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12:00 AM
The first episode of this season was a bit of a let down, but it picks back up with 04x02
12:23 AM
@RoryAlsop I just found this meta.stackexchange.com/questions/195038/hack-at-the-hacking-tag which I'd completely forgotten about. This being SO, the tags are still there
It's nice to be on a site where moderation works. Thank you @RoryAlsop @AviD @Jeff Ferland @HendrinkBrummermann — and all the community members who help
12:43 AM
@ScottPack agreed, 4x2 was a fantastic part
4x3 is also pretty good
12:55 AM
cc @RоryMcCune you might be interested in this: Backdoors in Wi-Fi routers, said to be closed, can be reopened
another ugly face of the cheap and cheerful networking industry
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2:25 AM
@ScottPack I don't know. I liked Oberyn.
1 hour later…
3:27 AM
@TerryChia Oh, so do I. It's just a bit of a disappointing start to a season.
It has the problem of picking up in the middle of a book immediately after a major climax so there's nothing to hook you in.
@Gilles - no problem:-)
@ScottPack True. The next few episodes were excellent though.
I only had to edit five or six and delete one (it was closed and unsalvageable so I didn't bother giving it a new tag)
Morning @Terry
@RoryAlsop Morning. I'm surprised you are around at this time.
@TerryChia Oh yes. 02 really hit a few buttons for me and 03 did a good job of setting some new ones up.
3:32 AM
On my way to airport. Vegas, baby!
For what?
@RoryAlsop Going to see some dwarves I presume?
My boss is flying out in about 8 hours
ISACA global leadership conference, and some sight seeing with the wife
And dwarves obviously
No, no dwarves
Not this time
I doubt that's why she's going
3:35 AM
No, my boss, not your wife
It's really not that funny.
No, but it is 4:30 in the morning, which makes everything funnier
That's true
2 hours later…
5:32 AM
A: What are the security measures preventing someone from chartering a 747 and using it to commit a terrorist attack?

Steve V.I haven't spoken to any terrorists, so the only source I have for this is Bruce Schneier, but apparently, they're hard to pull off. Objectively, this makes sense; if they were easy, there would be more of them. For the sake of not referencing any actual living or dead person, let's call our sup...

Brilliant answer!
> Okay, but what about an opponent who has lots of money, enough willing people to pull off the plan, resources to get them in place and provide the proper training, all while disguising the source? A vast conspiracy? Well, yes, those exist. They're called nations, and other nations go to war with them over things like that. But at that point, it's not really terrorism anymore, is it?
5:53 AM
Yeah, I guess "crashing" is the plane's default behavior. And if you chartered the plane, the pilot works for you and you can just say, "Uh, Captain, can I get your opinion? Does this handkerchief smell like chloroform to you?" — Malvolio 11 hours ago
that thread is quite entertaining :)
@TildalWave Indeed. :)
Google employs thousands of people sitting in front of computers whose sole job is snatching up domain names when they become available. — Terry Chia 41 secs ago
2 hours later…
7:52 AM
Dear lord! The UK visa people has milked dry of information and money. At one point, I thought I was being scammed, but I can see I'm making payments to a .gov.uk site.
Application processing fees.
Appointment fees.
Interview fees.
8:06 AM
@Gilles you're most welcome :-)
@ScottPack @TildalWave it was a good episode, but that part was a bit, I dunno, anti-climactic, or at least unsatisfying.
@TerryChia which one's Oberyn again?
ahh yes, he is cool, I like how he was introduced.
I seem to be getting Martell and Tyrell confused.
@ScottPack see, 03 was fantastic, and immensely satisfying. Not for @LucasKauffman though.
8:34 AM
@AviD gwhat?
GoT. Satisfying. Not for you.
@AviD Why not? Not enough gay scenes?
heh, actually there were some of those. I take it back.
@AviD The boobies of the red head girl were nice
@AviD and the final scene was quite nice
how many times did you have to pause/unpause to catch that?
8:36 AM
@AviD I bet you enjoyed the scene with your mother?
@LucasKauffman yeah I loved the final scene, but wasnt pronographic.
@LucasKauffman that was horrid.
8:48 AM
@LucasKauffman SPOILERS
@LucasKauffman It's "Joffrey" -_-
@AviD oberyn's the guy with the accent
the one in yellow
The smart one
Mace Tyrell is an idiotic guy
@ManishEarth Oh no, Joffrey doesn't die.
@deed02392 @LucasKauffman he's right. you should delete that real quick.
@Adnan wut
@Lucas is talking about the Geo Ferry they use to escape Kings Landing
8:56 AM
ah :p
There's a corps on it
@ManishEarth right, the spanish guy.
fucking internet explorer
Removed spoiler
sure, but now there are all those follow-on spoilers.
8:58 AM
@AviD Jesus! Hehehehee
@ManishEarth Great edit
Annoy me too much and I start spouting spoilers. I've read the books. Be warned :p
Hmm.. I've never really found spoilers to be... you know.. spoiling
@Adnan That's because you watch it for the ... er .. plot. Right? :P
@ManishEarth :D
But to me, it applies to everything. Books, movies, TV series, etc.
my theory goes out the window then, unless you're very picky about the kinds of books you pick up
9:13 AM
@AviD Well, clearly, the client can afford his own swimming pool.
@Adnan it's filled with the tears of orphans.
@AviD Semi-sterile salty water. Good enough.
@Adnan still been peed in, though.
Probably by the same orphans.
and the lifeguard.
and the goldcoats.
@AviD Easy solution: Prevent the orphans from swimming int he pool -> Harvest more tears.
Here we go again. Temperature outside is 5°C and the thermometer in my room says 24°C. Heater off, window open.
I hate summer... and winter.
10:02 AM
why is it so warm inside @Adnan?
10:34 AM
@deed Sounds very dirty.
Wasn't intended
AAnd yes, it's sunny. Very sunny.
You should have used a comma before my name
why is it so warm inside @,Adnan?
10:38 AM
Why is it so warm inside, @Adnan?
10:48 AM
Select a language: 🇬🇧 English (Traditional) 🇺🇸 English (Simplified)
oof, onebox doesnt do that justice, without the gifs.
1 hour later…
12:19 PM
Heeeey... anybody seen @Simon or @Poly lately?
Oh, seems like @Simon was here yesterday
@Adnan @poly ain't been around in ages AFAIK, he's on twitter a fair bit if you're looking for him...
And me @Adnan you haven't asked for me
And I am so happy to see you again =D
I believe this should be moved:
Q: Use SSH config file with Putty

Sam RadI'm using SourceTree (a Git GUI) which uses Putty as SSH client. I need to push some code into a repository for which I need to tunnel through SSH to do so. The trouble is, the repository and SSH authentication server are on separate servers. Hence, I need to login to one server and then push to ...

@RоryMcCune Oh, well it's good to hear he's alright.
@kiBytes Oh yeah, you too. You haven't been here for a while
@Adnan Think portcullis are keeping him busy these days + he's presenting at B-Sides London next week...
1 hour later…
1:54 PM
@Adnan: since you are a specialist on the subject, can you explain why this question has become a rep train ? security.stackexchange.com/questions/56371/…
@ThomasPornin The "SALT ME!" in the title.
Also, I hate that OP.
Then again, he's a 17 year old who has written programs in ActionScript.
2:14 PM
@Adnan He is officially 18 now (so says his user page, at least).

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