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12:02 AM
o/ @NathanOsman - you figure anything out for that bottom left three yet?
Oh, you noticed it was missing that one too? :)
Yeah, I sat down with a pencil and paper to figure out if I could get any further with the puzzle myself and noticed that.
I just tried to solve it like a human. It was the next logical step.
So clearly it's a programming error on my part since that should be solvable.
I just need to figure out where the bug lies.
I know where it is. Everything we've done is simply reductive reasoning. Now we need to put something in that's additive or logic instead of subtractive from a set of stuff.
I know, but I had such an algorithm in there and it wasn't catching that one for some reason.
12:06 AM
I'll write one in a minute.
First it eliminates the numbers based on what's there and then it takes the remaining numbers in each row, column, and 3x3 section and tries to see where they fit in.
If a number has only one possible square (out of 9) then it logically must go there and gets filled in.
OBS keeps crashing :-(
Don't drive it so fast then.
I tried to invite people here gist.github.com/aking1012/2c9eff41c8fab80bd9c8 ... If you want it to solve that one, you need it to do path of three must have one in each column logic.
@NathanOsman there is a clown in every crowd...
12:10 AM
Did someone say clown?
@hbdgaf that is a freaky clown...
Yeah, I drop it on every scared of clowns thread i can find. trial by fire sort of thing.
So I guess Ubuntu doesn't support my graphics card any more... People at Canonical think I am made of money or something...
my ancient intel card works? what's the problem?
But Windows still supports my Graphics card, even in WIndows 10...
12:18 AM
@TheX Unity might not support your card that well.
There's always some way of fixing it.. What card are you using and what driver?
THEEEX. Thex. You can't hear my tone, but I'm trying to express it.
@hbdgaf it works, but I can't install the graphics drivers so I can't do thinks like play beyond earth
@Seth Radeon HD 4850, and I tried the legacy drivers on ATI's web page...
@TheX Well I've never had to work with Radeons.. but try other drivers before giving up.
I've heard that the open source ones are pretty nice in ATI land.
Q: Radeon HD 4850 drivers

TheXSo I am trying to get Beyond Earth to load correctly, currently it just comes to a black screen with a mouse cursor, I suspect it to be a driver issue. I have tried installing FGLRX and then Ubuntu won't work. When I try to install the catalyst drivers from ATI it tells me to install FGLRX, if ...

12:26 AM
@TheX yeah... ati only made their drivers work with specific versions of xorg, not canonicals fault, ati's for doing their drivers bad
@Mateo I am still going to blame Canonical...it gets people more riled :=P
so yeah, you are out of luck for newer version of ubuntu for proprietary drivers on that card, I had a similar card
Especially since it has nothing to do with Canonical :P
note the:
> Automated installer and Display Drivers for Xorg 6.9 to Xserver 1.12 and Kernel version up to 3.4
@TheX hey, if they didn't do the gallium and llvm pipe thing you wouldn't even get unity-3d on that ;P
so, it would probably only work on 12.04 - askubuntu.com/questions/517136/…
12:49 AM
@Mateo the world would have been better off that way I think...
I barely like Unity...
and I am not sure why I installed it in the first place other then I had the disc handy...
1:33 AM
make[3]: warning: jobserver unavailable: using -j1.  Add '+' to parent make rule.
Nice and descriptive :P
Hey guys,
I'm wondering if anyone has any insight on this:
Q: How to fix this dpkg error?

RolandiXorEvery time I try to install or remove a package, I get this error. I thought maybe it was the hard disk, but a disk check gave me a clean bill of health. dpkg: unrecoverable fatal error, aborting: reading files list for package 'linux-headers-3.16.0-31': Input/output error E: Sub-process /usr/bi...

