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 D&D 5e Discussion Goes Here.

Not in main chat. (Though links to cool 5e stuff should be sha...
oh, sorry
@BESW I'm not really interested in discussing 5e, but I saw the word 'Modron' in the image behind that link, and that makes me unnaturally happy.
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@Zachiel Image not found.
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@DampeS8N In that case I would recommend looking into drop dead studios. At least their Spheres of Power product. I have the pre order which gets me early access and it is not even done yet but it is awesome. There are still some minor balance issues but those will be ironed out I am sure. The product is meant for Pathfinder but is backward compatible with 3.5 as well.
Hm. Chat folks, I need some idea helps.
I am awake. Whats up?
My friends and I are due at some point (whenever schedules allow) to enter a researcher's lair, but I'm not sure what to make the adventure about. It's a Fate adventure, and it doesn't have to be fighting, and I'd particularly like this one to be not about fighting.
Any specifics on the researcher?
The researcher himself is absent, he's been turned into a werewolf - he had an accident with a serum he was developing to allow other people to turn into werewolves without some of the negative side-effects. The campaign focuses on some PCs in a Hellsing-type organisation: arcane stuff is rare in the world, and often dangerous, and they exist to keep it under control.
Most of the time, they do that through stamping out presence of the arcane.
The researcher, however, belongs to another organisation. His organisation uses the arcane in order to combat it: they fight fire with fire, so to speak.
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Tell me a bit more about the party? Are they willing to use arcane devices at all?
In my mind, at the moment, the lair's a partially-underground castle/keep that's recently suffered an earthquake. He had a few imposing creatures locked up who've generally either escaped their cells or been killed in the quake.
Are the creatures ex human or born monsters?
@Aaron The party's a mechanic who's very clever with his machinery, a Cleric who's basically gone through some reality-wrenching Lovecraftian kind of experience we've yet to learn about (he's seen too much for one lifetime), and an assassin who serves both the Gatekeepers of Tartarus (their organisation) and the government.
@JonathanHobbs are they already there? Or can getting there be a good chunk of the time?
because you can use how they get there to give them clues about what they are looking for once they get in
@Aaron Not sure! It could be a mix. He probably has captives his organisation's captured who fell prey to some transfiguration, as well as original creatures. He likely had some werewolves locked up, and there is an actual werewolf pack who hates him and has either freed them or is going to free them.
There will probably be a Grootslang present, slithering around the hallways, which they will absolutely have to not fight because if they fight it they will die. They're also going to find some unidentifiable decomposing remains of something huge beneath a large amount of collapsed rock.
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nice, the other thing is give them something to do in the lab in addition to finding notes and stuff. The guy is brewing potions...have them interact with the aparatus...
Few ideas:
- one of the monsters that escaped is literally unfightable, directly.
Something like Hulk level invunerability to damage.
You can show that off with him like walking through explosions or some such, so the party knows that attacking him is pointless -- except perhaps as a delay.
Then they party needs to either spend all there time evading this brute,
so never stay in one place too long,
or work out a clever trap to get him back in.
is he not there because he knew they were coming? if so maybe he has a fail safe/trap/something left for them
@waxeagle that's true. they are not there yet. I'm running episodic missions, and this mission hasn't started, so theoretically they start anywhere between HQ and lair.
You could say he completed a curative serum and they need to use it to cure the few ex human creatures. That would involve capturing the ex humans one at a time and using the serum. To make sure that they can't keep it for later put some notes nearby that state that the serum will loose it potency quickly.
if he's been delayed maybe he he has a deadman switch they need to disable
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oops i see you already had that idead with the Grootslang
You could then use @Oxinabox Idea to destroy the notes so they can't replicate it.
@Oxinabox Yes! I'd love to use the Grootslang, or something like that, to give them something they have to evade and could possibly re-trap. The Grootslang in particular is a fearsome predator - it's extremely clever and a powerful hunter. In the African creation myth, the Gods created it in early times when they still were working out how to create life, and they considered it a horrible mistake, so they split it into the Elephant and the Snake.
(but one Grootslang survived, and from it all living Grootslang are descended)
(how did a Grootslang have children on its own? Who knows, it's a creation myth)
Another idea:

