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12:00 AM
@Speravir its all fine. No worries. Only i could not understand some points thats all.
@texenthusiast “None” would be better.
@Speravir why does anyone need whole CTAN on PC ?
@texenthusiast Would you perhaps enhance the TeX Live part for the installer (shell or batch script)?
@texenthusiast The question implied this.
@Qrrbrbirlbel You can only hope for the day they do. Though if you had to compile MWEs for a living, you'd hate it, too.
Right, I think I'm done for the day. Talk to you all later
@Qrrbrbirlbel @percusse Thanks again for the help
@ThomasH I will post an answer, which doesnt really answer the question but I will provide an alternative definition.
12:38 AM
@Speravir 3 distro is good enough for 3 os. simple is superb. i made texlive installer and minor changes. please feel free to change/rollback. thanks for improving it.
@texenthusiast Actually I think W32TeX is used mostly in Japan, if ever there. At least it has some specials for Japanese, and does not seem to intend in providing a full installation. But I really do not know it.
@Speravir Is proTeXt downloads full MiKTeX ? Is MiKTeX for linux discontinued ?
@Speravir the widely used ones are already there. as its wiki anyone can add over it.
@texenthusiast Yes, proTeXt contains a full MiKTeX (and Ghostscript and TeXstudio), but not on recent update state. I added it, because becko as the OP wrote he/she decided to use this.
@texenthusiast Yepp.
@Speravir Good , Thanks for all your patience.
@Speravir i am a student still learning here.
@texenthusiast Most of us are. :-)
12:48 AM
@Speravir forgot to ask , Downloading via MiKTeX installer into separate directory and downloading from tm/packages , what is the difference ? bandwidth savings ?
@texenthusiast Do you mean my edit of what you’ve written? You can not install with the net installer from another installed MiKTeX. You need a repository, eitther in net or a local copy.
@texenthusiast There is another, much more complicated way, see this now obsolete revision: tex.stackexchange.com/revisions/69834/2
1:35 AM
@Speravir No, Using the net installer there is an option to download without installation, with this we get the tm/packages/ in MiKTeX setup 2.9 folder. After this we can copy MiKTeX setup 2.9 folder(with all .lzma and .cab files ) to USB drive/DVD locate this folder and tell the setup exe to install from miktex folder.
@Speravir yes you are right experimental miktex for linux was removed in new site
@texenthusiast (I removed my message too early.) You can get it for MiKTeX 2.8, maybe just for some days, because this is marked as end of life at the end of this month: miktex.org/2.8/setup
@Speravir is it possible to give an command line arguments for rsync as newbie's may not aware of it . I am also not aware of rsync
@texenthusiast I do not know myself. ;-) I am just obtaining some software.
@texenthusiast Aaah, yes! I have forgotten! But I do not change it now, do it later.
@Speravir any commandline tools rsync wget will need some sample arguments otherwise newbies knows only double clicks
@Speravir I have written Download without Installation steps procedure without rsync and wget. to safely select the nearest mirror . May you can use them to build for tomorrow.
@texenthusiast I intentionally linked to Wikipedia …
1:47 AM
@Speravir it's ocean there. step by step gui method is good. may be we can commandline approach as well with arguments.
@Speravir i had a windows near by although i work mostly on linux. I tested the step by step procedure(Download without installation) written previously using net installer on my windows. Hence i have written them.
@Speravir take it in your free time. bye.
@texenthusiast Bye for now.
2:17 AM
@Speravir Sometime one (here special I) should take a little bit more time before pressing enter ... Of course you are right.
@Kurt It is a trap, how the comments are written.
@PauloCereda Likely: Both live in Bergen, Norway. tex.stackexchange.com/users/586/torbjorn-t
@PauloCereda … and in his flickr profile is a gmail address, no evidence, though, I know.
3 hours later…
5:04 AM
3 years later...
3 hours later…
7:56 AM
@PauloCereda That would be me, yes.
8:50 AM
And the other two posts from that user.
Hm I could have a replica Rolex watch. :P
9:21 AM
@PauloCereda Zapped. I gave the needed votes for deletion.
@egreg Thanks. :) On a sad note, no replica Rolex for us. :)
@PauloCereda Damn!
9:36 AM
@egreg :)
Out of curiosity, is there any other way of getting an environment body content without the need of relying on environ?
10:03 AM
@PauloCereda No.
@egreg Uh-oh. :)
10:15 AM
@PauloCereda well there are older versions of the same idea eg tabularx or (older) AMS alignments grab their body in more or less the same way.
@DavidCarlisle Ah. :)
do you like my answer on simplifying xii:-)
@DavidCarlisle LOL you sir deserve a medal.
@DavidCarlisle: you could paraphrase one of Pink Floyd's song: I don't know, I was really drunk at the time. :)
Can we simplify the following?


