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My profile page has some other 4e-specific (and generally useful) links.
12:59 AM
@waxeagle thanks for your comment I totally did not write what I meant and you comment helped point it out
@Zachiel player, optimizer, GM, rules lawyer... I'm a 4e Renaissance man.
@petex the Angry DM also has some great articles about skill challenges, monster design, and the role of the DM/GM in 4e angrydm.com
i will check it out,
i am new to D/GM'ing, so i am not having a solid foundation in the rules,
for monsters i use the dnd.insider website, but i usually modify them strongly, to get some different dynamics..
i throw in some self made items once in a while and see what happens
when there are issues i DM rule it, and look things up after the game so i know what to do next time
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@petex since you have insider theres a supersweet tool called monster builder. gives you the appropriate xp for the monster really helps with choices etc.
@DuckTapeal Taste the fury of getting your question answered.
Sounds like you're doing a good job. You're self-aware, you reflect on your experiences and try to learn from them, and you have the group's fun as a primary objective.
@BESW Remember the fun thing. It can be easy to forget. Do not forget it.
@JoshuaAslanSmith i actually never tried that, will give it a try for next game
1:29 AM
@Lord_Gareth I learned the priorities from teaching and working with youth, but they apply to RPGs too.
Apr 19 '13 at 12:05, by BESW
Which brings me to my regular mantra: "There is no right or wrong way to play an RPG so long as everyone involved is happy and safe."
Priority one: Is everyone safe?
Priority two: Is everyone reasonably happy?
Only after that is it important to start even *considering* other priorities.
@ducktapeal @lord_gareth what the hell are you guys talking about
@BESW I learned it the hard way, from a long string of terrible gamemasters who were hostile, entitled, holier-than-thou, insane, or obsessed. Eventually I decided that maybe I should try putting fun before any other interests.
A: Can the Oracle Mystery Brain Drain be used to gather surface thoughts?

Lord_GarethIt's for Interaction purposes. So, our ability here reads thusly: Brain Drain (Su): You can take a standard action to violently probe the mind of a single intelligent enemy within 100 feet. The target receives a Will save to negate the effect and immediately knows the source of this harmful ...

He answered my question, and I upvoted it.
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I agree but I come at it from the opposite perspective of being a GM for a game where my players didnt respect the time that the GM puts in
I stopped putting in the time. Players never noticed. Have improv'd ever since. It's not for everyone.
It probably helps that I despise my players as human beings.
thats why im so quick to be like A GM NEEDS FUN AS WELL like that question for rogue trader about the gm needing a tool to do all the battle math because he was doing all of it himself
Yes. "Everyone" should include everyone.
problem is my players knew when I didnt prepare, and complained about me using mods either from dragon mag or other sources
but when I tried to do a completely custom dark world campaign only 1 player bothered to crack the source book
[Edits a new sentence into his answer like a boss]
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I really had to resist just letting them die in the desert from failed endurance rolls/letting them get in a fight with some templars due to their lack or preparation for the setting.
@JoshuaAslanSmith I think you underestimate what I mean by improv
@Lord_Gareth I dont
@lord_gareth was this 4e?
at the very least you need monsters of the appropriate level range and xp budget sitting around even if you improv everything else
Fun fact that is applicable to all game design, including GMing: In general, players feel entitled. They want an awesome, huge world with tons of content, but they don't necessarily appreciate what that huge amount of content means for the designer.
@JoshuaAslanSmith 3.5. Which, contrary to what Myx and SSD seem to think, does not make good mechanical improv easier.
But I'm not bitter.
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haha I am toats a bitter gm
everyone is like, we never play anymore, my response, YOU gm a campaign
silence answers
crickets chirp
Hey @BESW, am I bitter? [/snide question] [/beating dead horse] [/BESW has to listen to him constantly]
1 of my friend did gm for a different system and did help GM for encounters and that totally improved him as a player but he was the 1 person that read the source book for dark sun so my most problematic players remained my most problematic
I think its also this huge problem where I want to tell sort of serious stories and I think 4e can handle that, its just that my players cant
they want their games to be munchkin and D&D tropes (they were tainted despite never playing a pen and paper before 4e simply by popular culture)
@JoshuaAslanSmith What methods have you tried to get them interested in serious stories?
1:39 AM
tried to gm a series arc? I dont know I mean the GM i took over the table from had the same problems
I think part and parcel is that serious roleplay like serious acting takes lots more chutzpa whereas when its funny you can always play it off
@JoshuaAslanSmith One moment. @BESW, can you do that chat search thing you do? I need @JoshuaAslanSmith to comprehend exactly how much I despise my players before I suggest solutions to him.
Like im always the 1 serious player at any of the tables I play at, everyone else is like Im Cockblock the dwarven fighter
and I come there with a character concept about being a knight who failed in his duty and now travels around seeking to attain redemption by helping others
so now its to the point for something like encounters where I dont roleplay at all, I literally create characters based on comic book characters
bruce wayne the avenger
wolverine the two weapon fighter or ranger
@Lord_Gareth Like this?
iron man the warforged sorceror
That's more of a group culture thing than a reflection on your GMing style. Some people really like silly, light, combat games.
1:43 AM
what is CE?
@BESW - Ah, danke. Joshua, do peruse the Hate Archives there for a minute.
@dicktapeal oh I know, its frustrating is all. Like I wish I and @besw could be in the same time zone (or nearer at least) so that we could get some serious narrative roleplay goin down
@JoshuaAslanSmith Oh, ah, in that context 'players' refers to political players within the setting and not human beings at the table
Ignore that one.
Mmm. Sometimes you've just gotta realise that your favourite play style isn't something the rest of the group is going to buy into. And then figure out if there's a play style everyone can enjoy even if it's not your favourite, or if you need to find another group so you aren't dragging them down (and vice versa).
@besw oh I know I just stopped doing serious because I got the hint right away, if we ever did same page tool it would probably be somthing like munchkin the pen and paper rpg
my problem is that in general, in life I find it hard to meet people who are into serious drama in the same way I am in different mediums
I fit into too many outlier groups in too many areas to find like minded people for my hobbies most of the time
which is probably true for all of us hence why we sink hours a day into rpg.se
at some level rpg.se assuages our desires and needs for RPG related issues that isn't being met elsewhere.
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[sigh] Client calls on Good Friday, needs a pair of 5'x2' photos printed and framed for Monday.
[calls in favours]
3 hours later…
6:21 AM
Okay, the printer should have the photos done tomorrow before noon and the framers are building the box frame already so the glue can dry while we wait for the print to mount.
Seriously though, Easter weekend? On this island?
Damn, man.
I can't even pay my health insurance on Good Friday.
7:07 AM
in Mos Eisley, 13 hours ago, by lisardggY
@SQB The mere thought of yiddish cyberpunk makes me giggle like a schoolgirl.
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@BESW Tomorrow I'm running a Fate one-shot.
And behold the kind of answer I write when I am slightly tipsy.
A: What are the Pros and Cons of the rules-as-written tag?

