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9:03 AM
..... nis released a Disgaea collection on ps3.
and it includes Disgaea 4, 3 and D2
couldn't they had Disgaea 2 ;_;
You can get Disgaea 2 on PSN.
I know, I just wanted the disk.
Yep, I'm strange
Nah, I prefer to have things on disk as well.
We ancient cartridge users often aren't very fond of digital versions.
2 isn't that bad to buy second hand, though.
As popular as they were, they were released in pretty wide quantities.
9:14 AM
@Pixie There is a problem in your idea. Disgaea 2 was for PS2 and PSP. I just have a PS3/PS4, which mean I can use Ps1, Ps3, PS4 but not PS2
Ooh, I see. That is a problem. Then yeah, you're limited to PSN or any potential rereleases, unfortunately.
Oh, well, I am pretty used to Nis not loving me ^_^
PS2s aren't too heavy an investment as far as consoles go, but that's still really only worth it if there are a lot of PS2 games you want.
that could be an idea, but will have to wait until I can relocate the consoles mess I am.... currently experiencing.
Heh, I have that problem too. My big grandpa PS2 is not with me at the moment (though I got a PS3 that plays PS2 games, so not really an issue).
9:23 AM
My problem is more like my room resembling an anime store...
My PS3 can't be used at the moment because it's covered in figures I have yet to unbox, actually. >w>;;
I understand your pain.
I actually got a new media rack today so I could get some DVDs sorted out. The only problem is where to put the media rack... the one flaw in my perfect plan.
@Pixie I know that somewhere in the mess there are some DVD that I haven't seen yet. The problem is where.
@SPArchaeologist Oh gosh, yes. "It's right here... if I move four other stacks of DVDs first..."
@Pixie having a media rack: "eh, whatever" is the best and most resilient organisation method.
wait, you said where to put it XD
I organize my things by general type and also eh whatever. xD
9:39 AM
@Pixie Nope, worst thing is not the DVDs. Myth Cloths are far far worse.
@SPArchaeologist Almost all my figures live in storage boxes right now. :c
I just love how those saint cloth fall down even if you just stare at them too much.
@Pixie mine to, but I made the error to have the Saints outside the boxes. Now I must find where the boxes are.
I have a set of Cardcaptor Sakura gashapon figures like that. They just love to dive off the shelf...
well, it is not them diving off the shelf. The problem is armor integrity. Especially with elaborate, layered ones like Thanos or Pegasus god cloth.
Ahh. Mine are just terribly balanced and came with tiny chunks of plastic that do nothing instead of stands. :v But, eh. Gashapon.
9:46 AM
Armored Thanathos :
How it comes in the box:
@SPArchaeologist all the satisfaction of a figurine and a jigsaw puzzle
As you can see, all the "skirt" is made up of separate parts that just love to fall down
Ouch, yeah.
and when you inevitably bump him off the shelf that one time, all the joy of 52 pickup
That just reminds me that I have like three... wait, I think four Shadow Fox variants to put together. I can't even remember anymore. But I suck at cutting the flash, and also, where am I supposed to put them? Mysteries.
9:49 AM
@doppelgreener this may be the most accurate definition ever
@doppelgreener One time I had a little Zoid I put together on my desk, and my cat smashed it. I never did find all the pieces. xD
@Pixie noooooooooooo!!! (that show was cool) noooooooooooooooooo!!
@doppelgreener It was this little baby.
Zoids was AWESOME
I love Zoids.
9:51 AM
Hence why I have four Shadow Fox variants to put together. >_>
Especially when your ROBOTS ARE ANIMALS
I know, right? Best concept.
I especially like the Sniper Raptors
Their tail becomes a GAUSS CANNON
Shadow Fox 5ever. I like canine and feline models in general.
@Pixie "image hosted by tripod" D:
Its so cool that the tail is a gauss gun
@doppelgreener Curses! Another picture.
I cant get over what a cool idea that is
I'd join a zoids homebrew game so fast you have no idea
It's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and luckily only cost $1 because yep never found those pieces. xD
9:58 AM
Make your own team with some other guys
@Pixie ...... [counts all the possible bits in terror]
Fight other teams
That could be pretty fun.
@doppelgreener Oh, that's an easy one!
Buy parts for your giant robot cat
I only really saw a couple of Zoids episodes.
The first two I think?
10:01 AM
I was very fond of the original series, aka Chaotic Century. The second one I didn't like as much, but it wasn't bad either.
You needa watch
They good
The girl character is cute
You and your fox lust
First vulpix now shadow fox
I can't help it if Shadow Fox is the coolest.
@Sandwich i recall her having... some impression on me of some kind, and also that LIGER ZERO!!1!1!! was pretty neat
10:08 AM
Lightning Saix is pretty good too, though. Especially the HMM version.
Lightning Saix is probably my favorite
Though my class in any FPS is Sniper
So I'd probably find some way to turn Saix into a Sniper
Maybe lengthen that short tail or something and use the other four legs as a stabilizer
@Pixie that appears to be a figurine that is genuinely constructed out of metal
(or is it just plastic and very convincing decal?)
