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3:05 AM
I broke unity. :(
3:16 AM
Awesome! I'm rendering a cube!
Let me know when you can draw a hypercube and we'll talk.
Hi, @JoshPetrie, it's been a while!
Have things at your office calmed down any?
Oh yea.
Well, congrats on a successful launch!
It knocked the pants offa Diablo III's
3:43 AM
Q: How do we encourage people to NOT put tags in their titles?

Jonathan HobbsI do rather a lot of editing (I'm not sure how much, but I don't have my copy editor badge yet). By and large the main thing I notice and edit is people putting tags in their titles. On Stack Exchange, that's as unnecessary as signing your posts: everywhere your question appears on the site (barr...

4 hours later…
7:29 AM
I don't see anything wrong with putting tags in title and shortening it, since it isn't done automatically (p.s. I don't care about the page title, it's essentially useless)
@snake5 I'm not sure where our communication breakdown is happening, honestly
I'm wondering if you're just completely unaware of the phenomenon I'm talking about.
It's a convention on Stack Exchange to not use: "(C# XNA DirectX) How do I do this shader effect?" for a question title because that's messy, and leads to everyone using their own tag styles. We already have a way to tag your question and express the technologies / category: tags!
People do it sometimes, though, and it gets edited out. "(C# XNA DirectX) How do I do this shader thing?" (which is also tagged with , and ) gets its title edited to "How do I do this shader thing?" (with the tags right there to say it's a thing that involves C#, DirectX and XNA), or "How do I do this shader thing in XNA + DirectX?" for instance
(bad example because those are probably bad tags for such a question)
A lot of newbies seem to want to put their tags in the question title, though, doing that "(C# XNA DirectX)" thing. Even though the tags are right there. It's the experienced users who don't do that.
and the users like me who are regularly editing such questions.
I'm just wondering why new users do it so often here (especially compared to some other Stack Exchange sites) and what we can do to make them realise it's not necessary
7:53 AM
I'm checking the google search results again and everything appears to be correct there
so I have an idea
there could be tags displayed right before title
so that when new users do something like that, they would instantly realise that the system adds that data automatically and would thus stop adding it themselves
I'm not talking about google search results. Stack Exchange automatically prepends the question title with the main tag on the question.
I'm talking about the question list, dude.
It's not a feature request
I'm not suggesting anything about how the system works
just about what people do
yeah, I got it, I'm just thinking how it impacts the way the question looks everywhere
alright good
and what I meant to say is that people feel the need to have tags in front of the title, a feature which the question list doesn't have
But either way it is something that is actually discouraged
8:01 AM
is it discouraged to have tags in question title or is it discouraged to have tags before question title?
Heck, a couple of years ago stack exchange actually received a feature to automatically stop people from doing it
It is discouraged to dump tags in the question title.
(though dumping is my term for it, I don't know another way to express it)
Here's a good question title, which happens to have the tag in it: "How do I make a flexible rope in Box2D?"
Here's a question title with a tag dumped in it: "(Box2D) How do I make a flexible rope? (physics)"
in that case, simply displaying them before the title in the website engine should solve the problem
I wonder if that is something they deliberately do not do
or something they simply haven't considered
There is seriously a lot of prior discussion on this thing.
I expect they don't do it because the tags are right there anyway, and there is never just one tag to put before the title (except in search engines, where you can't afford to have more than one)
(and where you need to have one because it helps with SEO)
I think they usually come from google search with the expectation that there is a standard for questions that involves putting tags in front of the question, so they just try to fit in
I suppose that's quite possible. I always thought it was that they'd see existing questions in the question list, and they'd always see "oh they're mentioning their technology" so they dump it in their title.
8:21 AM
Someone should release a book "Learn to code Minecraft in 48 hours"
..for dummies :D
@Mr.Beast You mean the game, or a mod for the game? Because the first one could be hard.
the first one.
because there is a bunch of questions related to that on gd
Yeah ... without much of the networking stuff, maybe.
8:37 AM
Why? Why?? Why?!?
That's nothing, Martin.
IIRC the Furcadia isometric engine had the Y zig-zag back and forth
hey that is the Furcadia isometric engine
I'm going to bleed from my eyes now
@MartinSojka intelligent design...