Jonathan HobbsIt's useless. Our community finds it useless. It doesn't have pros or cons worth going into apart from this one. Nobody seems to care much about this tag or its use beyond arguing about whether it should exist and in what form. It's not useful for searching or filtering, and evidently nobody car...

I wonder what I will think of it later, but for now I think I'm hitting the mark with the kind of thing I want to say.
2 hours later…
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@KRyan I've been reading your how to beat a tarrasque. When the wizard makes a knowledge roll to know details about allips, isn't the DM who should choose which extra information the character gets?
"Flanking with tiny creatures" brings to mind a guy holding a fairy in each fist and boxing someone's ears with them.
@BESW And then you release the fairies so they can fly in circles, cartoon-style, over the guy's head.
10:57 AM
@waxeagle @BESW and also @petex (because why not?). I know at least some of you to be familiar with The Rules Of Hidden Club, where it says "An enemy can spend a Minor Action to roll Perception". A guy I know who's DMing 4e tells me the manual says that actively using perception is a standard action. Was there some errata? Is it a PC/NPC difference? Should this question hit the main site?
it goez to the main site and i goes to the shower and workies then
in an encounter i would do it a minor, without knowing rules yet
@Zachiel Lemmie look
Perception is definitely a minor. I'll check the PHB to see if it was eratta'd
ok, my PHB isn't handy, can you quote the RC?
p 150 there
Let me check
11:13 AM
its p186 of the PHB to check the original rules
Ok, this is PHB: no action required — either you notice something or you don't. Your DM usually uses your passive perception check result. If you want to use the skill actively, you need to take a standard action or spend 1 minute listening or searching, depending on the task.
yeah no, that's been eratta'd
so at least it isn't a translation error
you'd never find anything that was hidden in combat that way
"I use my standard... spot him and then do nothing."
"Ok, then I hide again."
11:14 AM
next turn he's hidden again, yeah
You'd need someone to actively spot and point the position to AoE casters
it was listed again in PHB2 I think they did a big stealth/perception cleanup there, but I'm not 100% sure
cuz the first version of hidden/stealth/perception didn't actually function
I asked/answered the question on the main site anyway. For posterity.
And because one more link to the rules of hidden club can't possibly harm anyone.
blarrrgh. Thai food + big mug of Abuelita-brand hot chocolate = bloat.
(I was going to make pizza rolls for dinner, but the pipe into our condo's water tank got turned off earlier today and it finally ran out just as we were starting to cook. So we got take-out.)
11:31 AM
ugh, a water tank
whick kinda means you have rationed water?
Not really, it's connected directly to the main line.
It's just a reservoir for treating the water and building up pressure so it can get to the third floor of the apartment.
But the pump was sucking air most of the afternoon.
Got it.
The valve is back on, the tank's filling up again, but the sludge at the bottom got stirred up so our water's muddy for a while.
Earlier today Hobbs helped me crack through the wall on making NPCs for my campaign setting.
For example, I've got a bar owner/tender based on Peter Lorre's roles in Casablanca and The Maltese Falcon, but with a secret twist.
Which wall? Was there a wall? Why was there a wall? I did not know about any wall.
Yeah, I was hitting a kind of writer's block on it.
11:43 AM
J. Hobbs, thought chiropractor
Hobbs and I have a lot of experience brainstorming campaigns together.
That's nice
...aaaaand, off for cooking
Another NPC I enjoy, but still need to find a voice for, is a man whose profession is knowing useful people and helping them get in touch with each other.
He looks like Alexander Dumas.
...wait, you mean elf Alexander Dumas?
11:47 AM
