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12:00 AM
Nope. I'm also not so active these days. I need to study a bit.
Got hold of the Combinatorica book, I'm reading that
I see. I have the book too, for a long time, but only read parts of it
At the time I was reading it I did not have the experience I have now. What I'd do now is to start reading the code of Combinatorica from the source, looking into the book only when something is not clear. This would be much faster.
the book also contains some useful theory, not just a descriptions of the algorithms
I mean the newer book, from 2003
@Szabolcs Yes, right. But I am not sure that in this capacity it is the best / most effective source (yes, I mean the new one). So you need it for your new job?
Yes, I need to learn a few new things. The only problem is that I constantly get distracted and keep reading about things that are not essential
@Szabolcs Tell me about it:). But, you know, I miss those times in academia sometimes. Now I don't have much time for distractions, although I still distract a lot
@Szabolcs Speaking of distractions: I seem to have finally found, as a side product, a cheap but effective way to implement and use OOP in Mathematica, if we don't care much about performance.
12:11 AM
Ah, that's always the catch: if we don't care much about performance :)
@Leonid Did you work around the problem with Temporary symbols not being removed sometimes?
@Szabolcs I used to think the same way, and for many applications this is true. But what I also realized is that a lot of problems stem from the impedance mismatch between immutability and OO as we know it in other languages (C++,Java, etc)
@Szabolcs Symbols: I tend to avoid mutable state im my approach as much as possible. For object instances, I use the same approach as JLink, having something like OOBlock - so that I collect stuff created inside
@Szabolcs What I found interesting is that we can combine instantiation, inheritance and convenient method call syntax (like JLink) with immutable expressions and objects based on behavior much more than state.
@Leonid If you have time perhaps you could do a short blog post on this. Or maybe a series with a number of short posts.
But aren't instantiation and immutability somewhat contradictory? Or do you mean something like With when you say instantiation?
@Szabolcs I was thinking about it. But no time now. I came to it as a part of the code exchange mechanism for us, that I am working on.
I mean, create once, and keep it until the end of the OOBlock?
@Szabolcs The way I approach this is that I create an object by assigning some type wrapper to some expression, like MyObject[{1,2,3}] out of {1,2,3}. Then, I assign behavior to the head, like we usually do in Mathematica
By instantiation I mean that any created object has its own identity, so two MyObject[{1,2,3}] are different instances. In fact, I need this for purely technical reasons, initially I was hoping to do without even that. But it turned out to be actually useful
@Szabolcs So, the catch is that if I need to manage some state, I create a closure with the behavior I need, and attach it as a new method to my object.
So, I don't deal with the state explicitly much. This allows me to do all this in a way which seems to me quite natural for Mathematica
12:23 AM
What did you use this for? Can you give a (simple) example?
Yes. I have a structure which describes the structure of some project, and is Mathematica analog of JSON - nested list of rules. It looks something like this:
"name" -> "lshifr",
"email" -> "lshifr@gmail.com",
"url" -> "http://www.mathprogramming-intro.org"
"name" -> "LocalDataExtrema",
"mathematica_version" -> "8.0+",
"description" -> "New description",
"url" -> "https://gist.github.com/4238023"
@Szabolcs I want to have an easy way to manage this structure, in particular change some properties, extract them, and also - which is really important, persist it on disk and read from disk in an automated manner
@Szabolcs Basically, I want to make persistence on disk, and a number of other operations, such as mapping between string form and expression, automatic.
The reason why I needed objects is that I have more than one such structure, and they are different but share many common properties and behavior, so I wanted inheritance
Also, I wanted to be able to bind a particular object to some file, and then not drag the information about the file around. And many otherthings. To put the story short, I found out, rather surprisingly, that my Mathematica code for this kind of application I need to make now, really sucked. It weas cluttered and mixing concerns.
@Szabolcs When I started investigating what's going on I realized that standard Mathematica coding practices do not provide the level of encapsulation / information hiding that I needed, so I gradually realized that I need some form of an object model, to organize the code better.
