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2:19 AM
Shuvuoh tov
@DhoweedYaAgov and to you.
2 hours later…
4:17 AM
@IsaacMoses, are you still the custodian of the mi.yodeya.com URL, or is that Stack Exchange now? (I'm wondering about a URL for the haggadah supplement. I assume that mi.yodeya.com/haggadah or some such could redirect to wherever it ends up?)
5:14 AM
@DoubleAA get in here, we didnt finish the rambam i wanted to learn :P
5:34 AM
@MonicaCellio yodeya.com and miyodeya.com both belong to SE now.
... I think there ought to be an HTML landing page (most likely, a meta post), with the PDF downloadable from there.
1 hour later…
6:44 AM
Q: Karaites - in scope?

Charles KoppelmanAre questions about non-rabbinic forms of Judaism (Karaite, Sadducee, Essene, etc.) in scope here? If so, I suggest we add a tag for that.

7:04 AM
^^ What happens when you try to flag a comment that has already been deleted.
7:47 AM
I'm baffled.
@Ali, why are you so desperate to be Jewish?
@HodofHod If I had to guess, it's so that Jews don't feel so bad trying out Islam.
@DoubleAA Ah, "Jews for Muhammad", you think, then?
@HodofHod Similar idea I suppose.
Well, if the Karaites turn out to consider him Jewish, he might be very disappointed that they themselves aren't considered Jewish by the vast majority of Jews.
@HodofHod He's going to be disappointed anyway when he finds none of us fall for his shtik.
7:57 AM
(Actually, that makes me wonder, does say, Reform Judaism consider Karaites Jewish, and vice versa?)
@DoubleAA Even he must surely know that by now, this is probably for use on others, if at all.
@HodofHod Sometimes I wonder
Oy. Why can't we change the clocks backwards every time...
9 hours later…
4:42 PM
Q: Would Muslims be recognized as Karaite Jews by Kariate Judaism

AliI was reading this article ON Karaite jews about "Who is a Jew" it says: However, anyone who formally accepts the God of Israel as his own god, the people of Israel as his own people, and is circumcised (males only), is a fully established member of the people of Israel (Jew); Karaites ...

