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12:20 AM
Forgot how much fun that game was.
It's not sharing mine.
I went out of my way to disable that when I upgraded.
do you have to do a registry hack to turn it off?
It was an option during upgrade.
There was a choice between "typical setup" and "custom setup". Choosing the latter allowed me to turn a bunch of that kind of stuff off.
ah man, on by default???
I think so.
12:51 AM
MS is going downhill..
^--- that shows you how to disable it
btw, what do people think of my revised version of muru's wireless tag info popup? meta.askubuntu.com/a/14238/44179
If people think it looks okay I'll see if we can get it enabled ASAP.
Looks good to me.
what, the - so what if you sign your friend in - and they have win 10 but didn't turn that off - will it share with their friends?
Yup. As far as I can tell.
12:55 AM
I don't think they thought this through very well...
(Which is why I have a separate WiFi network for guests that is isolated from the main network.)
@NathanOsman Great!
2 hours later…
2:30 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, pattern-matching website in body: Diabazole beginning its daily patrons? by adienygetry on askubuntu.com
^--- quick! If there's another site on the SE network we have a grudge against, let's migrate this question there >:)
I'm kidding, of course.
We should have sent it to gaming :P
It's referring to some sort of supplement (best I can tell) so let's send it to Skeptics.SE :)
Maybe they can debunk it.
2:37 AM
3 hours later…
5:14 AM
Hello, I'm trying to "extend one of my partitions" to the left...
Can anyone tell me what does "Free space preceding" and "Free space following" mean in GParted?
Extending a partition to the left implies that you are changing its start position on the disk.
That operation is considerably more difficult than resizing (changing the length or expanding to the right).
gparted will have to physically copy the contents of the partition to the left one block at a time.
It is certainly possible, but quite time consuming. Even on an SSD.
Also, if that partition contains /boot you will have to reinstall grub since the offset stored in the MBR will no longer be valid.
I see - thanks. Another question: For my boot partition, I see a "Caution" triangle beside it, and Used and Unused are both shown to be '---'. Is this normal?
Is there any chance I could see a screenshot?
5:36 AM
Dont you guys hate finding an answer from like a month ago and not being able to find or remember what's the title was ?
GParted is running from a liveUSB, maybe typing it here will help?
Partition File System Label Size Used Unused
/dev/sda1 [Caution triangle] [cyan square] ntfs 224.21 GiB --- ---
The spaces I typed got removed
Does the triangle say anything when you hover the mouse over it?
No, nothing.
Maybe it's because an operation is pending
Hrm... that's odd.
I'm trying out the copy operation we discussed earlier.
So maybe the "focus" won't be back until the copy operation completes.
By the way, you were right about it taking considerable amounts of time to move a partition to the left.
I realized that if you shrink the partition first, it goes proportionally faster.
5:42 AM
Sometimes it is necessary though.
I've had to do it a couple of times and it's not fun :)
Okay copy operation done
The warning is: "Unable to read contents of this file system! ..."
It's strange because all the other ntfs partitions can be read
I"m gonna try it on another Windows box and see if I get the same
6:14 AM
Sometimes gparted has trouble with NTFS partitions if they were used for hibernating or if fast boot was enabled and used.
6:32 AM
I'm just going to say that CMake uses the World's Worst Coding Style.™
It's practically unreadable.
6:52 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Manually reported question: You avocadoes and can consume these well balanced by garricksik on askubuntu.com
7:03 AM
nice one askubuntu.com/questions/360615/… I needed it today.
o/ @A.B.
that moment when you think "I should be scripting something" but still watching youtube and considering going to bed
sleep is for the weak. jkjk
eh, I got weak. Two days ago I had to help my friend write a research paper for her history class overnight, barely made it to the morning, 7 pages, and still had to fix everything before she turned stuff in
And I used to be able to write 10 page papers overnight with ease
7:16 AM
that's a different kind of tired. it happens.
try a 30 slide deck in 15 minutes. that was a fun day... until i found out he couldn't pronounce "myriad"
wait, what ? decks ? slides ? who cannot pronounce myriad ?
if you're making a presentation - it has slides. a set of slides is a deck. and he was a meathead that needed some homework done on the double.
Wow . . . .That's quite a task - 30 slide presentation in quarter hour. Was it at least easy topic ?
yes. it was.
Well, at least that's good. Personally, I'd refuse. I'm slow, always need a lot of time to do everything.
7:23 AM
I'm taking more time lately, but I'm working on harder problems.
aaand the chat is glitching at me again. For some strange reason i get my messages cloned/doubled on my screen. One appears successful, another timed-out
do you have decent bandwidth and not taxing your computer hard?
Well, it's just me on the network right now ,so I'd say the badwidth is sufficient
pings are alright too around 45 ms
I've been thinking of buying a new router, though. The one we have in the house is like from 6 - 7 years ago.
If you're running a torrent client, high numbers of connections can cause consumer routers to bork.
7:29 AM
no torrent client either, i rarely use them , like once-twice a year
@A.B. It's night here, but that would be my morning too :)
@A.B. top of the morning to you, bottom of the night to me !
That Irish greeting ;)
I'm playing with getting PoL to run payday2 atm
Sigh . . . I haven't played games in a while . . . last year I'd play some minecraft, Path of Exile , Rusty Hearts every once in a while. . . Nothing at all this year tho. Besides, I don't quite have people to play with . Everybody is either busy or . . . [insert an excuse]
I'm gonna go take a 12 hour nap, guys. It's been a long evening, with few customers in the restaurant and epic customer pukage all over the bathroom ( which we had to clean for like 40 minutes ). See you all later !
7:59 AM
have a better one. i was scraping floor wax from the last decade for 6 hours on friday... so i feel that pain.
8:21 AM
Q: Is WUBI off topic?