I've heard about even worse isometric coordinate systems
not sure why people can't handle such simple problems though
or perhaps they want to create new ones
8:55 AM
@snake5 What're the even worse ones like? I'm in the mood for a horror story
there were some systems with uneven stepping (like +2,+1 would equal some adjacent cell)
not sure about the exact setup though, it was a long time ago when I heard of it
9:11 AM
That sounds as inconceivable as an eldritch horror
5 hours later…
1:52 PM
I seem to recall an isometric indexing scheme that used three parameters instead of two...but now I can't seem to find it. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
it should stay hidden for all eternity :D
(unless you're talking about a basic x/y/z scheme, in which case it's okay)
2:05 PM
I'm having the weirdest issues here.
@TreDubZedd It kinda makes sense for hex-based tiling: (x, y, even/odd-row)
For some reason, everything related to java just stopped getting mouse input.
Everything else works, except java.
Keyboard input works just fine too.
... or even/odd-column if that's your thing.
@MartinSojka Maybe that's what I was thinking: an isometric hex grid.
@William'MindWorX'Mariager java never works >_>
2:19 PM
Yeah, I actually much prefer Mono/.NET over java. :P
2:39 PM
Hi all! Do you think COCOS2D-html5 is old enough to be safety used in a brand new project? I'm starting my first game and I'm already having quite big problems:
2:54 PM
Sorry, I never used any of the Cocos2D libraries, no opinion there.
3:33 PM
@William'MindWorX'Mariager good choice
4:05 PM
hey guys =)
wow it's been like two years sinice I've been to stackexchange
hey can anyone give me a hint on a part of as3 I'm having trouble with?
@Madcowe What's the issue?
it's like this, I've just finished creating the base for my first game following a tutorial, it's not interesting yet, but it is playable
anyway, what I wanted to do it save the tear value to a sharedObject class
and then create a label called total tears which would be the tears gained on a level added to the ones already on the shared object class
but the thing is, when I tried to code it I just got a bunch of letters where the total tears should be
tried a lot of things and changes, even the sharedObject.clear(); but not luck...
can anyone give me a few pointers?
Without seeing any code, I'm not entirely sure what you're trying to do.
4:13 PM
just a ssec
So I'm totally going to be Zapp Brannigan for Halloween.
Thought you all should know how awesome I am.
lol nice
@ToddersLegrande, you are!
@ToddersLegrande, dottor zoidberg would be even better!
public function setFinalTears( scoreValue:Number, clockValue:Number ):void
finalTears.text = Math.ceil( (scoreValue / 500) + (clockValue / 2000)).toString();

if (sharedObject.data.totalTears == null)
sharedObject.data.totalTears = finalTears;
sharedObject.data.totalTears += finalTears;
totalTears.text = sharedObject.data.totalTears.toString();
@ufo Too much face paint otherwise I'd be on board
4:16 PM
probably it's because finalTears isnt a number per se... but not entirely sure what to do
tried about creating a public var like tearValue, putting the Math.ceil... in there, and then finalTears would be = tearValue but couldnt make it...
@ToddersLegrande Yes, I know...
also if it helps, what shows in the totalTears text box is this: "oect Oectoect Teteld" always
Q: How do I add shadow mapping?

Jasper CreyfHow do I add shadow mapping? I don't care if it uses GLSL it just has to work. I have been searching on stencil shadows and shadow mapping, all the examples given did nothing, if you don't understand that it means not even a single shadow is even being rendered. If you know how to add stencil sha...

Paragraph two, before my edit, made me chuckle.
I like it
Don't even dare pressing close!
4:31 PM
I dared!
I closed, downvoted, commented and edited. There's nothing more I could do.
can someone give me a hand on my question?
@JoshPetrie Is that really a how to get started question though?
The scope is far narrower than most how to get started questions.
Wouldn't a high level answer of typical strategies be an appropriate answer?
@Byte56 I think the problem is that the only sign of a "problem" that he is having is where to begin.
@TreDubZedd sorry but do you have any idea about my problem?
We've had questions like that before. The FAQ shows the "Where to get started" question as off topic for "how to get started making a game"
4:44 PM
That's a fair point. I'm pretty sure we've closed other questions on the basis of them being "how do I get started doing X?"
But even so, I still think it's closable due to being too broad.
@Madcowe finalTears isn't a numeric value, right? So using the "+=" operator won't behave like you want it to.
Granted they were a little further along there.
Both of those provide a specific example.
This guy says "I tried a bunch of stuff it didn't work SHOW ME CODE"
I suppose that's true. I think it could be edited slightly to make it more appropriate.
