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5:05 PM
in any place like that with significant moral differences there's going to be a lot of factions that pop up
especially when differences are settled through combat, you'd expect to see factions send in their champions when they're in conflict
or, you know, break the rules of the world and have someone die or take the law into their own hands
that creates a mystery in and of itself of who did it and how
I was just thinking on that sort of plotline. The kind of 'No ones died in an arena combat in years/ever..... and someone, or both combatants, end up dying.' sort of thing. Creates not only intrigue/mystery, but potential faction related struggle.
i'd recommend reading about the ghostwalk campaign setting for 3e
your city sounds a bit similar to manifest
make sure you're directing your comments to @Aaron , as it's not MY setting we're discussing
@Aaron read ghostwalk
my setting is very High Fantasy, a mysterious sorcerer calling himself the Warlord has taken control of a black obelisk, an Artifact of Mana called the Jet Tower; granting him phenomenal necromancy powers. His armies of undead have already destroyed a few key cities and capitals of the known world. His threat is already established and well under way
5:14 PM
what's the warlord's motivation?
just ask me for all my secrets....that's fine :P
The 'Warlord' , unknown to the current players, belongs to a race of beings that aren't unlike the Eladrin race of Elves from Wizards of the Coast; but more magically inclined
low constitution, pale, not very physically strong; they make up for it with incredible magical potential
this particular character was born lacking that potential. Making him not only physically weak, but magically weak as well....almost useless
Vastly intelligent and calculating however. He found himself providing his talents as a strategist to an Order that helped keep balance in the land. They had access to knowledge of artifacts and other potentially dangerous spells and items, so they could police their whereabouts.
our under appreciated Strategist finds a book with forbidden magics in it and decides that's how he'll gain the power he never had, what he believes to be the birthright of his race. From there he obtains the knowledge on how to locate and activate the Jet Tower
and it goes downhill from there
in my setting the world is exploding and the only thing holding it back is a line of wizard's towers around the north end of the world. the "explosion" is also a portal to the plane of law through which aberrations are streaming through trying to muck up the wizard towers and society in general to cause the world to blow up
it gives me a lot of freedom with where to take adventures because the explosion affects everything, and a bunch of ancient evils are starting to come back while everyone is distracted by it
the aberrations want the world to explode so that they can transfer the magic energy into their patron dragon who's trapped in the center of the plane of law
and he's trapped there because he tried to kill time itself, so him getting out is a bad thing
5:31 PM
Kill time you say? Yea that's bad....
@DavidReeve A book or a setting?
We're talking about campaign settings
5:51 PM
@DavidReeve Neat. Also, it's interesting how that's exactly what Chaos is about in Glorantha (turning back the Great Mistake of starting time up), but in your setting it totally makes sense for it to be Order (law) striving for that.
(Maybe it's only that Chaos is just misunderstood and misnamed in Glorantha. But that kind of doubt is par for that setting...)
@Aaron ghostwalk is a book/setting, the explosion thing is my campaign
Huh. So pretty format and accurate wins out over accurate. Good to know.
pretty formatting is ez rep
@DavidReeve I came in 10 mins after first upvoted answer', added the blurb from the PHB with formatting and boom. Instant upvote and accepted.
Although it appears @Airatome stole my accepted answer rep :( Sad panda.
::snerk:: :)
6:17 PM
@JohnP Clarity and ease of absorbing the information is necessary before accuracy is recognised, so formatting often makes the difference.
6:44 PM
@johnp good 5e answer
7:05 PM
@JohnP Sorry had customers....what did I steal O.o?
@JoshuaAslanSmith Thanks.
@Airatome Heh. Our instant/triggered action sequence answers. He took the accepted from mine and put it on yours. :p
Hamster, Giant Space
And I must say, Cindy Lou Who grew up naughty and I like it.
7:06 PM
Awww ....that can happen?
@Airatome All the time.
you can reverse almost anything on SE
@DavidReeve Some things only once or twice or after an edit though.
I see.... I would say my bad but....I'd be lying :P
I'm liking the 16 upvotes on my Daylight = Sunlight? question
7:08 PM
Nah, it's all good. Both good answers.
or the answer to it, rather
no the proper response to "you stole my accepted answer" would be
owned wrecked destroyed
I'm just happy to be inching closer to the vote mark.
1 rep at a time
@DavidReeve owned pwned wrecked destroyed.
Fixed that for you.
7:28 PM
Guys guys! Two words that can solve all our Rep problems..... "Time-Share"
I have a question I don't think anyone can help me with......