2 hours later…
6:14 PM
@IsaacMoses agreed; I'd like a "permanent" URL that we can update in future years, not a direct link to the PDF, so that means a landing page. Since the actual supplement is going to be coming together at close to the last minute this year, I'd like to be able to push it before it's ready by, e.g., leaving a stack of small flyers or cards with the URL at my synagogue. That requires a URL, which requires knowing whom to ask. :-) Thanks for the info; I"ll ask SE about that.
@HodofHod I doubt it, but I've never heard of the question coming up. I've never met a Karaite at all, let alone one who wanted to be accepted as Jewish by someone beyond that community.
@DoubleAA or just leave them alone entirely. :-(
6:35 PM
@MonicaCellio I like my way better :)
@DoubleAA if we could make it happen, I would agree. :-)
6:47 PM
Yay, free time!! (Not to be confused with free-time)
2 hours later…
8:44 PM
@All @MonicaCellio How far may/should I go in editing peoples work for the Haggada? May I completely rephrase sentences and even paragraphs, in order to clarify or offer more context?
@MonicaCellio spoken like a software engineer
@HodofHod I'd say improve at will, but try to be consistent with OP's voice and position
@IsaacMoses I decided that any changes I want to make, I might as well edit into the original post as well. (At least most of them)
@IsaacMoses This is good advice for general editing too, so I'm going that route. :)
9:00 PM
@HodofHod I agree with @IsaacMoses. And if you can improve the original while you're at it, so much the better!
@HodofHod It works out well that the two projects have such similar goals and ethics. By the same token, late-breaking improvements and new answers to original posts should be considered for inclusion in the corresponding hagada posts. (Should we leave comments to that effect? (@MonicaCellio))
@IsaacMoses absolutely. There are questions on the list that I've skipped over precisely because they have current activity and I'd like to see where that goes first. Also, a reminder that we aren't limited by the list on meta; if you come across something "in the wild" that fits, feel free to just do it.
@IsaacMoses or a nurse ("administer meds every N hours...wait, when now?") or anyone who does shift work or anyone who has to coordinate activities in other timezones (that don't shift together) or... :-)
@MonicaCellio ... a public transit technologist
@IsaacMoses I was on the verge of adding transportation logistics to that list, yes. :-) (I couldn't remember exactly what you do, just that it's in that industry.)
I can't find it now, but a year or two back I saw time-zone map of Arizona that showed a 100-mile stretch where if you followed it you'd change your clocks seven times. Why does the Navajo Nation keep DST, I wonder?
@MonicaCellio How's this? (Proposing that hagada editors follow suit for all entries.)
9:14 PM
@IsaacMoses I've always wondered what that meant.
@HodofHod I do technology/data stuff to help public transit work better.
@IsaacMoses Been there before, but now I see there's a lot of detail in the Experience column that I missed.
@HodofHod I may have added it since. I'm usually not up to date on stuff I've done in my current job.
@IsaacMoses How did you save a Baltimore Police officer?
@HodofHod YOU ARE THE FIRST PERSON TO SEE THAT ON MY LINKEDIN AND ASK ME THAT! I've been waiting for this day for years.
9:18 PM
@IsaacMoses I don't believe you.
That must be sarcasm
@HodofHod true story
@IsaacMoses Wow. I saw it last time I saw your linkedin, and I thought about asking then, it just seemed a bit too random.
Ok, nu, storytime!
@HodofHod No big deal. I accidentally drove into the middle of a full-on gun battle between an army of drug dealers and a squad of out-gunned cops, and my car took some bullets that would definitely have taken out one of the cops. They made an episode of The Wire about it.
^^ false story
I was gonna say "No time now," but I found the email where I'd typed it up before. So ...
Patrolling the streets of Northwest Baltimore on the third night of Chanuka in a Honda Accord with a large "NWCP" light attatched by magnet to the roof. Two-way radio traffic provides the dialog.
Cast of characters:
- Unit Three-Four: Your fearless patrolman. I reported in too late to get my first choice of zones to cover, the zone in which we live, so instead, I chose Zone Four. We were shorthanded, so I was asked to cover Zone Three as well.
- Watch Commander: A police-ish car shared by a volunteer watch commander and a Baltimore City police officer. They driver around the whole area, supervise the rest of the volunteer units by two-way radio and respond if the other units report anything interesting.
"Three-Four to Watch Commander."
"Go ahead, Three-Four."
"I'm in a parking lot behind some garden apartments, off of Glen Avenue, opposite Doverdale. There's a car parked here, and it's running, but I don't see anyone inside.
"Okay, Three-Four. We'll come by and take a look."
"Should I stay put or move along?"
"If you're safe, and you're just watching to make sure no one steals the car, feel free to stay until we get there."
"Okay, I'll stay here."
"Watch Commander to Unit Three-Four."
"Three-Four here."
"We''re at the parking lot, and we see you. Is that the car?"
"Yes, the one opposite me."
"OK, you can go ahead and continue your patrol. We'll look into this."
"Watch Commander to Unit Three-Four."
"Three-Four here."
"Two things. First of all, the car was not unoccupied. There was a black man sleeping inside, wearing black clothing. Second of all, it turns out that the man is a Baltimore City Police Officer. He got home tired and fell asleep listening to the radio. He was very amused to be woken up by another officer."
"Okay. Sorry about that; I didn't pull up close and peer in."
"No, don't worry; you did the exact right thing by calling this in. We all just found the situation very amusing. The man was happy to be woken up, and this was the first time our officer ever got to wake up another officer in his own car."
"Okay. Thanks for the follow-up. I'm glad it turned out alright."
Would he have chas veshalom fallen victim to carbon monoxide poisoning if not for this encounter? I don't know. All I know is that he did make it home that night. The end.
@IsaacMoses thanks for the tale! I don't know about CO poisoning if it was outdoors, but a running car with a sleeping occupant on the streets of Baltimore sounds like a violence magnet...
9:32 PM
@MonicaCellio Whatever credit you can come up for me to claim, I'll claim. :)
@IsaacMoses I like the comment idea. We should think about what happens to them after the supplement is published. I had been thinking of locking the posts at that time (can always unlock next year) so in the future it'll be easy to tell what needs to be updated in the PDF vs not. So if we do that, the comment link won't be as helpful -- but people could still leave a comment at the meta post, I guess.
@IsaacMoses :-)
@MonicaCellio I was thinking of deleting my comments when we freeze for publication.
@IsaacMoses that works.
@MonicaCellio ... and yes, I think we should lock the submissions when we turn them over to the redactor[s] and consider unlocking the next time a project starts up that may need them to be refined further.
... and now, I need to take care of some domestic duties. Time Zone Tov.
@IsaacMoses Time Zone Tov to you too!
9:45 PM
what is time zone tov ;/
@MonicaCellio I'm not clear on quoting sources yet. Alex's answer here for example:
A: How do we know the rasha would not have been redeemed