Here is how my type definition currently looks iike for this structure:
Get[prop_?propertyQ] :=
With[{result = getProperty[$content, prop]},
result /; result =!= $Failed]
, Get[prop_] := $Failed
, Normal[] := $content
, ToString[] := toCodeString[$self@Normal[]]
, Delete[prop_?propertyQ] :=
resetContent[$self, removeOptions[$content, prop]]
, Replace[changeTree_] :=
resetContent[$self, mergeOptions[$content, changeTree]]
, read[] := read[$self]
, save[] := save[$self]
, bindToFile[file_String] :=
Evaluate[$self] /: read[$self] :=
let me copy that to a notebook
@Szabolcs it uses a number of auxiliary functions which are needed to fully understand what is going on, but this is just to give an idea
@Szabolcs I should have used Read and Save instead of read and save as well :)
12:39 AM
@Leonid Can you make sure that there'll never be a conflict with defined symbols? (Normal, Get, etc.)
I finally got hold of David Wagner's book!
@Szabolcs If you use System symbols, then yes :). This was a tough cookie to make :) If you use user-defined symbols, then I am thinking of insisting of creating them in one special context devoted for them, for all types. But I did not automate that yet
@rm-rf Big congrats!
@rm-rf I just ordered it half an hour ago ;)
@rm-rf Now you know who my teachers were (Wagner and Maeder) :)
Is the Wagner book still in print?
12:42 AM
I ordered it from a library, not a new one.
@rm-rf, @Szabolcs But you guys are already on a level where it may not be as helpful as for someone less experienced
@MikeHoneychurch It has been out of print for at least a decade by now
@Szabolcs Same here. I'm definitely going to make a copy for personal use
Yes I think I found it in a university library many years ago.
@Leonid Is this going to be in the next version of ProjectInstaller?
@LeonidShifrin Is Maeder's book still available?
12:47 AM
@Szabolcs It is a different project. ProjectInstaller is just a bootstrap installer which can install a wide range of projects and packages, since it has almost no restrictions on the project's structure. This one will be tied to GitHub gists, have a versioning system, dependency tracking, and dev.tools to make it easy to publish and install code. The ProjectInstaller will likely be used to bootstrap the installation of this one.
@rm-rf Yes, it should be, but not sure if it is still in print. But buying it used was always an option, and not an expensive one. I did not check recently, but I don't expect any significant changes in that.
maeders books are still in print
@Szabolcs I already can create and update some test gists from Mathematica, e.g. this one, but I still need convenient versioning system, and developer tools to publish code easily. This is where I am now.
@LeonidShifrin So creating and updating the gists will all be possible from within Mathematica?
@Szabolcs Yes, it is already possible :)
@Szabolcs But I still need to drop the dependency on curl in favor of either new functions of V9 or, if we decide to support V8, some Java code. I also need to improve the authentication / security.
@LeonidShifrin What do we need to have on the local machine for these packages? Typically a package .m file and another .m file with the metadata? Is it going to work without needing git?
@rm-rf I often don't get the -ding!- sound on OS X when I get a reply here in chat. Do you have any idea what might be wrong? Something OS X specific? Let me try Firefox ...
12:56 AM
@Szabolcs Yes, that's the entire idea - without needing GIT (but since gists are also git repos, those who want it will be able to use it - but I will add this functionality later). On the local machine, there will be a Mathematica client, which is basically the package manager for user's repository and the isntaller/ loader. The loader will have some runtime component
@Szabolcs Coming soon: GitLink` :)
@Szabolcs Maybe... I've heard others complain, but I usually have my notification turned off
@rm-rf I have it it my plans (Git link), but later on. There is JGit, you know
That's for the WB, right (EGit)?
@rm-rf no, this ispure Java Git implementation. Sweet thing to link to Mathematica. Also, I don't put WB in the center of what I want to do. I want a FE-based set of dev tools.
Oh, nice :)
12:59 AM
@rm-rf Well, words are cheap :)
@rm-rf But you know, most folks would actually like a server-based simple versioning intergated with FE workflow,without really using git - this is what I am trying to make. I think Github gists are an ideal format - I did not find any feature they would not support, except nested directory structure, but I bet most code people would like to share will not be like that. And we can add that support for full-fledged repos later
@rm-rf The biggest problems were (and are) to design it right, to have the right set of features - just enough to work effectively 90 % of the time, without turning this into a full-fledged VCS
@magma Sorry for the late reply. I am really not sure what happened there ... could you please try to remove all versions you have an re-install the newest one? Simply go to $UserBaseDirectory/SystemFiles/FrontEnd/Palettes and remove all versions you see there. Then download the version from the link I posted above and copy it there. Do this while Mathematica is closed, please.
