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12:05 AM
Spam in the stack! - Don't downvote, just flag.
@SevenSidedDie I asked my fellow con-makers for d8 in the end and some seem very concerned with the players losing them, suggesting using more d10 instead. Which I don't have. >_>
@Zachiel BAM.
stupid spam
I needed that BAM. I come from a lenghty, manual-less discussion about ranged characters being able to benefit from combat advantage at all (probably based on people remembering pretty well that they can't get CA from flanking and taking that as an absolute truth, which would be logical since artillery risks less).
@Zachiel [groan]
12:53 AM
@BESW oh, I finished friendship is optimal
@trogdor That was fast.
It was a combination of interesting and creepy
it isn't as long as like, a real book
And there's the Optimalverse if you want more.
I am having an actual epic battle with War and Peace right now
mostly I am not fond of the fact that there are 500 characters being switched between, and I am only like 15-20% done
and more keep showing up
I think I know now why it was a punchline in cartoon jokes about someone taking too long to do something XD
@BESW what is that exactly? just more fimfiction of that universe?
@trogdor Yeah, fanfics by other people inspired by the original fanfic.
12:57 AM
ah ok I see
on the one hand, I would love to see someone else's take on that story, or setting
@trogdor One way to read it is as a thesis about the relationship between individuals and history.
@BESW this is kinda the approach I am taking
Q: Please change our visited link colours on Meta to something more legible than bright yellow on white

doppelgreenerSE devs. Our link colours on Meta are a sort of off-yellow (as opposed to red on main site), and mostly they're pretty legible, but the visited link colour is not, being a fairly bright yellow (#d29b44) on white. Text in visited links on meta here is pretty hard to read. According to the Web AIM...

if Tolstoy expects me to memorize each character and his/her individual personality he is doing it wrong, not that I think that is automatically his goal
still, it is an interesting read if you can get beyond that one main criticism
Another thing to remember is that War & Peace was originally a serial story, published chapter by chapter over a long time.
So readers would have time to digest each bit and really get familiar with it, before moving on to the next.
1:01 AM
my mom loved it when she read it, I am not sure I could ever say that about a book like this, but I could still probably say I liked it a little
anyway,... friendship is optimal went in a few directions I didn't expect,... some were good, some ok, and some I would probably take a certain amount of issue with.
without mentioning what any of those things are because spoilers
in some ways it was just a lot weirder than I thought it would be
1:22 AM
in short with no spoilers I would personally rate it as a mixed bag
some things I didn't like, I am sure at least some other people wouldn't like, others might be just certain pet peeves I have that are not necessarily widely shared
and it wasn't all bad by any means, it was entertaining and interesting if you can ignore the things that you don't personally like about it, unless you just like the whole thing which is everyone's perogative on a case by case basis really
2:12 AM
Enthusiast! \o/
2:31 AM
I have a question
I'm going on vacation tomorrow
If I leave the site on
Will it count as visiting
> Simply loading the site is not enough to count as a "visit." [...] The exact amount of activity required to count as a visit is not public information. (source)
I just got reminded that sentences beginning with "Hi" get automatically deleted by the system
[edits out of meta post]
or the Hi does.
2:49 AM
Hi I'm Sandwich
Hi I am testing stuff.
Hi testing stuff, I am cosmos king
I think that's only on the Stack proper, not on chats
Are you certain?
I can see all your Hi's
2:51 AM
Only one way to find out.
Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi
That is definitively not the case with the chat at least.
Oh. Yeah it's just the Stack's main.
Because people would be like "hi stack overflow, help me with thing"
Now, would you believe me if I told you I actually hand written all those Hi's?
I wrote "Hi, SE devs." in my meta post, and it got automatically trimmed to just start with "SE devs." Then I re-added "Hi SE devs." and the sentence disappeared completely.
I wonder if you could just say Hello
@Althis No but I would if you said you hand-typed them
2:54 AM
Why were you writing the SE devs anyway?
Q: Please change our visited link colours on Meta to something more legible than bright yellow on white

doppelgreenerOur link colours on Meta RPG are a sort of off-yellow (as opposed to red on main site), and mostly they're pretty legible, but the visited link colour is not, being a fairly bright yellow (#d29b44) on white. Text in visited links here is pretty hard to read. According to the Web AIM colour contr...

And would it give them reason to deliberately make you look impolite?
I was just addressing it to them directly, since they're the ones who'd deal with it.
Sorry, it was just the conspiratory part of me talking.
Oh right. Yes that's fine.
[chloroforms Althis for getting too curious, tosses into a bag, throws off a bridge]
2:57 AM
Wow Stack Overflow is waaaaay busier than RPG
I knew you were into th....ZzzzZzzz
@Sandwich -- yeah, the main stack is nuts busy
I just posted a question there like 10 minutes ago and its almost already at the bottom of the page
Q: I'm having issues with Spriting in Json

SandwichIn a game that I play, Item code is based upon strings coded in Json, one of the strings on an item that I am using for example uses the following code to create a drawable item in game: [ { "image": "/particles/ash/3.png?setcolor=090909", "position": [ ...

