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12:03 AM
Hi FEi!
Hey @AmithKK. Haven't seen you around much either!
Hey @Seth. How's stuff on your end? :D
Busy, but good. Still pretty hot here, but I'm sure it doesn't compare to what you get :P
12:23 AM
@Rinzwind Dang. Yeah, my parents don't think we need better internet than our crappy-as-balls 100Kb/s DSL
@RomanGelman yeah but that doesn't make any sense.. What would cause that?
And you said you can just drag the window out of the way? Weird.
I was thinking its a graphics card problem, I have a geforce gtx 770 with current drivers installed, and nvidia x server settings installed as well
well you could try other drivers.
12:26 AM
I suppose I could. What do you think would be a better choice, Software Centre drivers, or the drivers from the original site?
@RPiAwesomeness no idea, You'll have to experiment.
Alright, I guess I will, I'll get back if anything changes
@RomanGelman I'd go with the software center ones first. Just make sure you write down which one you are currently using so that you can go back if the others don't work.
check your display configuration
12:28 AM
@JourneymanGeek I think I'm going 750Ti. There's a pretty good chance that with the Yosemite release OS X will get Maxwell GPU support (Maxwell being 750's architecture)
iirc I could do that on purpose on the KDE control module.
Plus, I would only use OS X for software testing.
Hooray tonymac!
@RPiAwesomeness: If its just testing, older versions of OS X did fine on a VM
Hooray tonymac!
Least the feline series did, and I think @hbdgaf got a california series working on vmware
12:29 AM
@JourneymanGeek Good idea! I'd forgot about VMs since my old PC couldn't handle it.
I was running VMs on a core 2 duo with only a gig of ram
Huh...oh well
I had a Core 2 Duo + 1GB of RAM too...must've been worse quality because it lagged everything out :P
@Seth Bangalore climate is not at all bad.
Currently doing an explanation blog post about USB...I've learned stuff!
Also @Seth @JourneymanGeek What do you think of my chat theme? I took OliverSalzburg's dark chat theme and I've been tweaking it, fixing various issues...
Looks nice
12:33 AM
The previous image he had for the background on the bottom bar was kinda....eh. Also, the username completion popup was black text on a black bg...fixed that too
Now I have to fix the new message flash color and the color of the user's messages.
Also, the upload dialog is ... messed up. Text is missing
@RPiAwesomeness I personally like the normal theme myself.
@AmithKK That's nice to know.
@Seth Yeah, it's not bad. However, I've always liked dark themes and figured I'd mess around with it for fun :)
GTX 750Ti is only ~5 frames behind the 660 on plenty of things ... however, I think the 660 might be the same price right now...hmmm
I'll have to watch the prices of those two...
Jeepers! USB is more complicated than I thought!
12:58 AM
Finally got my laptop back :D
@RPiAwesomeness Mhm.
@Whaaaaaat Nice
@RPiAwesomeness Stupid GeekSquad can't clone drives.
I don't think I have ever heard of GeekSquad being any help anyway.
@Seth They replaced my hard drive for free. That's pretty good.
@RPiAwesomeness You want Hackintosh help?
@Whaaaaaat Office Depot will replace the entire thing for free :P
1:06 AM
@Seth If you got the computer from Office Depot. Also, I do not want a new computer. I wanted a new hard drive. (Stupid Windows locking itself down to only one set of hardware) (AND THEN THERE'S HACKINTOSH).
Nothing wrong with new hard drives, I was just sayin' ;P
eww, I'll see what I can do about some of that.
@Seth Thanks :D
Oh, April Fool's idea:
now that'd be funny.
1:17 AM
Might be far, but make Ubuntu off-topic.
That could be deadly though.
and, @Seth, what do you think about my moderation election promise?
I vow to close any Linux Mint question the second I see it.
well, that sounds like something any mod would do ;)
1:33 AM
but do they?
that was a lot of mint questions.
Let's please nuke this one now:
Q: Grub didn't rewrite Windows 7 loader

JeremenI have installed Win7 and now I want to install Linux Mint 17 as the second OS. But after installing Linux Mint 17 grub never starts and Win7 starts automatically. What I need to do for installing grub?