I'm wondering how to easily discard the front end version information from a notebook. Apparently, Export["a.nb", Import["a.nb", "Package"], "Package"] will break the file. Not sure why yet.
1:16 AM
Ok, guys, have to go. 5 a.m. here, time to get some sleep :)
@LeonidShifrin Sleep well.
It's 2:30 here and I just got up.
@LeonidShifrin Yes, that seems like the right approach. If they need a VCS, then well... they should use a VCS!
@halirutan Thanks. Got up?
Fell out of bed..
Was so tired yesterday that I went to bed with my daughter at 8:00.
@halirutan Are you all right then?
@halirutan falling out of bed can be painful
1:19 AM
@LeonidShifrin Was a joke ;-). Now I had 6 hours and I can work at night when everything is silent ;-)
@halirutan Is this one of those lost-in-translation things because of different German words for waking up and physically getting up from bed?
@LeonidShifrin I would fall on the dog.. that would be painful.
@halirutan So, I am not alone in these harmful habits :)
@LeonidShifrin Nope
@halirutan, do you still have issues with the MINT_32-related code?
1:21 AM
@rm-rf That's the point, it is very easy to fall into a trap and start re-implementing what essentially is git. The trick is to exclude certain sweet possibilities
@jfklein13 Hello Joel
Hi Leonard
@jfklein13 Well, I dont' have such grand ambitions - so just Leonid
@rm-rf I don't know.. Does "I just got up" doesn't mean I was coming from bed?
sorry, my fingers messed that up :)
The answer to why Importing and Exporting as "Package" breaks a notebook is that the InputForm of RowBox[{"1", "+", "1"}] is \(1 + 1\). This is how it writes the expression back to the .nb file, and the FE can't read that.
1:23 AM
@jfklein13 It seems to be no real issue. Just bad documentation. In fact in WolframLibrary.h there is absolutely no documentation which is a quite nice feature for a header file.
@rm-rf But I will provide basic VCS features, such as rolling back to a certain revision
Sorry for your troubles on that one.
@jfklein13 So the essence is, you cannot use the MINT_32 switch. I wanted to post a question about this and had already the introduction text but then I didn't know what to ask. For an explanation? It's maybe not appropriate here.
@halirutan yes, but I could very well say "I woke up at 6 am and made some tea" and it'll be perfectly clear that I actually got out of bed, walked to the kitchen to make tea. However, to a German, it could mean that I stayed in bed (but awake) and somehow made tea ;)
Isn't it 5:30 AM there Leonid?
1:26 AM
@halirutan I do keep in mind the formatter, b.t.w.
@rm-rf Somehow.. Wife, I need tea! ;-)
sudo make tea
@Szabolcs Yes, and so I really have to go. I did not plan to stay that late tonight. See you all!
See you, have a good sleep!
@LeonidShifrin No hurry. I have a lot to do and I'm really addicted to this "distraction" thing.
1:27 AM
@Szabolcs Thanks!
@All Enjoy the rest of the day, folks!
Off he goes in his sleigh
Cool, and I thought I have hallucinations seeing a sleigh..
@rm-rf About the Wagner book: I was writing the phd-mentor of Wagner because I couldn't find someone else who may know how to reach him. I was thinking about asking him or the publisher whether it's possible to make this material public.
Lately, I asked the Futz about it. You might have seen it:
Dec 4 at 15:19, by John Fultz
@halirutan I haven't seen or heard from David Wagner in years. Last I heard, he got a permanent consultant gig, and then he just completely dropped off the map. He hasn't been to any conferences, and I'm not aware of any exchanges with WRI personnel. I just checked, and his last bug report/TS exchange was in the 90s. His old consulting website has been snarfed up by a domain name troll.
@halirutan you're both up at this hour? how much sleep do you get per day?
Yes, I saw that. It's surprising how one can disappear completely (the only logical explanation would be that he's no more, but no one knows)
@Szabolcs Today from 8:00 to 2:00.. so 6 hours. But if I'm really tired (because sometimes you just don't manage it to go to bed) I just sleep. Even on my chair in the office.
