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2:01 AM
wow dude
the heck're you running
all your swap is consumed
a LOT of your memory is consumed
Firefox takes a lot of my memory percentage . . .
so yeah , i dunno
does closing firefox and reopening it clear out the memory?
or clear out a portion?
wrong zip compression...
(web browsers love to consume ram!)
@ThomasW. Went down just slightly , almost no change
2:05 AM
Q: Linux: find out what process is using all the RAM?

TimurBefore actually asking, just to be clear: yes, I know about disk cache, and no, it is not my case :) Sorry, for this preamble :) I'm using CentOS 5. Every application in the system is swapping heavily, and the system is very slow. When I do free -m, here is what I got: total ...

start by poking top, see what's using all your memory
kill any processes you don't need
reboot maybe too if it's the kernel
@ThomasW. Restarted lightdm, now all clear. I think it was either compiz or xorg
@Serg probably a combination.
I occasionally get hard-freeze because lightdm and unity eat my memory
but i reboot occasionally, at least once every 3 days :P
that sounds problematic
off to windows i go!
I foresee more hard-freezes once Mathematica gets heavy processor time :P
@edwinksl not really, it's because kernel updates for me ;)
or because I overuse PyCharm which is heavily java-based
@ThomasW. you are on xenial-proposed too?
2:09 AM
@edwinksl Not yet, trusty-proposed for the kernels only, trusty for my normal system usage
lots of my own PPAs...
Xenial LiveUSB tests seem to be OK
but waiting to 16.04.1 for upgrade
oh, and imaging my laptop first so I have a backup restore point if I break things
oh you are not yet on 16.04 unlike the rest of us cool kids ;)
@edwinksl by choice - i habitually wait until .1 release for upgrading, ever since my 10.04 -> 12.04 upgrade blew up in my face hard
and I lost all data :P
yeah no hurry
OK, let's try this boot animation
So . . . .PyCharm is java based . . . .IDE for Python is Java based ?
2:14 AM
makes sense
@Serg I know right?
it's pretty though... at least, prettier than the other IDEs I've used...
The boot animation is still glitched
AND it has some advanced functionality I need, such as syntax highlighting, runtime testing, project-wide refactoring...
a lot of things I've needed in the recent coding I've done
:3 although I'm allergic to IDEs ever since using Visual Studio, i don't mind a bit of eye candy
grabs his own python library in PyCharm as an example
2:16 AM
@Serg so try emacs? ;)
Im a vim guy
I use it for everything: scripting, homework, emails, helping with translation. Etc
27 tabs open on mobile . . . .man, i need to clean up
For some reason, part 2 of the boot animation won't load
^ so yeah, I think it's prettier than vim, emacs.
but I heavily rely on completion, etc.
the stuff an IDE provides :P
Pretty colors
2:21 AM
@ThomasW. i see a couple of short if else statements. why not use the ternary operator?
@edwinksl stolen from Python custom modules examples/libraries. That, and this is version 0.1 of one sub-library inside a custom python package ;)
@edwinksl those are also custom error classes
Em . .
Is there ternary operator in Python ? I can't remember
Q: Does Python have a ternary conditional operator?

DevotedIf not, is it possible to simulate one using other language constructs?