Have you tried purging dpkg itself?
@AWildRolandiXor appears!
(I honestly don't know what's going on but that was the first idea that came to mind.)
@Seth it is very effective!
@NathanOsman wouldn't that leave my system unusable?
1:46 AM
It shouldn't.
Unix-based operating systems can overwrite files that are in use.
So dpkg can overwrite itself without any issues.
But I mean, if I remove it, how do I install it again?
I love how flash isn't required by Youtube anymore... my life is complete
@AWildRolandiXor Oh, I was meaning to reinstall with apt-get.
@NathanOsman oh well I tried to upgrade it to vivid's version
since I want to upgrade to vivid anyway
But I got the same error.
@TheX no, because your life is complete, Flash is obsolete.
'dpkg: unrecoverable fatal error, aborting:
reading files list for package 'linux-headers-3.16.0-31': Input/output error'
@AWildRolandiXor OMG...IT LIVES!
1:51 AM
@TheX shoot it before it lays eggs!
Hrm... that's a strange one.
@AWildRolandiXor no we need the eggs!
I've seen lots of errors, but nothing like that.
I've considered manually deleting the files, but I don't think dpkg is actually reading them. I think it's something in some database or something.
@TheX scrambled?
@AWildRolandiXor no in a brownie!
1:53 AM
@TheX hmm... sounds tasty.
lays an egg.
@AWildRolandiXor can you smell them in the basement?
@TheX I can't smell anything anywhere haha
@AWildRolandiXor that is rather sad...
@AWildRolandiXor did you see my video?
it's had me stumped for a few days now... I'm beginning to run out of ideas for Google searches lol.

The only thing I can think of is getting dpkg to be more verbose about what it can't find.
@TheX nope
2:15 AM
I'm beginning to wonder if this drive is indeed failing.
@AWildRolandiXor no clue if this is helpful, but the error is coming from lib/dpkg/ehandle.c line 97 in the dpkg source code :P
I'm not yet sure what's causing it though.
Still digging...
@NathanOsman haha
What about this?
A: Unable to install any updates through update manager/apt-get upgrade

user64654I have fixed the problem with these instructions. So the solution is the following: Go into the /var/lib/dpkg directory Make a backup of the status file Edit the status file Search the package that gave the error Just delete the lines from this package (but let all other lines...

I'm trying a script I found (from launchpad answers) - so I will wait for it to finish before continuing.
2:19 AM
@NathanOsman oh I tried that - no avail.
I did get this earlier:
cp: error reading ‘/var/lib/dpkg/info/linux-headers-3.16.0-33.md5sums’: Input/output error
Unfortunately, that does sound like a disk problem.
Does your hard drive report S.M.A.R.T metrics?
Causes me to think the drive is failing, but SMART data and two disk checks say otherwise.
Does SMART show any sectors remapped?
2:21 AM
@AWildRolandiXor what did you use for the disk check?
@TheX fsck
Hmm... so the disk sounds like it's fine then.
Super weird.
I would download UBCD, and use the Disc manufacturers utility
We're not entirely sure it's the disk yet.
There's still the possibility of a misconfigured or corrupt config file.
2:23 AM
The disk has 22 bad sectors - so that might be the issue.
But still strange that fsck didn't show anything.
My computer just made the most disturbing change in sound....
If it has 22 bad sectors then it is toast
It was almost like the fan just partially died or something....
'cause I can still hear the fan, but it's much quieter...I iz scurred...
@RPiAwesomeness laptop or desktop?
2:25 AM
that's the weird thing.

And now, after running the script - same error.
@TheX Laptop, thankfully
This using a backup of the status file.
I've had a scary thing with my desktop - would prefer not to have any others.
@RPiAwesomeness blow it out?
2:25 AM
I have to go afk for a while. I will probably continue when I get back.
@TheX Hmm. Maybe
It seems fine for now.
@AWildRolandiXor no you are not allowed!...
@AWildRolandiXor Thanks for popping in.
@AWildRolandiXor ... You're RolandiXor, right?
@RPiAwesomeness No, those are two different people.
(Okay, just kidding.)
2:26 AM
@NathanOsman Whoa....
@RPiAwesomeness I don't know... maybe check your temps and see if they are at a a reasonable level, if not then you might have a problem...
@TheX Yeah.
Trying to remember the command to check temps ... what is it again...
They can be replaced but it isn't easy
@RPiAwesomeness nah, I ate 'im.
@RPiAwesomeness sensors if you have lm-sensors installed.
2:27 AM
@AWildRolandiXor GASP!
@TheX @NathanOsman you're welcome and I will leave when I want to!
Boo. My mom is watching Numbers and I can't. #StupidBedtimes
@AWildRolandiXor not if you don't want me to eat your childeren
Numb3rs ftw!
2:28 AM
@Seth ikr :D
I thought that show was dead though..?
@Seth Libraries ftw :)
@NathanOsman It says it's installed. What command do I use?
@Seth Indeed :)
2:29 AM
Ah. Danke
nathan@nathan-desktop:~$ sensors
Adapter: PCI adapter
temp1:         +6.2°C  (high = +70.0°C)
                       (crit = +70.0°C, hyst = +69.0°C)