1:37 AM
I simply can't live like that ... which probably means I'll never make professor, based on my past professors' habits
They didn't sleep either
@rm-rf I haven't got a reply since 5 days know.. I hope I still get one.
:7219176@halirutan Try searching on Google Scholar. It brings up a profile. But I don't know if it's the same person.
@Szabolcs It just works because I don't have to get up. It would all be different, when I had to be at 8 in the office or something like that.
@Szabolcs No, it's a guy in Berkeley CS
I saw that already
@Szabolcs I have a patent entry from 2004
1:46 AM
@halirutan You do have to take your daughter to kindergarten, no?
@Szabolcs Yes, at 9. The next reason I like to get up in the middle of the night.. You don't have to get up early at morning, because this really sucks.
@halirutan His PhD advisor's page says that he's now at Google (someone else mentioned it here too)
@rm-rf I thought this means "google him!".
But obviously not. It makes much more sense that he is at google now.
Dec 2 at 2:16, by Oleksandr R.
@P.Fonseca Principia Consulting is defunct. Wagner went to work for Google. No idea what happened to him since 2004 though...
Ok, so probably Olek is referencing the 2004 patent too...
Have you ever burnt a CD with both audio and data tracks on Mac?
2:01 AM
@Szabolcs I use Burn
@Szabolcs What's a CD?
@halirutan I managed by using Burn and writing CUE sheet
@rm-rf I need to burn some CDs for my wife with her music. I'm trying to make one CD that everyone will enjoy, both old fashioned people who really prefer their CD player (which is the device hooked up to big speakers), and people who'd just rather copy it to a mobile device. I did it before on Windows, but not on Mac. Finally I made a cue sheet.
@Szabolcs I like the music!
2:28 AM
@Szabolcs Sounds like your wife likes piano music. When she is not completely against mainstream movies... johnny depp.. pirate of the caribbean.. etc you should show her this here: youtu.be/NzGgX1DihPw
@halirutan She's the one playing
@rm-rf I thought I read something like that from Szabolcs. That's why I posted it ;-)
Q: Can I make two similar posts---one for graphical assistance and the other to display the result cleanly so I can cite it on OEIS?

Fred Daniel KlineA while back, I discovered a convergent sequence OEIS A219733 that on other forums I argued that was fractile-like or self-similar. I have found an illustration of the Droste Effect on this sequence. However, I have poor skills when it comes to creating images. So, I want to ask a question t...

2 hours later…
4:37 AM
In Linux it seems the line-wrap in the frontend is broken. Can someone test this? Make a long line like the following function
Important is, that the first line goes almost to the end of the notebook-window. Then append something to tfunc
for instance another parameter
What happens here is, that the line is not wrapped:
Can someone confirm this?
(cc @JohnFultz)
4 hours later…
8:16 AM
@halirutan on windows, I do not have this problem. BUT, on windows, last night, suddenly the lines were not wrapping in my notebook (V9). I did not know why. Happend only one time. But simply restarting Mathematica fixed it. You might try to restart Mathematica on your Linux while holding the CTRL-SHIFT key while MMA is going up untill it is up. This way you can reset all things to factory setting and try to see if this problem is still there.
@acl, ok, after 24 hrs debugging, I found why book solution was not matching MMA DSovle under some input. It turned out I was writing ArcTan[y/x] as written in the book. When I changed this to ArcTan[x,y] to take care of the signs, now my solution matched MMA. Book does not mention such things, and assumed y was positive always. oh well. 24 hrs gone on this, but I learned something :)
2 hours later…
10:39 AM
Does anyone find that RandomPrime[{2^2047,2^2048}] always generates the same number?
10:51 AM
@soandos not on V9 under windows 7, attached screen shot
11:26 AM
@NasserM.Abbasi I think this arctan thing is a standard way to waste a couple of days :)
11:43 AM
Can any one help me?
I try to do vedio tracking.
How to create histogram of color for image window?
11:55 AM
@Elfet And ImageHistogram does not help?
12:30 PM
Yes!! Thanks!
3 hours later…
3:39 PM
@halirutan Not on OS X. I'll try on Linux when they upgrade to Mma 9 on the shared machine test.
@halirutan Oh, we've seen that one! :-) It's very manly playing
4:19 PM
mma 9 is breaking my will ... suddenly plot styling from old notebooks is different ... it is so much work to figure out what has changed from one version to the next ...
