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6:00 PM
@AJHenderson Ha ha...That's awesome.
Babies are creepy. Looks like an alien.
Ew, babies.
@raz No kidding.
@Simon Ew, Simons
@Kisunminttu I gotta agree with you, we're not the smartest.
@Xander yeah, that became my new avatar on Sound Design
6:04 PM
Today was my last day at the kindergarten. It was so funny, when the kids learned that they won't see me tomorrow, there was a stampede of 17 children headed my way for a hug. Made my day :)
@Kisunminttu congratulations on your graduation, enjoy 1st grade ;)
@Kisunminttu How many of them smelled bad?
@AJHenderson Thanks! Yeah, I have all my rubber coated pencils waiting for me in my new pencil case!
@Simon None of them. Preschoolers here have sort of a dreamy smell - because they shower and don't sweat like adults + wear clean clothes, they smell like "their" scent and laundry detergent.
@Kisunminttu and playdough
6:07 PM
@Simon Ummm... so... kids smell bad where you're from?
@Kisunminttu Smell doesn't resist cold.
@Kisunminttu well, he was just speaking from personal experience ;)
@AJHenderson I did not see any playdoh during the weeks I was there! Only colouring pencils, glue and paint :)
@AJHenderson Has I just speaking from grammar?
@Simon wow, I don't know how that slipped by, but point to you
6:09 PM
@Kisunminttu ah yes, glue stick, that's another frequent thing to get on them
I'm too selfish to like kids for now. Also, it seems to be hard to raise a kid who won't be a complete retard, judging by our society.
@Simon see, I took that as a good reason to need to raise a kid to make sure the next generation has some people that aren't clueless
@AJHenderson Oh no, the glue sticks are with the teachers. I'm talking about the good stuff - elmer's glue
Well, that is indeed a good reason.
6:18 PM
@Simon Honestly, it's not. Just decide on values you want your kid to be raised by and be consistent. Also, for the love of God, teach your child the meaning of the word "no" and also use that word every now and then.
And I think you also need to feed them, take care of waste disposal and find a place for them to sleep.
@Kisunminttu How many parents actually sit down and discuss about the values they want to give to their children?
I wanna say it's a low amount.
But yes, that is a very important part.
@Simon All the more reason, then
I will absolutely do that when the time comes
And I will totally use a harness and leash on my kid
Those things are the bomb
honestly, I don't really think that is a new problem though, there are always parents who don't make raising their kid a priority. It's sad but true. And now, with our high level of inter-connectivity, it is easier than ever to ignore your kid
I hate it when I hear a parent (it seems to be moms who say that usually but I'm not gonna generalize) they're having kids to give a sense to their life.
That is totally wrong to me.
6:24 PM
how so, it's more right than the flipside of it. All you are really doing in this world is doing work to hopefully make things better and leave your mark for as long as possible. Not much does that better than well raised children
I don't believe an accomplished person should rely on others to find a sense in his life.
now sure, I'd hope they can find more meaning in life than just that, but in terms of priorities and the most meaningful thing people will do, raising kids is pretty far up there in terms of the actual lasting impact they will leave
it isn't relying on others
it's what you do in developing them
it isn't relying on them to go and do something for you, they are the accomplishment in and of themselves
I don't think people who say that actually spend every single bit of their energy to raise their kid in the exact way they've intended.
most work you can do will impact other people now, but in the long run, it's going to go away, but your kids are going to have kids that are going to have kids, that are going to have kids that don't remember anything you did
but they may be influenced by the foundations you setup
in a small way
@Simon ah, yeah, I get what you are saying there, and I think I agree
but I don't think that's at odds with people who see raising kids as the most important thing they are doing either
I would hope they can find other things to do additionally
that's part of why my wife is still going to be working. But we are also being careful to make sure that it doesn't negatively impact Declan
And then you have parents who divorce, that's such a positive experience for kids, le w0w.
6:31 PM
well, that's an entirely different issue I don't particularly want to get in to, but yeah
When I see a single mom who's my age, I just wanna murder her.
@Simon whoa now, I'd be far more inclined to blame the father in those cases
@AJHenderson If she would have gotten to know the father, she probably would have known it was not a good idea to have a kid with him.
but then again, I'm a traditionalist, if you are gonna play around, you need to be ready to pay for the consequences. It isn't like people don't know how babies happen at that age
It's both of them who are to blame.
6:34 PM
@Simon yes, but she's atleast trying to fulfill her responsibility to the kid
Well yes, I can't hate her for that.
I'm not saying it was a good decision, but there's a huge difference between making a bad decision and living with it and making a bad decision and ignoring it.
OH WAIT, I got more.
Women who say they want to be "stay home moms".
That makes me sad.
They don't EVEN have a boyfriend yet and you hear her say "I wanna be a stay home mom".
