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12:20 AM
Win10 upgrade from 7 in a VM is a sucess! Just unsure about my graphics drivers though.
they might donut work
@Herringbone_Cat: heh. I did it on my primary gaming PC
Lets see, I had to blow away my software distribution folder, my backup software broke (twice!), and won't reinstall after I uninstalled it, needed to reinstall graphics drivers
1:13 AM
This is what happens when you forget to modulate the cipher zones before flashing your wifi
1:27 AM
A: where to store a key for encryption

VilleFor those who are looking for a key management solution for an application running in Amazon Web Services, AWS Key Management Service (KMS) may be a good option.

@AviD @RoryAlsop Also this week, someone disputed an obvious worthy flag @raz has raised, you might wanna check in case it's the same god damn user being a stupid mong.
@Simon Might have been auto-flagged for length and contents? It's short, with a single link and a first post. Next time check the review text, it actually says that if that's what caused it to be in the queue :P
Frankly, it's a shit answer, he doesn't explain why it may be a good option. Neither do I see anyone asking for an AWS solution. It looks like an infomercial (butt) plug to me.
@TildalWave I flagged it as not an answer and it got disputed.
@Simon then say so damnit, I don't always have the donut translator handy
so I flagged too and commented
2:02 AM
@Simon - FTFY :-)
7 hours later…
9:02 AM
manual de essing is exactly how I like to spend my day
nice and active in here
9:35 AM
@TildalWave nah, its not a spammy thing, since that is part of AWS...
Hmm. I remembered why I dont write answers as often anymore.
A perfectly good, correct, and well written complete answer is barely upvoted, when a barely-right and mostly-irrelevant answer is greatly upvoted - because it has pictures.
it is based on squeezing SSL into the OSI model, for chrissake. Who can upvote that?
Sorry to whoever has to read all my tag edits.
@Martin :|
What the hell, man?
That desperate for rep?
You're just creating useless tags
Now I regret rejecting @Flyk's edits because that puts your edits in the same category as hers, which is far from the truth. Hers were much better.
@AviD Check the suggested edits queue
well, good
but useless tags are a pet peeve of mine
9:49 AM
@AviD Is there a way you can give him a thousand rep so he can stop with this shit?
@Adi hehehe
YOU can - go upvote everything he wrote, then give him bounties. .
@Martin By the way, you cannot copy Wiki articles in tag description. It's called plagiarism
I don't know why the mods haven't taken your edit rights yet
You've made ~ 60 plagiarized edits so far
@RoryA @Avi @schroeder
@Adi well, glad you learned that about 9 months too late
@Adi cuz we havent had time to dig through that pile
yes, I've always known that even my "low quality edits" were notably better than the average quality level
9:53 AM
that's the community's job
Windows 10 has upset me
everything is so white, with no way to change it
also, @MartinRoryIngesen I'm not sure you know what "spam" is ;-)
@Flyk of course you can change it
@AviD not with any button I've clicked so far
but be careful - once you go to a black theme, you can't ever go back. Or so they say.
@AviD it's still a theme at the end of the day and all themes fundamentally suffer the same flaws
and they're completely interchangable with any other theme
or even a mechanical representation of a theme
10:03 AM
Just so its said, I never invented any of the tags.. They were all there without a description.
your face was there without a description
that's barely an excuse
no, more of an insult
I never invented any of these weapons, I just fired them
not a great one at that
10:04 AM
I didn't invent fire, I just scorched down this entire city
@Flyk that would apply if he added the tag to other q's.
in this case, he just cleaned and loaded the weapons.
which still means your fingerprints are on the inside of the barrel
@Flyk stacked the matches and filled the torches
Also, I didn't even make 60 edits.
some random user making 60 edits is unlikely
there's only one (ex)user who used to do that kind of thing
10:06 AM
yeah, where is she? She hasnt done that in a while, I kinda miss it.
she stopped contributing because of reasons
19 mins ago, by Adi
Now I regret rejecting @Flyk's edits because that puts your edits in the same category as hers, which is far from the truth. Hers were much better.
hindsight is a wonderful thing, isn't it?
basically though, there are more productive uses of my time than contributing where my contributions are not wanted
especially when the hind is a shapely one.
dammit @RоryMcCune!
I blame you.
and "not wanted" doesn't even necessarily mean you don't want them, it could mean you're just making it more difficult than it needs to be and thus I cease being bothered
and since adopting that outlook on life, things got a lot easier
the irony of procrastinating in some internet chat room, talking about your dislike of time wasters
@MartinRoryIngesen don't be disheartened, the general rule of Stack Exchange is that they'd rather roll around in their own filth, complaining about the state of things and the people who actively try to help in that manner than actually cleaning up
and that's if you're lucky enough that they actually believe theres a problem
there are some sites that find it perfectly acceptable to use meta tags or tags that don't even relate to the subject matter of the site
10:17 AM
WOOHOOO!! @Simon
Q: A design update is coming!

