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12:08 AM
Q: Reading Smart Card

Super_SlugI have a DB-25 connecting (RS-232) smart card reader. I'd like to pull and read the raw data stored on the smart card. Any ideas on how this can be done?

Because... Quality Assurance!
12:42 AM
@hbdgaf you can, as long as there is non-stop-music playing and volume is at the top.
That is my trick, I can deal with anything playing good music.
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5:34 AM
If I've 1GB of RAM, then which is better unity or gnome?
I know that Xubuntu is Light & Lubuntu is Lighter but if I choose between Ubuntu & Ubuntu-Gnome, then which consume less resources?
Q: Proper use of Bold and Italic text in posts?

WhaaaaaatI would like to make this post to specify "proper" methods of bolding/italicizing text in questions and answers to keep the site clean and easy-to-read. Partially based off of my other question on bolding. If you have a preferred method of bolding and italicizing text in posts, please add it...

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7:11 AM
Q: How do I port this initramfs script from Ubuntu to openSUSE?

Mike SpadaruI have an Acer C720 chromebook on which I installed openSUSE (after using Ubuntu on it for 6 months). My problem is that I can't get suspend to work. On obuntu I used this fix: Instruction for UBUNTU create file /etc/initramfs-tools/scripts/init-top/unbind_ehci with following content http://pas...

7:59 AM
Is meta dead now?

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