4:47 PM
I would say if he included what he tried and the question was more geared to where he went wrong it would probably work out
I commented in reply to you; for reference:
That's a fair point, I could see an argument for the subject itself not being a "how to start" question, but I still think the issue is too broad/vague to constitute a valid question. The question itself implies that providing a high-level overview of techniques is insufficient given that the OP has been "searching on stencil shadows and shadow mapping" and "the examples given did nothing." There isn't a specific problem to solve here.
@TreDubZedd yea but should a make a public var for tear value and then put the calculations on that andd final tears would be the tear value?
it would probably include code examples and links to tutorials he tried and specific descriptions of what results he is getting versus what he is expecting
I've turned it over to the OP to save his own question.
We'll see how they proceed.
Yeah. "It didn't work" and "nothing showed up" are almost equivalently useless problem descriptions.
4:50 PM
I agree.
@Madcowe You could make it a local variable to setFinalTears(). newLocalVariable = Math.ceil(...); finalTears.Text = newLocalVariable.toString(); sharedObject.Data.TotalTears += newLocalVariable;
People don't follow this part of the FAQ often enough:
When you post a new question, other users will almost immediately see it and try to provide good answers. This often happens in a matter of minutes, so be sure to check back frequently when your question is still new for the best response.
Oh hey.
This thing is going on now: arena.net/blog/…
you have better reddit skills than me
I started clicking around /r/gaming and promptly got sidetracked
reddit is evil :(
Then I was like, "Gah I'm at work, get to work"
Forgetting why I even went there.
I'm getting no work done today. I just realized it's because it's past noon and I haven't had coffee yet
@JoshPetrie what is an "ArenaNet programmer"?
5:15 PM
The programmers for Guildwars 2
all the other positions are descriptive
I thought josh was some kinda tool developer lead
maybe "ArenaNet programmer" sounds better than "Misc."
Oh I had no idea he was in the list. I just thought he was mentioning it.
did anyone asked how many programmers worked on GW2?
5:23 PM
well in the intro, it says "we are most of the programming team for GW2"
so an upper bound would be double the number of people in that list
Slightly less than double
yes :)
I was thinking in terms of a continuous function
but hopefully it is discrete
I can't understand why people don't like engineers.
I don't like bad engineers
Socially I mean.
5:25 PM
lol its hard to have small talk with an engineer
Always being so literal and all.
yes, I was following up on my "bad engineers" definition
the ones who when told "get a dozen eggs, but if they have milk, get 2 dozen", buy 2 dozen bottles of milk
they're not bad engineers
5:26 PM
okay, the engineers in bad jokes about engineers
i.e. the classic "engineer can't understand pronoun antecedence" issue
I believe the joke is: "Could you please go shopping for me and buy one carton of milk, and if they have eggs, get 6"
yes, that's the one
And the bad engineer comes back with 6 cartons of milk, because they had eggs.
5:28 PM
I'd ask "eggs or milk" :P
and your wife, being an engineer, would say, "true"
@Gajoo I am. I didn't reply to our communnity manager with my correct title in time, so she just defaulted me :D
which is the other "engineer can't communicate" joke
Well it's actually a really bad engineer. It's clear what she intended. She said "and if they have eggs" not "or if they have eggs"
5:29 PM
@Jimmy indeed
Also engineers never answer emails.
The picture has a more ambiguous version of the joke.
@Byte56 what about an engineer that brings a card with "6" written on it?
@Byte56 so you're saying that a slightly less-bad engineer would have brought 7 bottles?
programmatically, it's valid to parse the name after an action literally
5:32 PM
For the version I said, yes.
@JoshPetrie now it brings another question? how many are you that your community manager don't know name and exact position of "one of their team leads"?
goto "market"; buy "1 bottle of milk"; if( have "eggs" ) bring "6"; :P
@TreDubZedd thanks, I will try that in a sec and tell you if it worked
market.buyMilk(1); if( market.contains( eggs ) { market.buyMilk( 6 ); }
@snake5 hehe
@ClassicThunder I do!
5:34 PM
@snake5 when I read goto "market" i imagine execution jumps away from the rest of the code
I'd assume the 1/6 thing comes from this: shopping_list = {}; shopping_list.eggs = 1; if( have( "eggs" ) ) shopping_list.eggs = 6;
@Cypher I think that would result in buying 7 bottles of milk
@Gajoo Yes, it would. See Jimmy's comment about buying 7 bottles, and Byte56's response. :)
@Jimmy depends on what "goto" means in context but yeah, that's another way to misunderstand the request
I've just found out today how powerful my Graphics card driver is!
it successfully compiled a buggy fragment shader, which worked correctly
5:37 PM
well, that's what any programming language can do
@snake5 I meant something like "errory"!
int*p=0;*p = 0; <- this compiles perfectly in C
@Gajoo what "errory"?
