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12:00 AM
B-b-but Linus promised not to break stuff... ;P
And break stuff, he did.
how is everyone this evening?
Kernel 3.13.0-65 source:
u32 (*get_vblank_counter) (struct drm_device *dev, int crtc);
I suppose I could create a thunk.
But that sounds like murky waters to me.
@NathanOsman And if they complain, he will explain the technical decision and tell them why they are stupid.
@onebree I'm neck deep in kernel source code. But doing alright, I guess :)
@onebree well enough
12:05 AM
@onebree Alright, just exhausted. My two year old is being a two-nado today.
@TheBrownOne -_-
@hbdgaf a bit of detective work found this: github.com/torvalds/linux/commit/…
There's the change that broke it all.
So, it was explained.
@NathanOsman you found a bug in linux?
I took a break for a bit, and am back to working on my app.
@onebree No, not a bug. Just a change they made that broke some drivers.
If we're going from int to unsigned int and negative values were never used, a thunk should work.
12:11 AM
@NathanOsman It's not a bug, it's just something that doesn't work like it's supposed to
@Zacharee1 The kernel and driver are two different things.
i iz kiding
Yeah, definitely not a bug. When I said bug waiting to happen, I meant someone that used a negative value to mean something special in their particular driver, and then they just smoosh it into an unsigned and you get a sign flip and huge int value.
why would someone do that?
"It won't compile. Well, one of them needs to be filpped. Let's just change the type in the driver and hope for the best." -- patches. Seems to work. Years down the line - kaboom
12:18 AM
Allergies all day today. I need to buy medicine tomorrow
@NathanOsman Oh gosh. That means we're going to get a new flood of vmware kernel module questions possibly.
@hbdgaf Possibly. But I am making progress patching the source code.
This is still the AMD thing right?
12:22 AM
I'm way out of it today
@NathanOsman may have a PR against the AMD driver. huzzah huzzah the peasants rejoice
@hbdgaf No idea where to submit that patch :P
I'ld just send them a mail and see if they like your change. Then setup a repo on github that holds their code and take the commit with a reference in the commit message about the email convo.
@Zacharee1 that is a great idea for my next travel where i need to get some new tech candies
12:26 AM
@Zacharee1 Why did I hear Boxxy - Love and Trolls
I think in music sometimes. When I watch or see things, songs just spin up in my head.
12:30 AM
That wasn't a question
@onebree I found out traveling solve my allergic issues
then after coming home again i need to buy my regular tissue packages
Yeah, I didn't have allergies in Chicago. I have allergies in NC. Different climates different fauna. Mine aren't bad though. I just get a smoker's cough (even when I didn't smoke at 16) where ragweed grows.
12:53 AM
@Lucio I have a dog and am allergic to dogs.
I am low on allegra d and am stretching it out until I can get to the store, taking benadryl instead
do your allergies make you hungry? Mine do.. I need cookies
nop but is dinner time here
it's 9 pm here. I am starving, even though I ate chips/dip two hours ago
yeah, me too (replace chips and dip with a cake)
12:59 AM
the chips and dip were just a snack. These girlscout cookies are FOR my allergies
@hbdgaf that is a weird symptom. It could turn bad if you are along too many people
like watching a suspense movie :P
Today was funny -- my dad cut the grass, but couldn't shower immediately because installers came, and he watched them. I had to leave to my room because my allergies. In ten minutes, I open my door (other side of the house) and the grass smell races in
@onebree that is awful :(
i love my dog though. I sacrificed a clear nose to have her :-)
@onebree ouch. I have never cut the grass of the house. Oh right, for that
fair enough
is it little as @JourneymanGeek ?
Hi dude btw! :D
1:06 AM
@Lucio but mowing is fun :(
I've almost got my patched copy of the DKMS module building.
@Seth Hello pal!!! I know it is, even more if you have one of this
@Lucio yes!!
also hi! Long time no see :)
are you still playing chess?
not as much as I used to :(
I should do it more again..
I got busy, and then kinda forgot about it.
1:09 AM
how is school?
doing good!
you are going to school, @Seth? For what?
Glad the summer is here soon though.
:O that sounds cool
@onebree learning ;)
@Lucio less studying, more sailing :D
1:10 AM
what about ultimate?
@Seth I had to get close to my screen to see it's a wink... Dem allergies.
I remember you were going to become a champion on that
ultimate fighting?
no, the soft one
your dog may play it
oh, okay. That's cool
1:13 AM
now that would be fun after grass allergies :)
please tell me about your future sailings later @Seth
I hope you get better @onebree
WOO! AMD GPU Pro has been built on 16.04.
Now to reboot and test it...
and happy hack with that Nathan :)
(Do not fear, I have LVM snapshots if things go south :D)
Ok, so I just discovered pushd and popd
Handy, aren't they?
Especially in scripts.
1:15 AM
@chaskes it is always a good time for discovers
Can't believe I was living without them. I use the graphical equiv all the time
With indentation you can do:
pushd something/
    touch somefile1
    touch somefile2
see you all! bye
@Lucio do come again.
@Lucio One thing I like about Linux folk is they (usually) don't pretend to know things they don't because they want to actually learn
@NathanOsman that is useful. thx
1:19 AM
No problem.
@Lucio still haven't played. I picked sailing over that. I still enjoy frisbees but I don't have time now to really play ultimate itself.
@Lucio I will! :)
@NathanOsman Best of luck.
@Lucio I will in the morning