@Sandwich that is because the page is filtered down to give you a minimal percentage of the actual questions
in reality it is probably already at the bottom of page 50
And I actually believed they loved me...
2:59 AM
/me slowly goes back to being chloroformed...
Aw... I forget this is not IRC...
@SPArchaeologist In my headcanon, people who talk about having headcannons actually have real head cannons.
Answered you doppel
You code?
3:08 AM
d0 y0u 3v3n c0d3, br0? #h4ckz0rl173
Did you want to see the items code doppel?
Just so you can get a better idea?
3:23 AM
i do even code bro
@Sandwich my thoughts are that in your question, the first half is "I have a thing which produces dumb JSON output that's terrible," but it's not really relevant because your intent is to drop it altogether and its output is irrelevant. everything above that second paragraph can be deleted. but you have something you want to achieve, and you're not saying enough about that. your question could just be: "I have some images in this folder. I'd like to store them in JSON via a BAT file."
But then that begs the question of whyyyyyy would you do that, if you have the images right there.
No no no you dont understand
The game draws in JSON
So I need to get the information in the PNG into the game in JSON form
so what input do you need? one of the solutions is "base64 the PNG file, store the base64 string in a JSON string, decode it back into a PNG file later"
another solution is a more efficient way of storing each pixel
i mean, input for that game
3:38 AM
I need the image to be in JSON so I can use it as an item in the game
just, in any format ever in JSON?
no specific format at all, just has to be JSON?
(e.g. is "take the image byte data, stick it inside a JSON string, import that" a valid solution?)
Yeah, the only specifics is that the string has to notate the pixel location (0,0) and a Hex code to denote the color of said pixel
"image": "/particles/ash/3.png?setcolor=000000",
"position": [
"image": "/particles/ash/3.png?setcolor=3B3B3B",
"position": [
Something like that
I'm not totally sure I understand your question.
@Sandwich okay, so there is a required input format, and it's that the JSON has to describe every pixel and its colour value hex.
so {"image": " ¾à#òbÿ žQÿ ß þy1Ï(ÿ ï…ÿ and other incomprehensible byte data"} is not a valid JSON result
Wow this sounds like the least efficient image format ever
@Sandwich Wait, does that URL just provide a one-pixel image of the specified color?
3:58 AM
Thats two pixels above
6,10 and 6,11 respectively
No I mean the particles/ash/3.png?setcolor=3B3B3B part
I'm not sure if that would work or not Doppel, I'd have to try it
I'm curious, what does particles/ash/3.png do, given that the color hex and coordinate are already there?
That's what I'm wondering
Let me look in the Starbound source folder
4:01 AM
Oh, so this is for a Starbound mod?
Particles/ashe/3.png is the smoke that comes out of the gun when its fired
this is useful information to state outright in the question, 'cause someone who knows Starbound modding will say "oh yeah, do this"
Yeah, that's definitely super important info.
Alright I've modified the question to reflect the game its from
It's still super unclear to me why you can't just say { "image": "/my/fancy/image.png", "position": [ X, Y ] }
4:06 AM
Hmm... that helps, though I'm still not quite sure what you're trying to do with the image. Maybe it would make more sense to someone familiar with the system, but what are you trying to do?
It has to do with multiplayer Grubermensc
Trying to pull a file off of my computer and display it on a server is bad news bears
So it draws the files based on pixel information
Okay, so let me see if I understand this correctly:
The game provides some limited set of tiles which you can use to draw your image.
You need to take some image that you've made and rasterize it into this JSON format based upon these provided tiles.
If I understand what you're saying, yes.
And because you're using tiles, the format has to be [ { "image": "tile.png", "position": [X,Y] }, ... ]
rasterize == convert into "pixels"
4:09 AM
Now edit the question to say that
all of this should be in your question, including that you're making a starbound mod, and you have images you want to display, and this is the output format you want.
You should also clarify (if it's true) that the tiles you can draw with can be any HTML color code, because otherwise the rasterizer would be much more complicated.
You can do that
But the tiles can't have transparency? Right?
I'm going to take a crack at clarifying the content of your question, because I think it might be better if it's streamlined a little.
4:13 AM
I think they can
I know you can import color information using SBSE to make clothing semi transparent or transparent
Let me look up the code they use
I've taken a crack at editing the question; let me know if I messed something up.
I think it's still missing a few critical details, though. Would it be possible for you to edit in an example of an image you're trying to rasterize and the sprites you're using to encode it?
> Is there a way that I can take a sprite that has already been created in image editing software in PNG format, keeping transparency, and rasterize the colors and pixel locations into this JSON format without having to record the location and color of each individual pixel?