Stéphane MartinMost of the changes won’t be visible; these tweaks go along with recent updates that were made to Stack Overflow: We are moving the site's CSS to a newly refactored LESS system, so that it's easier for us to fix SE network CSS bugs globally and launch new features in the future. We are updating...

@Flyk I'm not worried about the creation of the tags. If they are going to exist, I atleast though they should have a decent description, instead of being empty.
@MartinRoryIngesen if you're going to look at fixing tag descriptions, your first activity should be planning which tags should actually exist
Tags delete automatically when they've got no questions against them
nobody can delete tags
Mkay. But what if I think the tag should exist, but the tag has no description? Am I not allowed to throw in an excerpt atleast? For the sake of maybe being helpful in the future?
if you think should exist then you perhaps need to learn about tagging
especially on a site about information security
@Flyk that's silly. They dont know what tags are for?
10:25 AM
@MartinRoryIngesen yes, in general, if a tag should exist, put an original tag description against it
@MartinRoryIngesen oh, of course, that is the point. and why you get rep for that.
@Flyk yeah, that. exactly that.
If you're going to copy and paste from somewhere else, you need to fully attribute everything and block quote it up so it's obvious that it's copied
I know fax isn't be best tag, yea. But I didn't create it, and the questions seems atleast a bit legit, so I won't go and delete/retag those.
@MartinRoryIngesen you're making the assumption that because it exists, it's acceptable
@MartinRoryIngesen often a good question will have a pointless tag.
10:26 AM
you should remember that everybody else is not perfect and therefore they're potentially incorrect by default
@Flyk I agree. I will have to go fix that.
the bar for creating tags is pretty low, and the bar for reusing an existing one in a pointless way is even lower.
btw there is a meta thread about tags that need to be cleaned up... sometime.
Yeah, I noticed that one.
It's highly likely that for SE, per 1000 people on a site, less than 5 understand how the SE framework should actually be used
for the rest it's just lots of text and annoying users removing the tag because your question is asking about cakes in the context of social engineering
@Flyk No no no.. I'm not saying your edits were good
10:29 AM
@Flyk wow. I'm not used to this level of optimism from you.
I'm saying they were better than the one I've seen in the last 2 days
@Adi you don't know what you've got 'till it's gone
@Adi s/better/not as bad/
@Flyk You're right
Ever since you've left, I've been drinking and listening to Taylor Swift
10:30 AM
or, you don't know how much free time you were giving to a bunch of people who didn't want it
@AviD yeah it's probably closer to .5
Speaking of which, only 3 weeks ago I've noticed that Taylor Swift is actually quite attractive
I don't know why I haven't noticed that before
must be because she's happier than usual
afterall her plan to cross over from country to pop worked, and her plan to cross over from pop to dance is going to be carried by Calvin Harris until she's successful enough to break up with him and then write a track about it
aand her face is quite nice
The body is a few kilos below what I like
did you just call Taylor Swift fat?
@Flyk Typo
Too thin
10:33 AM
Well, not too thin. Just a bit thinner that what I find attractive
@Adi: and she's oddly awkward in a cute kinda way ;p
@JourneymanGeek Not a big fan of the teeny awkwardness she displays
especially not now she's in her late 20s
A few years ago, I might have found that cute
Now, it's just girly
10:35 AM
@Adi and everybody knows you prefer manly girls
@Flyk [Manly -------------------O------------- Girly]
The circle is about where I prefer
good, now I know that merely wearing pink will be enough to make you leave me alone
@Flyk So wearing something pink by itself is girly now?
10:37 AM
sure, why not
@Flyk and, trust me, you merely existing is enough to make me leave you alone
hey hey, I grew up in the 80's. Pink used to be a manly color.
a rich bubblegum colored pink
@Adi phew