@Whaaaaaat I'm not sure you know this, but moderators have a lot of other stuff to do besides hunt Mint questions down.
@Whaaaaaat got it.
@Seth thanks :D
@Seth, what is our highest-upvoted non community wiki answer?
A: How to list all installed packages?

SabaconTo get a list of packages installed locally do this in your terminal: dpkg --get-selections | grep -v deinstall To save that list to a text file called packages on your desktop do this in your terminal: dpkg --get-selections | grep -v deinstall > ~/Desktop/packages (you don't need to run th...

wow. Only 314?
1:41 AM
and the highest CW is 543, right?
Ooh, I have the 18th most upvoted answer :D
we have voting problems
@Whaaaaaat yep.
@Whaaaaaat we actually aren't doing too bad, although more is almost always better.
I don't vote up because my AI doesn't like calling people/things good.
But I don't vote down because my AI considers that to be too much of an expense.
then you aren't helping with the voting problem...
voting is one of the most important functions of the site, both up and down.
1:45 AM
@Seth Nope. I know I'm not helping.
Anyway, my stats say we are slowly getting better at voting, but recently we've been going down close vote wise.
That isn't good.
I am DEFINITELY helping with closevotes.
and btw, this is one of those "you are kidding me" tech problems:
Q: Ubuntu keeps returning to default after shutdown

RIMEHey guys I'm completely new to Ubuntu, I shut it down and when I got back on it, it had reset everything I had done including all my downloaded files back to default. Not exactly sure whats going on. Even from the terminal, my username that I chose during the installation doesn't appear, it is ub...