You know what we said about elves yesterday? I'd like to add "graceful and slim"
I shall add a cultural preference for graceful performing arts.
<-- Leilani readily agrees and claps her hands togheter in approvation
But elves have just as much physical variety as humans do.
like, you know, seals do
That was referred to the clapping of hands, not to the physical variety of seals.
12:04 PM
Welp, tomorrow I'm ferrying 20 square feet of canvas around, so I'm going to bed early.
12:19 PM
12:54 PM
lol i dig the new chatroom
statblock forge
@JonathanHobbs almost impossible to not read your posts in Space Ghost Coast to Coast voice
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2:01 PM
@waxeagle @besw thought on me reverting an edit to add a tag back?
2:14 PM
Q: Tags: verisimilitude vs. realism

Lohoris1 question has both verisimilitude and realism, and for each of these tags there's 1 more question with only that one without the other. To me, both of these tags actually look like "internal-consistency", so we could rename both of them, in order to prevent someone to think incorrectly they ins...

Hello everyone.
3:11 PM
It's hard to be active on this site when there are so few questions I can reasonably answer :/
I love it to death, but... well. I've ignored the tags which I can't answer, and then hidden those questions. There are now 18% as many questions on the front page.
I feel your pain. Even though I play Pathfinder, I've mostly given up on answering PF questions since there are people here with a much more impressive command of the system.
But the more interesting questions to me are the system agnostic ones.
That's fair, and I definitely agree. Game theory++.
But every time I find an interesting one, it's already been answered :P
There was a question about a week ago that I hesitated to answer - it was a Pathfinder question, and already had several answers. But I decided to answer anyway, despite being less rules-savvy then others, because I still had a different aspect to contribute.
And it ended up being upvoted and accepted, so I'm glad I did. You can contribute even in the face of outstanding excellence in others. :)
3:17 PM
Hmm... that's fair. I guess I'll have to stick around and hunt!
@lisardggy random question since youre the only reppped up user in chat right now
I do love the site, anyway. I'll hopefully be spending more time with it in the future.
It's also sometimes helpful to dive into the archive, and find interesting questions there. It's totally valid to answer a year old question, if you think you have something to add.
is it wrong for me to revert an edit when someone removed a tag on a question that I added because I disagree
@JoshuaAslanSmith I've amassed a nice little pile of rep, yes, but I'd hardly say I'm a high-rep user on the site.
@DuckTapeal Totally. And you can even get cool badges for that.
3:19 PM
your on the first 3 pages with that rep I believe
What am I, chopped liver? :)
@Joshua Yeah, if you don't think the other user's edit was correct, you are at leisure to revert it. However, if they're an experienced user, you might consider asking them why they chose to make the edit.
@DuckTapeal Chopped liver is fun!
oh they said why
I just disagree
If it's your question, then it's always your choice as to what tags you put on it.
Hmm... where was it?
3:20 PM
Same thing happened to me the other day.
@JoshuaAslanSmith Around the bottom of the second page, it seems. I consider myself mid-rep. :)
how do I see the edit history, totally forget
@Duck Though I definitely agree - digging through old questions is fun, and I think I came across one that I actually answered once. I haven't done that in a while, though.
oh its not mine
its a disagreement over a new user's question
What question?
3:21 PM
Q: When should a GM roll behind the GM Screen?

petexI was wondering what is the point to roll behind a screen as a GM? If nobody can see the roll then I could claim that i rolled any number I require, right? If I would have to show the roll, then why would I roll behind the screen in the first place. I do like the idea that nobody hides the rol...