answer: yes.
that said, from the accepted answer:
Answer is sort of, because those are still if else
> Keep in mind that it's frowned upon by some Pythonistas for several reasons:
> * The order of the arguments is different from many other languages (such as C, Ruby, Java, etc.), which may lead to bugs when people unfamiliar with Python's "surprising" behaviour use it (they may reverse the order).
> * Some find it "unwieldy", since it goes contrary to the normal flow of thought (thikning of the condition first and then the effects).
> * Stylistic reasons.
looking at it, I'd rather if/else for the custom error handling, ultimately i could use a ternary operator, but my brain processes it better with if/else
actually, I redid this library custom for a project at work
may steal those changes later
2:26 AM
Agreed , if else makes moar sense
to each his/her own
i can't quite figure out your color scheme
although i have seen it before
@edwinksl it's a built-in from the PyCharm selections, with a custom change on the attribute names (user=FOOBARBAZ, for example, having user bright purple)
@Dr.ZOMBOOS hello!
2:27 AM
So . . . What should i do about my gradient script ? Post or add some more bugs . . . .em . . . features ?
@edwinksl it's listed as the GTK+ color scheme, but IDK if it's anything else
@ThomasW. a lot moar here color-themes.com
@edwinksl builtins aren't installable/replaceable
though i've made many changes in the past.
OH that's right
it's the sublime theme!
my bad!
pulled from a separate tab
but with custom changes ;)
animation works!
meh, in my case I chose one that I thought was appealing for my screens heh
2:36 AM
Good evening all.
o/ @NathanOsman
@Serg that autocorrect is evil isn't it :)
@ThomasW. No that was intentionally misspelled :)
oh that's right i have a userscript showing me the full timestamps rather than relative.... heh
i forgot that :)
2:38 AM
@Serg "onion" ;)
I like my script more and more
Maybe i should call it "50_shades_of_desktop.py"
can only be used by openbdsm users
XD oh gawd
I have an evil script...
there's a script on my guest-used-system called 666_The_Dark_Lord_Comes_Forth.py which runs in /etc/rc.local
Does that script pwn n00bs ?
2:50 AM
Please tell me the script is setuid root...
And once again, firefox takes up all my CPU
@NathanOsman whistles nonchalantly as the script nukes 90% of the UI functions, leaving the guests with a super stripped down Firefox for them to use, which in turn goes through heavy web-filtering via the web gateway to only permit a few things
me be no happeh
is there a way to count how many forks of a process there are ?
htop shows me shiz ton of firefox processes
@Serg make it color threads differently, and tell me how many are threads :P
Doesn't Firefox have its own task manager?
I know Chrome does.
2:59 AM
$ pgrep firefox

$ ls /proc/11911/task/
11911/  11922/  11927/  11932/  11941/  11951/  11958/  11972/  12003/  12371/  12376/  12381/  12404/  12409/  13281/
11918/  11923/  11928/  11933/  11942/  11952/  11959/  11973/  12172/  12372/  12377/  12382/  12405/  12410/  13282/
11919/  11924/  11929/  11934/  11943/  11953/  11961/  11976/  12291/  12373/  12378/  12383/  12406/  12491/
11920/  11925/  11930/  11935/  11949/  11954/  11966/  11978/  12292/  12374/  12379/  12384/  12407/  12492/
Needz moar threadz.
threads are fun aren't they :)
This is why I like Go and their goroutines. You get the benefit of concurrency without the overhead of a thread.
I should probably learn Go
3:01 AM
sigh . . . this is why i didn't miss the US : I don't know if those are fireworks or shots
but I know Bash and Python more heh
@Serg where you at in the US right now?
@ThomasW. Go has a steep learning curve. But once you are over the curve, everything just makes sense.
@ThomasW. Denver , CO , been there 8 years already
since 2007
@Serg cool. you in town or a suburb area? I'd say gunshots if in the city, but fireworks if oyu're in a more suburban area
but i'm biased, and am usually on red alert when close enough to the city :p
suburban area
3:03 AM
probably fireworks then?
Best part: The toolchain takes care of testing, apps can be cross-compiled out-of-the-box (no need for extra compilers), no dependencies (not even libc), concurrency primitives are built into the language, and package management is built into the language.
which are illegal in our town by the way
either way lock the door, barricade yourself in, and prepare :)
@Serg state or local ordinance?
because if it's a state law, yes, if it's local ordinance, well, it is approaching July 4 so...
(also, some fireworks may be illegal, while others arent, like here in PA)
don't know about state law, probably local
shairport-sync is cool but difficult to get working correctly.
And the latency is not cool.
3:38 AM
hows it going?
lol I ask @ThomasW. and @NathanOsman responds...
the good , the bad , and Windows
3:46 AM
@Serg what is wrong with Windows?
it exists ?
just kidding
I mean besides the obvious closed source blah blah blah...
@TheXed It's going but my day is about to end (with me falling asleep on the keyboard)
@ThomasW. I see...I was able to sleep until 9:30 am so I have an hour or so left in me...
4:15 AM
No Spams Yet.
Aw, man.
How did I miss this the other night?
Never gonna give EU up https://t.co/xv3wm9TQYX
@NathanOsman did you see Seth's post on a youtube link to rick astley's new song
4:26 AM
the memes in the comments are strong
5:06 AM
And the installation got stuck. ಠ_ಠ
5:35 AM
Hi all :D
@SeverusTux You'll be glad to hear visual studio sucks.
@SeverusTux o/
@I know :P
@NathanOsman \o
@NathanOsman install fixed?
@Edity It's resumed now. Still in progress.
5:38 AM
I removed Ubuntu and Installed Arch with Gnome
But it has hell lot of problems :(
Linux 90% good 10% bad
I agree
No offence or anything Linux has some problem.
I think U&L guys are afraid of terdon :P , They never chat :( puh...
5:42 AM
or maybe they aren't as chatty as us
Linux has problems, and yet it runs on line 70% ( if not 90% ) of servers in the world
and almost all supercomputers :D
getting python to work on windows is a giant PITA
I'm seriously starting to hate firefox, it just a horrible cpu hog right now
5:49 AM
join me
@edwinksl join you as a chrome user ?
@Serg indeed
or chromium
I still wanna get irridium working
5:53 AM
I'll check it out, @SeverusTux thanks
Vivaldi is alright, but i am just too used to firefox shortcuts
try Edge? ;)
No thanks
how about safari?
5:56 AM
eh . . . not the best alternative , but then again i've never used it that extensively . . . .maybe i could use it, maybe
6:07 AM
ALMOST done installing Visual Studio.
@edwinksl I've used Safari.
Frankly, for speed, I prefer Chrome on OS X.
@NathanOsman What are your evil plans on VS?
I just need to compile NitroShare in Visual Studio in a VM.
Almost there...
6:23 AM
Hello all.
@tchakravarty Hi :)
I have a quick question. I have two wireless adapters installed on my desktop machine -- a USB wireless adapter and a PCI wireless adapter.
How can I know which one is being used by Ubuntu?
@SeverusTux Hi. :-)
LOL i'm banned from making chat rooms
6:25 AM
@Edity o/ (?)
@Edity Hello. :-)
I am guessing this is a noob question. Just wanted to check whether there is a quick answer before posting as a question.
@jokerdino o/
dpkg: error processing archive /var/cache/apt/archives/libgl1-mesa-dri_11.2.0-1ubuntu2_amd64.deb (--unpack):
 trying to overwrite shared '/etc/drirc', which is different from other instances of package libgl1-mesa-dri:amd64
How on earth did dpkg end up in that state?
@Edity what's up?
the sky!
@Edity I'm not sure everyone appreciates you pinging them to tell a lame joke.
6:56 AM
I am a lone pencil sometimes.
Just wanted to say hi
I immediately regret that decision.
Me too
7:44 AM
Somebody please give me the link to propose SE ads on AU ..
On the right coloumn
Q: Community Promotion Ads - 2016