- at first it appears that the researchers lovery (if new and not fully trained) assistant is still around -- possibly cornered by a monster, or trapped in a seperate area.
who can be join with the party as a NPC and feed them some information.
Twist is that the assistant is infact a shapeshifting monster that escaped.
I guess my idea might give too powerful of a plot device for FATE? I have never really played FATE so I don't know the pace of the game.
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@waxeagle In their last adventure, they actually discovered the resesearcher - and a couple of his colleagues from his organisation. He was stuck as a werewolf and animal-minded, and attacking a small town. They agreed to head in with the organisation to his lair and try to find his notes so he could be changed back into a regular person.
@JonathanHobbs ooh disarming a deadman switch that destroys the place might not be a bad idea then
it can provide a great deal of urgency, create interesting (but not necessarily catastrophic failure consequences)
the other possibility is a deadman switch that makes the research public
(or something else damning)
Okay this is awesome. I'm gonna compile some stuff so far, let me know if I missed something:
- Incredibly powerful creature they have to evade and can trap again to get it out of the picture.
- Ex-humans locked up who they could free and cure.
- An apparatus they could fiddle with to disastrous effect in the lab.
- The notes and a lycanthropy cure in his lab.
- A self-destruction mechanism they could end up activating at some point, and they can try to escape or try to deactivate the mechanism and preserve the place.
Suggestion: nothing is worth fighting.
Everything they meet is obviously too weak/scared/timid/harmless to fight, or too powerful to fight.
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- Consider pre-lair stuff which will give them clues for what they're going to encounter in the lair.
@BESW Yeah, I like that. I'm gonna make that a scenario aspect.
@BESW @JonathanHobbs A build onto that could be Cornered Mouse. If they do try to intimidate one of the creatures it lashes out with surprising strength. Maybe it turns into the Powerful Creature?
That would depend on the party though. How likely they would be to try to corner one of the creatures to talk to it and accidentally scare it into changing.
.... I'm going to have at least one powerful creature in there they could possibly make friends with, maybe.
@Aaron Yeah, that's quite possible.
(As for most of them though: the creature's just weak and pitiful and I make them feel bad for attacking it.)
Thanks for the help y'all
now I wonder what the apparatus in the lab should do when they fiddle with it
or if there should be something broken that's wreaking havoc, like an aether transmogrifier stuck on 'on'
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@Aaron Interesting. Right now TBC is in 'requested items only' mode. But I'll shop it around as an option at the Pathfinder game and what not. :)
@JonathanHobbs The researcher was doing experiments with shapeshifting and such so something that speeds up mutations or causes mutations?
You're attacked (+8) by mutational energies! Consequences should reflect your sudden chimeric transformation.
Haha, people start getting shapeshifted?
Or someone gets phase-shifted so they're like a ghost...
@BESW i like that one more, i'd be concerned about telling my players: "okay your character changes now"
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@JonathanHobbs As long as you are clear it is temporary it shouldn't be too bad right?
@Aaron Yeah I guess so
You could give your Cleric some flashbacks to his lovecraftian experience. Possible RP and character development chance for him.
Lovecraft is Cthulhu right?
@Aaron Cthulhu is only scraping the ice
@Aaron oh my god.
You're right.
I could stick something in here that he recognises
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Alright first question in, hopefully it's not too bad ;)
I'm working on a fate campaign so I have 3-4 questions that will hopefully be interesting.
@JonathanHobbs Remember, as a consequence not only is it temporary, but you can introduce the Core concept that you have to take action to begin healing.
Which could seed the next adventure!
Okay, so here's a concept I have in mind based off this.
There's some kind of aetheric device that's active, and probably shouldn't be making noises like that.
It lights up the entire lab in an eerie glow.
Through it, they see... something Lovecraftian. I tell the Cleric he recognises it. I maybe let him suggest what it is.
That thing reaches through, touches someone, and mutates them.
(They pick how.)
@JonathanHobbs Sounds like a great encounter.
Just posted a screenshot of my final formatted-to-print page of "Curse of the Lake Monster" notes, over in the Spoil-Lair, if anyone's interested.
@Aaron Add in time stop for extra fun.
Hmmm. I need to look into the lovecraftian stuff.
Where is a good starting point
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Call of Cthulhu is the classic entry point to the Mythos.
You can find it free online quite easily; all Lovecraft's stuff is public domain.
Is that a book or the game?
It's a short story.
As I understand it it's the only one with Cthulhu as the main villain for some reason
I have a ton of lovecraft books I should really read them someday
The Mythos "canon" started out as more a collection of stories loosely connected by theme and sometimes by place.
Figures didn't recur very much because each story focused on a different way to invoke cosmic fear.
@Aaron Thanks :)
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 Aaron's Encounter Builder

Spoiler! If you are in my Pathfinder game do not join
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@JonathanHobbs Oh I completely missed that tag, I'll have to read through it. #hexcrawl
Oh wow no surprise this'll be the second question tagged hexcrawl
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@mbriand you completely missed it because it did not exist ;)
i added it to your question and thereby created it
because i remembered us having received another question on the same topic
this is completely illegible to me. excellent!
@JonathanHobbs I found a few more can I just go ahead and tag them all?
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@mbriand sure, if the tag describes the content of the question and is the kind of thing people into hexcrawl / experts in hexcrawl would want to be seeing
The tag should also get its wiki made.
that is true, though i don't know much about hexcrawl
@JonathanHobbs Bigger version's in the Spoil-Lair, for others to gawk at.
@JonathanHobbs Neither do I.
@BESW I can probably make it (if I can edit those) I've been doing a good amount of research for my new campaign
@mbriand You should be able to suggest an edit which higher-rep users then approve. If it's approved, you get rep for it!
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Oh neat I can do everything pretty much it just gets peer reviewed afterwards
(Once you hit a rep level where the changes aren't peer reviewed, you don't get rep for making changes.)
@mbriand yeah, all edit options are already available to you
you can't vote to close, but you can flag to close, so that's another kind of peer review thing i guess
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@BESW Hey, could you link me the extra materials for Cthulhu Dark?
I think I'd like to try something like its story pacing and steady reveals for the Researcher's Lair
things becoming increasingly scary/wrong
I think he might be gone for a few hours for now
@trogdor oh right, party visit
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@JonathanHobbs They're linked in the tag wiki.
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I think Thoreau just facepalmed in his grave.

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