10:39 AM
Hi =)
What is that?
Hmm I feel bad for posting a question with barely any MWE
@Karl'sstudents you can get rid of the fp eval and do
@DavidCarlisle OK. Thanks for responding. It is a smart idea.
Is there a question about the usage of the \box<numbers> In some answeres you can find commands like \box0, \box1, ... \box255. I know that some numbers are used for internals. Is there a question/answer which explains this?
10:54 AM
@MarcoDaniel this one of @egreg perhaps (not that you can trust his answers:-) tex.stackexchange.com/questions/88252/…
@DavidCarlisle Thanks. Nor really ;-) The explanation is to short for me. My question based on your solution here where you used box3;-)
@MarcoDaniel thought it might be:-)
@MarcoDaniel I searched for odd even registers and that was the only relevant answer (and only 2 other hits at all)
@PauloCereda This is my shipout box
11:10 AM
@PauloCereda @PauloCereda just wants us to know he's a Microsoft fan really despite his current flirtation with OSX
Oh, I just noticed my reputation is exactly 11k today :-)
@DavidCarlisle That's not fair, the search only shows 12 pages of my images. I wanted to show my videogame setup, so you could also spot Sony and Nintendo as well. :)
@ℝaphink congrats: no extra privileges for 11k though:-)
Tex autoconverts numbers with a 0 prefix from octal to decimal am i right ?
11:26 AM
@DominicMichaelis no
does tikz do it? i thought i read it somewhere
@DominicMichaelis No; the prefix for an octal number is the apostrophe: '10 means eight.
@DominicMichaelis a prefix of ' is octal " hex (and egreg got there first again)
@DominicMichaelis Of course this is valid only when the syntax rules of TeX want a number.
How is it going @egreg? =)
11:27 AM
ah ok so there is no difference between writing 0.5* and .5*
@DominicMichaelis The latter saves a byte
@N3buchadnezzar Very well. :)
@N3buchadnezzar Still short of rep cap, but I'm confident. ;-)
Just about to post a large and stupid question as usual
11:42 AM
@N3buchadnezzar Try shortening it. ;-)
@N3buchadnezzar Pascal once finished a letter apologizing because it was too long: "I hadn't the time to make it shorter", he wrote.
Question is somewhat related to \ExplSyntaxOn and optional arguments.
Thanks for showing me the Lat3x syntax! Made a few of my macros shorter and more readable.
@egreg Oh no, I'm out of votes!
@PauloCereda I've other sources. ;-)
how to compute where a node is placed best ?
@egreg Your army of 10 000 second accounts!
12:06 PM
how can i define more than one coordinate in a single let invironment ?
@DominicMichaelis I'm not sure I understand what you ask for...
\p1 = (vec),
\n1 = {veclen(\x1,\y1)}
coordinate (shift) at (\n1,0cm);
for example so you can define a coordinate, but not a second one in the same environment
at least i can't
@DominicMichaelis oh TikZ!
12:35 PM