Adapter: PCI adapter
temp1:        +46.0°C  (crit = +120.0°C, hyst = +90.0°C)
^--- what I get
(So that you get an idea of the range to expect for an idle CPU and video card.)
Yup. Temps are fine. 34C/26C
@AWildRolandiXor Does that mean you're really just A Wild and then you ate RolandiXor and became A Wild RolandiXor? Or is it more complicated than that?
hyst = +69.0°C
@NathanOsman Does the hyst mean your card is going to go hysterical?
Yeah, I've had mine get that high.
2:30 AM
@Seth it is.
@AWildRolandiXor Oh dear
@TheX Yeah, the BIOS on this machine displays the fan speed too, but for some reason it doesn't show up in sensors.
If you want to monitor the temp, do this:
watch -n 1 sensors
@RPiAwesomeness he is only @AWildRolandiXor when my wife lets him out of the basement
2:32 AM
It will run the command at one-second intervals.
@RPiAwesomeness which is why my wife never lets him out of the basement...
@RPiAwesomeness you might have to help me get him back in!
@TheX Well, balls
@RPiAwesomeness where?
@TheX I see. Tell me she feeds him occasionally. Otherwise, I might just have to let PETA know about you. Who knows what they might do.
@TheX No comment
@RPiAwesomeness there are plenty of rats in the basement he can feast on (redacted)
2:34 AM
@TheX I see
@AWildRolandiXor You see. You don't need to eat anybody else. You just need to be creative!
This got weird fast.
Just like the old days :D
@RPiAwesomeness by the way, minecraft is so fast on Ubuntu... or the SSD... not sure which is a bigger factor...
@Seth we do it for you ;-)
@TheX It is :D
how is your track going?
@Seth Dude. Hang out on The Bridge for a day. This ain't got squat on the levels on weirdness over there :D
2:38 AM
@RPiAwesomeness Boy do I know..
what bridge?
@RPiAwesomeness you speak truth.
@TheX Haven't had time to work on it at all. Combination of school and needing to finish my Pi 2 video
Oh cool...
Dare we share this burdensome truth with the unknowing @TheX?
2:39 AM
I have a huge mine in the works... have been looking for diamond
@RPiAwesomeness Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
@TheX Cool beans
@NathanOsman Your vote has been duly noted
2:40 AM
@Seth Any input?
@NathanOsman Awww...it doesn't loop perfectly :(
@RPiAwesomeness just give him the link already lol
Too lazy to use motion stabilization.
more wild than @AWildRolandiXor?
I... 'd say yes.
2:42 AM
@TheX What we are about to bestow upon you comes with a great cost to your sanity and general brain non-weirdness. Be prepared, for what you face in this treacherous land known as The Bridge is not for the faint of heart. And yes, it's more wild than several @AWildRolandiXor's.
Pretty sure I lost all that when I got married...
Are you truly ready for this?
after raspi hypes it so much there'll be no one talking lol
I am getting bored waiting for the link...
Do you solemnly swear .... oh who am I kidding with the epic pre-speech. Here's the chat room link: chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/35/the-bridge
2:44 AM