My fiance and I are having our date night at an arcade type place..... she's going to make me play DDR with her...what do I do????
play ddr
dance dance revolution
@Airatome Play DDR badly, and laugh about it.
dance dance revolution
Go for cheesy on purpose
7:32 PM
she doesn't want you to play ddr well, she just wants to play ddr and spend time with you
@Airatome be silly/flirty about it if you know you are a bad dancer
@DavidReeve Yes, this. And enjoy sharing something she's good at.
I haven't jammed on some DDR in far too long....
*bad DDR player
Do the chainsaw! XD
7:34 PM
if she wanted to play dota that would be something to be concerned about, but ddr is child's play
you know how to do the Chainsaw?
@Airatome You go out, buy DDR for the xbox, practice for 10 hours then absolutely wipe the floor with her.
@Aaron Pics or it didn't happen.....
@Airatome I don't have a camera.
Not on me at least
.... Lies
7:34 PM
I do at home
On my phone
My wife has the phone when I am at work.
I'll let it pass because I'm not sure the Chainsaw is something you can take a picture of yourself doing....
@Airatome I might be able to prop the camera on something
Don't forget the sprinkler!
Or the um.
I don't know the name.
What are some favorite DDR songs? o.O
You grab your leg and put your hand behind your head
@Airatome I have never done DDR I just goof off doing these dance moves during parties with friends.
there's so many versions of ddr
7:37 PM
that was a generic question about songs :)
Normally only if I am drunk. Which is very rare.
@Airatome Idk. I don't know many ddr songs either.
i remember we used to play a lot of BOOM BOOM BOOM
I think I have heard a few on grooveshark but I didn't like a lot of them.
7:37 PM
I remember that one
no idea why we were obsessed with that song haha
and some Captain Jack ones
and I remember something about a butterfly
one of the kids i knew would do double mat captain jack
7:38 PM
You can find a lot of DDR songs if you look up Konami on grooveshark.
that's hardcore....double mat hm?
some versions of ddr had a mode where you played 1 player on 2 mats
That's aight..... I can shred some Rock Band 3 Pro Mode on some Disturbed songs
that's about the best accomplishments I have..... also...I had no idea guitar cords were just like piano cords....
Just found some old Castlevainia symphony of the night music
Loved that music
Sotn Yes!
7:41 PM
Love the game as well.
Alucard was a pimp
I bought it on ps3
I think it is on steam as well
I saw Mega Man X3 and X4 show up on the PSN...... I had no choice.....
Alucard was a bad ass.
The music was always amazing in the game as well.
I never did beat it 100%
Funny you bring up Sotn/Alucard . Me and my coworker (he plays a sorcerer in the campaign I also play in), were discussing Gaseous Form and he asked me what it was like. I was like; you know Alucard's Mist Form? Just like that.
he understand completely
7:43 PM
I beat the reverse castle but never beat the other forms.
Is there a poisonous gaseous form in dnd or pathfinder?
um....not through normal means
I am SURE someone, somewhere, has found a way to combine Mist Spray with Gaseous Form to make some sort of poisonous mistform conconction
7:45 PM
i'm sure a vampire could somehow transform into a cloudkill or something
er Poison Spray
I remember the chakram weapons in SOTN. I beat Richter with them (before I knew abou the reverse castle) without taking damage.
Had him pinned in the corner constantly taking damage.
The other Castlevainia game I loved was curse of darkness.
I liked the pet system a lot more than other games.
familiars I guess not pets.
@aaron check out chasm
it was kickstarted and will release on steam this year
indie metroid vania
@JoshuaAslanSmith Looks cool.
Never actually played any of the metroid games.
quite good if you like exploration and collecting powerups and whatnot
7:51 PM
Is it early access or a completed game?
I wish games had as good music as they used to.
Like music used to be the for front of all games but now they are so dialog heavy the music is shoved to the background.
We didn't have soundtracks back in the day......so when I wanted to listen to One Winged Angel during the final Sepiroth Fight in Final Fantasy VII , I had to cast a spell and pop the Playstation open so it wouldn't load past the spell, but the music would keep playing
that song was so damn long....but epic
Front Mission III had great music as well. FFTactics. Xenogears. Breath of Fire III ....they don't make them like they used to :/
8:09 PM
uh fire emblem series?
valkyria chronicles?
Fire Emblem.....forgot about those.
I started playing Fire Emblem when they stopped releasing Vandal Hearts games...
Vandal Hearts......Vanguard Bandits.......Lunar Silver Star Story? Anyone?
Does someone remember Phantasy Star at least?
or I could go WAY back to Shining Force .....
8:29 PM
Shameless promotion of the kickstarter I like. Edge of Eternity
I am impressed. Two people have donated 5k and one person made a 10k donation.
lol the still image for the video
so final fantasy
It is
It is very final fantasy 13isk.
I am thinking of dropping 65 on it to get the early bird pack
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