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1:40 AM
@BESW Definitely CIA.
btw, @BESW, Dragons of the Cuyahoga arrived in the mail today. (I'd forgotten I'd even ordered it! $1 used books, shipped media-rate, will do that to you!)
That's just what the reptilians want you to think.
@nitsua60 ooh.
I hope you enjoy it.
@nitsua60 it was a great book
I also hope you enjoy it
dragons! with other interesting magical things mixed in!
Like politics!
Maaaagical politics.
1:57 AM
@BESW Jherala snorts
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3:06 AM
Hey @Magician, @BESW, thanks for the chat the other day about burnout. When I thought about it I realized things had progressed to the point where I wouldn't really enjoy even co-writing. But it turns out two of my players were keener than I expected to GM, so I grit my teeth (butbutbut spoilers!) and handed over my notes and they've been cheerfully plotting since.
So now I'm excited to see what they've cooked up. Not knowing what's going to happen next is a lot more fun when you're not the one who's supposed to know :P
Did you take over the character of the new GM?
disclaimer, I see nothing wrong with it if everyone involved with it is ok with it, but I don't personally like other people taking over my PC characters (NPC's are fine) and I don't feel particularly good about taking over theirs either
@Magician No, a while back one of my more interesting NPCs volunteered to go with them and has been gradually gaining abilities. I'll add a few more until she matches the rest of the party and play her as a PC.
We've already done this when one player wanted to run a session; we just switch which characters are PCs and which are NPCs.
@trogdor Agreed, after 2 years it wouldn't feel right, though I don't mind playing a PC as an NPC if we're down a player but need the party intact
3:21 AM
that would still make me feel weird, but again, nothing wrong with it
Well, I don't play them very interestingly or daringly - they fade into the background except during combat scenes.
I'd prefer not to use a temporarily playerless character as an NPC; try making them a plot hook instead
for example, being the target of a semi-successful assassination featuring an obscure poison both keeps them out of the game for a session, and leads to interesting questions like who is trying to assassinate you, why, and how do we get an antidote
3:56 AM
I like the way @BESW has handled it a couple of times, he has had PC's randomly glitch to another dimension where things are foreshadowed to them until the player comes back
the first time, he even actually told us what we saw there
actually, I guess that has only happened the one campaign
@trogdor Ooh, that does sound fun. In a good-sized group my go to is "they're off getting drunk somewhere" (the more humorously implausible this is the better), but in a smaller group where basic functionality depends on having everyone there, sometimes it's necessary to include them (unless you're going to remove obstacles on the fly that could only have been bypassed by the absent PC.)
anyway, I'm out - night all!
yeah,... we have actually missed sessions due to missing players
however, often we make up for it by doing something else, which is fine
good night
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5:09 AM
@SirTechSpec I'm glad it was helpful!
@SirTechSpec This is a major reason I like mechanics which give players more control over deciding what's happening, rather than just how they're responding to it.
I do like that too
but I will say that even as a pretty new GM,.. it is taking some getting used to
I am used to the GM being the person who is supposed to place wonderful surprises everywhere for the players,... that is not easy to do when the players suddenly know so much more about the world and contribute to it more (it isn't a bad thing, again, just getting used to it)
"What can I hit with a sword to summon my god?" -@UrsulaV's paladin, who is opposed to meditating. #dnd
In fairness, we immediately followed with "What can I drink to summon my god?" @RebelsHeart
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7:53 AM
coincidentally one of my players is about to leave for a month so I too was having a problem what to do with his character in the meantime
the solution is going to be the character is going to be killed off and when the player comes back he starts with another one. Current character's death makes a lot of sense storywise player leaving or not, so I talked to the player and we decided on this solution
I figured this would be a handy conversation to have bookmarked for easy reference in the future.

Noclipping PCs for no-show players

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I usually do sessions only when everybody shows up, but in this case we can't just stop playing for a month, that's too long
I found that if there was much pressure at all for regular attendance, my friends would choose to just not come at all.
So I invented convoluted justifications for a complex ongoing plot that didn't require everyone being there, and eventually figured out there were already games which had that built in.
yeah, usually even if we stop for someone, we at least switch to something else
8:06 AM
Still working on planning an adventure so it'll really last only one session, but we make it work better now.
some other system or a board game like Munchkin or House on a Hill,.. wtv the name of that one actually is
Heck, in Fate one thing we've done is say "Yes, the PC is still here. They don't get turns, but you can spend Fate points on their aspects to have them do things or make trouble as normal."
I'll have to try that fate one day, it seems a bit different from other systems. Maybe I'll get a chance to play it at some RPG convention
@BESW actually I had forgotten about this, I suppose it is comforting to know people could still do something with Brooklyn during the sessions that I GM
@Sejanus There's some old examples of play recorded in the conversations tab of the Fate chat and game room, mostly from back when we were teaching ourselves Fate Accelerated from the beta docs.
8:09 AM
hopefully by the time one of those happens he will be more fleshed out to the degree I want him to be
Ayyy, I'm back boys!
and girls and chinook helicopters
Been on holiday to NY
Thanks duder
Playing a 5e game tonight too! What a combination!
Playing a tiefling paladin. I thought it'd be nice to be a snowflake for once
8:26 AM
Hey BESW-beast
9:07 AM
Thought for the day: "Chubby Chasing" isn't much of an active sport.
9:27 AM
10:19 AM
Good morning.

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