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3:03 PM
Ah, cool.
But it's also legit
There's also one in Complete Arcane that's Monk/arcane caster, I think it's Enlightened Fist or something
Is drunken master a class or a dwarven excuse? I can't tell.
Q: wiki topic about external links to useful resources?

EpeedefeuI have been wondering for a moment, because in a lot of answers there are links to very interesting external resources, for example when speaking of d&d 3.5 Sites with a lot of online material (those are easily found via a quick research anyway) dndtools dandwiki d20srd Dnd crossed Indexes S...

@MadMAxJr Prestige class, Complete Warrior. Is honestly a pile of features that are bad jokes, like being able to use improvised weapons without penalty for barroom brawls
The thing's got more poor humor than material components for spells
Is this one of those ones that was written for 3.0?
3:08 PM
Nope. 3.5
But very early in 3.5's run, when they were still terrified of ideas like casters wearing armor and full base attack bonus
Can't allow that. Next you'll want rogues with magical ability. Nonsense!
Man I think I'm going to use Veigar's rap as my theme song for wizard arena fights from now on. It's Tough to be a God is nice and all, but, I mean - "My decree from the stars/ My will be done /Is there anyone worthy?/I say not even one /Be you born of dragons or a warrior of light/All will bow before this emperor's might."
Players, meet wizard
Wizard, meet players
@Lord_Gareth You say that like you're going to have more wizard arena fights.
So you're saying rap-battle wizards is going to be a thing?
It's just that sick burns result in actual burn damage.
@Metool My players are still idiots, so I have a reasonable expectation
@MadMAxJr They're already a thing, used Jace Hall's Street Fighter as the theme for a more traditional 'zard build that used a staff.
3:14 PM
@Lord_Gareth "Whenever the bushi uses the Aid Another action, he adds +2 to the bonus that he grants his allies for every 5 points by which he exceeds the aid another check DC."
Yesssss unreasonable Aid Another checks!
It's already +Cha as a move action for Warlords, which is amazing on its own...
I absolutely adore how much love Aid Another is getting.
Man Azir hasn't even been out a week and Falconshield already did a song for him. And it's actually fairly cool.
@BESW Don't you love how much support Aid Another is getting?
3:51 PM
I dont get this site sometimes
I get picked on for defending a 5e balance question
go to meta
meta seems to support that balance questions need fine requirements
see a 3.5 balance question
I vtc and state that I it should have finer requirements
link to meta
then I get told that I am doing the site a disservice
Welcome to stackexchange, where you are always wrong.
Now ususally I am in the boat with Kryan and against mxy, but both besw and mxy made some compelling arguments on the meta
but basically explain to my why the community thinks x is unbalanced was deemed lacking especially compared is Y in line with Z for other classes mathematically?
Which metata?
3:55 PM
it's worth noting one difference here. And it's the one that had me pulling my close vote. 3.5's char-op space is well defined. vs 5e's which isn't yet. But I do agree that this is a conversation that needs to continue
Q: What are the standards for balance questions?

Joshua Aslan SmithRecently Mxyzplk closed Are 5e Rangers Actually Underpowered? on the grounds that it was primarily opinion-based. If this is true, and BESW made a fairly convincing argument to me in Chat in support of its closing, then why are questions like The half-elf: is it balanced? & Sword-and-board balanc...

@waxeagle This was mostly my stance on the matter, aye. 3.5 is a solved puzzle.
Should be, after how many years?
so when someone is asking "why is X considered weaker than Y" it's drawing on a history of char-op space.
(implicitly in this case, but sometimes explicitly)
hmmm I feel thats too murky
4:01 PM
[grumble grumble] Why you guys always start fun discussions right when I have to leave for work [grumble grumble]
cuz it's almost lunch time
(or is)
dont move to the left coast?
When fantasy races play cubicles and careers do they discuss what the best build for the officeplace is? I mean IT builds spec'd for networking do seem a little OP, but then there's all that stuff the Manager control tree gives too.
IT build is not OP
IT is a trap
4:03 PM
There's some seriously hidden moneymaking power in the Construction feat tree
traditional healbot trap, everybody wants you to spend all your actions fixing their access
Not even the class feature that makes them immune to the internet blocklist?
much like VoP its a low level fix that doesnt pan out in the ned
I find it odd though that hide in plan sight works in cubicles and careers exactly as it does in D&D.
your advancement never matches up
4:05 PM
The real trick is to take both the Startup and Megacorporation backgrounds as a Software Dev
@Lord_Gareth Bosspoke.
That random effects table has too much swing
@Metool Mrr?
Wait, you can pick startup and megacorp? There's no conflict?
sure you might end up with d20 d20s of millions of dollars but you might also end up destitute
4:06 PM
@MadMAxJr Welcome to my office. It's fantastic.
l@MadMAxJr just a annual PR fee
@Lord_Gareth If your boss is wondering why I'm editing my posts so much, it's because ideas come to me way too slowly.
But I'm done with that one.
@Grubermensch where do you work
oh right, you mentioned you were a company bought out by cisco and then integrated
4:07 PM
Okay so I just took the feat that gives me 50% concealment against executives at all times. I think that will help.
But not really integrated, hence the awesome.
so youre saying your team/department gets to function like its own seperate dev studio
Our whole 500 person business unit. We have our own sales, support, etc.
How do you convince another player to also take the teamwork feat that lets you divert blame equally amongst the team instead of as an individual?
thats a mid level manager feat
/team lead
4:09 PM
And on that note, time to go poke computers all day.
And then, gamer meetup
What's the quickest way to qualify for the CEO prestige class?
@MadMAxJr The Inheritance background
Hmm, so you'd say that over taking the Director class?
Director can be hard to qualify for, given the combination of Merit and Nepotism checks needed
Yeah but Director gets so many good ways to empower Argument of Opportunity when it pops up.
Nobody in the party wants to bite the Salesman bullet.
4:22 PM
Nobody ever plays the Janitor either
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