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3:00 AM
@Serg there it is, the Sha256 lib (which is not really being compiled as a lib for now)
@WinEunuuchs2Unix where the heck are you?!
@Seth you should go to Fort McMurray.
@Seth Edmonton
We rate our equipment for -50° C up there.
Oh wait that is North Pole, Alaska (which I did not know there was a such a thing...
3:00 AM
@NathanOsman Mmmm . . . yes, except I can't add input fields to the indicator. I'll have to spawn new window/dialog for grabbing user input , which sort of defeats indicator in purpose
@Serg Hmmm, yeah, good point.
Although . . . I've something in mind . . .
I meant to say that can't be Fahrenheit, but that's still freezing.
@Serg that is fine...and I did that last night...
@Seth wind chill will be minus 35 tomorrow which is close to Fahrenheit and winter doesn't start until Dec 22.
3:01 AM
just have to figure out how to get input from the user...
@NathanOsman thanks , I think you gave me something interesting to work on . . .
but Iwill figure that out later
@TheXed how are you working with it ? Via python interpreter or via script file ? Or like I do , via command-line args ?
I believe this is appropriate, @WinEunuuchs2Unix:
Probably a script at first...
3:03 AM
@NathanOsman Not True today.... it's too cold to snow.
@NathanOsman you're killing me.
uh oh. The snow is like 15 miles south of me D:
and coming north.
$ python3 python3_input.py
@Seth okay that may be true wherever you are...but we only cancel school if we can't start the buses...
3:05 AM
$ cat python3_input.py
#!/usr/bin/env python3

string = input('Enter cool stuff:')

eww python 3?
Yep. Python 2 and 3 are somewhat different but over time i came to like 3
OK, guys, i better get my lab writing going, because I promissed to my partner to post lab by 9 pm
I thought 3.5 was installed in U 16.04
It is
3:08 AM
One more:
Can I nuke Python 3.5 if I never use it or will U break?
@WinEunuuchs2Unix it will break, don't ever uninstall any python
@Serg... 10-4
I should probably learn Python in 2018.
Yep, it's a cool language
Ummm... you wouldn't be a little bit bias would you?
Remember I have read a few of your posts :)
3:13 AM
The problem with python 3 is that it isn't installed by default is it?
It is
oh those poor souls that made the mistake of uninstalling python.
@Seth Amen
that's like saying "I'll just manually update libc! what could possibly go wrong!"
3:14 AM
Python is like that snake that can live a year without eating and then STRIKE!
Every time someone makes a libc joke, I am obligated to promote escapefromlibc.
Well, libc is even worse. Uninstalling Python breaks GUI and I believe a lot of apt-get tools rely on python, so there's that . . . but libc is critical for the whole system
@Serg ...except for my tool :D
It'll be the one thing that works.
Sounds like a Viagra commercial
3:21 AM
@NathanOsman o_O
@NathanOsman when do we get escapefromsystemd?
@Seth when sysoverlord takes over.
3:22 AM
@Serg man, I'm really liking working with vim, even though I still didn't get to the features that makes it shine
Ohhh please I'm still trying to learn systemd
for now one thing I'm finding really useful is running shell commands from the editor without closing it @Serg
now why is @Seth not on the discord chat. :P
Microsoft just made PowerShell open source.... don't know if you knew that.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix yup
3:24 AM
Wasn't talking to you Zed...everyone knows you know everything :)
@IanC yes, vim is oddly satisfying :D
@WinEunuuchs2Unix that is not true...just mostly everything.
OMG, worst possible time for WPS Writer to crash
One thing I don't know is why you keep calling me "Zed" lol
For whatever reason X sometimes is pronouced as Z in Engish
Xena for example
3:25 AM
@TheXed I call you Zed for Men in Black movie...it seems right.... I wish Intel RST was open source more than Power Shell which has limited application for me.
or my chinese name, Xieerqi
I need to start working on my vimrc file, so far I've been trying to use all commands so I can get used to it, though with C I don't need much more then :set nu. With Ruby I need some tab tweaking that I don't remember completely (something with smarttab expandtab and some other stuff) @Serg
@WinEunuuchs2Unix oh, I am sorry, I have not seen that movie since I was in highschool, 15 years ago...is Zed a good guy orr a bad guy? I prefer him not to be a good guy.
Zed was the overlord... it's also the last letter in the English Alphabet... But in Americanese it is Zee.
My vimrc is simple
set ls=2
set numbers
oh, and set nocompat, i think, but that's for vim tiny
i use that on raspberry
3:28 AM
I'm trying to unlock intel HD graphic card for high speed brute force attack but it requires special drivers..where do I get it in kali-linux?
