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5:03 PM
@Avery you dared to make a closed source project?
No, I just cleaned up the code.
I'm watchin you
don't be like LG; open source your code
SamG? Lsung?
be like zach
with my perfect code
don't be afraid to open source badly written java
5:06 PM
that adheres to every Java guideline
with all variables global
and callbacks to other classes
just get kaz to clean it up for you
@TheWanderer No, it's: Be cool, like SUSE, and open source your code!
@TheWanderer Life's Samsung Good?
@edwinksl seriously, though, this project with @NathanOsman is pretty helpful, since I can learn the stuffz
5:07 PM
certainly helps to do a real project
(and maybe tank 1-star reviews in the meantime :P)
well I did actually get rid of a revew by flagging it. The person rated me 3 stars to ask if I knew how to root their device
lol wut
creative use of reviews
that directly violates Google's review policy though, so it got removed when I flagged it :D
what if i actually did complain about your app not working on iphones? would you flag it as trolling?
5:10 PM
plis :(
@NathanOsman pls
need halp
before I ruin the codez
@TheWanderer NAA
5:30 PM
Old news but:
When I change default program, which programs are invoked?
UPDATE YOUR SYSTEM IMMEDIATELY. There are now known exploits on the Eternal chain that can and will attack Samba and allow ACE.
Or how do I see the programs that are invoked during a time frame?
@Anwar Er, you can use strace iirc
I think most things handling defaults use the mimetype database.
how can you use strace without attaching it to a process?
5:32 PM
You need to know the process, yes.
hmm. but xdg-mime isn't called while updating the database? so I wonder what's going on here
i suppose you could attach it to something like X though, and get child processes.
hmmm... so if I change it via caja's right click, how do I see the processes?
@Anwar You can edit mimefiles directly and then call an update command that I don't remember right now.
Using Caja (file manager)'s right click menu
5:33 PM
very good question
@KazWolfe I know. I can change the mimetypes from command line. I need see what's going on under the hood
@Anwar brb diving into caja source
you could do an lsof on caja maybe
I'm planning to inject a hook type script while one of them is running
5:35 PM
The plan is whenever a mime is change, i'll make a little script run. I created a wrapper script around xdg-mime and it works when xdg-mime is called. But xdg-mime doesn't get called from caja!
@Zanna Thanks. let me check
@KazWolfe I think that's the chooser. under the hood caja should use same command line thing I thought
@Anwar er, not necessarily.
@Zanna how do I do that? help a newbie with exact syntax :)
@KazWolfe but at least they share same database?
5:42 PM
@Anwar I'm one too...
So it does something that directly talks to Gnome/GLib.
So no, xdg-mime does not need to be called.
my caja maybe based on gtk-2, since I'm on 1.16. I heard only 1.18+ are using gtk3
still something in glib
so your best bet would be (i think) to attach a strace to caja and see what it's doing.
@Anwar you can do lsof -p $(pgrep caja)
here, @Anwar. This is what gets called at the end of the chain: github.com/GNOME/glib/blob/…
5:47 PM
but strace will be more useful probably
@Zanna Thanks. I got a static list of files. One of them is /home/anwar/.local/share/mime/mime.cache so, I can see which processes use that file I guess
need to go. sorry.
i hate IPv6
it's impossible to make NAT work >.<
@ThomasWard that's the point?
You shouldn't be using NAT for security, anyways.
it's not for security
it's a 1:1 NAT mapping from an external public Host IP to an internal LXD container IP
so even less about security
and more about 1:1 routing
so. shush.
so, wait. You want to map a public IPv6 external address to an LXD link-local IPv6 address?