Grace NoteIt's 2016 now, and we've made some changes to the sidebar size. As such, we can now restart the Community Promotion Ads for 2016! Keep in mind, we have updated some of the guidelines compared to previously - the changes are marked in bold in the Image Requirements section. What are Community Pr...

Thanks :)
8:03 AM
porposed :D
I do hope it goes to beta
the format of the current AL forums isn't as good as what a SE site can offer
Yes, and U&L guys never talk :P
but i am not sure if the power users in the AL forums are willing to move to SE
so maybe they already are satisfied with U&L
hmm... :(
Q: Why not have a Windows site like our Linux / Unix site.

Charles LudlowProposal: Microsoft Windows Hello Everyone, So I noticed that we have no SE site for Microsoft Windows but yet we have a site for Linux / Unix communities. (http://unix.stackexchange.com/) I thought I would spin up a proposal for Windows seeing as for example Super User is flooded daily with Wi...

8:12 AM
@edwinksl is it proposed ?
don't think so
wow this guy's typing style askubuntu.com/questions/791540/…
@SeverusTux lol your edit came right before mine
yet another edit rejected by community
Oops !
pretty annoying actually
8:20 AM
You are fired.
vast majority of my rejected edits are caused by community
he's gonna get edit blocked again. :/
@edwinksl lolwhut?
@JourneymanGeek our windows brethren want a piece of the action
They do realise it's entirely topical on su right?
8:27 AM
i sure hope so
you should comment on it ;)
@SeverusTux that windows site is actually proposed. has 2 followers.
I saw , It has * on it ... I dont know why
@JourneymanGeek just curious: who did the css for SU? it is by far the best-looking site on SE imo :)
@edwinksl no idea.
so we have 38k unanswered questions :/
8:43 AM
so answer some >:-)
@Rinzwind i know nothing
2 hours later…
10:55 AM
@muru askubuntu.com/questions/791395/… you got competition :)
Yep, saw it 10 seconds after it was posted
There goes any chance of an accept
I have had that thought a few times myself in the past few years _O-
11:13 AM
gg boss-level answer
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