I really think a change log would be great ... so I can know what behaviour has changed ... without having to trouble shoot every fricken document
@Gabriel Can you give an example of a change in plot styles? It may be a bug.
@BrettChampion for some reason I have some code that when I do PlotStyle->{Thick, Red} it is just thick so I need to do PlotStyle->{{Thick, Red}} which I imagine means I have some extra nesting in my code ... I just can't spend time right now trying to pin it down ... might be a bug on my end, but man it seems all my code is full of such errors in the upgrade ...
@BrettChampion okay the rage has died down ... here is an example that works in v8 but ignores Red in version 9 ...
{r, 0, 10, 0.1}
], PlotStyle -> {Thick, Red}
or with less brain dead formatting
ListLinePlot[Transpose@Table[{{r, r^2}}, {r, 0, 10, 0.1}],
PlotStyle -> {Thick, Red}]
from a much larger piece of code ... I imagine it is the extra nesting ... so not sure if the bug is in v8 or v9
4:41 PM
@Gabriel Yup... red in 7 and 8, blue in 9
makes me want to cry ... the new NDSolve features make me a v9 lover ... but man I have spent the last week "fixing" all my code to be usable ...
These will be red and thick, and aren't ambiguous:
ListLinePlot[data, PlotStyle -> Directive[Thick, Red]]

ListLinePlot[First[data], PlotStyle -> {Thick, Red}]
5:16 PM
@BrettChampion yeah went that route ... but is this a bug fix? Or just that the code base was changed and this happened?
All these changes in what seems to be default behavior are tough to handle when you are maintaining code ...
@Szabolcs thank you , I am travelling. I will continue testing next week.
5:49 PM
@Gabriel I'd say the 9 behaviour is quite consistent. Directive was introduced in 6, but could still often be swapped for List (the notation we used in <= 5), so it was a bit messy...
Having to rewrite code, that's not so much fun though ...
2 hours later…
7:20 PM
@Szabolcs agreed the new behavior seems better, but without a list of such changes it makes the user experience brutal
8:08 PM
@all could the mac users among you try my code here? It works fine on my Windows laptop but Mark McClure reports problems on his Mac.
8:23 PM
@MarkMcClure Could you playwith the MacMax constant to see what works for you? `MacMax = 15;
switchedDisplay[stuff_] :=
Row[{"Show: ", Checkbox[Dynamic[x]], " ",
Dynamic[If[x, ExampleData@stuff, stuff]]}]]
TabView[# ->
TabView[switchedDisplay /@
If[Length@ExampleData[#] > MacMax, Take[ExampleData[#], MacMax],
ExampleData[#]]] & /@ ExampleData[]]`
8:39 PM
Hi @SjoerdC.deVries
I'll fiddle with that in just a few minutes.
@MarkMcClure OK, I'm also trying other options, and wrestling with long loading times and time-out issues
@SjoerdC.deVries I too get what Mark got in his deleted screenshot.
@rm-rf MacOS doesn't like long TabViews
Well, this is really weird. MacMax=36 works fine. Yet, as I recall, 36 is the number of AerialImages.
Am I crazy??
@MarkMcClure The other tabs have many more members
8:42 PM
But are they even accessed at that point? I guess maybe the whole TabView is set up straight away. I'll go play more.
OK, I think I might have hit on something interesting at MacMax=100. It might actually be a formatting issue. I'll send a screen shot to illustrate in a min.
A kludge:
MacMax = 36;
switchedDisplay[stuff_] :=
Row[{"Show: ", Checkbox[Dynamic[x]], " ",
Dynamic[If[x, ExampleData@stuff, stuff]]}]]
TabView[# ->
TabView[If[Length@ExampleData[#] > MacMax,
TabView /@ Partition[switchedDisplay /@ ExampleData[#], MacMax],
switchedDisplay /@ ExampleData[#]]] & /@ ExampleData[]]
@SjoerdC.deVries Doesn't work right, I'll take another look when I get home.
@Szabolcs the kludge you mean?
Is it possible for me to upload an image straight to this space?
With szabolcs uploader. Just a bit of editing after pasting
8:49 PM
Ahh... Never used it - I understand that it's awesome, though.
It is. Live is so much easier with it.