5:53 PM
no, I want to map a public IPv6 external address to an IPv6 internal address on a bridge that is not link-local'd. I.E. nonatbr0 has fd42:cafe::1/64 on it for the host, and can properly reach in from host -> container and vice versa via the static assigned IPv6 addresses
IIRC, fd42 isn't link-local
FD00::/8 is unique local
yes, it is, which means the /64 underneath there can be treated like the private IP space in IPv4
i'm past that point
unique local and link local aren't the same Kaz lol
Q: IPv6 1:1 NAT - Not working

Thomas WardI've got a 16.04 system running LXD, and using LXD containers. I'm trying to get three specific external IPv6 addresses routed to a specific container. The external IPv6 would be something like abcd:cafe::1-3/64 being assigned to corresponding LXD internal addresses fd42:cafe::dead:beef:1-3. T...

@ThomasWard kaz.getCoffee() result: 0.05
on an unrelated note, freepbx sucks
@Anwar :) catch you tomorrow hopefully
@NathanOsman almost have dynamic tab adding done, with room titles and favicons
just need a URL inputter
1 hour later…
7:10 PM
@KazWolfe Coffee coffee = new Coffee(size.LARGE); kaz.recreate(coffee);
was just about to post my answer when the question got deleted :/
@Zanna Ouch :( I finished my comic covers collage, by the way. Uploading it to Imgur now, but the 62 Mb are taking some time.
sweet :)
7:22 PM
@NathanOsman ^^
@NathanOsman we need a privacy policy
@NathanOsman OK made one but it's pretty temporary (an HTML doc in a pastebin lol), so we need an actual way to host it
7:47 PM
derps around with an 800GB hard drive in a server, but no data to put on it
@ThomasWard I'll gladly take it off your hands
also, 800GB? weird size
@TheWanderer it's space on a server lol
not an actual hard drive :p
ohhh kk
but should you all need somewhere to post stuff
points at twenty domains, six additional IP addresses, a Chaos weapon, and fifteen containers currently running on that server
do you wanna try @NathanOsman's and my virus app?
7:50 PM
android? iOS? Satanic Application? C++ pure? Web based?
information required.
i've got an android emulator i can derp around with. But I'll need the APK to load it in - Google Play + Emulator == deathj
my android tablet is... currently being borrowed by the girlfriend
fooey my android studio went away
7:53 PM
@Zanna @RobotHumans Uploaded to Google Drive, as Imgur was acting up (62 megabytes and all that): drive.google.com/open?id=0B0lZcsBY6MJoNnVOX21NYzJISFE
back later :)
@Gallifreyan Imgur has no image size limit. Stack.Imgur does, so you need to just use a personal Imgur account
@TheWanderer I know - still, I wasn't able to upload it (Imgur doesn't work well in this country), so I went for the next best thing.
haha I trustingly downloaded it and tried to open it, system crashed horribly
7:58 PM
@Zanna What?!
32 secs ago, by Gallifreyan
@Zanna What?!
@Gallifreyan couldn't view it and not trying again
@ThomasWard It's quite a large download when you factor in the SDKs
and the fact that it's IntelliJ...
@AndroidDev maybe you could critique my code
8:00 PM
@Zanna Sorry :'( It causes some stutter on my machine when zooming in, since it's 6k by 30k pixels, but not a crash.
@ThomasWard RAID I assume?
@Gallifreyan it's OK, my machine is a goldfish in terms of RAM
blup blup
@TheWanderer Possibly, although as I've said before I'm not exactly a seasoned android developer yet :)
I mean, I've been doing this for 2 months
you're probably better
8:03 PM
Ah. Well, I suppose I could take a look. Anything in particular?
anything blatantly stupid
just look through the latest commit @AndroidDev
Wait, what exactly does this app do?
chat client for SE
well to-be
Lol, your commit message is "features?" :P
@AndroidDev hey, it has sub points!
8:07 PM
Oh, I see them now.
Nevermind :)
Oh my gosh....
I literally just laughed out loud... applicationId "com.huetoyou.chatexchange"
oh yeah lol
that was @NathanOsman's idea xD
I'm honestly not entirely sure why the tabs will change position when the view is recreated
8:11 PM
@TheWanderer What do you mean by that?
there's a TabLayout on the bottom for the chats
when you add a chat, it gets dynamically added to the layout as a tab
and the URL gets added to a Set<String>
when the view is recreated, I have to iterate through that set to add the tabs back
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