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12:25 AM
@Zacharee1 black magic ads are spam..
@Seth How do I flag it as such? Report to Mod?
flag -> spam
I swear that didn't exist before O_o
435 rep to go
@Zacharee1 That one now has my vote too! =)
1 hour later…
2:07 AM
@Seth Someone else at long last!
How'd that happen?
I meant @Serg!
@Seth But I'm glad you're here too :P
o..kay lol
CSS is currently being annoying
Why removed?
2:11 AM
I'm trying to have this draggable modal keep its click-to-dismiss background covering the whole page at all times
By default, it sizes to 100%x100% and stays like that through dragging
which means are areas that become unclickabble and no longer function
I was hoping to make it so I could just extend the bacgkround, but it's the whole .modal class, so I have to try something weird
So I set padding-left: 300px and margin-left: -300px
That works fine
It extends the backdrop area and keeps the modal opening in the same spot
However, if I set it to even 1000px and -1000px, it messes up, and sticks the modal 30% across the page, touching the top
do I need to repaste the gif?
I'd say so!
Nothing changed and now it works
How's it do this
user image
2:21 AM
@Seth get direct link :p
@Seth I've seen that one before: still funny XD
so TIL that there is a band named CSS. And they have a song called "I love you". Weird.
@Zacharee1 it's always funny xD
That is weird
I'm backing my live website revision up and uploading the new one
@Seth would you be willing to test Modals? (You'll need JS enabled)
I guess.
2:25 AM
@seth @Zacharee1 what happened ?
@Serg messed up pings and the like
also messed up CSS -_-
@Serg Zach is trying to CSS.
This download from the @TheBrownOne's server is going at a whopping 50KB/s :p
And so far it's working quite as well as usual.
2:27 AM
@Seth and failing. don't forget that part :p
Hehe, i played with css in highschool web design class. Promptly forgot it once i finished the class with B
And for a laugh of the day...
user image
Instead of studying for my test tomorrow, I played with CSS
I played with css and turbo Pascal but at that time i never even imagined id be years later doing engineering degree, playing with c, java, python, microcontrollers and raspberries
2:29 AM
To be fair, though, I have no idea what I'm supposed to study
@Serg how about blackberries? :p
The only people I know that use blackberries work for, are, or were government types. Nobody in their right mind willingly uses a blackberry.
Except Roland :P
There's an exception for every rule. Evidently it's Roland.
2:31 AM
@seth Nope, I'm a Samsung guy haha, but currently in love with OnePlus
@Serg techyteen.tk
Thinking about a nexus4 or nexus5 phone this year. Probably a 4.
Feb 22 '13 at 5:47, by RolandiXor
Actually, I want to get myself a BB OS 10 phone :)
I wasn't arguing. I just don't know anyone except roland that would say that...
@Seth techyteen.tk
Sorry @Serg
2:36 AM
@Zacharee1 Why all the "Click me" buttons instead of making the entire surrounding div a clickable. No need for buttons
And I said the iPhone 6 looked like a rolling pin had been taken to it:
Q: can anyone tell me what this means?

Tammy StinekrausOn a friends Facebook profile their email address has changed to black hole #####(numbers)@devnull. Facebook what does that mean. Did they change email addresses?? Or no longer has a email address

@hbdgaf Oh, that's actually an interesting idea
@Serg ikr
It means your friend is a showoff
Get unclearerererererererer
2:37 AM
@Seth Take a look at the BB Priv: gsmarena.com/blackberry_priv-7587.php
Aside from the front camera, it ain't bad
@hbdgaf Open a modal and drag it way down or up. Click as far away as possible from it in the web page and see if it closes
fights with himself to get motivated to write the "test client" for something he's toying with...
A: Is there a plural for mkdir?

SergSo you want comma separated list of directory names ? That can be done. Shell + coreutils Since everybody is posting oneliners, here's mine as well ( mkdir + parameter substitution plus + shell redirection ). DIR:/testdir skolodya@ubuntu:$ ls DIR:/testdir skolodya@ubuntu:$ mkdir $( tr '[,\...

So . . . .3approaches for making dirs . . .only 2 upgoats . . . :/
make that 3
Would be awesome if there were more scriting questions, but recently it just seems so shallow
@Zacharee1 thx
Most of my rep came about from awk and bash scripting. . . . .i really need to expand my knowledge base somehow, cuz i am not performing as good as before
2:49 AM
it doesn't need a plural

schadenfreude@oubliette:~/work/crap$ mkdir crapa crap_b crap\ c crap, d
schadenfreude@oubliette:~/work/crap$ ls -la
total 28
drwxrwxr-x 7 schadenfreude schadenfreude 4096 Feb 9 21:48 .
drwxr-xr-x 40 schadenfreude schadenfreude 4096 Feb 9 21:47 ..
drwxrwxr-x 2 schadenfreude schadenfreude 4096 Feb 9 21:48 crap,
drwxrwxr-x 2 schadenfreude schadenfreude 4096 Feb 9 21:48 crapa
drwxrwxr-x 2 schadenfreude schadenfreude 4096 Feb 9 21:48 crap_b
drwxrwxr-x 2 schadenfreude schadenfreude 4096 Feb 9 21:48 crap c
Yeah . . . But OP also asked about cvs file, so i gave him/her that. . . . Also mkdir oneliner too
I guess
Is there a away to have a transition after hover is released in CSS?
Also, guys, I'm on mobile, so don't ping me unless it's seriously urgent. Cleaning the message queue on every refresh is a pain
figured it out
2:56 AM
But I'll still be glad for pings when I'm not around :)
3:08 AM
@hbdgaf Can you see if hovering works on those divs now? Chrome says the whole segment of CSS doesn't exist
Ah, it was CloudFlare messing up
Had to clear cache manually
time for bed
3:51 AM
@Zacharee1 Verizon is for some reason throttling my speeds :(
4:37 AM
@TheBrownOne I exceeded my cap. I'm now at 256 Kbps :(
...until the weekend.
(At first I was going to say "Friday", but then I realized (a) the 13th was Saturday and (b) I don't want to see that video again.)
oh please no.
Q: What was the aim of this invalid HTTP request that tells a story about goats in the request URI?