@Flyk Jepp. You have a 100% natural repellent
@Terry So, how's not being a mod these days? :D
which somewhat contradicts the amount of times you asked if I was OK when I wasn't around but we can roll with it
10:39 AM
@Flyk That's called being friendly
@Flyk: I can think of plenty of reasons to leave you alone ;p
Even if the other person is a douchhead
@JourneymanGeek do share
10:41 AM
Thanks for the warning ;p
I might just flag that and see what happens
Some of these graphs are quite eye-opening
I've spent the entire day so far treating sibilances
are the poor things feeling better?
10:46 AM
sounding yes
but "the talent" delivered several parts of the vocal at inconsistent volumes
which hampers things a little
(heh. I actually know what they are. Its just amusing to pretend not to ;)
I wonder if setting fire to said talent would resolve the issue of her valuing her time so highly that she delivers a quick vocal shitly and cause me to spend more time working on her vocal than she spent recording it
I must not set fire to humans
I must not set fire to humans...
Make sure you have an open mic while you do it.
yeah, I bet the scream would make a decent filler fx around halloween time
and it should be loud enough.
10:52 AM
anyway I'll leave you all to it
have fun
Oh, something for the bronies as well!! pornhub.com/insights/pornhub-my-little-pony (obviously NSFW)
Today I learned that there's MLP porn
and its biggest fans are from Belarus
The belarussian winter is cold and lonely.
@JourneymanGeek No no, I've always known there are bronies and grown men who watch MLP, and I've heard of people fantasizing about MLP in a sexual way, but I've never known there's actual specialized porn in that category
10:56 AM
If it exists....
@Adi There is porn about everything.
It doesn't stop with MLP either @Adi. Think every single children cartoon you've ever watched, there's probably porn for it.
Rule 34.
I can never look at Misty from Pokemon the same way again.
11:02 AM
That... that actually helps..
@MartinRoryIngesen Hey, man. Whatever floats your boat
I mean, I've sadly seen worse.
@MartinRoryIngesen Just be happy you haven't seen me in drag
@MartinRoryIngesen or "better", depending on your perspective.
@AviD Shh! ;)
@Adi With muscles and red hair like above?
11:05 AM
33 edit reviews....
@MartinRoryIngesen Less muscles, blond hair, a gorgeous dress, and reaaaally high heels
@Adi I was driving for 9 hours today. Can't drive and review edits...
@Adi I'll just stop this right here. It's a childrens chat after all.
@Adi Should I just reject everything by him?
@RoryAlsop heading in to the closest big city?
11:07 AM
@AviD Incoming profile downgrade -_-
oops actually thats other @Rоry
Actually headed far too near to the biggest car park on the planet right now. The M20 in Kent
@RoryAlsop I thought the biggest car park was at Disneyworld
Windows-xp is a tag? Did he create all of these?
@raz No. I didn't.
11:09 AM
@raz Well, it's your decision. I have rejected 19/20 because they're copied content
I didn't add any tags. For the record.
@raz Some people used the tag
@Adi This I agree to.
@raz He thought he'd get some rep by throwing some text from Wikipedia on nearly useless tags
Not cool
I'm surprised some of these are tags honestly
11:10 AM
Now he learned not to do that
So no need to grill him more about it
I'm not grilling him
hey, seeing as @Martin is right here, and obviously has learned from the discussion already - do you feel like going to clean those up yourself? Rewrite the tag wiki so its not stolen content?
@raz Maybe we should. I'm hungry
@Adi some break giving is in order. He is still relatively new here (nomination notwithstanding), and we all learn from our mistakes.
That is why you are pretty smart.
@Adi Grab a snickers
11:11 AM
@raz oh yeah tell me about it
1 min ago, by Adi
Now he learned not to do that
1 min ago, by Adi
So no need to grill him more about it
typing here while working on my other machine
@raz I'm trying to lose weight
Only lean foods
If I remember right @MartinRoryIngesen has been in the DMZ before. Try not to make him hate us.
I think he even nominated himself to the elections
11:14 AM
@Adi Briefly

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