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12:37 PM
Q: What is wrong with answering general questions Biblicaly?

Bye@Caleb after having reviewed your comments on: What does it mean for heaven to pass away? I am confused as I was under the impression that this site was to answer questions concerning Christianity. I was saved in a Southern Baptist church building and have attended mostly Southern Baptist churche...

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6:16 PM
Q: Taoism and Christianity

DruxThe current Wikipedia article on Taoism contains a relative prominent section devoted to arguments in favor of an alleged similarity between Taoism and Christianity. Some authors have dealt with comparative studies between Taoism and Christianity. This has been of interest for students of h...

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8:09 PM
@El'endiaStarman ^^^ haha. Right after we were just saying that we'll likely not see that bot for while.
@fredsbend Lol.
@DoesElishaspeak? I don't even know where to go with this. He's been around a while and yet has missed the entire point of avoiding these questions.

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