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1:47 AM
Q: Displaying the Star of David with a cross inside of it

JMJI belong to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. Would it be appropriate for our congregation to display a cross surrounded by the Star of David? What does this mean?

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4:47 AM
@fredsbend @nathaniel I'd say this is actually a candidate for lockage.
5:15 AM
@PeterTurner I'm indifferent to the whole locking thing.
5:58 AM
Q: At California missions, who did the whipping?

Aaron BrickCalifornia missions were staffed by a Franciscan priest or two, and a half a dozen soldiers. The former addressed spiritual and administrative concerns and the latter established physical security for the Spanish interests. Mission neophytes were often physically punished. I assumed that the mil...

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12:48 PM
@fredsbend I bet you'll get five close voters on that.
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10:02 PM
Q: How did the Lutheran movement affect other religions?

Berry M.Martin Luther brought a great change in the religious, political and social sphere in Europe. From the Beeldenstorm to the splitting of the Christian faith, many traces of his actions can still be found around Germany, Belgian and the Netherlands. It can even be assumed his very strong views on ...


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