@Seth, can you force review audits for users?
@Whaaaaaat no, that is something I cannot do.
@Whaaaaaat some people really aren't ready to be messing with these things yet, sadly.
@Seth OK. You're not the one messing with me and my many audits.
They are totally random, so you can blame the system :)
1:58 AM
blames system so hard that blood starts dripping out of ears
2:09 AM
Ah yes, my clone. You are looking good.
/me declares @Whaaaaaat to be a drama queen ;p
(wrong window)
@JourneymanGeek /me declares @Whaaaaaat to be clinically insane.
3:05 AM
@Whaaaaaat /me seconds the motion
xrandr is really cool.
In addition to manually letting me set resolutions, it also lets me flip a screen
@JourneymanGeek I think I may have hit a sweet spot with my build. I posted it to /r/buildapc and all of the responses have been positive and the critiques minor!
Fancy new PC, here I COME!
Now...to decide which GTX 750Ti to go with...
I tend to favour asus
I'd agree there, ASUS is a good brand. Wish the Mobo+RAM bundle I got had been an ASUS mobo...
However, the regular ASUS GTX 750Ti 2GB is the same price as an EVGA GTX 750Ti 2GB Superclocked.
And then there's the sneaky little GTX 660 sitting in the back of my head poking me...
Does 100 MHz make that big of a difference?
Well, I know for a fact that the 660 is a great card ;p
is the 660 cheaper?
3:14 AM
nope. More expensive than several of the GTX 750Ti options...it's on sale for about the same as a not on sale 750Ti
(Generally, the GPU one 'rung' down, and one generation older is comparable. I'd check benchmarks of course)
When I got it the 660 was the hotness for a mid priced build ;p
Erm...750Ti seems to be more powerful than the 660...not hugely...but still somewhat.
Yeah, it's a good card.
However, I think the Radeon R7s and R9s have taken over GTX's spot
@JourneymanGeek Is your 660 a straight-up 660, or is it a 660Ti?
Either way, 750Ti is better: anandtech.com/bench/product/1129?vs=1130
I prefer the cooling on the ASUS (dual top fans) to the EVGA (single fan, rear exhaust)...
I think the difference in speed (100MHz) really isn't that big of a deal, I'm not going to be doing Metro: Last Light on Ultra :)
@JourneymanGeek Is $30 off a good deal? 7% + $20 MIR...
3:35 AM
@Braiam awesome.
thanks for that
@RPiAwesomeness: straight up/OC
the 660 is more power efficient than the 660TI
@JourneymanGeek Straight up
I'm keeping the option of picking up a second 660 cheap once its obsolete enough and going SLI ;p
@JourneymanGeek True, but the 750Ti is still pretty efficient (powered via PCIe only) and I don't care too much about efficiency right now...I'm still living at home :D
so am I ;p
3:39 AM
@JourneymanGeek Ah, nice :D
though, the R9s are often TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS off RRP at my local reseller ;p
Yeah, that's the one thing w. the 750/750Ti...they don't SLI/cross bridge
(but I'd probably want to upgrade my monitors when I do that)
@JourneymanGeek Holy crap...
Maybe when I get a job, I'll add it to the three month list ;p
3:43 AM
Yeah...this PC has been on my 1 year list
Now...do I get a WiFi PCIe card, or an HDD + USB dongle
Hooray, I has happies
Mouse I could consider affording: pcpartpicker.com/part/cyborg-mouse-ccb4370300b2041
Mouse I might get: newegg.com/Product/…-na--na-_-na&cm_sp=&AID=10446076&PID=3938566&SID=
And finally, a cheaper version of the above mouse: amazon.com/E-blue-Junior-1600dpi-Gaming-EMS109L/dp/…
I actually have had something for ages that's gone in and out of the three month list
want my advice?
Unless you are gaming hardcore, pick up a logitech desktop set
I technically have a mouse/keyboard...but, what's the fun in getting a brand spanking new PC and having a 90's keyboard and an okay but still not new mouse...
they're cheap, and sturdy
then as you get cash, upgrade
3:54 AM
Yeah, so I've heard
Cherry MX switches?
Yeah, so I've heard
(My secondary keyboard and mouse is logitech. 25 quid for a pair)
That's kinda something I want...
I'm waiting for our guest to comment on the keyboard
Yup. My Mouse is a logitech 350. amazing little bugger
Yeah, I'm almost entirely cherry blues on my wired keyboard
3:55 AM
And the color cooresponds to clickyness...right?
IMO logitechs are the best value for money, periphral wise
clickiness and feel
They definitely are
Dream build for the future: Mini ITX w. i3 or Pentium G3258 in a BitFenix Prodigy Orange. Have the side laser-cut w. the Ubuntu logo and then have opaque plastic inserted into the cut & have custom LEDs that correspond to CPU activity.
I want one of these
or something similar ;p
Maybe, if I get the G3258 and OC it I can get a liquid cooling system and get orange coolant... :D
@JourneymanGeek Nice. I definitely can't afford a monitor on this build. I mean, I could go cheap and get a ~$60/$70 one and be at about $600, but I don't want to go over $600...
Another thing I have to think about is portability...it's a full ATX mobo, so it's going to have to have a larger case. If it had been a mATX I would have considered getting the BitFenix Prodigy M...
A: How do I force "top" command to show processes greater than PID XXX

Stephen M. WebbYou can run top -o PID to sort by PID (or hit the < key several times while top is running to move the sort column to the right, until it's sorting by PID). You can filter PIDs interactively while top is running by hitting the o key and typing PID>1000 or whatever minimum value you want, followe...

Does this comment war seem appropriate?
Sorry I meant to link question/answer
The guy answering, is arguing, when 2 people are saying it doesn't work
4:13 AM
@RPiAwesomeness lol. Yeah. My monitor is off my last semi build.
(The dumpster dell. 50 dollars for a HDD. 135 for a screen)
Y NO U USE TV? (And other annoying text)
5:05 AM
@NoTime: considered that. I couldn't borrow a TV permanantly, and the one TV we have that has a VGA in (we have almost nothing with HDMI at all) is one of those giant plasma screens
1 hour later…
6:10 AM
@Whaaaaaat In that answer, you might want to change "You probably need to reinstall Ubuntu." to "You probably need to reboot Ubuntu." Sometimes reinstalling's best, but this seems one of those cases where it's unnecessary. (Lots of comments there and we'd chatted about that Q before, which is why I'm using chat. Feel free to reply in chat, comments, or not at all--whatever's convenient.)
1 hour later…
7:10 AM
@EliahKagan Fixed. Thanks for getting that
@EliahKagan Aka. Have you tried turning it off and on again?
Q: Make upstart log to /var/log/upstart/<service-name> directory