@ThomasWard I am
you are?
@Serg I use a fork on raspberry...
i . . . need to go out for a while . . .I'm in the state of rage at the word processors right now
@AlanWatch Pretty sure intel HD graphics are integrated into the CPU
3:30 AM
@Serg please go pet your dog...it helps me to pet my cat...
@Serg always a good thing to rage at.
@Serg You need them to work in order to... excel.
@ThomasWard I am.
right before she tries to take my life...
3:30 AM
@Serg nice, this Status line looks useful
@Serg you need to upgrade from Word Perfect 5.1 Try Word for Windows 3.11
might use ls=2 as well
@WinEunuuchs2Unix I have Word for Windows 2.0 on floppy disk somewhere here, I think.
@NathanOsman I had Display Writer at one time...
@Seth but using intel GPU will still be different from using CPU
3:31 AM
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Ever used MGI Photosuite?
It was the only program we had for the longest time that could create GIF, PNG, and JPG images.
@NathanOsman I'm not photogenic so ... NO :)
(This was back when MS Paint only did BMP.)
I'm trying to remember if Paint could export to JPG in Windows 98...
Oh I know MS Paint and BMP... plus Microsoft Flight Simulator 1
3:33 AM
Why don't I boot it to check...
I need some help, is anyone available right now?
@NathanOsman was that a rhetorical question?
@ComputerGuy Ask your question and we'll see if any of us can help.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Nope.
I recently got a Wacon CTL-490, assuming it would work with Ubuntu (CLEARLY not doing research haha) and it of course, doesn't.
I was going to ask a question about getting it to work with Ubuntu 16.04, but then saw these: askubuntu.com/search?q=ctl-490
As far as I could tell, all posts except this one: askubuntu.com/questions/809253/… used versions other than 16.04, and the answer that is 16.04 is Kubuntu, I have normal Ubuntu. I tried using most of the solutions, some wouldn't even run, so I wondered if it would be ok to make a new question.
@ComputerGuy most likely we won't be able to help...we are a huge collection of noobs
3:34 AM
@NathanOsman Well in that case pull yourself up from your boot strap loaders and check it out
@TheXed lol, I'm getting there
Will do.
@ComputerGuy of course you can ask a new question.... these guys might delete / close it though.
haha... I mean it might come under peer review
3:37 AM
@ComputerGuy its true, we delete/close stuff just because we can, not because we should...
@TheXed seriously?
@ComputerGuy why else would we do it?
So just BMP then.
@TheXed I would think if there was something wrong with it, I wouldn't just do it...
3:38 AM
(Yes, the icon in the corner is Netscape Navigator.)
@ComputerGuy Yes it's true, but it's usually done by committee
Why do I have to change the DNS server on my wife's computer exactly at the same time every night? I have been alternating between OpenDNS and Google Public DNS....
@NathanOsman why are you using Windows 95?
98 SE.
I'd like to report a bug.
@NathanOsman oh right...couldn't tell for sure from the screen shot...
@NathanOsman lol...
@NathanOsman the bug is the user...
3:41 AM
@TheXed you shouldn't do your wife's computer's DNS at exactly the same time every night, spontaneity is better for them it's that Love Boat / Fantasy Island thingy.
Firefox 2 is the latest browser I can install.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix My view towards this site just completely turned. I thought the only reason that was there was if something wrong was happening, but if your just doing it to do it, I see that as immaturity. You know it's hard to get reputation on these sites, even if you know a lot, and you guys closing posts doesn't make it easier. Honestly, I though the people who had more reputation points would be the most mature on this site, seems I was totally wrong.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix I don't have a choice...the internet stops working if I am not consistent...
@ComputerGuy o.O....
@ComputerGuy we are just joking...
@ComputerGuy honestly closing/deleting a post is always a last resort...we try to edit or have the OP edit it with guidance helping them make it valuable to the community.
@ComputerGuy Maturity is a relative term. I could call Barak Obama immature ass*ole for kiling 500,000 Syrians. You could call him him mature for trying to save them from a London educated Eye Surgeon named Assad.
@TheXed Oh, ok, I had no idea.
3:47 AM
@ComputerGuy sorry I guess most people around here are use to the jokes...
@TheXed Yeah, sorry, I'm generally new so I'm not lol.
@ThomasWard are you saying my jokes are in bad taste?
@ThomasWard There is nothing wrong with this chat room... I've seen many others of so called squired taste that left one gasping for a glass of clean water.
@TheXed no, i just meant that some people aren't used to jokes.
@ThomasWard oh, well I would have...
