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12:02 AM
and i edited it a bit
Yey, Ubuntu phones are going to be released on February!
I'll stick with my Nexus 4,5,7 fanboi-ism thanks, but it is good news.
it probably will be my first phone
your first phone?
my first phone looked a lot like a suitcase.
new phones are getting bigger every day, it may look similar
12:07 AM
@Lucio hope so, I'll hold out excitement till I see a preorder page saying they can ship here
yeah, me too
you are on fire with the hats bro
who me?
no, bro
Seth passed me up
@hbdgaf yours should be on the left-bottom side
12:09 AM
it was more entertaining for me to think about the how on a secret hat than to try to achieve hats. anyway, i'm busy playing with some things.
cough.. TF2! Cough..
Thinking about the best way to do this:
    def compute_candle(self, pattern, df):
        npa_result = self.func_dict[pattern](open = df['Open'].values,
                      high = df['High'].values,
                      low = df['Low'].values,
                      close = df['Close'].values)
and finally finding it
Yeah, if you get what it's doing, it's a pretty sexy implementation.
thinking about asking mrjbq7 and the pandas community if they'ld consider a pull to one place or the other to make that little bit of "wow that was easy" to the rest of everyone.
accessible out of the box, not just "hey this guy wrote this snippet that's pretty cool"
12:27 AM
@hbdgaf it is going to be the first comput_candle function on github.
It's just a way to make a python wrapper, obviously written by C++ guys, a lot more pythonic in the way it feels/reads.
Think of it this way:
Any time I read the docs, read the source, play with an API, google a bit, play with it some, fail a couple of times, then get it working...