@doppelgreener Nah, it's just metallic plastic.
That one might also be painted, but I'm not 100%. I don't own it... yet.
I know, though, that my HMM Shadow Fox has metallic plastic.
Which is good because I'm almost too terrified to cut the pieces out, let alone paint it.
10:13 AM
What d'you mean by cutting the pieces out?
When companies cast models they do them all in one sheet of plastic
So you have to cut the pieces off the sheet with an xacto knife
Similar to that
10:15 AM
@doppelgreener Myth cloths are metal made with some plastic for parts that would be too heavy otherwise.
I'm not real good at cutting it. TwT
I took an architecture class in Middle school that used balsa wood so I got really good with using an exacto knife
I haven't ruined anything yet at least, but I leave more flash and white marks than I would really like.
@Pixie a small file can also be useful in getting rid of stubborn bits of flash
@Wibbs Yeah, that's helpful at times.
10:25 AM
A file does work yeah
You have to be really careful, though... it's not that hard to scuff the plastic on these.
So I try to use my side cutters as much as I can.
My mom has a pair of craft-scissors that you control with your thumb and index finger that are just GREAT
It has a loop you put your pinky through
And you just compress your fingers to cut things
What is flash?
@doppelgreener Bit of plastic left over when you cut the piece out.
10:31 AM
It doesn't help that I'm like... deeply reverent of Shadow Fox models, haha. I pined for one for years because by the time I realized, "Hey! There are lots of Zoids models! That is a thing, and I want them!" they were not being sold in the US anymore. In US circles, Shadow Fox used to be kind of a rare model. At the time, I rarely saw it for less than $100 on ebay. So when HMM finally released a Shadow Fox...
RIP @Pixie's free time
Then I realized Mandarake existed, and oh, it's not hard to get these things at all. >w>;;
I think I'm going to go watch zoids again today
@Pixie I actually read Mandrake, as in Mandrake root, and remembered the time I tried to see if the recipe described in Ultima 6 for the healing potion was feasible.
Boiled that ginseng root about 40 times.
The end result was something not much unlike the actual ginseng based integrators you often see in supermarkets.
@SPArchaeologist Haha. Mandarake will not heal you, unless your problem is not having enough anime-related toys. :P
10:48 AM
I have that problem a lot
It makes me sad
Mandarake will fix that... for a price.
Well, my problem is more about quality than quantity. I don't really find many of the figures I would like near me, and buying them online often isn't quite easy...
I'd never be able to get anything I wanted if I didn't buy it online. There's nowhere around here that sells this kind of stuff, and our con is relatively small and happens in late fall, so the selection isn't great.
It's not a fun process, though. Especially not shipping cost. I usually go with the "use Sea and Land and pray that it arrives whole" option, which has yet to fail me.
Ahhh yes
The "Snail mail for chumps" as I like to refer to it
my problem is the "arrives" part.
10:58 AM
"May or may not arrive whole" definitely describes "Snail mail for chumps"
Online => pay by credit car => hope it doesn't "disappear" along the road....
I actually had the worst experience with just a regular US mail package. I've gotten some SAL packages that were a little dinged up, sure, but nothing major. On the other hand, a mail carrier totally shoved a box into my mailbox once and almost broke something. :I
until this year, I had a PO box that was only open from 10am to noon
and I was the only person picking anything up from it, and I wasn't even the one ordering all that stuff
FedEx doesn't play nice with Guam (international shipping rates, for a start), and UPS doesn't deliver to us at all (on the somewhat-reasonable grounds that there's no ground for their trucks to drive on).
But we've got some great USPS service.
USPS is normally pretty reliable, but we occasionally get them doing things like leaving the package on top of our mailbox or the afore-mentioned shoving incident.
11:08 AM
I wonder where Team rocket gets all their gadgets
Most folks on Guam don't have home addresses that are deliverable; we have boxes at the post office.
I'm browsing guam right now on streetview
Technology is amazing
Guam looks like a great place to live
Very lush looking
They deliver to us, but our house is a place they'll only go if they absolutely have to, so only if it's Priority Mail. Therefore, if my package won't fit in my box (on the main road), interesting things can happen even if they should not.
Jose H. Torres Golf driving range?
(The issue with leaving the package on top of the box is that it's not even within sight of the house, and people steal stuff.)
11:14 AM
> 4DE has no control over, and takes no liability for orders that are lost in transit after the package departs from the U.S., as long as the loss is not due to any error of 4DE. We recommend using a permanent address (not a school or dormitory) which has successfully received mail from the U.S. before. Be sure to include all address information and a valid resident’s name in the address.
@Sandwich Our economy is based on tourism and the military. Japanese business men coming to Guam to golf in American for the weekend is A Thing.
I'm pretty sure that car's been shortened by the stitching software.
Huh! That's interesting.
If you go down to the Inarajan Pool node, that's a short drive south of where I grew up.
Looks nice!
I like this stone fence this house has
@SPArchaeologist I think I need this XD
11:17 AM
Lots of palms
And lots of casuarina.
