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7:00 AM
@jmort253 I'd consider giving "prop-language question" some protection to start with - like 10-rep requirement notice plus long-answers notice. As for question topicality...
...that looks difficult. I am not perfectly happy to see it at WP but on the other hand, as Programmers regular I wouldn't be 100% comfortable having it there. Though I just can not point a finger on what isn't OK exactly, so I may be just wrong...
...consider talking to Porgrammers mods about it; maybe I'm wrong and the question will be OK there
7 hours later…
1:48 PM
@jmort253 I think answers apply to more than just coding. I suspect that applies to any job with outdated tech. The top answer is applicable to all those questions if you just change "Developer" to "worker"
2:42 PM
@gnat You know the Prog mods well. :) they declined, as I did ask...
@enderland It will be interesting to see how this one goes. :)
2 hours later…
4:41 PM
lol someone is downvoting my posts. this is hilarious in light of my recent meta.SE post LOL
5:31 PM
@enderland Interesting. Although I don't think you should worry. I actually opened up a post on Meta.Stackoverflow.com for the very same reason. [Somebody serially downvoted my Workplace.SE and Politics.SE post(s).] Somebody from the Stackexchange team told me that they're aware of the problem and that I should expect the situation to be corrected soon.
@enderland The interesting thing is: My serial downvoter didn't do it all on the same day, and he/she actually has a high rep.
Mine is one of the people who I downvoted their low quality post and posted a question in the comments. Meh
Q: How to convince colleagues about my point of view in a meeting?

Daniele BOften it happens that we have meetings in which I'm fairly convinced about one or more point concerning my field (i.e. ICT) and when I've to discuss with non ICT-expert I've to talk a lot and often it is difficult to convince them that what I'm saying is the best solution. Of course I know I'm n...

this question is asking something there are BOOKS upon BOOKS written on
it also is a poll, basically asking for techniques to do this without any specific question
6:05 PM
Q: We need to downvote answers more (even mediocre ones)

enderlandI propose that: This site's core users MUST much more frequently downvote answers even if they are "only" mediocre or we are going to face a consistent decrease in quality because (each of these is expanded on at length below): All our questions are subjective Anyone can post answers on nea...

sorry for the wall of text..
Q: Colleagues frowning when I take vacation days

ElfyI work for a company that gives 25 vacation days a year. Unused days are not paid and if not used they become wasted and you cannot use them the next year. When you leave the company, you are not paid the unused vacation days. I used roughly 15 of the 25 I have but a few people (both above, belo...

there is no real problem in that question
but its going to be popular because it hits joy buttons
it's ok, we've already got a popular Q with a total of 1 vote
Q: How to convince colleagues about my point of view in a meeting?

Daniele BOften it happens that we have meetings in which I'm fairly convinced about one or more point concerning my field (i.e. ICT) and when I've to discuss with non ICT-expert I've to talk a lot and often it is difficult to convince them that what I'm saying is the best solution. Of course I know I'm n...

@enderland I already voted to close
@Chad as did I
I am more concerned about people not voting down bad questions
bad questions are more of our problem than bad answers
6:10 PM
Dear @Chad, how should I deal with this situation in the workplace? I just don't know what I should do! Sincerely, @enderland
@enderland exactly
you should pretend that it is a call of duty game... and lob a grenade at the problem :p
I was thinking of slapping someone, actually. Or just asking my boss...
Oh, apparently a question with a negative score is taken off the "hot question" list
So all we need to do is find 236 people to vote down the cheating wife quesiton...
then it will finally come off that list
@enderland I have a problem where i do my job and at the end of the week I get a paycheck. What should i do?
@Chad there are a lot of nigerian princes who need your bank account details you could probably help on the weekends
@enderland But then how will i possible help all my distant relatives needing to get home from their trips to the phillapines
6:29 PM
@Chad you'll love this Q
Q: reasonable to insist on speaking a certain language at all times?

JoelFanIs it reasonable / ethical to enforce a policy that all employees must speak the language of the country where the company is located, at all times when in the office, even during lunch, breaks, by the water cooler, etc? The reason would be that other employees may feel excluded and perhaps even...

@enderland Why not, I am sure your ethnic employees would love the settlement from the discrimnation suit
Can we get the question closed and deleted in under 15 min?
7 answers to the horrible quesiton in less than an hour... should be on top of the pop question list shortly
6:45 PM
Heh, I was the only one to actually answer the specific question too :\
It bothers me on those shotgun answers when no one even answers the specific question in the question - regardless of whether it's a "help me please" question or not, many times the answers are "you should do this!" not "here's an answer to your question"
Maybe that's why we get so many Dear Workplace questions
@enderland Yeah I used to flag them as not an answer but they get rejected.
so I stoped
ooooh looks like we are close to "top question visible" list quality
yeah :(
I asked for a day off and my boss gave it too me. now I think all of my coworkers are jealous because they ask me if I had a good day off. What should i do?
7:12 PM
@Chad Slap them?
@enderland man I was hoping the answer was sleep with their wives
@Chad nah the other option than slapping is to tell them you slept with their wives
lol. a great question idea, "how do I tell a coworker I'm having an affair with his spouse?"
7:29 PM
@Chad so it begins... (that Q hit #4 on the Top Questions list)
7:44 PM
@enderland And the most popular answer meme is... you should find a new job!
I need to take vacation today and my manager will let me what should i do? Well obviously you should find a new job that one sucks
3 hours later…
10:37 PM
Q: Office Politics

Andrew RhyneI am given quite a bit of leniency regarding my duties because I perform well and create solid results. In other words, I kind of have the keys to the castle but not to an official extent. One of my coworkers (used to be two, both of whom I set up a interview for and I knew outside of work pr...

Oh god wall of text why
@enderland "I slapped with your wife."
@Chad Kerosene.
@BenBrocka why wall of text? It's easy - blame Joyce...
> Yes because he never did a thing like that before as ask to get his breakfast in bed with a couple of eggs since the City Arms hotel when he used to be pretending to be laid up with a sick voice doing his...
@Chad you read that? You're a braver man than I
Honestly when I see a huge wall of text I just slip some linebreaks in there and leave it for some other poor sap
@BenBrocka I was going to seperate the question from the text... but there was no question just a rant
Do office politics suck... yes
For my first trick I eliminate office politics from my work place... and after that I will duplicate the big bang. I know that will be anticlimatic after the first trick but hey
11:07 PM
Q: Role change in a startup

k20I am currently working as a Freelance mobile programmer for a start-up since the project started, but I have always given my opinion and advise about business development (for free), because I could see how my employer was new in the subject. It came to a point where I think I could get more lon...

@BenBrocka Can i ask if he has slapped him yet? Have a good night all
11:19 PM
All these questions about vacation interest me, since I'm planning on using every day I get my entire career
It depresses me how many people let vacation go poof

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