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2:44 AM
@Rachel Hi, weekly does seem a little bit too fast paced. Monthly would be a lot more reasonable.
So far, we've decided we'd need 5 articles by February 1st, and I threw out needing 2 more contributors as a number. Beth and HLGEM have committed to writing the articles.
If you're interested, feel free to jump on board. :)
Hey @YannisRizos, I noticed the Prog Blog publishes about monthly or every 3 weeks, so does Monthly for Workplace sound reasonable to you?
@jmort253 The Prog Blog started out weekly (first three posts), then moved on to biweekly, and we've been a bit more relaxed with the latest posts (but I don't think the month gap was intentional).
I didn't think so either :) @YannisRizos, but I'm wondering, if from an "energy and momentum" standpoint, going for a monthly schedule might be too long.
I definitely want to make sure we have reasonable goals, but I don't want anyone to feel like it's a burden either. :)
Maybe the answer is that we post irregularly every 2, 3, or 4 weeks ;D
3:01 AM
I don't know... Schedules and volunteers don't mix well together. Publishing every two weeks / month sounds like it could be viable and keep people interested. I think the contributors should forget all about the schedule right now and concentrate on writing the first few articles.
Weekly is definitely unattainable. I'd say aim for biweekly, but be prepared that at the end of the day a monthly schedule will be a lot easier to keep up with.
Good idea.
You should talk to our caretakers though, or at least beth and hlgem should. There's also this room, but I don't know much about what goes on in there.

Stack Exchange Community Blogs

For anyone wanting to help or participate with the Stack Excha...
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4:16 AM
oh. @YannisRizos said that a while ago. Well, haters gonna hate ;)
4:44 AM
I'm sensing a lot of energy and enthusiasm around these parts recently.
12 hours later…
4:16 PM
Out of curiosity, why was this question migrated here?
Q: How can I learn to communicate better with my programmer colleagues?

Zak833My experience is in online marketing, UI/UX and web design, but I know virtually no programming. I have recently been hired to build a new, fairly complex site from scratch, for which I will be working with an experienced programmer with whom I have worked extensively in the past. Although I hav...