vyomBy default upstart logs to /var/log/upstart, and all the service logs are under the same directory. I want to have a directory under /var/log/upstart (say, /var/log/upstart/myservices where all my daemon logs are kept). Is this possible with upstart ? I didn't see any stanza/config to specify a ...

1 hour later…
8:45 AM
They should increase the rep requirement to review suggested edits in SO...
2 hours later…
10:16 AM
Q: Disatvantages of Ubuntu installed inside the Win vs next to Win

Millare there any disadvantages of installing Ubuntu inside the Win using installator vs next to Win using bootable device? For example: My user account (on Win) contains diacritics which causes problems when installing Python modules using pip or setup.py.

2 hours later…
11:53 AM
12:27 PM
Why is the 12.04 tag so popular?
@Abhimanyu A lot of people have asked questions about 12.04
@Abhimanyu Why is stackoverflow such a popular tag on MSE?
Hehe sorry for such a childish question... it just intrigued me
@Oli: Uh hey Oli. I want to ask you something. I was reading your answer at Linux and Unix, and it had this line: "Can still get munched by Windows. Windows will ultimately do whatever Windows wants to do." I'm excited. Is Windows like sort of "powerful" or "superior" to Ubuntu? OS wars always fascinate me >.>
So more people would be using it, longer.
@Abhimanyu: more like windows dosen't play nice with other OSes
it assumes its the only OS on a system, and will not chainload linux
12:36 PM
I see... Yeah that makes sense. "Chainload linux"? What's that?
linux is more polite, or least the grub install scripts most people do is
Like load simultaneously or something?
@Abhimanyu No, I just meant it has a habit of plodding around destroying things on your disk that it doesn't understand. It doesn't understand that you might want to keep grub forever or that EXT is a partition, not free space it can repartition at will.
I see. That reminds of thumbs.db files that get created in my folders whenever dad opens his dreaded Windows... sigh
can one already buy an ubuntu phone in europe?
12:55 PM
@don.joey The Meizu MX4 base phone isn't out yet so it'll be a while (I would have thought) before an Ubuntu variant is ready.
@Oli tnx. Is there an ETA?
@don.joey Apparently the 20th for the base phone... Nothing I can see indicating a definite release for anything Ubuntu on it.
@Oli ok thanks. If ever it is available and you remember, feel free to ping me.
Some one from Meizu (I think) said that December is the definitive month - where in the month is anyones guess
1 hour later…
2:03 PM
Q: Inaccessible Dedicated Server

AdlaiI'm having some problems with networking on my dedicated server. I've recently ordered a Dedibox LT so I can provision some VMs via Ubuntu and vmbuilder. However I can't get past the stage of adding a bridge. After changing my /etc/network/interfaces file to the following: auto eth0 iface eth...

1 hour later…
3:05 PM
@fossfreedom something like that, the first article I saw just said a image would be available to flash for it in December.
Q: EOL Policy Revisited: a case for letting Ubuntu questions be on-topic

Nick The SwedeI wonder whether it is time to re-address the question about the (currently enforced) policy of treating EOL releases as off-topic. It strikes me as not only highly unintuitive but ultimately detrimental (see argument below), and so I would like to argue for a change of policy. Current state of ...

o_o ... ^^^ controversial!
hm, wish I kept a link, because now all I get are syndicated from the same source
3:26 PM
Dammit, I agree with that. I've never understood why EOL questions are off topic. By the way @mods, I just answered suggesting they post on U&L instead. When you see a (good, or at least not crap) EOL question, please shunt it over to us directly.

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