Looks good
That "without having to record the location and colour of each individual pixel" threw me off initially, because your format requires that you do exactly that. Does that really need to be there? Are you just talking about avoiding writing it out manually?
Yeah having to record each individual color value and location would be annoying
4:28 AM
you need to do that, that is the output your program needs to generate
do you mean you want to avoid doing that manually
okay good
because that was previously asserting what you wanted the software to not do or seemed to be saying that, which is contradictory
I suggest we delete our comments on that question
(except the one I just left)
5:01 AM
Oh man on Stack Doppel is Space ghost
5:52 AM
Somewhat amusingly, I first tried to answer @Sandwich's question in F#, then in Rust, and only then did it occur to me that I could just do it in Ruby, which is the language I work in at my job.
@Sandwich My pre-King of the Cosmos avatar! Yes!
Anytime I see something that looks like a map, I think "Oh man, this could be super slick in [exciting functional programming language of the week]!" And it never is because I spend half an hour trying to figure out how to accept user input and then just give up and go read Wikipedia articles about dinosaurs.
Ahh.. Dinosaurs..
Wikipedia dinosaurs are as bad as tvtropes. Except worse, because I sometimes go to Wikipedia for serious business and click five links and then it's twelve hours later and oh god what am I doing with my life.
6:39 AM
In a game I play, Elona, there's a way to submit your name (which consists of a randomly generated alias and a name you type in) for people to vote on. Apparently, it's broken. That would explain why I've seen the same probably ~30 names forever. xD
7:10 AM
my thoughts on smartwatches -- if I'm spending $$$ on a watch, it better have one of these in it
If I spend money on a watch
It better have cable TV
:P what? you don't want to have an atomic clock on your wrist?
(of course, you'd have a radiodisciplining receiver as well)
I have an atomic clock on my wall
And one on my PC
I dont need one on my wrist
Sandwich: you have a radiodisciplined clock on your wall
What does your atomic clock say
Mine says 3:19:03
7:18 AM
well, I haven't picked up one yet -- they're $1500 a pop
but a second-hand cesium-beam standard probably doesn't go for under a grand I bet, anyway
So in Ruby I assume Gems are Modules?
@Sandwich -- more or less AIUI
3 hours later…
10:39 AM
Incredible fighting :O
Remarkable Agility
Typical Strength
Excellent Endurance
Good Reason
Excellent Intuition
Good Psyche
Not a bad Jedi character roll
11:32 AM
This afternoon we use ARRPG's Brainstorming mechanic to determine the physical causes of the time/space portals we've encountered.
Turns out, it takes a very specific convergence of electromagnetic fields, crystalline energies (such as one finds around crystal skulls or crystal-powered laser swords), and magical leylines.
This is what happens when the two PCs in your brainstorm are using Magic and Science skills respectively.
This time around, some particularly fanatical church activities shifted a leyline so it crossed a golf course that used unusually crystalline stones for decorative landscaping. So a portal opened up over the 7th green and a swarm of voracious pterosaurs came out.
I don't think even Pterosaurs could make golf interesting
Rather than try to get the leyline to snap back, we used a Jedi-ish knight's ability to attune crystals, and a dream mage to amplify his trance state, so that as soon as the third PC got all the pterosaurs back through the portal (she put a lot of meat through it first) they could snap it shut by changing the crystals' vibrational frequencies.
Sounds legit
11:39 AM
(A fairly large pressure in these adventures is to try not to kill anything that's in the wrong time, because nobody knows yet if that will do Bad Things.)
(We suspect that one of our PCs has already retroactively become the cause of the Great Oxygenation Event 2.3 billion years ago, and we're not sure it that's Operating As Intended.)
Also we've attracted the attention of a small but scary militant faction of supernatural folk who work to help people like them and keep them secret from others. The Guard probably thinks very poorly of our organisation --our motto is Using Weird Stuff So It Doesn't Use You.
The Guard is relatively small potatoes politically speaking; they're a local faction with no clue about the wider Weird World; but their ranks include folks with high-caliber reality-warping supernatural talents.
Stuff like Superman flying around the world counterclockwise to reverse time, warping? :P
Or more like Stopping time entirely
Stuff like "anything I draw gains a sympathetic link to the drawing, so submerging a portrait in water can drown the person in real life."
Each person's "gift" is unique, and has major uncontrollable drawbacks, but wielded with knowledge of the way it works they can be serious trouble.
Srs voodoo
11:48 AM
Body-switching, living shadows, weather manipulation, raising the dead...
Body switching is serious business
