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12:10 AM
Q: Meaningful tag wikis/excerpt

BraiamI've seen a bunch of approved tag wiki's and excerpt that really, really don't follow any of the guidelines for Tag wiki's/excerpt and are run of the mill man/wikipedia/project page dumps. This is not useful, but the worse part is that there are people approving them and the editor thinks he's do...

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so what is new in 4.4.3
The 3.
a lot
@jrg yes to?
did they finally do the application control thing?
1:20 AM
They fixed a whack of bugs.
A lot of them are related to the camera and battery.
But seriously, I didn't spend hundreds of $$$ buying a Nexus device so that Sprint users could be the first to benefit from updates.
@NathanOsman so... I thought that google rolled out the updates... but it is carrier based?
They release the updates, yes, but they're doing it with Sprint customers first.
1:39 AM
@Seth jrg becoming a cyborg?
Yep. Someday at least.
Pretty sure you have to be 18 to be an explorer though :-/
@Seth I think yahoo thinks im in my 70's so...
makes the ad's funny, and apparent they are based on the profile
nice, there's relative links in markdown, ie. [some related Q](/q/7931)
1:48 AM
@Mateo yep, upside down..
i tried but it throws this error
Oops! There was a problem updating your profile:

Display Name can only contain letters, digits, spaces, apostrophes or hyphens and must start with a letter or digit
what were you using?
4 hours ago, by Mateo
@AvinashRaj oh, you didn't say you were trying to do that... http://www.upsidedowntext.com/
Hey, how is this possible?
i want the first avatar, is that possible?
If yes, then how?
Hi guys!
Hi :-)
Avinash, did you see the question I posted yesterday?
2:01 AM
tsk, changed my avatar ...
@Danatela ^^
post your question link
Q: How do I implement pidgin hide groups feature

DanatelaSince pidgin developers refused to implement subject of the question, I attended myself to start doing the patch that will implement that feature. There is a patch that does this for libpurple but it's hardcoded and I need the option to hide/show groups at run time, like any other messenger does....

@Danatela sorry, i'm weak in programming side :(
thanks for reading though
could you explain me how to make it better? I even made example answer but it was closed =(
so I can't even offer a bounty, I suppose
2:55 AM
Hey, since when did I have 5 followers on GitHub? Cool!
Not like I actually do that much :(
3:24 AM
Q: Lets remove the tools, crash, freeze and troubleshooting tags the right way™

BraiamWell, this is not your run off the mill tag removal request, but a petition to also close the questions with these tags. Questions tagged with such tags tend to be totally worthless, unclear and impossible to give a concise and precise answer that we could call THE answer. So, for the next 30 day...

3:50 AM
Looks like one for @terdon:
Q: Tcpdump, display only the data section of the packet

Vicente Adolfo Bolea SánchezI am trying to display only the data section of an udp packet using tcpdump. In some other words, is it any way to filter the header section of the udp package? The below command sudo tcpdump -Aq -i lo udp port 1234 returns: E..".J@.@.U~.........v.....!HELLO How can I discard the E..".J@...

hey all, I know configuration files a setup differently depending on the developer, but I'm wondering if there is a way to use an environment variable within a .conf file. Specifically snort.conf (if anyone has any experience with snort)
does somebody know this?
Q: Why `dpkg -S /var/lib/dpkg` shows "base-files, dpkg"?

Avinash RajI'm curious to know which package provides the /var/lib/dpkg directory, so i run this command $ dpkg -S /var/lib/dpkg base-files, dpkg: /var/lib/dpkg The resulted output displays the package which provides /var/lib/dpkg along with base-files string like the above. $ dpkg -S /var/lib/aptitude...

4:25 AM
@sadmicrowave as in? What do you mean "use an environment variable with a .conf file"?
@sadmicrowave snort is as powerful as confusing it can get, I would suggest just using the defaults
heres my question in some more detail:

what is the appropriate IDE to develop such apps as Pidgin? Vim? Emacs?

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