It would get better answers and seems more on-topic at Programmers....
4:57 PM
@Rachel I flagged it at ProgSE with the following: "Just a proactive note...if this is not made constructive/OT on ProgSE, and were a more general "how can I improve my knowledge/skills to better communicate with my colleague (who just happens to be a programmer, in this instance)" question, it would be OT and constructive on Workplace." Then it showed up.
I would've liked to edit it to be that generalizable question, but people started giving good answers as-is, and I've left it, with no intention of changing anything.
The community can, of course. :)
@jcmeloni Would it be OK to edit it to remove a lot of the programming-specific content, such as asking for programming specific books?
And focus it more on asking "how can I learn to communicate better with colleagues in another department" and asking for general ways to learn another profession's lingo without learning their job?
Otherwise, I think it should be off-topic here as it focuses on a specific industry, and not the workplace
Boo. I really wanted the Viking hat on here for Rarity but there's no way I'm asking 15 questions in 2 weeks
@BenBrocka Yeah, the hats are temporary anyways...
Yeah. And crazy varying difficulty. You'd have to ask an upvoted question per day to get the tophat
But it'd have been amusing to have this with double viking hat
@jmort253 Aiming for Bi-Weekly seems like a good start. Imo Monthly is too infrequent in the early days when you want to be highlighting the blog and getting the attention of potential writes. Depending on how often you get posts written, you can scale that up or down too
@BenBrocka Just change your Avatar picture to have your hat photoshopped on :)
5:11 PM
I'll just get an edit hat for her or something
I like the cupcake
I got the first 3 hats there without knowing they were even secret
@Rachel My personal and non-binding preference, would be -- since it's gotten good answers as is and attracted no flags -- to leave it be to see if the community votes it off-topic, then edit it to something more generalized at that time.
@jcmeloni Too late, I just edited it ;)
@Rachel per your edits should we kill the software-industry tag?
5:34 PM
Blame @BenBrocka, he showed me the cupcake badge :)
@BenBrocka If you want. The tag is relevant although it doesn't really define the question
It fits the specifics but it no longer fits the domain of answers anymore
I went and took it off so I don't have to create a new edit, it's getting close to community wiki already
@BenBrocka Since you did the last edit, you can edit some more until the 5 minutes after your initial edit without causing a new revision
(I think anyways....)
I was thinking of adding something about books back in actually, so the answers make more sense. Something like "I've been considering reading books like Code Complete to learn some basic programming, but really don't want to become a programmer"
I'm happy without the books reference...it was collecting book recommendation answers, which is probably why Programmers closed it
I think answers are more useful if they talk about solving the problem vs books that might help you solve the problem if you read them
Yeah, I'd only be adding it back in so the answers make more sense
Grr I hate it when people edit a question only for the sake of adding or removing a tag (Yeah i'm looking at you @gnat ) :)
@Rachel well it took me quite a while to decide on that "minor" edit. I checked the question, answers and of course stuff that has been posted so far in tag.
5:45 PM
@gnat We were just talking about that question and didn't want to add another tag since it was getting close to community-wiki threshhold already
But oh well, I did another edit anyways to make the book answers make more sense so they're not completely invalidated
The user doesn't actually have an account here (yet), so any rep gained right now isn't going to anyone anyways
Imo this question should have been edited to fit the Workplace before getting migrated here.... :)
@Rachel understood. Brief look at revisions makes me feel CW status would be rather fair for this particular question. On the other hand, if further down the road i find that this is not so i won't hesitate to appeal at meta to drop CW off of it. BTDTGTTS :)
1 hour later…
7:11 PM
@Rachel As it stands the question/answer is morphing into "what books should I read to understand programmers better?" and its hard to see an editing pathway back to a more general version.
@GuyM I think all those answers were posted prior to the edits we did to change it from asking about programmer books, to asking about how to learn to communicate effectively with other professions using their terminology
@Rachel Agreed - but its a long way from answering the question in the title or the (edited) question body. For example, its not going to help a development team understand sales/marketing, or a geologist understand a geophysicist.
@GuyM The original title was "What books should I read to be be able to communicate with programmers?", which is where some of the answers came from
I added a comment to the question to clarify that there was a significant edit, which I hope will clarify some of the confusion future readers may have. Perhaps we could even flag a few of the obsolete questions for deletion too, as they no longer apply
7:29 PM
@Rachel I think the existing answers are driving the new ones, which pulls things away from your edits, which is a shame; to me its getting pretty localised. But can't think of a way to pull it on track. I'll have a think if I have time today...
7:48 PM
@GuyM Hrrm actually there was only two answers posted after the edit, and one of those was posted close enough to the edit time that it is likely the edit wasn't seen until after it posted. I'm not too sure what to do about existing answers though, as they may contain bits of good information, but are not really on-topic
8:19 PM
Doesn't quite fit right
I just want to say.... a cupcake is not a cake, so therefore the cake is clearly a lie
@BenBrocka lol I have to ask... how much time have you spent fitting a hat on your gravatar today??
Not long...I don't have all too many hats
Someone already got a hat for getting 15 hats
Quite honestly, the cupcake hat reminds me of the "Poo" hairstyle you could force onto other users in Dokopon Kingdom....
Or maybe that's just cause my character had pink hair when someone did that to me :)
was the mad hatter on meta.so?
8:38 PM
@enderland I think the mad hatter has struck all StackExchange sites.... :)
8:54 PM
@Rachel Not all, unfortunately, about 20 opted out. The one site that I'm active on and doesn't have hats, History.SE, looks a bit sad. Wasn't particularly enthusiastic when I first heard about the hat dash, but now that it's here, no hats looks sad... Who doesn't want hats? Even bots want hats!
20? Really? I thought mathematica was about the only one
I think 76 six opted in, so that would be... 18.
Politics was in private beta when the hat dash started, so 17.
Oh wow I still have the most edits of all time
A: Eeeek! I have too many hats and can't decide which one to wear!

Josh's SocksDo you have too many hats? Can't decide which one to wear? Want to make sure you're always showing off how many hats you have but don't have time to click through them all? Do you suffer from crippling indecision where even life's smallest choices bring you to your knees? Fear not! The answer y...

I'm kind of surprised I'm even on that list.... I don't do very many edits
Although I do try to make my edits substantial
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10:00 PM
@Rachel Had a go at an answer; we'll see if the community likes it....

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