night all! o/
Okay, how did that happen? I blocked off the isthmus, they still came around to attack
1:31 AM
Is cross building a thing?
What do you mean?
@AaronHall Sure.
Building something for more than one platform?
@TheBrownOne ships?
or did you leave a small space for them to get through?
1:44 AM
^^ what about it?
what's the point? is it a big deal for Ubuntu now (that article is kinda old)? What would it take to set up a modern build system like that?
It's possbile.. popey was just trying to do it a few weeks ago.
I'd say it's still a big deal, but I can't help with setting it up.
I don't remember what issue he was having though
Didn't work.
I rolled back the LVM snapshots and Unity doesn't work.
How is that possible?
Everything is exactly as it was before the test.
1:49 AM
something escaped your snapshot?
@Seth I didn't think about ships
Hmm... I snapshotted /, /var, and /boot. I bet something in /home is messed up.
Using a browser and terminal without a window manager is... not fun.
^^ did you see the question a few days ago from the person who wanted to set up exactly that? :)
@TheBrownOne it usually takes the AI a while to get to that point though. At least, in my experience. It prefers land.
@NathanOsman that's what ruined my last unity session. something in ~.
rm -rf ~/.config/dconf
^--- did the trick
1:59 AM
@SQuirel hello.
Anyone know of anything like rackspace that's free?
@SQuirel What do you need?
Just a website, some computing power?
something free that I can ssh into
that has mysql java and apache
Make a username and password here
2:02 AM
I'll elevate your user a bit, give you some access to PHPMyAdmin and you can just let me know how many Apache virtual hosts you need.
I don't understand
what is it?
What is what?
It's my server
If you make an account, you can SSH in
2:04 AM
Your server?
Usually I lock people down, but if you need a place to do something, I'll let you.
One of them :P
I was trying to host a jtrek server
It's an old telnet game...
Alright, just let me know what you need
port 1701 mysql and java
maybe apache but it's not really necessary
2:06 AM
Wow, Thanks :)
Java and MySQL are already installed, let me just open up the port
What's it hosted by?
It's hosted by me
Like a computer on your home network?
Port is open
2:08 AM
You can SSH in now
what domain-name/ip do I ssh into?
you sssh into stem.browntech.space
I'm in
Thanks :)
aww snap I gtg
I'll be back on in a few
Alright, I'll make a text file in your home dir with information needed for MySql
2:19 AM
@TheBrownOne back
Alright, the MySQL log-in information is in a file only you can read in your home dir
@TheBrownOne Thanks, The server means the world to me :)
Eh, I've got space and you're not doing something worth me getting paid for :P
I'm so sorry you have Cox internet, BTW :P
I'm kinda stuck with it cox
Installing htop for you :P
Anything else you need, I'll be emailed about it.
2:30 AM
ok :)
I can't live without htop :)
gtg :(
I just installed Budgie desktop...
how is it?
@chaskes still getting use to it, but so far I like it.
I looked at the site after you mentioned it and it looks pretty good.
2:43 AM
its snappy...
I can't even get Unity 8 to load...
I've never heard of budgie before
yeah, I don't see a lot of point of trying to use 8 before it's ready.
Me neither until today @SQuirel I randomly came across it...
@SQuirel don't even remember how...
Oh ywa I do, I came across an article about Budgie Ubuntu Remix.
I thought they were all listed here askubuntu.com/questions/65083/…
@SQuirel Budgie is there...
@SQuirel but I have never seen that thread before...
2:52 AM
the answer was only added on the 3rd
@SQuirel oh...
@SQuirel cya
@TheXed fossfreedom is working on that
@Seth working on making sure I see ever pertinent thread?
2:58 AM
@TheXed no, working on budgie remix
@Seth ahh...cool
@Seth I almost downloaded it, but I was like nah that is silly when I can just install the DE
I like the customization options, and the ease of making the changes...
1 hour later…
4:05 AM
Stop with the signs and just let nature do her thing. https://t.co/uSSDpB3U7C
what the?!
4:40 AM
LOL @Seth
@ParanoidPanda Well im not a "baby" as you said, so just don't offend people.
@ParanoidPanda What if you changed your name to (ParanoidBaby) and changed your profile picture to a diaper, would you be happy?!?
sigh people these days
I have no idea ^
5:38 AM
Hye! I'm on ubuntu gnome 16.04. Can someone please help me to customize plymouth theme. The problem is that there is no /lib/plymouth directory.
Q: get file system shares working with virt-manager 1.3.2 in ubuntu 16.04 LTS

IMTheNachoManI have tried numerous things, and read numerous articles, but I'm not able to get file-system shares to work. Here is my setup: host machine: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with KVM and virt-manager 1.3.2 installed folder being shared is /stuff as share /stuff has g+s set group owner of /stuff is stuff-gro...

6:25 AM
Q: Windows and Debian dual boot menu order?

CssSYI have debian(elementary os) and windows installed on my lap. In the boot menu, every time I'm getting debian os first and it will automatically load after 5 seconds. How can I change the order to windows first?

6:54 AM
Good morning all
1 hour later…
8:21 AM
Gute Morgen! ;-)
Goodnight all.
Tomorrow is install-16.04-on-my-pi day.
Finally got my APT proxy working.
Just need to get it honoring If-Modified-Since headers.
8:40 AM
Anyone here still running on a 14.04.4 LTS ?
1 hour later…
9:43 AM
Q: Eight tips to handle your question in the worst possible way

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9:54 AM
@AskUbuntuMeta @JacobVlijm +1 great post i love it

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