebook from China and guess what they use ? VPN. Sure Chinese government sometimes flexes muscles but for the most part it's perfectly fine. On the other hand, US government especially with Trump now is frequently being overly paranoid about average users
also, people often seem overly paranoid about China. My professor in history class tells "horror stories" how there's internet police and big brother is watching everything you do online. Spreading paranoia to average students
11:29 AM
Q: rsync doesn't delete files in destination directory

Warden rsync -avr --delete hulio@* /home/zsumo/hotpoint/data What's wrong?

11:54 AM
to skip morning lecture or not to skip. that's the question
never skip
skip to the morning lecture, then you will be in an alert and cheerful mood on arrival...
No need to skip. It will likely make you tired. Just walk normally to the lecture.
skipping is actually th most energy-efficient way for a human to move :)
I think teleporting is way better.
12:03 PM
in terms of distance covered/joules consumed
@jokerdino oh god if only I had that...
Beam me up, Scot!
I mean, Scot-ty but that works too.
12:04 PM
I know, just being silly
Hmm ):
I wonder if you get 50k on MSE or something you earn the teleport privilege...
I am just being annoying I guess.
I'm sorry, I didn't want to annoy you
It was just easier to pretend to misunderstand than do something clever with the previous post
@Zanna That can't be true. Why? Skipping wastes energy by making you jump up on each step.
12:06 PM
2 minutes is not long enough for my slowness to edit wittily
@jokerdino never <3
I am just annoyed by my lack of teleport privilege
@terdon Maybe I read it from some unreliable source! But, I think you are not skipping enough ;) it is amazingly easy to go fast :)
Yes, but since there's an extra upward vector added, I don't see how it can be more efficient than either running or walking.
hmm... you can skip low to the ground?
You'll still be wasting energy on the small upwards jump though, won't you?
I guess the distance benefit outweighs it. Like, instead of the effort of pushing the weight of your body five times, you only have to push it once. Even if that push must be harder (let's say twice as hard) it's still more efficient than having to push it five times?
> In man, running is a much more energy efficient form of locomotion than skipping for the same speeds, while galloping is most energy efficient in quadrupeds. But the difference in efficiency is not only explained by the extra limbs, but also in the elastic properties of the spine, which helps to store and release elastic energy.
Hmm, maybe this is what you were thinking of:
> Surprisingly the ‘apparent efficiency’, defined as the ratio of the amount of work done for the amount of metabolic energy expended, is very similar in walking and skipping, but there the similarity ends. Skipping clearly has a much higher energy expenditure.
12:19 PM
so skipping is the best way to get around in a low gravity environment hahaha
that article is interesting... but a bit confusing
I guess I had better do some more research
12:31 PM
Q: How to stop a folder from being auto-deleted from /run in Ubuntu 16.04

geonautI'm trying to setup a runtime dir in /run to hold my gunicorn/nginx socket and PID files. I'm using systemd to manage the service. My systemd config is shown here. The problem is that the folder keeps getting deleted, and my site goes offline. I've worked out that the folder is being created, ...

12:54 PM
Well I didn't even expect to get an answer on my English post, much less 5
nice :)
1:25 PM
Hello :)
1:53 PM
Nice to see you :)
I think this is an interesting question I believe. Should be answered askubuntu.com/questions/528211/…
2:19 PM
@Zanna @AndroidDev I am fine with merging the questions. You know, 15 points are nice, but they don't really have much weight at 32.5k any more anyway ;-)
2:39 PM
@KazWolfe We have already had this discussion - it's their legal right and other than just saying "No we are doing nothing to your post" for items with decent content that the user wants to delete for an unknown reason, it would be better to have it disassociated. If you feel that strongly bring it up on meta.
@UbuntuQuestionsonU&L newbie alert :-)
@Rinzwind Really? That's actually a pretty good question and one of the very few times the ubuntu tag makes sense. The directory isn't being deleted on reboot but 10 seconds after its creation. Do you know what would cause that?
If so, please post an answer! I can even move it here if necessary :P
2:54 PM
@terdon No. Newbie. He is doing this himself with his service. The system itself does not delete from /var/run/ unless told to do so by a service. Only during booting there is a service that recreates /var/run.
1st thing I'd do is open syslog.
@Rinzwind That's what I thought, which is why I couldn't understand what the OP is facing. Their question suggests they're not completely clueless though. Are you sure there is no other explanation?
Ah, nope. @Rinzwind caught it all right:
I think that you were right @MarkStosberg - the process was exiting due to a code error rather than a tmpfs issue, and deleting the folder as it should have. I then got an Nginx 502, rather than catching the bug in the browser. I think there was also an error in the .service config, which was compounding things. Once I aligned the .service config with the config in this question, and fixed the Python error, things worked as expected. — geonaut 1 min ago
of course I am :=DDDDD
I know my /var/run :=D
@terdon the answer is bad advice. possibly harmful too.
Lets say I make an exisiting file immutable would it survive a reboot? If not that answer is useless. If it does ... I can imagine a whole world of hurt if the file should contain newer data.
3:13 PM
Blub. And so should you.
@Rinzwind Can't survive reboot, surely. Not when the whole filesystem is destroyed.
Still, very pointless since that would mean the file would never be deleted so there's no point in having a runfile in the first place.
3:48 PM
@ByteCommander I feel the same, but I didn't want to leave you out of the discussion when you have a stake in it (unlike me)
@Anwar I agree :)
@Zanna Just out of curiosity ... why do you act differently here than you did in my case - you might remember when you (and others) closed posts and I lost my points ? I would have appreciated to be asked before as well as you know. :)
Oh, forgot to say : Hello and good evening @Zanna ! :)
4:16 PM
@cl-netbox this case is about questions that belong on the site, so the question what to do and how is relevant. Off topic questions are considered not to belong on the site, no matter what. (cc @zanna)
@JacobVlijm Good evening Jacob ! :)
Hey @cl-netbox!
4:35 PM
@JacobVlijm Thanks, I cannot explain any better. @cl-netbox - I was being asked for my opinion on a merge - both of the questions could stand alone and all accepts be kept, that would be fine. The proposed merge offers benefits imho but it's not essential or very obviously the only thing to do. All factors should be considered and if a discussion is warranted then those with posts/points on the line should be involved in it. That was my thinking
1 hour later…
5:39 PM
Q: Switching from Ubuntu to Debian

justinmnoorI want to switch from Ubuntu 16.04 to Debian 8.7.1. I have the correct Debian iso image on a USB stick. My computer will not boot from it, nor will it boot from a CD/DVD. It just flat out ignores it. The funny thing is that my computer will boot from a USB stick if there is an Ubuntu iso image on...


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