AlexWell, we do have the precedent that four-fifths (or even more) of the Jews in fact did not want to leave Egypt and serve Hashem, and died during the Plague of Darkness (Rashi to Exodus 13:18, quoting from Mechilta). So based on the attitude that this second son shows towards the mitzvos of Pesach...

Rashi can be inline, but where do I put the locations for the Lubavitcher Rebbe's explanation? At the bottom of Alex's answer?
@HodofHod Add a "sources" section at the end like here -- say what it is and give the URL, and massage the link text appropriately. Does that help or do you want me to say more?
@DhoweedYaAgov it means "good time zone", because "good morning" or "good evening" etc might not work on a worldwide web site. msh210 coined "good time zone" and Isaac modified it here.
Henceforth: "TZT" as in "TZT everyone!"
@HodofHod :-)
@HodofHod in this case I'd probably edit Alex's answer to just say the Lubavicher Rebbe said this (dropping the "here" etc) and in the sources link say something like "Lub. R. sources: ..."
But that's me, and if you do it another way that's fine too. :-)
@MonicaCellio Right. I'm in middle of doing that :)
9:55 PM
@HodofHod sounds good. And thanks for helping out!
> Since the word tzvi also means a Reform view that the shul or perhaps the birds are one and can only be finished on Shabbat.
@HodofHod ?
Sorry, stumbled on it again and couldn't resist. :D
@HodofHod oh! I didn't recognize the style but should have. :-)
> TL;DR Judaism believes that non-Jews must be a human descendant of King David
My favorite this time is:
> I've yet to see a valid Jewish opinion.
10:06 PM
@HodofHod laugh Yeah, Jews, moshiach...what's a small thing like that among friends? (I want to know about King David's non-human descendants.)
@MonicaCellio I believe in context that would have been Yeshu.
@HodofHod according to them (l'havdil), his parents are God and Mary. David isn't a patrilineal ancestor. That always confused me that they claim Davidic connection.
@MonicaCellio Me too.
@HodofHod and while I'm curious, I'm not curious enough to be a lightning rod by asking on C.SE. (Besides, I think their rules would require me to name a C doctrinal perspective from which to answer, and...beats me!)
Surely someone's asked this. While looking for that, I stumbled on this:
Q: Why neither David nor Solomon were stoned to death?

brilliantDavid was a murderer and an adulterer. Both crimes were punishable by death by the law. Solomon had ... how many wives and concubines? I don't even remember. Why neither David nor Solomon were stoned to death? Was there any provision in the law for special cases when the one who commits a crime...