Crazy DinoI currently run an Apache HTTP server, and have set up monitoring to receive emails whenever an error appears in the error logs. I get the usual trying to find if I'm using HTTP 1.0 and trying to see if I'm using off the shelf software like WordPress that can be exploited. Over the weekend I saw...

@ParanoidPanda --^
5:23 AM
Q: Linux - How Can I Play a Sound File Through the Back Jack via Command Line

jadenPeteSo recently I came across the old Ubuntu login sound, and I decided I wanted to add it. So I added it, and it plays normally, but I have an issue. Normally, I have my headphones plugged in through the audio jack in the front of my PC, and as 99.99% of people know, when you insert something (like ...

Q: Why does a Ubuntu Linux Mono-.NET 4.5 C# Program GP Fault upon loading and running a Shared Object?

FrankOn my Ubuntu Linux 15.10 Lenovo desktop computer, I wrote a Mono-.NET 4.5 C# program with a BuildIPCameraListLinux.config file which uses DLLImport to load libxmlconverter.so. Only upon point and click, after libxmlconverter.so executes realpath it throws a general protection fault. The purpo...

I am trying this answer askubuntu.com/a/375437/417607 but I get the error :adduser: The group 'vboxusers' does not exist. Any reason?
I am booting UBuntu 9.10 on vm
well who knows how things were back in 9.10.. but vboxusers exists on my machine.
5:41 AM
There is no such user in /etc/groups I am trying to make USB connect to the vm.
so add the group?
6:05 AM
I tried this answer, which corrected the error but deleted my VM machine I had on virtualbox! Anyway to recover it?
A: VirtualBox Error

komu BDelete that file and everything will be okay. Open your terminal and: rm /home/josh/.VirtualBox/VirtualBox.xml

I am assuming it has deleted some softlink somewhere since my disk space hasn't reduced.
@Seth chocolatey.org/packages/nitroshare (it may take a few minutes before that link is active)
1 hour later…
7:18 AM
Odd question - is there somewhere I can download just parts of an installer disk?
More precisely I just need the EFI folder
8:10 AM
Q: Linux Mint 17.3 not connecting to the internet when in terminal but able to connect using firefox, and i'm using proxy

Pini CheyniI have installed Linux Mint 17.3 Mate on VirtualBox and have added a proxy, When using firefox I'm able to load webpages but when I try to run update of the system or to ping it fails , The update throws the following error: GPG error: http://extra.linuxmint.com rosa InRelease: Clearsigned f...

@ParanoidPanda No, but you could try mailing one of the developers explaining what your script does (launchpad.net/~bikeshed)? Either interested or not they'll probably get back at you.
8:37 AM
@JourneymanGeek sorry no.
@blade19899 there made it 100
@Rinzwind YAHOOOOOO. Thank you. I love even numbers. They are magical.
@blade19899 weird thing. I upvoted the answer at some point but not the question :P
8:52 AM
@Rinzwind No biggie. I'm here just for fun.
9:22 AM
Q: Retarct a flag?

mark kirbyIs there any way to retract a flag on an answer? Here is an example of why I would like to retract flags. I flagged this answer as "not an answer" because in its original state it was just a request for information. I did comment and discuss with the user first but as often happens they said I ...

9:38 AM
@Serg What is a brute attack and what was that echo
@Serg What is a brute attack and what was that echo
is there some MOD
Is there?
i am not able to login gmail and outlook
annnd? I'm not sure how a mod could help you with that
10:39 AM
@JourneymanGeek: I'm sorry, but are you talking to yourself?
@ParanoidPanda Not at the moment
@JourneymanGeek: But were you?
@JourneymanGeek: ^^^
@ParanoidPanda ahh. I think you ignored the person I was talking to
@JourneymanGeek: Oh... :D
Who were you talking to?
@hbdgaf this is glorious.
@ParanoidPanda Mudit Kapil?
10:51 AM
Oh right him, yes, ever since he got more paranoid than me and starting spamming and saying weird stuff I've had him on ignore... :P
ahh yeaaah
So I noticed
I do that with people I just can't make sense of...
I find it to be the easiest solution! Though it looks a bit strange when someone else talks to them and I don't have that someone else on ignore... :D
@JourneymanGeek: I love your dog by the way! He's very cute! :D
1 hour later…
11:53 AM
@ParanoidPanda he's worse better in real life
Bit of a local legend to boot ;p
12:14 PM
man. This is the future
I have two linux boxen that would fit in one pocket each on my desk ;p
> "Today, February 10, The Document Foundation non-profit organization has proudly announced the release and immediate availability for download of the LibreOffice 5.1 open-source and cross-platform office suite for all supported platforms." - Softpedia, LibreOffice 5.1 Officially Released with Redesigned User Interface, New Features
@JourneymanGeek The morning battle-cry of somebody running Ubuntu+1?
Just LO
I run LTS anyway
I am facing problem with battery status indicator
can someone please help me
12:25 PM
@JourneymanGeek Me too. 16.04 LTS ;)
The install on pele is hacky
Its a minimal install with the EFI bits stolen off a full fat installer
82 packages can be upgraded. Run 'apt list --upgradable' to see them.
I already did a dist-upgrade this morning >_<
And this is just a server with barely any X packages installed.

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