@Simon clearly you haven't looked at the cost or quality of child care options
That just makes me go donut.
6:35 PM
@Simon oh, you mean as a young woman
@AJHenderson Yes!
before actually having kids
yeah, that's a bit premature to really even consider where you will be in life when you have kids
A stay home parent is definitely the best way to raise your child but if you don't even have a boyfriend and your goal in life is to be a stay home mom, I wanna murder you too.
6:38 PM
@Simon still probably a bit of an over-reaction, but they probably should be considering what they want to do other than just baby, because at the end of the day, once the kid is in school, they are going to have to find something to do in the day
and after the kids graduate, they will want to do something
so it is poor planning not to have some kind of plan
@AJHenderson That just sounds like an upcoming depression.
nothing wrong with planning to be a stay at home mom, but should have more life goals than just that
even if it is "I want to be a stay at home mom that provides in home child care"
(like providing child care for other people's kids as well)
My greatest fear is to look back at my life when I'll be a @RoryAlsop and to not feel like a successful person.
6:39 PM
or fostering
there are certainly lots of things you can do, even if your primary goal is to work with kids
which isn't a bad goal, but simply "stay at home mom" isn't a life goal, it's a relatively small portion of your life actually
I mean, you are talking 5 to 9 years full time and another 13 to 20 years part time
that's not even a full career
I suppose it goes up if you plan to home school
Oh lawd, home school.
Way to raise anti-social kids.
clearly you aren't familiar with home schooling in most areas. It does have some significant draw backs, but in almost all cases, home schooling is done through organizations that do regular group activities as well
I don't see the point at all.
the advantages are more personalized education and possibly better quality depending on the school district. The disadvantage (and to me, it's a duzzy) is less resources available for teaching.
in terms of equipment and such
I'm not personally a fan, but I do understand the draw, particularly if I was in some areas of the country where the schools aren't as good as they are in upstate NY
Bleh, I'm a negative donut.
6:47 PM
heck, even in my case, I would have progressed much faster if I had been home schooled as my class mates were holding back the pace of my education through most of my schooling. I don't regret that I went to public school all the way through, but I can see where it was a disadvantage in some regards
(mostly because my school wasn't big on accelerating people until getting to high school)
the thing about home schooling is it is actually far more advanced than I think a lot of people realize, it isn't just mom and pop teaching "what I learned in my day". There is actually still course work and curriculum and testing and such. The only difference is who is presenting it
@Simon Yes.
I was home-schooled pretty much all the way through high school. It was great for me.
@Xander My point exactly. Look at you now, you don't even know how to shave.
#yolo /cc: @AviD
@Simon so your point is we need some third option? cause I assume you went to public schools? ;)
@Simon But think about the important things in life...At least I'm not limited to jobs writing PHP.
@AJHenderson I did. I also completed a class from home and attempted to kill myself 33 times.
@Xander BOOOOOOOOOOOM, I got murdered there.
6:55 PM
@Simon :-P
At least I'm doing CSS right now so I'm not feeling as bad.
7:21 PM
@Simon - if you look back on life as a Rory then you well have become a successful person. Q.E.D.
Bah - autocorrect
@RoryAlsop Yay :D
Did I tell you hour proud I am of my kids - latest competition they brought home 7 golds, 5 other medals, a top girl and a runner up boy trophy! :-)
@RoryAlsop Nice!
That's pretty cool.
@RoryAlsop I saw the pics on Facebook. Super awesome!
English speakers. What verb can I use to say that I completed a task before the deadline? I want to stay away from "respected the deadline", while staying in the format "Verbed the deadline".
Made the deadline?
Kept the deadline?
I'm lost
7:29 PM
@Adnan Probably the most common form would be "met the deadline."
@Xander Oooh.. that's the one I was looking for
Thanks, Xander
The deadline got rekt
@Adnan Sure thing.
@BarryCarlyon I'd rather leave "rekt" out of my cover letter
Gosh darn it.
No one goes in the rekt these days…
7:37 PM
Abby T. Miller on November 25, 2014

Welcome to the 61st installment of the Stack Exchange Podcast, brought to you by okra (yes, that okra). On our show today are David Fullerton, Jay Hanlon, and Joel Spolsky. It’s been a long time since we last did a podcast, so let’s get started.

First point of business: we have an iPad app! It’s got a snazzier feed and a fancy live preview in the Compose view. We’ve been getting more posts from mobile than we expected, because computing via iPad is the way of the future (according to Joel), so lots of features in the iOS app are now better optimized for posting as opposed to reading. …

@Simon - it's another good reason to have kids: you can be proud of other people doing well, and know that it's down to you,at least in part
What is okra?
It's probably a new term for hipsters. @AviD, what is it?
7:59 PM
@RoryAlsop It's a vegetable that's lovely when fried.