1 hour later…
1:53 PM
Please (@egreg ?) What is the sex of a person named "Tiziana Del Viscio" ?
@tohecz Female.
@egreg Thanks.
btw, @egreg , are there real memory reasons for avoiding \begin{section}{Name}...\end{section} ?
@tohecz Yes. And performance, also.
@egreg ok
Great new package: fontawesome
2:21 PM
@MarcoDaniel In retaliation, let's release a superduperhypermegakamehamehafont package. :)
@PauloCereda Indeed ;-)
          ,%%%\c "" J/%%%
 %.       %%%%/ o  o \%%%
 `%%.     %%%%    _  |%%%
  `%%     `%%%%(__Y__)%%'
  //       ;%%%%`\-/%%%'
 ((       /  `%%%%%%%'
  \\    .'          |
   \\  /       \  | |
    \\/         ) | |
     \         /_ | |__
I love answers that could be one-liners: \input luaotfload.sty :)
@egreg :P
2:32 PM
sry i don't get it
re fontawesome
either the fonts are not embed in the PDF (which would be too bad), or my PDF renderer is bad
but the glyphs seem to not bear their names properly
ok, well the Firefox integrated PDF reader doesn't do well with it
2:48 PM
@ℝaphink it is a "hope-to-get-improved-soon" project ;)
For those who are fans of @PauloCereda's many projects, Dandelion is taking shape :-)
A chance for me to learn a bit more Lua, too
@JosephWright awww <3
You are the culprit. :)
@PauloCereda You do realise that the next thing that will happen is you'll end up as a project member :-)
@JosephWright Uh-oh.
@PauloCereda Quite
2:56 PM
@JosephWright David still needs to erase the repo. :)
what does it do?
@ℝaphink Dandelion?
@ℝaphink It's an improved rewrite of the LaTeX3 testing suite, with the idea being to avoid needing any external tools (currently Perl and diff/fc) and with some proper documentation. We can then make it available as a stand-alone 'product' for other (La)TeX coders to use.
The current test suite goes back to before the release of 2e
Testing is very important for the LaTeX3 approach, as we need our programming layer to work reliably
nice :-)
I'd love to see a nice unit testing framework for LaTeX
I've got a few unit tests in some projects, using rspec
but it's very basic
3:01 PM
@ℝaphink The one we have already works, but it's not that smooth, at least not for application to other projects: no documentation, and reliant on our build scripts
3:26 PM
@Werner Thanks for congratulating me on the "Steward" badge! I think Kurt will earn the next one for "Close Votes".
@lockstep: speech, speech, speech! :)
@PauloCereda Let's just say that I was rather motivated after missing the "150 First Posts review" party at a time when I was at 991 reviews. ;-)
@lockstep ooh! :)
4:21 PM
My first LaTeX3 answer! Yay! :)
4:38 PM
Another fantastic answer @egreg :D
4:50 PM
@N3buchadnezzar Too many loops inside; it may be possible to reduce them. But, if it works, don't fix it.
@egreg I reckon mine's simpler:-)
@DavidCarlisle Where are we looking?
Q: Automating table creation