 The Bridge

General Arqade chat room, wherein we meanwhile links, verb wor...
Oh I have been in there before...
Well that was anti-climactic
Alright, I ran into the seth principle for the second time today. I'm done for the day.
@Seth o.O Seth principle?
2:45 AM
@RPiAwesomeness rotfl
@RPiAwesomeness not my idea:
Feb 26 at 23:09, by Chan-Ho Suh
Seth principle: "OP will respond back with (half the info requested) / (info given in your comment/answer)"
lol I see
All this mining and finding nothing is getting boring...
found lava and caught on fire...
@TheX Ooo! Was it fun?
Or rather, "Did you DIE!??"
Remember what your mother always told you? in a motherly voice.. Never mine the block directly under your feet.
if dying is what you call fun...
2:49 AM
that's what kids always ask when you tell them something dangerous that happened.
Okay quick. Let's all go to The Bridge.
@NathanOsman And start a Linux vs Win debate?
@NathanOsman It's a pity there are too many people in the bridge for the slide down animation :p
Slide down animation?
2:59 AM
in the balcony thing..
where all the user avatars are.
Were they slide down and disappear when they leave?
@NathanOsman I Don't see any option
For what?
Oh wait I figured it out
@NathanOsman exactly.
I hit the seth principle again.
78AWT^R^TG suihg8ughzs78edtfsey8orgw3789efy;ruidg\
ugh it's so annoying.
3:03 AM
I am kidding, I never abuse mods... you can ask @NathanOsman
whoops wrong room
@Seth I still don't totally get that
We have discovered @AWildRolandiXor's true physical form:
Oh. My.
@NathanOsman Indeed.
I think we all got bridged out there..
@RPiAwesomeness I found it first!
3:10 AM
@TheX Well I posted it first! HAH!
smacks @RPiAwesomeness with a rainbow trout!
guess who just used Nitroshare @NathanOsman :D
/me says ow
@TheX Soooo. You survived your first trip into The Bridge. How fare thee
For realzie's I am going to head to bed...
I might have to add it to my usuals...
of places I go to when I am avoiding being an adult...
@TheX lol. Yeah...I did that a while back.
Just popped in once, I think @Seth actually let me know about it. Or maybe it was @Braiam.
3:13 AM
Anyways, God speed, peace love and chicken grease...
I dunno.
Stuck around there for a while. Made friends with AshleyNunn by introducing her to Bagpipe Rock and something else...what was that...
Oh well.
Now I'm just their game-dumper-offer-dude.
game dumper offer dude?
At least 1/3 of my 18 game steam library is from someone on the Bridge.
Oh well if you ever get board with getting free games you can pass them on to me :=P
3:16 AM
@TheX :D
@RPiAwesomeness aww dude, you gotta get don't starve together, so @AWildRolandiXor, you, and I can all play together...
Well, CS:Source was given to me, Portal 1 was given to me, Don't Starve was given to me, VVVVVV was given to me, a bunch of Windows games I don't play were given to me...
@TheX I have regular Don't Starve. Don't really wanna pay extra for early access when it's gonna be free (IIRC)
Most of my games have come from various humble bundles and steam sales...
@RPiAwesomeness I don't know if it is going to be free... I bought the bundle 1 don't start (2 don't starve together (which I gave on to @AWildRolandiXor)) for like 8 bucks...
@TheX Yeah. I've got 1, 2 games that were free on Humble...Windows only :P
Torchlight II was one of the ones I was given too. That one recently came to Linux and I really enjoy it.
Some of my games are like old Windows games, that I have the optical media for and I just wanted the digital version...
3:21 AM
@TheX If you like RPG/Action RPG games, you should check it out.
Is back.
@Seth You used it?
@NathanOsman I'm using it right now :)
(I've tested it before too..)
Let me know how it goes.
I have to back to work Wednesday... :-(
@TheX Sad panda:(
3:23 AM
That means no more bing minecraft for 8 hours a day...
At least you get to make monies!
hm I think I just noticed a small bug @NathanOsman. When I clicked "Send File" from Windows the dialogue appeared minimized.
Hrm... that's odd.
Someone down voted my question lol
3:25 AM
Anybody with an idea for an offline repository containing only specific packages?
Oh well...really now...Good night
Lol its just morning here
Or should I say mourning
@TheX I voted it up.
@TheX Minecraft questions....have a negative connotation on Arqade/Gaming.SE. Mostly 'cause people don't usually put any time or effort into them and just ask for things to be handed them (redstone) or just help with random errors :P
3:34 AM
Would this be the room to ask about installing Ubuntu Touch on a device?
Yes and no. You are welcome to ask, but I'm not aware of anyone here other than @Mateo that actually uses it.
Found another bug @Nathan. I sent a file from PC 1 to PC 2. Edited it and sent it back. Since the file was stored on the desktop of PC 1 when I sent it back it overwrote the original.
@NathanOsman Alright, thanks
Well I am heading to bed. Do you want me to make a formal report @NathanOsman?
@Seth I can do that for you.
Thanks for the testing!
3:52 AM
@NathanOsman I have potentially bad news for myself.
The SMART self-test failed :(
I'm afraid to restart now.
brb going to reboot
Holds breath.
Starts to turn blue...
I tried to edit a comment that said fuck to faq, which I think it clearly meant. http://askubuntu.com/questions/271882/bricked-dell-after-installing

since there wasn’t enough changes, i couldn’t push the change. so I flagged it. but then it got removed. I think it was just a typo though.

This happens frequently, I see a typo, but I can't fix it, because there aren't enough changes, I can make. what is someone supposed to do in such situations?
5:07 AM
Off-topic - not about Ubuntu.
5:35 AM
6:22 AM
April Fool's Day is coming.
The best #AprilFoolsDay prank of all time was in 1994 when #PHP was first created. Man, that was a good one.

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