@snake5 syntax error, undefined function I think.
I wrote the code, it was compiled and executed flawlessly. then I ported it to the iPhone, which resulted in more than 25 compile error messages!
after I've fixed the program for iPhone, I've tried to run old code on my friend's PC and it resulted in access violation.
same problem on another friend's laptop.
in the end I've updated their shader to the iPhone version and it worked without any problems.
@Gajoo you mean to say that GLSL ES is differen't from GLSL 1.2?
@Jimmy it doesn't have any difference that I've noticed so far
5:42 PM
differen't. Cool word.
if shader code with a syntax error compiles, either there isn't an error or there's a driver bug
@snake5 I prefer "driver is powerful" term
like windows is powerful,
or VS is powerful
there's no power in doing things wrong
or flash is powerful.
5:44 PM
especially if things are done wrong by their own standards
or "driver compilers are free to implement features that compile non-conforming code"
since it would be unspecified behavior
it's like you are given question sheet and there is a wrong question on the paper. (wrong as in you can provide Examples of violations)
you first correct the question,
and then answer the corrected question, which grants you bonus mark.
@TreDubZedd yes! I didnt really do that but now it works! I created a public var on the document class named tearValue, then I changed the code a bit, but basically did what your "newLocalVariable" does and now it works! (if there is nothing previously stored that's not a number that is...)
@Gajoo got an example on what exactly you didn't expect to happen in the shader compiler?
by the way, can I do this
if (sharedObject.data.totalTears == null || NaN) for example?
5:49 PM
@Madcowe what language?
@snake5 not compiling a code containing syntax errors
@Madcowe You could (probably) do if (sharedObject.Data.totalTears == null || sharedObject.Data.totalTears == NaN) or something like that.
ah ssorry, I'm working on AS3.0
I will try as soon as I get back though, bye fr now and thanks all
@TreDubZedd @Madcowe i don't do AS, but ` == NaN` usually evaluates to false always
there should be a isNaN function for that comparison
@Jimmy doesn't (x != x) work, also?
that is, in C++
5:51 PM
@Jimmy Hence the "or something like that" cop-out.
@melak47 ;) yes, it should
@melak47 (x!=x) is always false. that expression obviously should evaluate to true sometimes.
note that it's adobe flash we are talking about.
@Gajoo NaN != NaN in all languages that follow the IEEE-floating point format
and NOT Macromedia Flash
which includes C++ et al
5:53 PM
@Gajoo what code?
@snake5 did someone reset your memory?!?!
my fragment shader code!
I'm interested in that "how to code minecraft in 48 hours"
that should be the theme for the next LD
@Gajoo I meant "what code exactly" as in "which exact symbol sequence" as in "just pastebin it"
6:09 PM
Umm... I'm having this strange problem that I've been trying to debug for days now- I'm building a 2d sidescroller, and wanted to create an effect where, when two game objects meet, based on how far their collision boxes were intersecting, they would repel eachother in opposite directions until they were no longer intersecting...
With some help I managed to create this effect, and it was working just fine until I decided that world positions should be stored in floats rather than ints. The repeling effect still works, but strangely enough, when one object is pushing against another object from the right side rather than from the left, it pushes harder, and moves faster; I can't figure out why.
@snake5 after checking diff versions, I'm pretty sure the problem was "lerp" not being available in GLSL
I should have used "mix" instead.
other errors are only arithmetic operators between int and float variable.
heh, indeed
some drivers do implement lerp in glsl
I assume it means mine is powerful!
@TheBroodian That's an issue we definitely couldn't solve with code since its quite likely a logic issue. I would investigate what values are changing during the resolution of the collision
that's the part where I'm stuck
because as far as I can tell the values are the same from either side of attack
6:21 PM
But something is different :)
right, I just have no idea where T_T
@TheBroodian isn't it same problem as before?
@TheBroodian is it because you are updating the positions in the same loop
No, last time I was asking about help with spring physics
or some sort of an attracting force
which I've sorted out since then :)
foreach object:
    foreach other object:
        if object.intersects(other):
6:23 PM
@Gajoo more like reckless, those things don't actually help
so obviously by the time you check the second object, the first one has moved away a bit and the spring force is less
last time you also had same problem, where objects was pushed with different forces, based on which one was on the left.