I get a little excited when I see a snippet or function in a library that basically says:
Yo, that's pretty cool. Just throw some data at it and get what you want.
Force rebooted...and my entire steam library. Gone. kapoof.
All the screenshots and save files are still there...but no games
@hbdgaf Precisely. Argh. And those took ~3 days to download with my horrible internet. Yargh
you mean the game files proper aren't there or they don't appear in the steam app?
12:39 AM
@hbdgaf Neither. Steam app shows them as uninstalled and the game files are gone too.
if the game files are gone, you probably force rebooted during an upgrade. and i'm all out of mercy for people that do that
I don't think so... I was in the midst of a game and it froze...I was downloading a game (Portal) at the same time...
then they should still be there. game files should only be gone if the locations were changing during an upgrade and you still have them... but they're somewhere you don't expect.
Just one hd?
12:43 AM
No, 1 TB HDD + 240GB SSD
i'm not continuing this conversation... good luck.
SSD is set to / and HDD is set to /home
@RPi_Awesomeness check on the other
@Mateo_ Where?
@hbdgaf you like to play with data
12:46 AM
The link might have broke try using locate to find that folder, see if it finds two of them
@Lucio It's more entertaining than watching a movie when there's a big enough payoff for winning on defeating the data set. It's just like a first person shooter payoff reward. If you don't get a sense of accomplishment for slaying a digital being, it gets old regardless of gameplay. If you really enjoy the response to your action, you want to escalate.
Life is all really just game mechanics.
^^ might be the wisest thing I'll say all day.
@Mateo_ find the .steam folder?
@hbdgaf you can make it more similar to Counter Strike or Monopoly. it's opt to you
It's saying the same thing. If you get it you get it. If you don't, I don't really want to have to refine the point.
it is like spaghetti and noodles. you see the difference or you don't
12:58 AM
Yeah. Pad thai is definitely different than spaghetti. You either get the point or you don't.
Like the sealing of the pie. Is it meat or ham and cheese? You get it or you regret it.
I think that expression might have been lost in translation
I have a hard time translating "repulgue", yeah.
i need a nap... sorry. later.
1:09 AM
waiting a sec.
oh snap
do you note the difference between them?
dumplings are nice. so you're saying the filling.
but also the shape of the dumplings
how do you call to that?
please, tell me other than filling
the exterior shape? i would call it profile, but that doesn't make sense in that expression.
yeah, the exterior shape
you are an avid cooker, no one better for this
1:13 AM
oh, never mind. i see what you mean now. not filling. the style in the seal.
let me modify the sentences then..
Like the seal of the dumplings. Is it meat or ham and cheese? You get it or you regret it.
a similar expression here is wine taste on a beer budget. different, but related.
one is really well done. the other one is functionally done. i'll think on a better corollary expression.
think on that with the pillow. later
1:16 AM
later on.
and thanks
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4:50 AM
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6:29 AM
Anyone there?
I am here.
o/ @NathanOsman
<--- has a crossbow in their Gravatar O_o
Heh... I'ld totally need that hat if I were still using the Abraham van Helpsing name.
6:33 AM
Do anyone like the new flat look? You know the new flat trend speaks by WinBlow$ 8 Metro UI.
@hbdgaf That was my solution where I was reading on decorators and partials without getting anywhere
@NathanOsman ^^
@hbdgaf Ah, cool.
6:34 AM
If that look good to you than.... I don't know
Paper right?
@Andrew Like what Android did with material design?
@Andrew I prefer clearly defined title bars.
@NathanOsman I hate it, I hate Numix, and such why do people go crazy for the flat look
That's the beauty of Linux. If you like it, go crazy. If not, there's a theme for that.™
Paper, a theme inspired by Google's Material Design webupd8.org/2014/12/paper-new-material-design-inspired-gtk.html
6:36 AM
See my comment saying it look uglyl
That look good
I'm about to test 2buntu.com 's new read-only mode.
To be fair, I don't think so. Desktop icons are EEEEWWW to me. So, what Nathan said about if you don't like it change it.
luckly you can
I love those Icon, and the Logo too
I like that style alot
@Virusboy exactly
6:39 AM
@hbdgaf Same here. Was never a fan of desktop icons.
Well I think we just need to do away with the desktop4
and the menu
Make the program part of the desktop and menu
So do it? I like my PyQt-kwin cocktail.
Do away with tabs too
Also, somehow never quite liked KDE although it has a very good set of default applications.
I like the way of gnome but love kde programs
6:41 AM
@RohithMadhavan I prefer some of the KDE/Qt defaults. k3b and amarok for example.
I still go with chromium over Konqueror though.
It worked!
Well have nice luck using KHTML now adays
@hbdgaf Yes. Like I said, the default applications are good. However, the DE never appealed to me. I'd take GNOME over it anyday :-)
Well KDE don't have extenstions have nice luck changing how a dialog look
like the logout one
And we're back to silence again...
6:45 AM
What is your favorite color?
For me it is Green about you @hbdgaf @NathanOsman @RohithMadhavan @Virusboy
@Andrew Red
Black (which isn't technically a color).
Otherwise, "Stack Exchange blue".
@NathanOsman WOW you are one of the first to realize that
I tell people that if they tell me Black gray sliver or white
Grey is a color, and so is white.
6:49 AM
May I ask you Why your favorite color is your favorite color and not a different one?
Black is the absence of color.
@NathanOsman Not scientifically...
How is grey not a color?
I suppose it depends on how one defines "color".
@NathanOsman Look up Rods, and cones in the eye
Or the color specium
Anyway, I have to head to bed now.
6:52 AM
Monochromacy (mono meaning one and chromo color) is, among animals, the condition of possessing only one type of cone cell for color vision, which results in a monochromatic-like (in most cases black and white) vision. Organisms with monochromacy are called monochromats. The perceptual effect of any arbitrarily chosen light from the visible spectrum can be matched by any pure spectral light. Many species, such as all marine mammals, the owl monkey and the Australian sea lion (pictured at right) are monochromats under normal conditions while other mammal species including humans having such vision...
This is why I like GNOME ...
@NathanOsman Why is your favorite color blue or "black"?
@RohithMadhavan That's nice, but I don't like white title-bars. It's too loud on my eyes.
There's a theme for that though ;)
@hbdgaf There is an option for a 'Global Dark Theme' in the tweak tool.
Or else you could install your own theme.
@hbdgaf Which is your favourite DE?
6:57 AM
I already expressed that opinion 5 minutes ago or so. I use Xubuntu and PyQt on top of kwin.
7:26 AM
free flags:
Q: One more thing that the Best

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8:39 AM
> User was removed
My up vote addiction hates that sentence...
9:27 AM

 Ask Ubuntu Design Room

Discusion based on the design of Ask Ubuntu
9:43 AM
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10:37 AM
Does anybody know which license the libreoffice-style-sifr icons/theme upholds?
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11:46 AM
Q: Can Process id and session id of a daemon differ?

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Guys, I switched on SSD! I'm so happy with it! :D
@blade19899 I thought of putting Borat initially
12:00 PM
@IonicăBizău Tried out github-contributions yesterday. Nice work!
Wowowow! :D
Anyone familiar with Ardour? (cc. @Mateo_)
The problem is that I don't hear any sounds in output device (headphones).
Recording works, output side doesn't.
^ cc @laugeo
12:27 PM
A programmers most difficult relation is with ;(semicolon)
Q: Working of cd command issues

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1:07 PM
@IonicăBizău yeah, that is a problem with jack I think, it assumes you have one device. I never did figure that out
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3:16 PM
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