@JoshuaAslanSmith Click on the "Edited 15 hours ago" link.
Hmm... why do you disagree with the removal of the tag?
(I assume that's the tag you mean, yeah?)
because the user petex, said it was specifically about 4e in the chat yesterday
and because the right answer to this question depends on the system otherwise its just a list of ways to do it by various systems
You might want to add a comment to the question saying that petex said it was about 4e, and that different systems treat secret rolls differently, so the system matters for this one.
@DuckTapeal I agree. Without the chat-only context, I would remove the tag as well.
3:25 PM
...huh. You actually have a good point on this one.
Q: Voting Feedback totally screwed up compared to other SE sites

nvoigtWhen I visit SO or Workplace.SE, I see the voting as a feedback what to improve. I can see that when I put work into my post and have knowledge on the subject I get positive votes, when I make mistakes or are hasty, I get negative votes. Workplace.SE, as a more adult-oriented site has way better ...

Personally, I don't think a system agnostic answer to that would be bad, but I can see your point.
I already did
sys agnostic becomes a list because hes not asking for a fix for a specific problem
Historically, this site accepts these questions both cast as system-agnostic and system-dependent. As it was unclear which the user wanted, and the text didn't imply a particular system, the users went with the system-agnostic approach.
I guess we'll see if the mods shut me down on it or let it lie
I don't disagree with you, but I think it's a little late to change it now.
3:27 PM
Once you've re-added it like this, if it gets removed again, ask a question about it in meta.
I would have the text explicitly state the system he's playing. As it is, it feels like the tag is tacked on. Having comments clear up the system isn't clear at all.
@lisardggY Very true.
@DuckTapeal Exactly my plan.
Also, it feels like the OP really doesn't want a 4e-only answer. You might feel that a system-agnostic question is listish and thus closeworthy, but it feels like you're changing the OP's intent when you retag it.
@lisardggY good point ill edit I'm a new gm playing 4e into the question
might wait on the edit see how it shakes out
I feel like if I edited "I play 4e" into the question it could cause a lot of issues
3:38 PM
If you feel like the question he's asking is listish, then you might consider voting to close as too broad.
here's my conundrum he's new, he expressed concerns in chat about how to post a question, myself and besw were working with him on it
I have the edit power to add a tag
I felt it was natural
id rather help him fix his question before voting to close it
He also specifically commented saying that he wasn't concerned with just 4e answers.
And I'm not convinced that making this system-agnostic would actually turn this into a list question, based on the answers that have been given so far.
I will vote to close if it gets undone
SE is about expert answers to real problems, if he just wistfully wants to know how every rpg system handles hidden rolls then its a bad question
Except Opa gave a perfectly valid answer that is system-agnostic. Your answer is also mostly system agnostic.
Other than the part about monster recharge rolls, all the stuff you say applies to any fantasy rpg.
Just because it's possible to answer a question with a list, doesn't mean that the question is invalid. In this case, it's perfectly possible to answer that question generally.
So I dont feel that the question meets this if its not system tagged rpg.stackexchange.com/help/dont-ask
due to the way he worded the question it either needs a system tag or it need to be closed
3:47 PM
What part of that page do you think this question violates? Like, what line, specifically?
@ducktapeal Except when you say "fantasy rpg" I really read it as d20 and d20 inspired systems. That question when answered using fate has a completely different answer
"You should only ask practical, answerable questions based on actual problems that you face. Chatty, open-ended questions diminish the usefulness of our site and push other questions off the front page."
"every answer is equally valid: “What’s your favorite ______?”"
The reason I feel like the question is just fine as it is, is that every answer (system agnostic or not) has basically said the same thing. No one has tried to give a list of how every system deals with secret rolls.
Everyone is saying "Roll behind the screen to keep information secret from your players, when it would be appropriate to do so."
you can disagree about the list issue, but every answer is equally valid is a problem
because its true about this question if its not asking about a specific system
By that argument, every system agnostic question would be invalid, since you could just answer the question in any system, and have the answer be valid.
@JoshuaAslanSmith I disagree. "system agnostic" means that answers are universal, like "because you want to keep statistics of enemies secret", or "for opposed rolls". That doesn't make them equally valid, only equally applicable to (many) games.
4:01 PM
An answer that only worked on one system would probably be valid, but wouldn't be complete, and likely wouldn't get as many upvotes or be accepted.
4:29 PM
So, can we look forward to a meta question about this, @JoshuaAslanSmith?
1 hour later…
5:34 PM
@ducktapeal eventually. not right now busy at work and frustrated by this so need some breathing space.
5:53 PM
Good, looks like the Tarrasque is eating my character's body tonight.
@Lord_Gareth, you're good at this sort of things.
> Triggers for contingent spells are usually events that
happen to the bearer of the spell, and can include [list follows]
Am I right saying that neither "usually" nor "can" actually tell me if the list is exhaustive or not?
(afk now, will read later)
6:26 PM
@Zachiel - Common consensus on GitP/Min-Max is that the list is not exhaustive. Word-triggers, for example, get used a lot
6:39 PM
@Lord_Gareth I wonder if I can stick a word-trigger between the action that causes a readied action ti set off and the action itself.
@Zachiel Again, in English this time.
I ready a ranged attack. The condition is "whenever that enemy (who is now a long distance from me) gets at exactly this distance". Then I pass, enemy's turn. He comes closer and I get to do the readied action. Can I say "now" and activate the triggered true strike before the actual attack takes place, so to benefit from the attack bonus?
6:56 PM
@Lord_Gareth afk now, I'm pinging just to let you see the new wording of the question when you login again.
Woo! Ding 6000.
2 hours later…
8:44 PM
Q: Is it possible for us to the refine [gm-techniques]?