3:50 AM
i'm tired and should be asleep anyways
True that, lots not used to jokes
I didn't know "A-Team" was such a good TV show...
I pity you fool
^^^ quote from tv show <<< to future historians.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Guess what still works in 2016?
dammit , i totally forgot about completing the lab
3:53 AM
2017 historical google searches?
@Serg oops?
Google in Internet Explorer 5.
Yes, 5.
It. Still. Works.
My mind has been blown.
@NathanOsman it won't work on a secure site..
Yes it will.
In theory, anyway.
3:54 AM
@ThomasWard nah, more like dammit
Hmmm... well some newer HTML 5 video stuff might not work... as they say "your mileage may vary".
SNI isn't supported but single-host SSL sites should work if the CA is old enough.
Try a secure site, I bet it won;t work
OK, i'll deal with it later , time to clock out and go home
@NathanOsman OK buddy you are right about IE5... but why should we run it?
3:56 AM
@Serg make sure you ge tthe right bus
I mean train
@WinEunuuchs2Unix It's sooooooo secure!
Its attack vector is practically zero now.
MS DOS 1.1 is probably secure too....
@TheXed Serg takes train then 20 minute car ride.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix considering it is probably really hard to connect to the internet it probably is...
@WinEunuuchs2Unix I have always wondered what it would be like to commute every day by train...
@TheXed If you wanted security you get Chromium with open source....
I bet you would meet some interesting folks..
3:58 AM
Here are the root CAs from IE 5 that are still valid:
There are always interesting folks on public transit.
Do note that those certificates were generated 20 years ago.
@NathanOsman why are they still valid? lol
@TheXed Because they are.
@NathanOsman hmmm...
4:02 AM
South Korean president is still refusing to fall on her sword.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix I though she resigned?
@TheXed no she offered to resign to avoid impeachment
But in their society they are supposed to commit hairy kurshna or whatever it is called.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix I thought the Samurai did that?
4:04 AM
You see the male corporation leaders kill themselves in Korea and Japan... now it's time for female to prove she is just as good as male.
Even a Japanese Subway train driver kills himself if he has a train accident.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix lets face it...she will never be as good as Trump...so just grab her by the.....hand...yeah the hand...
Yes she is a celbrity in South Korea.... but not for being business person like Trump but for being daughter of former President... Kind of like Clinton wife of former President.
I use the term wife loosely.... holy matrimony wasn't in the equation.
Wait are you saying the Current president of South Korea had sexual relations with her father? It's no wonder they want to impeach her.
4:10 AM
No one talks about her sex life... if they did it is probably the girl who is being charged now though... ie "Les be friends".
Charges against them are purely financial and manipulation of government.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix slaps , Koreans and Japanese are different
what do I know I'm half Chinese and half Brittish.
and fourth generation Canadian... which is like American in culture.
@Serg welcome back
and American politics... and American business... and American technology... and America finance... and American economics... and American warfare... so not really half Chinese and half British in reality.
@TheXed thx, I'm on phone
4:15 AM
@WinEunuuchs2Unix the term you wanted by the way is "Seppuku"
@TheXed technically you are correct but I'm kind of Roman language history so was thinking Mea Culpa
@WinEunuuchs2Unix oh sure...
@TheXed there's another word for it, actually, harakiri
@WinEunuuchs2Unix a concept my 6 year old needs to learn...
4:17 AM
Geez TheXed this isn't a chat room for 6 y/o concepts
@WinEunuuchs2Unix why not?
If my 6 year old could read, he could learn a lot hear...
They deserve Santa Clause until age 7 / grade 2.
including self sacrifice...
my 10 year old still believes in Santa...
Age 10 is the hell on earth phase
@WinEunuuchs2Unix tell me about it...
no better yet let me tell you about it...
4:19 AM
You mean you believe your 10 yo believes in Santa Clause he/she is trying to ease your mind.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix fair enough,,,
Trust me in Edmonton at least they are told by other kids in grade 2 that Santa Claus is not real.
But if you tell your Grade 2 kid the truth when asked, you get an extra grinding in divorce court.
But it's the price you pay for being a good parent and they say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger... albeit a little bit lonely
@WinEunuuchs2Unix so your wife divorced you for telling the truth....that is a bit backwards isn't it?
Nope she divorced me for 500 grand.
I see...
4:24 AM
but I only had 400 grand, so I ended up homeless and kidless and lost my software company.
but the psychologists said what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
People can be so heartless sometimes...
@WinEunuuchs2Unix so does the Bible...
Now what to do with all this strength?
But people argue that that is fictitious too...
4:25 AM
Pffft.... you do realize much of the biblical references on TV are metaphors right?
