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@Pixie i have learned about a new kind of carnivorous plant :D
Dr Light will probably be very sneaky about snatching up small critters
or at least as sneaky as he can be
if that even ever comes up
9:41 AM
yes well i imagine he maintains the idea of being civilised right?
yes, he does
mainly, I don't think he eats small critters if he can help it
and if he is out in the sun, and just ate, he really shouldn't need to for a while
chances are it won't come up
ok. :)
I just meant that if it ever did, he already has an insane ability to grapple things, and he could probably hide a small animal while he digests it XD
the trick is having no one notice him grabbing one ( for him I mean, for me it would be hilarious if he got caught)
This reminds me of the Wildling mechanic.
Any spell suggestions for a 1st level arcane swordsage? I get 6 "maneuvers" which could well be any spell, and 1 "stance" which would probably be best as a buff spell (personal better). 0th and 1st level spells are accessible and since it doesn't really say it seems like I have my pic of any spell period. Says "arcane" but most spells don't differentiate between arcane or divine, and many spells say on the cleric list are also on an arcane caster's list...
9:48 AM
Which... hm... I wonder if anyone's done a Wildling Accelerated mashup hack?
3.5 limited, no dragon mag, no 3.0, no homebrew.
I think I will leave 2 points open for the dragon cyborg's skills
I don't know if I want to raise his deceit or physique
or possibly something else, but those are the 2 I am stuck on
...... I just noticed that his rapport is higher than Jessie's
@BESW What is that?
10:05 AM
@trogdor Jessie's friendly and outgoing, not diplomatic.
yes, I noticed
from your descriptions and the moderate score she has in rapport, I basically guessed that
her empathy is still better than his though
does that mean jessie's pretty good at understanding people, but not at dealing with them?
both of them are the same
she has 2 rapport and 2 empathy
@doppelgreener Pick (from a list of about 10) the adverbs you want to describe your action, like Clever, Impressively, Helpfully, and Thoroughly. Roll a die (size determined by the kind of thing you're doing and how good your PC is at it. The higher the die roll, the more adverbs the GM uses to describe your action.
Zex just has 4 rapport and an abysmal 1 empathy
10:48 AM
> All of the d100 Acre Wood friends are like Owl-Pooh: odd little sort of mythological creatures found in first editions of fantasy role-playing games that made no logical sense whatsoever.
I need to find a searchable/filterable index of all D&D spells... :/
Because the one I used before doesn't exist anymore.
Shit even if it's just names and book/page info I'd be happy.
I'm not sure I'd ever play it--the system is the "loosely defined narrative structure with drama token permissions" thing that doesn't really ping with me.
But OMG look at them.
11:07 AM
@BESW a rust monster!
@doppelgreener His name is Rusty.
@BESW adorable.
There is also a Gelatin Cube (not Gelatinous). He is called Gelly.
11:38 AM
I have ears. You will pay for this travesty.
@Magician Context needed.
I have a secret Fascinating hat. Which is mostly vulcan ears. I'm not sure how I got it.
It's got to do with upvoting answers.
Apparently, upvoting an accepted answer with a score of at least 5 already.
@BESW Are you sure? I've barely voted. I did get a badge for linking to an answer recently.
Q: Winter Bash 2014 Secret Hats

KevinSo far, I've unlocked one of the secret hats. I'm wondering what other secret hats are out there and how to earn them?

11:46 AM
Fair enough.
12:17 PM
@Magician I have that one. I also have the Fascinating, ma'am badge which is the vulcan ears and a yellow shirt.
Case in point
Lookit mah avi
Hmm... I haven't been here a year, so I don't think I can get the Timelord hat sadly.
12:34 PM
Meh, don't need hats anyways lol.
@Dorian What is this strange blasphemy?
The blasphemy of someone who doesn't care for arbitrary achievements that don't make me money. Especially when they're only temporary.
@Dorian "arbitrary achievements that don't make me money" Wow, so no RPGs, videogames, books, movies, tv shows, or this site then?
I do things for the entertainment, I don't do them for the
1:00 PM
just gonna leave this here
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