Hey - An upload button!!
Note that I've run your code twice - once with MacMax=50 and once with MacMax=100. At 100, the upper tab is shifted far to the right.
It's as if the centering of the top is incorporating all possible sizes of the bottom.
@MarkMcClure The upper layer is formatted for the widest tab in the setI guess
It makes sense. If you don't do that the upper layer will jump all the time
Perhaps, the Alignment option, or some other option, of TabView would help?
Hi Mike!
hi mark
8:58 PM
You in Australia?
Must be late.
I am having my breakfast actually :)
it is 8am
8am tomorrow that is :)
@SjoerdC.deVries I got it - you need to add ControlPlacement -> {Top, Left}.
@MikeHoneychurch I guess that makes sense.
Good morning @mike
9:02 PM
hi Sjoerd
@MarkMcClure Seems to be the default on Windows
@SjoerdC.deVries If I add ControlPlacement -> {Top, Left} as an option to the outer TabView in your original code, then it certainly works. It doesn't really look quite as nice as the centered view, but it works. I'll post a screen shot in a min.
@MarkMcClure Does it work for the original version or for one of the kludges?
The original.
That's nice. Good to contact support on this anyway. Shouldn't be such a difference between MacOSand Windows
9:06 PM
How's that look?
COuld you try the LinearProgramming tab?
Took me a bit to post that - I guess it'd be quicker with the uploader.
No problems - all 137 things are represented.
I added ``SynchronousUpdating -> False` to the switchedDisplay function, otherwise theDynamic times out for the lower loading stuff
for instance, the animations tab
However, the Panel seems to extend to the right without bound.
Does it do that on the PC?
9:09 PM
Not optimal.
Well, if I scroll entirely sideways there is an end to the box
I see no end.
Oh wait, I do.
But very far down.
@SjoerdC.deVries I've got one other quick question.
Do you think the following question should be closed as too localized: mathematica.stackexchange.com/questions/16119/…
We did uncover something, namely that the OP probably copied and pasted incorrectly, but neither Nasser nor I really feel like we've contributed an interesting answer.
@MarkMcClure It looks like it. I'll be trying in a minute
9:14 PM
Good enough for me, too.
The OP has mostly ignored my questions, as well.
@MarkMcClure Works in both v8 and v9.
Anyone know where J.M. has been?
posted on December 11, 2012 by Mikael Forsgren

Yesterday, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to Robert J. Lefkowitz and Brian K. Kobilka for having mapped how a family of cellular receptors called G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) work. The Nobel Prize winners’ research has proven to be very important in the development of novel therapeutic drugs—about 40–50% of all therapeutic drugs in use [...]

@MarkMcClure Those TextCell[""] things look suspicious indeed
@MarkMcClure In my time as pro-tem mod he was away for private matters for two months or so. May be something like that again. I'm a bit out of the loop now.
I was particularly surprised since V9 came out.
9:24 PM
@MarkMcClure suprised by what?
Surprised not to hear from J.M., since everyone's been excited by V9.
Except for maybe Mr. Wizard.
I like it, but I've encountered quite a few bugs
Me too. Very common in an N.0.0.0 release.
@MarkMcClure I felt like 8.0.0 wasn't that bad
@SjoerdC.deVries FindGraphIsomorphism[G1,G2,All] Major bummer.
It was "fixed" by modifying the documentation to exclude the possibility in the first place.
Hi @rm-rf
I'm not surprised - good for him.
would you guys be thinking that a 9.0.1 release will be out much faster than 8.0.1
@MarkMcClure I missed that discussion. What seems to be the problem?
@MikeHoneychurch Don't know. I hadn't thought so.
the new toys in 9 look nice but just a bit reluctant to install given some of the problems people have encountered
9:32 PM
@MikeHoneychurch Andy stated he was busy working on 9.0.1 Not sure if that means anything
@MikeHoneychurch You don't have to replace v8, right? You can just install it separately...
there seems to be far more problems than with 8 so hopefully a 9.0.1 might be out soon
@rm-rf That's what I did
yes you can run in parallel but didn;t i see some problems with that written somewhere?
AFter the initial problems & reinstalls it seems to be OK now
9:33 PM
@SjoerdC.deVries I don't know of any particular discussion here or on mathgroup. It was just something that I noticed that happened to affect something I'm very interested in.