@WinEunuuchs2Unix I don't watch TV so no...I don't
TV = media.
Not sure what Media is...
A DVD is media... so is a floppy disc.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix I was being some what sarcastic...
4:27 AM
hehe so was I.... my first media for computer storage was a cassette tape :)
mine was a 5,25 floppy disk that was actually floppy
Yeah I had a dual floppy drive IBM PC too.
Also a 35 pound IBM PC portable with 9" monochrome monitor and 10 MB hard drive
yawns time to bid you adeau.
good night
5:18 AM
Hello. I am trying to set up a 'test machine' so that I can run applications, procedures, screw up etc without affecting the main OS. Is this possible?
@TheXed I had one of those.
360KB or so if I remember correctly?
I uploaded this to Pixabay and it was rejected because it "Does not fulfill our quality standards". Okay, wow.
Either their standards are stupid high or something else is going on - because that's an extremely high-quality 4K video.
5:34 AM
@Davea get virtualbox and ubuntu iso image and install the iso there. If anything goes wrong, it is as easy as deleting regular file
Where did you find daffodils outside at this time of year @NathanOsman?!
oh, nvm. Missed the date.
@Seth Sorry, it's from last year :P
And spring for that matter, too.
5:46 AM
I found a website that allows raw SQL in the query string!
A bit of sleuthing reveals that it is running MySQL.
Dude. This is unreal.
6:15 AM
is it safe to download linux tool from their official website instead of repository?Sometimes I download linux software like WPS office,flareget etc. from windows and install them later when I run Kali linux.
"when I run kali linux"
Typically the big advantage with repos is you have reasonably stable software that's updated semi automatically
There's nothing wrong with compiling your own, if you know what you're doing. If its a repo run by the folks who write their software, its still nice to have a repository for updates.
6:42 AM
Ugh. Website using checkboxes as radio buttons -.-
6:55 AM
@JourneymanGeek 'when I run kali linux "ehhh"' yeah I've a dual boot system..I store data for my teammates in kali linux(back up you can assume) and I work on windows..sometimes when I install a new software in kali, I just don't directly download it by repository..you know that "wget" command..I download its setup while using windows and use it later..I heard that people only recommend use of repository to download any software for linux
@AlanWatch dual boot's fine
but you should never really be running kali, outside when you need to
Its a very specific distro for throwing onto a thumbdrive when you need a standardised platfrom to do a penetration test
If you find you keep needing to add things, just start with a standard distro and install what you need
A: What makes Kali Linux different from other Linux distros for it to be used exclusively for hacking and penetration testing?

Aibobot I have been asked to first start using Kali Linux and get used to the bash before doing anything in hacking. No. Just no. "Getting used to the bash" means you're lacking somewhat fundamental skills and knowledge in linux. Kali linux is a fairly focused distro designed for penetration testi...

A: Why don't you use root for browsing the internet

AibobotKali linux is not meant as a general purpose OS. Its meant to be a standardised platform for deploying specific scripts to do various tasks. Its one of these Very good at what it does. Just not what you need when you want to go grocery shopping. I'm told it runs as root by default which i...

Written using my alternate account
the second question was interesting..I often use root while browsing SE sites
You shouldn't be using root
now I'll make sure I never do
I tend to do the ubuntu style "no password for root" "one or more admin accounts" + some service specific accounts
7:11 AM
making an account as administrator is not as same as root right?
administrator means you're in the wheel group IIRC
In computing, the term wheel refers to a user account with a wheel bit, a system setting that provides additional special system privileges that empower a user to execute restricted commands that ordinary user accounts cannot access. The term is derived from the slang phrase big wheel, referring to a person with great power or influence. It was first used in this context with regard to the TENEX operating system, later distributed under the name TOPS-20 in the 1960s and early 1970s. The term was adopted by Unix users in the 1980s, due to the movement of operating system developers and users from...
You can also edit the sudoers file to give some users access to specific commands with elevated rights in theory IIRC
Ubuntu doesn't have a wheel group
the sudoers file grants sudo privilege to those in the sudo group
so I think the sudo group is Ubuntu's version of wheel
I've not played with that much, I need to look at that at some point. Confusing T T
7:19 AM
oh hmm... that's different to what I was thinking
since system files & directories have ownership root:root
only root is in the group root on Ubuntu by default
according to getent anyway?
there's also a group called admin
here's my sudoers file from 16.10 - I've only modified it to get the insults paste.ubuntu.com/23602264
maybe the admin group is the equivalent of wheel...
I've not messed with this in a while
@terdon haha finally I remembered to check I can still use sudo service foo start syntax in 16.10. Indeed I can...
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