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9:19 AM
Dilemma of the morning. BT engineer unplugs internet. Takes 30 mins for him to put it right.
@Rarst: That question even got mentioned in the newest blog post!
Posted by Jeff Atwood on May 6th, 2011

When the wordpress.stackexchange.com community asked Why are questions not being voted on …

I have noticed a trend that questions (even good ones) that have multiple answers are not being voted on.

Out of our 5,550 questions only 41% have at least 1 vote which leaves around 3,000 with 0 votes and a few hundred with negative votes.

I had a strong sense of déjà vu all over again.

One of the longest running concerns in Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange history is Why aren’t people voting for questions? a question originally posed on Stack Overflow on August 5, 2008 — long, long before we used UserVoice for this sort of thing. At that point, meta.stackoverflow wasn’t even a glint in anyone’s eye, much less Area 51 or the WordPress Stack Exchange. …

@Brady That's stupid, but I don't get the dilemma?
And yesterday we had a nationwide blackout for one mobile operator in Belgium because one fibre cable was broken
yeah, but I am still puzzled why our cries to ban wordpress-x tags are still ignored...
@Rarst Can you, as a moderator, ban tags?
Because even if you can't blacklist a tag regex, you can always just enumerate the different versions, and add new ones when they are released
9:38 AM
nope, at least there isn't such option that I see
and managing every tag is going to be boring mess,
10:19 AM
any one think that stack overflow has become so busy that questions get lost so quickly...
I don't hang out there...
10:40 AM
I found out about the new meta_query in WP_Query the other day. someone updated the codex and put this in. Its been available since 3.1. I wish I knew sooner as I'm now going back over my code and redoing some of it
Made it so much more simple than the way I was doing some searches before. Using about couple hundred lines less now on one site. Plus will speed the queries.
Now to start using a diff table for my geo data and get that all working and it will significantly speed up one site.
yeah, meta_query is definitely easier to use... but code inside got even more crazy because of it
Yeah I can see how it did. My code was crazy without it
basically a lot of: MAX(CASE WHEN $wpdb->postmeta.meta_key = 'chb_homes_for_rent_types_nbrs' THEN $wpdb->postmeta.meta_value END ) AS property_ptype
all over the place
I dont think using meta_query makes the SQL more effiecient but what does help is that its all combined into one query to the database rather than the two I was doing before
plus now i can look at combining my map search with the datasearch rather than making the user using them seperatly

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