@trogdor I have lost hope of getting them in physical form, so I guess that I will just go for the IDW ipad app.
are they hard to get or something?
(Australian pine, ironwood. It's a false evergreen tree; looks like it has needles, but they're actually scale leaves.)
Wobbuffet is the most broken pokemon and team rocket has one, and they still manage to lose every fight
11:21 AM
@trogdor where I live no store has the actual America version nor the badly localized one.
I would say that is likely the case here too then
So you can make your trees into swords?
Because they're ironwood
Hey @BESW Whats this blue thing? gyazo.com/7586a6decfbe5962727d6625957b6bcd
That's a bus stop.
yeah, that is what our bus stops look like
Oh. Huh. That's pretty good looking then
11:24 AM
Its central pillar is shaped like a stylised latte stone.
Our bus stops look like trash here in the US
It's... not very good at keeping the rain off, because there's always wind with rain. And since kids are usually using bus stops early in the morning, it's pants at shade too.
I had to use bus stops for a while
it wasn't the best
How long does it take to drive from the north end of Guam to the south end?
partly because the bus driver going to that are couldn't even do his job right
he would be consistently at least an hour late
or not show up at all T.T
11:27 AM
I just wish we had bus stops where I live. P: Only in the city, though.
good morning
Public transportation in the US is a joke
it's good in some areas, not enough
@Sandwich Depends on the route and the traffic, but--let's say two hours.
Hmmm that's smaller than I thought
11:29 AM
it is a small place
Do you drive on the right side or the left side of the street there
It's about 30 miles (50km) from top to bottom.
we drive on the right
Right side. We're American.
we are an American Territory
11:31 AM
You may have heard John Oliver mention us a couple months ago. [grin]
Oh you guys are a coin flip away from Micronesia
We are in Micronesia.
I should watch more John Oliver.
@Pixie Wanna watch zoids all day with me?
@Sandwich I will likely crash before too long. My body has failed to realize that sleep is a thing thus far, but Soon™.
@BESW Watching it prompted that comment, heh.
Argh.... they have the dubbed version of Assassination Classroom, evil evil evil.
those voices... so unfitting.
11:53 AM
This takes me back
My friend tweeted uncertainty about Sonny Strait's performance in that dub, and Strait responded and seemed to take it really personally. It weirded my friend out. It's so strange that these days, VAs can and will see what you write and can just straight up talk to you. Twitter presence is amazing.
But the problem isn't bad VA, the actual VA may even be good. It is just that the voice is "almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea the original"
Oh yeah, Sunny Strait for example is definitely not a bad VA. He just seemed to be a mismatch.
What is even the deal with those floaty things
11:58 AM
Oh, you're watching New Century Zero? They're the announcers, right? Not watching, I just remember them.
This show takes me back
12:59 PM
it is nice when you are listening to Frailty, someone came and then get the most funny face ever when he realizes that the metal/rock like song he was listening to is about ponies....
1:26 PM
whoops now i discover yep they are both digimon series because i did not read the tiny text at the bottom. HERE, have some nice gifs.
anyway, there is the rule of finite faces space.
The number of distinct faces in anime is a finite one.
Oh come on
Man I hate that site
remove the part after the .gif
Probably the best gif from that show
Maybe this one too
2:16 PM
rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/65668/… Would you guys consider this question unclear?
2:33 PM
[rants, whines and grumbles, but does so at a very low volume and in his own room corner. Where everybody can see him, of course.]
@Sandwich [has no idea about what fate is in Exalted.]
1 hour later…
3:37 PM
@Sandwich I'd argue it's too broad, not unclear. Being outside of fate can have various mechanical implications, especially depending on if there are Sidereals in play.
I'm leaving a comment explaining this to the asker, along with my close vote.
3:48 PM
Alright, did the same
4:15 PM
@Pixie I'm Harry champ, a man destined to be king!
2 hours later…
6:36 PM
Fate in Exalted is essentially what The Machine does in Person of Interest, except the AI is a bunch of magic spiders.
Being outside Fate is what happens when you find somewhere is no surveillance (ha ha ha ha) or hack The Machine (ha ha ha ha)
(and while I love that way of expressing it, I don't think it passes muster as an answer :D )
7:12 PM
I need quick help with a D&D 3.5 question and I can't seem to find it by keyword as an answered question.
Is anyone in here proficient with D&D 3.5?
@EmrysTernal Probably. Can't know if we know the answer until you ask the question though :)
I was looking for an answer on whether full attacks happen at "the same time" or otherwise whether there's any situation in a full attack where you are not legally allowed to change targets between attacks in a full attack routine.
7:28 PM
"You can see how the earlier attacks turn out before assigning the later ones." — d20srd.org/srd/combat/actionsInCombat.htm#fullAttack
Thanks a lot
I was about to get my 5-natural-weapons-per-round character nerfed down to only being able to attack two targets
7:47 PM
Hmm I am concerned by the sweetness I am tasting while eating Cheezits...
8:04 PM
@DrewS I would be too
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