Their primary concern is learning to control their powers and keeping governments and industries from exploiting them.
I dont blame them
If Amazon had Nightcrawler they'd have a monopoly on the shipping business
$2,000 instantaneous shipping
There in two minutes or your money back
They're kinda like the Inhumans, if you've been watching Agents of Shield.
Nah don't care for Agents of Shield personally
11:51 AM
Or the Troubled, if you've been watching Haven.
SG-1 is better
but I fear my time on this chat is coming to an end
I must leave on my vacation
I'll be back next Saturday around noon @BESW @Pixie
Have fnu.
You tnu
12:09 PM
@trogdor I can't wait for Jessie to shoot her Time Gun at a portal.
ooooohhh that reminds me of something I can do to tie into something I am already doing
not specifically about that,... but that would still be hilarious
this session I have is probably going to be a little ridiculous
only a little, but that is before the PC's get added in
I look sooo forward to it
though I suppose I might need to make sure I have a backup prepped in case Dan isn't going to be able to make it
this session works without him but I would love to have him in it
@BESW anyway trust me, she will have the chance
I wasn't expecting the portal(s) I put in to be much more than a means to an end, but that would certainly be a hilarious occurrence when we figure out what the hell that interaction does
12:28 PM
Greener is requesting that, at some point, the Guard "rescue" Stellata from the party.
@Demesne Hi!
Is that really in their MO?
they would think a plant person was someone who needed to be saved for some reason?
The Guard doesn't know about other Weird Stuff.
so that means
Anything Weird they don't recognise is just a variant of their Weird that they don't know about yet.
they will think her trouble turns her into a plant? XD
12:33 PM
I can work with that
in some other session I mean.
I am not sure there is room for it in this one,.... though maybe at the end,....
I could work it in there
or put it in some other session
anyway, I could actually fit it in at the very least as padding at the end of this session
I definitely don't see how it would work into my dream session idea
You don't need to do it immediately.
maybe that will be a/the main feature of my second or third session
depending if I even use the dream idea soon
@BESW Hello!
3 hours later…
3:56 PM
Hi everybody!
4:56 PM
hey there
5:30 PM
Hey. My plans for the afternoon went downhill.
Anyone feel up to Numenera?
I have a campaign in the barrel.
hrm, perhaps describe that game to me briefly?
The campaign or you never heard of Numenera?
the system, for starters
Lets go from the beginning then.
Numenera is an RPG by Monte Cook(That D&D guy), that takes place in the earth not one thousand, not one million, but one BILLION years in the future.
In the meantime, earth has been home to 8 advanced civilizations that have risen and fallen eons ago.
Not all of these where human.
We do not know much about them.
But we know that at least one of them wasn't human.
And at least one of them were a galactic civilization.
But people of this time.
What we call The Ninth World, don't have much understanding of the technology used by those ancient civs.
Society in the Ninth World is tribal and brutal, and mostly based around the retrieving, studying and controlling Numenera.
Numenera are the remnants those old civilizations left behind.
Artifacts of odd appearance and even stranger purpose.
That we cannot begin to fathom their intent, but we can understand what they do.
5:48 PM
Some clock for example might enable the user to see 2 seconds in the future when wound up.
Some piece of cable might envelop that who holds it in a poisonous cloud of gas that melts metal.
Some might simply be annoying, such as a piece of cloth that never ceases screaming.
Regardless, since there is no need for actual scientific development, society is now based around these artifacts.
Living under the shadow of giants, we can only look around to their death as our means of life.
So, that is the setting.
The system is pretty simple.
There are only 3 classes in Numenera.
Glaive, which are equivalent to close quarter bruisers.
Nanos, which are akin to a long ranged mage.
And Jacks, which blend a bit of both, but can never master either.
You have also 3 stat pools, Might, Speed and Intelligence and a bunch of skills like deciphering, athletics, climbing, etc.
Tests are done using the a difficulty ladder, much like in Fate.
The GM chooses the difficulty and multiplies the number by three, that then becomes the value you have to beat using a d20.
All rolls always use a d20, but you can modify a few things, for example, you can spend points from the appropriate pool to reduce the dificulty of the task.
You can also sum values to your roll based on your use of narrative assets, or skills.
And that is pretty much how the main mechanics of numenera work.
Also, when you take damage, your pools will start being depleted, when all of them reach zero, you die.
You will also begin with a few numenera of your own.
That will do really weird stuff, and it is up to you to make them useful.
Got it?
6:18 PM
yeah, I'll pass
3 hours later…
9:00 PM

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