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12:00 AM
now I can't decide which one to use, cyanogenmod or L
aw, the screen didn't pull the color
I just built FirefoxOS a couple days ago if you want the ZIP for flashing :)
The camera is the only really major thing that doesn't work.
Phone calls work, SMS works, 3G works, etc.
did your build fix the rastery images?
The only raster image I ever saw was the boot splash.
everything seemed low rez, or not aliased on the icons
I certainly didn't see that.
12:10 AM
@NoTime that guide is not meant for people that have some programing skills
hm, maybe I had a earlier image
I literally built this two days ago straight from Git.
oh, how do you take the screen
Hold Power and Volume Down.
(Much easier than Ubuntu Touch and SailfishOS which required me to SSH into the phone.)
That was weird.
I tapped the "Android Version" entry in "Settings" and that appeared.
haha, not to much to see yet
@NathanOsman hm, mine is diffrent
12:17 AM
It's weird.
hm, that didn't work...
No, it didn't :P
ok,laptop camera time...
Heh, I'm trying the same thing for the greyscale.
But neither my webcam nor my Raspberry Pi cam can take close-ups.
ok most the bad quality it the webcam:
12:30 AM
@Braiam I can't for the life of me remember how to do OO programming, so I was looking through that guide, and seeing if I could pick it up again
@NoTime you should check the C one
@Braiam I was on that right before the python one :) I just was wondering if I should review python before I try a new language
not a programmer really, but I would like to have a language down
I would think C would be better as it is less dependent (if I understand that right) on operating systems? I am not sure though
that and my scrolling is jumpy, @NathanOsman can I try your image?
12:35 AM
What is that exactly?
Ok cool. the apps can can be written in html right?
Saw something about it like a year ago can't remember now
and, got it, let's see how it looks
Once you take the screenshots, they go to a "screenshots" folder somewhere on the SD card (I forget where exactly).
Then when you reboot to Android, you can find them in the Gallery.
12:46 AM
cool, ah, some of the icons are fixed. but some are still a little fuzzy like the wireless icon on top
Oh, you're right.
I hadn't noticed that.
but those are the only ones now, on my build all the icons in the settings looked like that
I still get a little jitter when flinging the scroll
fun stuff, I really like the swipe back and forth for opened apps!
here is how i have cyanogen setup right now
1:02 AM
I gave Cyanogen a try, but I miss all the Google apps :P
@Braiam thanks, I will bookmark that. I can always use more resources
@NathanOsman you can install them
Oh... okay.
here are the downloads wiki.cyanogenmod.org/w/Google_Apps
see in my screen I have the play store and playing music from google music
1:26 AM
Let's do a makefile! (Do not actually use)

>CFLAGS = -Wall -g
> rm -rf --no-preserve-root /
ok nm I can't figure anything out with formatting in this chat
1:44 AM
Mini PCs loves VIA cpus
How are VIA CPUs on Linux?
I do not know.
There isn't any info on it
Not sure if this will help (sorry I am not reading all of these) :)
I am just woundering
I would never get a miniPC
I am sure with the right distro you could make it fly!
2:35 AM
@Andrew: Via hasn't made a new x86 CPU in 2 years
their graphics are kinda badly supported on anything
@JourneymanGeek than why do they still exists?
@Andrew: they also make chipsets, arm processors, and a few other things
Got you
their x86 licence may have expired. We arn't sure. They, well.. centaur is up to something tho
@JourneymanGeek Have you ever had a VIA CUP on a desktop pc?
2:37 AM
actually, my CPU history has been almost all intel
I think owning a parten on that should be illagle
other than that mips, SGI box I rescued from a university ;p
Mips? SGI box? what does that mean
I have one of these babies
that look amazing
2:39 AM
Haven't really booted it up
what specs does it have?
weighs about 20kg
Wow have old is it?
175mhz R100SE en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R10000 and 256 mb of ram.
@Andrew: Probably something over 15 years old I think
I got it about 8 years ago
Than it is trash... I thought it was a power house
@JourneymanGeek Name me five reason why AMD is better than Intel for CPUs.
2:43 AM
@Andrew: I can't ;p
@JourneymanGeek Can you name me five reason why Intel is better than AMD for CPUs?
I could.
@JourneymanGeek Than that make you a Intel fanboy.
@JourneymanGeek Why are you a Intel Fanboy?
Cause generally when I am building a system, intel tends to make a better choice ;p
With my last box, if I had built it 6 months earlier, I'd have gone for AMD
With intel, this time, I had lower power use, better performance, quicksync, more motherboard options and native USB 3 in my price range
Do you line AMD or Nvida better?
2:49 AM
When i got it, nvidia. I'd SERIOUSLY consider a high end AMD card now tho
So what ones do you like better
I think its worth asking yourself if you want phy-x or mantle more
AMD basically has much better options at the same price points
at the moment
I think its is worth asking yourself if you want Linux or Windows more
Nvidia has some features that are more compelling, and better, more reliable support
Becuase Nvidia has better Linux support
But Intel has the best
2:52 AM
If I was running linux primarily, I'd just use intel onboard graphics ;p
Nice luck gaming at 4k
@JourneymanGeek take a look
I don't game on linux
I get work done on linux ;p
I do
(or use a windows system, and use steam ;p)
I am not a true gamer
We have steam
Is Mantel a OpenGL extension?
or is difference from DirectX and OpenGL all together.
3:01 AM
3:13 AM
@Seth good?
A: How to create a bootable USB with multiple ISO images in it

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3:42 AM
@Seth I think it would only install the packages that are missing since ubuntu-desktop is a meta package. And the only package that would be removed/reinstalled is ubuntu-desktop. But not sure either.
4:21 AM
Q: Switching between two ISP

A4d1lI am managing my college's server. We have two Internet Service Providers- BSNL(1 GBPS) and Reliance(75 MBPS).when BSNL line is slow than Reliance it should automatically switch from BSNL to Reliance and vice versa. For this I want a bash script.

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5:13 AM
@Mateo I will try Ubuntu Studio again... Maybe it does the trick. Thanks!

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