Also used as a thickening agent in some dishes.
You're a thickening agent in some dishes.
8:25 PM
Ahh. Don't know if we get it here. Haven't seen it.
@RoryAlsop I think it's African in origin...It's big here in the Southern U.S. as a component of soul food.
8:56 PM
@Adnan but but .... #Yolo
@RoryAlsop maybe one of those american things that have odd names like cilantro or eggplant
@RоryMcCune Don't be jealous of our better words.
@Xander took me ages to work out it referred to corriander and aubergines
I really hope it rains all day tomorrow
@DavidFreitag how come?
@RоryMcCune Because the alternative is 10" of snow
9:00 PM
@DavidFreitag Ah I C. yeah we're not quite at the snow stage of the year yet..
apart from the odd dusting on the tops of hills
It's supposed to stay above freezing all day though
And the closer we get the temperatures go up. It's been near or at 60°F for the past two days
@DavidFreitag well fingers crossed for no snowmageddon then!
@RоryMcCune We have coriander too. For us, coriander is the seeds, and cilantro is the plant. We don't limit ourselves. And that other word is ridiculous. It sounds like you borrowed it from the French.
@RоryMcCune Snowmageddon? That amount of snow is normal here. Albeit a major pain in the ass.
@Xander fair point, but eggplant... what's it got to do with eggs?
@DavidFreitag 10" in a day... that's a fair quantity of snow, that'd be bad here
9:04 PM
@RоryMcCune Last winter we got 26" in one day
and then another 18" the next
@RоryMcCune Well, if it's completely dark, and you squint enough, it's almost egg shaped. But, yeah, you have me there.
@DavidFreitag .... that's a lot whereabouts are you?
Now that was snowmageddon.
@RоryMcCune About a few hundred miles south of Canaduh in Connecticut
@DavidFreitag ah so north of new york ways, weird how you get that much snow and we get a lot less, despite being a ways north of you..
@RоryMcCune No pretty much east of New York. Not as high as buffalo. Last year was crazy. Snow started falling on halloween and stopped in march
9:38 PM
^not something you hear everyday, metal/georgian folk song mashup
9:49 PM
Well, that was fast. Apparently I'm having an interview on the 4th of December (Background: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/18777136#18777136)
@RоryM @RoryA @Xander Everybody
What should I do? I'm freaking out
My first interview for an actual 100% information security position
@Adnan Sweet!
What should I prepare?
@Adnan \o/ interview .. so general tips 'cause I don't know the company. Research the role, have some sensible questions to ask, have some good answers to general stuff like "why do you want to work here" and "where do you see yourself in 5 years". If you can find out about the interview format in advance that's cool (do they do any hands on stuff or is it likely to just be talking)
It's an entry-level infosec position
e.g. when I interviewed for a pentest job they had me run some basic nmap/nessus/metasploit style stuff
9:52 PM
@RоryMcCune Got this through an open application. No clue what the position actually is
@Adnan hmm trickier, well if you know what the company does and the kind of likely roles, that should lead you in the right direction.
Industry/consultancy etc
@RоryMcCune Been researching the company for a year now. I know them inside out
Props for @Scott, by the way. Thanks for the LinkedIn introduction
@Adnan that's a good thing (tm) (you'd be amazed at the people who turn up at interviews without having done that)
@Adnan SO happy for you :* :*
@Adnan So, four things. 1) Learn all you can about the company you're interviewing with. 2) Prepare pertinent, specific questions. 3) Take a look at the job requisition, and look at reference material that may be useful for the kinds of things they're looking for. 4) Don't stress out. At the absolute worst, it's practice for future interviews. So, relax, be positive, and know that it can only end well for you.
@Adnan Ha, so you have #1 covered.
9:54 PM
@Adnan absolutely what @Xander says about don't stress, worst outcome is good interview practice :)
@RоryMcCune is "as your boss" a good answer to "where do you see yourself in 5 years"?
@RоryM @Xander I've got the general interview part covered. I've had a few of those already. My only concern is that it's my first infosec-job interview
Any tips on that in particular?
@TildalWave Hardee har har.
@TildalWave @Adnan and don't listen to the man with the funny yellow avatar :op
hey just my outfit and props are yellow!
9:56 PM
@Adnan so there it kind of depends on the company. Some (generally larger) uk co's go in for "competancy based interviews" where they ask stuff like "tell us a time when you've had had a disagreement with a coworker and how you resolved it"
they're all pretty similar googling "competency based interview questions" gives loads of exampels
I'm personally not a fan, but they're easier if you've given them a bit of though in advance
@RоryMcCune I think they're around 150 people
@Adnan so hopefully they'll have avoided the curse of big HR so far then :)
@RоryMcCune That's the only reason I got so far. I managed to talk to a guy high up over beers
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