@snake5 in my case it actually was harmful :D
@Gajoo Ah, if you remember that, then yeah, I'm still having that problem
@Gajoo I had taken a break from it to debug other things, but now it's my only outstanding issue, and it's confusing the pants off me
because once you move to a "less powerful" graphics driver, people will complain about your game not working
@Gajoo it always is
like IE implementing too many tags outside HTML and not implementing those it should :D
@snake5 not always. I mean if you are a game tester, not a developer, it would be beneficial.
6:26 PM
@Gajoo are we still talking about the same thing?
I doubt it
deviations from the specification (unless they're highly specific and optional optimizations) are never good
if you are not a developer you mostly don't care how the application runs on other people's devices, but only how it runs on your owns
I'm having a variable naming problem :(
if you intend to make some money with what you do, "runs on my pc" is a poor excuse
or even if you want to show someone what you do
same thing
@snake5 I said if you are not a developer.
6:29 PM
if you're not a developer, you don't develop and your opinion is irrelevant :P
as a developer I completely agree, it's harmful.
@snake5 if you are not a developer, you might end up running a poor, not well-tested code.
@TheBroodian typically two solutions to "not-update positions in loop" is either to set up two loops foreach... updateForces; foreach....applyForcesToPositions or to have a double-buffered position 'foreach.... object.nextFrame.Position = something`
7:11 PM
@Gajoo Why would she? Community management does not deal with us, they deal with players, and my job title is not important.
@JoshPetrie still I'm wondering how many developers are there.
and also where is "wglext.h"?
About 300 people work here.
7:27 PM
@JoshPetrie Did you participate in the Reddit AMA?
Actually looks like a number of AMAs have been done, I was referring to today's
His name is on the list.
which might still be going on
For todays.
hey people I'm back
7:30 PM
I was thinking about testing the NaN aspect and the || sign...
oh well, nothing serious atm, should do it when I've got the time
does anyone know what WGL_WGLEXT_PROTOTYPES is?
I mean should I define it on my own? or should I include some header containing it?
Q: glGenBuffers not defined?

MiloI'm using windows and I notice that a lot of functions are grayed out because I guess #ifdef GL_GLEXT_PROTOTYPES is not defined. One of these is the VBO extension. Should I just define GL_GLEXT_PROTOTYPES? Otherwise how else can I use VBOs since im using OpenGL32.dll (I want my application to hav...

Similar problem?
btw, wwhat language do most of you use?
7:39 PM
@Byte56 seems yes
@Madcowe we are all multi-linguistics
@Gajoo great, I learned c++ and c# in a course and am now looking into as3.0
what about JS? and PHP? and C? and Basic? and Obj-C? and Pascal? and Java? and Python? and Lua?
actually I'm not so fluent with Basic, Java, JS, and Python myself. but we do have people to solve those kinda problems too.
I studied a little bit of javascript and C too, as well as html but that's a bit different... not much more actually... I still have a long way to go
7:57 PM
I've managed to disable vsync in OpenGL! I'm a champion!
8:40 PM
Crap. I have some sort of an inconsistency somewhere. My character travels faster to the left than he does to the right.
@TheBroodian what are you coding on?
@TheBroodian what's the part of the code with the problem?
You must have constants littered throughout your code.
2D or 3D?
8:45 PM
at this point, I'm not sure where the problem is... :\
Is there anything else in your code that effects player movement?
I thought maybe I was inadvertently flooring some of my floats, which would cause that to happen, but I thought I took care of that
@TheBroodian can you post the movement code? or did it ever work correctly'
yeah, I can post it
until recently I had been storing the world location of my character with ints, and realized how much I didn't want to do that
so now I'm storing it in floats, and since then I've been having issues
let me pastebin my code
ah I think I might have an idea of what the problem is
if you are using floats and if the program is rounding the number, then if the speed was for example 10.5 then if the X speed to the right is + 10.5, it would become 11, but if it's -10.5, then maybe that would go to the highest number or something... maybe my explanation didnt make much sense but it could be something of the kind
@TheBroodian also, have you tried a whole number and test if the inconsistencies persist?
8:52 PM
@Madcowe Not since I "Fixed" my code
@Noctrine Not at the moment, just testing with the character's own internal code
First off, why not use a Vector2 for total, instead of totalX and totalY?
Or just initialize velocity to (0, 0), and use it instead?
I could do that, but what's the difference fundamentally? a Vector2 is just a pair of floats?
Clarity and cohesiveness.
Clarity is something I'd work on.
@Ricket Yes.
8:59 PM
What's going on on line 24?
my bad, looks like a double paste
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