EmracoolWhile going through some of the gm questions (which I've previously taken issue with), I've noticed that we tend to have a catch-all tag for gamemastery questions: gm-techniques. In my efforts to clean up the gm tag, it's come to my attention that really all I'm doing is, for the most part, retag...

9:31 PM
What if you're all secretly elves roleplaying humans because we lead more interesting lives?
10:08 PM
@Emracool [wave]
How goes!
Been keeping busy. Not a lot of gaming IRL, though.
Much of the same! Life has been a time-consuming procedure as of late.
Though it's about to become more interesting! So we'll see!
Finally figured out what I'm doing wrong in this dern Fate thing
I guess what it comes down to is that I need to be a bit more supportive of the players as a whole? In the sense that I've been trying to pass off too much descriptive control to the players when they clearly don't want it.
Or, since a lot of them are new, aren't necessarily prepared to handle it properly. Which, of course, causes things to stray from the path a bit.
10:17 PM
Ah, that's a balancing point I've been struggling with myself.
Hmm, how so?
I got so excited about the ability of Fate to spread the GMing power among the players that I pushed too hard for my player to use those powers.
Turns out he generally prefers playing in my worlds, and will speak up about adding things when he wants.
That makes a lot of sense. Maybe the table culture Fate's going for is still controlled by the GM, but instead simply makes itself open to players' ideas.
(Part of it was that I was kinda burned out after two years of running 4e every week.)
@Emracool Like many things about Fate, it's very flexible and can be bent and stretched pretty far before it snaps. So there's room for a great many approaches to the GM/player creative dynamic.
That's true. What surprises me is that I actually think I was past that point.
If the mettle of an RPG is an alloy, then new players weaken the alloy through inexperience. It will still work, under careful conditions, but becomes far less flexible than it would be under experienced hands.
10:25 PM
Oh, I meant mettle. :P I didn't realize it was a pun, though! So, literally no pun intended?
Interestingly, I've found that players brand-new to the RPG experience are more likely to feel free to contribute to the world-building.
It's only after they've been firmly told that the world is already built and their contributions are wrong that they clam up and start asking before making any kind of contribution at all, including about their own character.
Creativity is astonishingly touchy. I've noticed that too.
That's an interesting list. Not too much there surprises me, but it's still interesting to see just how disproportionate it was(/is).
10:32 PM
It floated into my twitter feed attached to this:
This has been your biannual reminder that there are professions for Victorian women that aren't 'prostititue!' or 'lady!', fiction writers
Oh, Tropes.
For me, it's largely just a cool list of professions I might not otherwise think of.
Lapidary, for example.
That's true. But the list also does imply that if you select a random Victorian-era woman off the street, they are overwhelmingly likely to be a servant, a miller/dressmaker, in cotton manufacturing, bathing, or a teacher.
But yeah, it's a cool list of professions. "Random person in the town? They're uh... a fireworks journey(wo)man.'
Unfortunately, I must depart, as we are preparing for a competition next week! I'll be back later, though. Seeya!
10:38 PM
I'm hoping to make my setting (which started off mostly inspired by early 1800s Persia but is developing a lot of Victorian quirks as I go) more gender-equal.
@Emracool ttfn
11:30 PM
It seems largely predicated on adherence to the novel and enforced obscurity.

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