mark kirbyDoes this site still answer questions on WUBI ? WUBI no longer works on win 8+, I don't see too many questions pop up about it these days, but, should I flag them as off topic ? Many users have Win 7 and WUBI works there.

8:38 AM
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Won't Have Unity 8 by Default, the Community Will Decide
what community? it is the canonical that owns Ubuntu right?
9:35 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in answer, blacklisted website in answer: No dash, login loop by micronnesis on askubuntu.com
9:51 AM
Q: Can't enter capital letters using shift key

Boris BrodskiIn some applications entering capital letters works like hitting ESC key. Reproducing: Open LibreOffice document Select "Save as" (Unity dialog) Hit "Create folder" Enter a capital letter using shift key (e.g. Shift+A) As this point the creating of the new folder get canceled. (like ESC key ...

10:18 AM
@edwardtorvalds Yes, but Canonical has to deal with derivatives that take up a huge portion of their market share (lake MATE and Mint), so they don't want to end up like Debian...
(MATE is not a official Ubuntu derivative, but Mint still is not)
@Fabby o/
ah! @GeorgetheDev My favourite position is doggy-style.
@Fabby o/
@A.B. \o
10:27 AM
@GeorgetheDev What is my favourite position?
@Fabby How should I know?
@GeorgetheDev how are you?
@GeorgetheDev my favourite colour is red
10:28 AM
@GeorgetheDev What is my favourite colour?
@Fabby Your favorite colour is red.
@GeorgetheDev Who are you?
Talk with me!!!
@GeorgetheDev my favourite position is doggy-style
@GeorgetheDev What is my favourite position?
@Fabby Your favorite position is doggy-style.
Every time he's restarted he forgets!
Now for some editing...
10:32 AM
@Fabby really? =)
@Fabby do you have a backup answer?
@A.B. many...
Add a good answer here askubuntu.com/a/655393/367165 ;)
This is the best...
Nah! Yours (with the new warning) is the best!
Read your own answer again! :P
10:42 AM
10:53 AM
@NathanOsman: This morning I was luckily saved from the likes of your evil penguin! :D
@Rinzwind: did they get reversed??? ;-)
11:18 AM
@Fabby ?
Did you get a reversal lately?
the accepted was removed here: askubuntu.com/questions/99783/…
You have no clue what I'm talking about...
You called me a serial upvoter some time ago...
I wasn't...
@Rinzwind snappie???
@Fabby nope i do not >:)
I never called you a serial upvoter >:-D
I called you a serial voter :+
I was looking through the search...
Good! ;-)
11:26 AM
Q: CA file disappeared after upgrade packages in 12.04

confiqI have a CA file usr/share/ca-certificates/mozilla/Entrust.net_Secure_Server_CA.crt on servers that is still not upgraded. When I run apt-get upgrade the following file disappear and curl is refusing to connect to servers that are using this CA. Why ubuntu would delete this CA?

seems weird this
@Rinzwind I'm going with your hunch...
11:43 AM
@Seth: For another patch I am having to write a "regression potential" section, but I am not sure of any regressions due to the patch, what to write, and how to find out if there are any, do you know any good documentation on this, or have any advise? :)
11:57 AM
@Pilot6: you're not voting EOL on 2-year old questions about 13.10 without any answers in the review queue are you???
12:20 PM
@Fabby There was a discussion in meta. It makes sense to close these if there aer no answers. No reason to keep them open
@Fabby what happened to debian?
@Pilot6 yes... Close as "this problem went away all on its own"...
@edwardtorvalds Very little installed base...
@Fabby It makes no difference. Both lead to removal
Ubuntu is the prevailing Linux distro...
@Pilot6 I disagree: back when that question was asked, 13.10 was not EOL, so closing it now because of EOL is an insult to the OP... (IMHO)
12:28 PM
@Fabby Well, you maybe right from this point of view
(I know that the end result is the same, but still the OP is a human with feelings and no closure reason is ever good, except a duplicate, but stilll, I would feel better about "gone away" )
@Pilot6 Thanks!
12:53 PM
@Mitch @A.B. read this one again the "answer" is actually trying to help...
1:42 PM
@jokerdino: ping
Before I forget askubuntu.com/users/425946/zarah-khan <--- someone caught this one trying to edit in a spam link on SU
@JourneymanGeek On it
2:15 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website in answer: How can I record Skype conversations? by Lei Kristianne Bernard on askubuntu.com

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