N3buchadnezzarI have the following table that I need to recreate quite a few times Due to its size and complexity (yes, I am a tex novice) I am looking into ways of automating the creation of said table. I try to think of ways to automating it, but my tex-fu is too weak to do anything with it. What I ultim...

@DavidCarlisle The formatting is awful. :P
5:05 PM
@egreg yes of course but that's just the twiddly bits anyone can add those later:-)
2 hours later…
7:15 PM
@Qrrbrbirlbel: sorry for the typo in my answer, I'm so stoopid today. :)
8:05 PM
Too localized?
Q: Using lmodern as default teletype font

lejonI would like to use lmodern as my default teletype font, while using other fonts for sans etc. So far I have \documentclass{article} \usepackage[T1]{fontenc} \usepackage[defaultsans]{cantarell} \usepackage{lmodern} \renewcommand*\ttdefault{???} \begin{document} {\ttfamily Hello in lmodern } \e...

So.... this site is awesome. Just saying.
A: Simpler boxplots in pgfplots - is this possible?

JakeYou're right to ask about this, the current code is not very convenient to use (although it's proved surprisingly useful to me in the past nonetheless). Your approach is very attractive in how much simpler the code is. However, when I first wrote the box plot stuff, I decided to go with several ...

this probably saved me hours of work trying to format things in excel/gnuplot and then copy them into my thesis
@enderland Thanks for making part of it too. :)
Together we are strong. :)
now I just need to figure out how to add a single data point on that plot and BAM hours saved (be nice if I made the axis work more easily, but I'm find with labeling each of the many box plots :)
9:14 PM
A user is telling that his/her class redefines \begin and \end and that something goes wrong with some environment. Quite strange indeed.
@egreg Oops
@JosephWright And the code is in xii.tex style, by the way
@egreg perhaps I wrote it
@egreg Oh dear
@JosephWright The \expandafter\global\csname thing is disquieting.
9:31 PM
@egreg I hadn't looked at the internals I was just upset the line lengths were so irregular
@TeXperts An unregistereduser edited this answer tex.stackexchange.com/a/10401/9237, what made my comment partially obsolete. But when changing the original code, why not doing \let\origUrlBreaks\UrlBreaks\renewcommand*\UrlBreaks{\origUrlBreaks<further definitions>}?
@tohecz I wanted to point you to for weeks: tom an jerry?? gosh it all was real - YouTube.
$ xiify --reverse file.tex humanreadable.tex
9:48 PM
@egreg ahhhhhhhhhh highlighting! :p
9:59 PM
Ok, this is a dumb question
I'm making a new command and want things to be conditional based on whether this has 1 or two things
vs {test}
how can I check how many arguments are passed there?
@enderland there was a question on site today asking for the length of a comma separated list
Q: Comma delimited list - how to obtain the length?

JonathanIt's simple. I have a list like {0,1,54,1,3} as input argument to a command in making. How can I obtain the length of this list? Something like \length(#1) where #1 is the list.

Excellent. Guess it wasn't as unique to me as I thought :)
10:12 PM
@Speravir soooooo sweeeeet :)
@tohecz Yes. I knew you enjoy it.
ok another question. in a custom command I am trying to do:
{\begin{axis} [xtick={0,1},	xmin=-1,  xmax =2, 	xticklabels={{#1},{#2}}, 	box plot width=5mm]}%
but... I keep getting errors on the xticklabels use - how does one create a list from arguments to a custom command?
it is quite confusing b/c obviously there is asyntax problem happening
@enderland that tikz or pgfplots or something? I know nothing.
though I mainly want to be able to get the {{#1},{#2}} part to work
everything works fine if I put hardcoded values there :)
@enderland er well pass the right thing in as arguments to the command:-) (but code formatting in chat is rubbish you might be better to ask a question on site)
10:17 PM
@egreg, @DavidCarlisle: you guys are kerning specialists. Is there any difference of using \'abaco, \'{a}baco or {\'a}baco?
@PauloCereda yes
@DavidCarlisle Could you tell me? <3
@PauloCereda first two are same (usual tex macro argument processing) last one is bad
@DavidCarlisle hmmm I see.
@PauloCereda The first two are equivalent. The third one may inhibit kerning between á and b.
10:19 PM
@egreg Ah interesting. A friend of mine asked about it, but I wasn't sure.
Thanks @egreg, @David. <3
Q: How can I create a list with arguments passed to a macro?

enderlandStraight forward question: \newcommand{\optaxis}[1][]{ \ifemptyarg{#1} {\begin{axis} [xtick={0}, xmin=-1, xmax =1, xticklabels={#2}, box plot width=5mm]} {\begin{axis} [xtick={0,1}, xmin=-1, xmax =2, xticklabels={{#1},{#2}}, box plot width=5mm]}% } How can I get the part...