@SjoerdC.deVries so you can switch back and forth and run 8 without problems??
Just don't install with v8 running and use the newer installer
@MikeHoneychurch Well, yes if you're using different license classes for each (like me). I couldn't get it to use a different one for each version.
@MikeHoneychurch I do it all the time.
But otherwise, as long as your license permits, it's easy to have both (I've now switched to the same license for both versions)
9:34 PM
@rm-rf would be the same license for me so no issues there
Per V9 and V8. There were specifically serious problems installing the Student, Windows version of V9 and running it in parallel with V8. The build was withdrawn and replaced within a few days.
@rm-rf Mine are different, but no problems with that
ok that is nice to know. I thought I'd read of a problem but maybe that was a license related issue
@SjoerdC.deVries Does it pick up the right license for each one?
Or does it not matter because you have premium service?
I run 8.0.4 on mac 10.6.8. So will give it a try.
@rm-rf i have premier service if you were talking to me (??)
9:36 PM
@rm-rf Good question. Now that I checked: no. Hmmmmmm
@MikeHoneychurch I was continuing my response to Sjoerd :)
@rm-rf It was supposed to be a standard license and a home-use license. Seems that they are both home use now. Darn!
@rm-rf Do you think this should be closed as too localized: mathematica.stackexchange.com/questions/16119/…
@MarkMcClure Yes, I do. Incomplete question, code as written works fine, etc.
Agree. I voted as such.
9:40 PM
Did too
Awesome. Maybe I'm slowly learning how to use this site.
Artes recently told me that I don't vote enough.
Quite politely, I might add.
@MarkMcClure There are medals to be had ;-)
Ah yes, the mad dash for fame and glory.
Speaking of which, Rush just made it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
I'm curious to know how he knew, though.
@MarkMcClure I'm not too familiar with their music
@MarkMcClure You set that one up yourself :D
9:44 PM
I don't see vote totals on other people's pages.
You guys weren't in high school in the states in the early 80s?
@MarkMcClure It's at the bottom. You can also see the overview on this page
@MarkMcClure bottom right
@MarkMcClure I wasn't anywhere in the early 80s ;)
Thanks - I don't think I've ever seen that.
@MarkMcClure I like anything between Pink Floyd, Philip Glass, Metalica and Bach.
9:47 PM
I think @SjoerdC.deVries was around in the early 80s.
@MarkMcClure There's no denying I'm afraid
Clearly, his musical tastes are more refined than mine, though.
@MarkMcClure The last couple of weeks I've been trying to learn to drum Metalica's "Enter Sandman". Complex stuff.
but your observation seems to be correct... the ones at the top of that list are all experienced users (~20 yrs), so nothing "amuses/surprises" them anymore
9:49 PM
And I'm a bad drummer
@SjoerdC.deVries I'm a bad guitarist. I'm getting a bad idea and all we need is a bad bass player.
@rm-rf That's awesome - thanks! I guess I'm the second most stingy voter we've got.
@MarkMcClure We can make a bad band.
@SjoerdC.deVries I wish I would have thought of that.
@rm-rf I don't quite see how the stingy users are sorted.
@rm-rf We seem to be close on the stingyness scale
I should stop voting
@rm-rf Uh... Never mind.
Looks like it will be hard for me to overtake Andrzej for that top spot. I'd have to increase my reputation by nearly 4 fold without voting anymore.
10:08 PM
Of course, that's just a coarse and arbitrary measure... please do not vote just to not feel bad about being the silver medalist on that list (or aim for the gold either...) :)
Of course not!
2 hours later…
11:50 PM
wow, someone must not really like me for some reason. I just lost about 100 points in less than 2 hrs. someone is going around down-voting me posts. isn't that nice.
@NasserM.Abbasi Maybe some questions were deleted?
I have not answered anything lately really. So these down votes must have come from old posts I have around. 100 points is many down votes. not big deal to me, I do not care about this voting system, I just have no idea why someone would do that, that is all.
Yes, it's baffling to me.
There was some discussion of this type of thing on meta once. Let me look.
Searching for "voting" on meta reveals a lot of discussion. I was thinking specifically about this: meta.mathematica.stackexchange.com/questions/705/… where a detailed analysis is performed.

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