Shouldn't that be ours?
Actually, it looks like a lot of that tag (mosaic-law) should be ours.
@MonicaCellio Is there a better way to quote two volumes of the same series of books? Right now, I've got "Likkutei Sichos vol. 1, p. 252; Likkutei Sichos vol. 11, p. 2"
Also, how do I reference the fact that there are other volumes that discuss it without mentioning them by name?
10:15 PM
@HodofHod yeah, I was just looking at that -- they have 50 questions on that tag? Of course they'll have their own spin on it so it's not wrong for them to have those questions, but if there's anything you think should also be asked here (in our context), that's totally fair. Similar questions are allowed to be asked on multiple sites; they just have to fit on each.
@HodofHod that works, or you could do "Likkutei Sichos Vol 1 p 252, vol 11 p2, and others" or something like that. If the original answer didn't list the others I don't think you're obligated to chase them down. :-)
@MonicaCellio Right. Any punctuation necessary?
@HodofHod maybe a colon after "Likkutei Sichos"?
Q: Do not boil a goat in its mothers milk

PaddingtonSome of the laws I can directly see why they were given, however I do not understand the last part of the verse below regarding not boiling a kid in its mothers milk. Deuteronomy 14:21 NIV Do not eat anything you find already dead. You may give it to an alien living in any of your towns, an...

"There is much debate about this one but I think the Rabbis never understood it," -- no, they do... (and yes we've covered it too, though our question is from a different starting point)
Re. meta.judaism.stackexchange.com/revisions/1515/7 , I expanded the answer here and added citations. Does it require more? Is it too long now?
10:35 PM
@Fred is your first link what you intended? (Revision link on the list.)
@MonicaCellio Yeah, I wanted to make it clear it was @msh210 who initially brought this up, since it's a community wiki.
@Fred thanks for expanding the answer! For the haggadah supplement it feels a little long; are some of those sources more important and/or their rulings more unique than others?
@MonicaCellio I suppose it could be whittled down a bit
@Fred not in the answer, just in the haggadah version!
@MonicaCellio Right. Does that mean posting to meta and then editing from there?
10:41 PM
@Fred yes, following the format that was posted there. Most of what I've done for the meta answers has started out as cut/paste from the original questions/answers. (Cut/paste from the markdown rather than the HTML to make your life easier -- that way you get the formatting, though have to clean up any links.)
@Fred and thanks for your help! Are both of those "Fred" accounts yours? Should they be merged?
Oh wait, I see DoubleAA already asked you that. Ok, I guess he's on it then.
Since other people are here right now -- will I be colliding with anybody else if I work on judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/12200/…?
@MonicaCellio I guess so. If they can't be merged, that's ok.
@Fred oh, I see now. It's totally kosher to nominate your own questions or answers for this project, so while msh210 did in this case, if you had done so yourself that would have been fine. I think others nominated most of mine that have ended up on the list, but I added at least one myself.
@Fred SE has changed how merges work so mods can't just do it ourselves any more. I trust that @DoubleAA is already working it with them, but that's why it's taking longer than it would if we could just go "click, click, click - done!". :-)
(Not complaining about the change, to be clear; a wrong merge is extremely difficult to undo. So I get that they want to be careful.)
@MonicaCellio Got it. Thanks for explaining.
@MonicaCellio I think the most classic answers are those by DovF and Gershon, which I just upvoted. It was interesting to read the others, too.
@Fred yup, agreed. And you don't have to try to include everything; choose the subset that works well for this particular application and there's no slight to the others. The link will be there so people can see everything.
@MonicaCellio Will do.
10:49 PM
@MonicaCellio I don't have time now (and am signing offline after posting this comment) but if you ping me in a comment there or here in chat I'll b'li neder try to find that S'forno.
"Time zone tov" sure is catching on.
@Fred things move quickly on the internet. :-)
@msh210 The S'forno is on 9:35, btw.
ויחזק לב פרעה. לא מעצמו, אבל כאשר דבר ה' ביד משה קודם שצרף את אהרן עמו, שאמר לו ואני ידעתי כי לא יתן אתכם מלך מצרים להלוך שלא יניחכם להלוך ברצונו, ולא ביד חזקה, וארצה לא יעשה זה מיראת יד החזקה, שלא יוכל לסבלה. וכן עשה בזה המקום, כי אחר שהוסיף לחטוא במזיד, והכביד הוא עצמו את לבו נגד טבעו, אבל היה מסופק אם יוכל לסבול, התחזק לבו באותו האופן אשר דבר ה' ביד משה, ושם בלבו שלא יוסיף עוד להכותו
@DoubleAA rambam is waiting for you

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