@PauloCereda the third usage made popular by wacky bibtex parsing but back when bibtex was designed for tex2 it wasn't an issue as all accents were constructed with the \accent primitive so there was never any kerning between an accented letter and anything else.
@DavidCarlisle Ah historical reasons! :)
Procession time! I'll be back in one hour. :)
@PauloCereda Here's an example. Above is \'AV, below is {\'A}V
@egreg notice that even in the river name, the letter 'A' is not accented ;)
10:27 PM
@tohecz What river? AV?
@egreg VLTAVA ;) it is a popular keming example
@tohecz I suspected it; you surely have a hard time in finding words with so many vowels. :P
@egreg yes, especially when (English) people add more
@DavidCarlisle yes, the only thing is I need to have either {0} or {0,1} depending on whether there are two numbers in the list (whatever terminology I need to use, I am not sure) :\
@enderland you don't need to know, just pass #1 on to the plot command. whether it is 0 or 0,1
10:36 PM
@DavidCarlisle the 0 vs 0,1 is independent of the arguments though. sorry. Several things change based on whether I pass {test} vs {test, test2}
@enderland ??
@egreg How about converting your comment to Using lmodern as default teletype font int an answer? Other wise we should close it as too localized, as @Kurt already suggested.
@enderland well that's why you should always post complete documents that actually show the problem at hand. if you have a list in #1 and want to know how long it is you could use the length code as in the question I pointed to originally and then do something based on that. Or if it is only length 1 or 2 use a 2 argument from {test1}{test2} rather than comma and just test if #2 is empty
@DavidCarlisle I think this is a case where I need to start a new question XD
I think I'm going to delete that terribly poor question I asked
@enderland You are kind of reinventing the wheel. There is a whole key=value system for such usage.
10:46 PM
@Speravir Done
@egreg And upvoted. One question less unanswered.
@enderland In your case you can define a style as
\pgfplotsset{myaxis/.style 2 args={xtick={0,1}, xmin=-1,  xmax =2,  xticklabels={{#1},{#2}},    box plot width=5mm}}
and in your axis environment you can use that \begin{axis}[myaxis={listone}{listtwo}]
oops let me redefine that first style
it needs two arguments.
@enderland Now it should work.
@percusse are you sure answering the question using a knowledge of pgf syntax rather than TeX primitives is really fair?
so you can also define another one with one argument and use whichever you wish
@DavidCarlisle Is it fair to answer questions with tools that you have created ? :P
@percusse I am not sure I follow - can I do that with .style 1 args as well?
10:51 PM
@percusse mostly I answer by telling people not to use those, so yes:-)
@enderland For one argument just use myaxiswithonearg/.style = {..... #1 .....}. One argument is automatically supported by default.
@DavidCarlisle :-)
PGFplots 1.8 is pushed to CTAN by the way.
@percusse but I want to change the xtick for 1 arg to be different than for 2 args - I guess I can make this work though by naming two axis types.... except it only wants to use 1character for lable
@percusse How many pages in the manual?
@enderland Indeed, you can define two styles. Or if you are really in need of auto checking make up a small MWE and we will use /.code keys instead of /.style settings which might be confusing if you are not into it.
@egreg Only 439 this time :)
this plotting crap is unbelievably confusing to me :s
10:56 PM
@egreg I suppose that we'll now have to duplicate all the time we spent reading the 1.7 manual.
like, this
\pgfplotsset{mysingleaxis/.style 2 args={xtick={0}, xmin=-1, xmax =1, xticklabels={{#1}}, box plot width=5mm}}
only gives me the first character when used for some reason
arggg. not the most fun way to end a Friday lol
@enderland Well 2 args means two args right where is the second one? :)
@percusse well "1 args=" doesn't work :P
@DavidCarlisle It's at my bedside. I'll need to print the new one. ;-)
@enderland Did you see my comment for one argument above? :) Where did you find that 1 args anyways ?
10:58 PM
I know, but I want the following basically:
\pgfplotsset{myaxis/.style 2 args={xtick={0,1}, xmin=-1, xmax =2, xticklabels={{#1},{#2}}, box plot width=5mm}}
\pgfplotsset{mysingleaxis/.style 1 args={xtick={0}, xmin=-1, xmax =1, xticklabels={{#1}}, box plot width=5mm}}
where there are OTHER things different dependent on the number of parameters (not just xticklables) - xmax, and xtick are different depending on whether there is 1 arg or not
The second one only needs ....leaxis/.style={.....
No 1 args required
@percusse oh. the worst part of all this is this is STILL easier than trying to make dozens of boxplots in Excel
@percusse Thank you (and @DavidCarlisle as well)
today has not been my day...
@enderland Remember the first time you used Excel to plot. You'll get the hang of it in no time. Fire away questions it's fun for us to get confused too.
oh, yeah, I am about 10000x better with Excel than latex
I get a TOOOON of excel questions b/c of this :-)
Just considerably worse with LaTeX
@enderland To be honest Excel is the only MS product that I liked but it's been years since I've used it. Recently I tried and I can't find anything in that fancy menu style.
11:06 PM
@percusse I am VERY good with excel and vba - I saved someone about 1 hour a week for the rest of his tiem in his current job by writing a custom function for him...
@enderland Now I can save your one hour a week which saves exponentially man hours. TeX gonna save the world. :P
@percusse haha. well I hope I don't HAVE to use latex after about two weeks (when I submit my thesis)
after that it'll all be I GET to use it :D
11:21 PM
@enderland We'll be waiting here heheh....
@PauloCereda I was just busy a for a few days and you came up with Dandelion? Shouldn't you be working on some more important matters ? :P
11:58 PM
@egreg Wow! What a difference!
@percusse I should. :)

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