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A new tag was created. The tag-info was left empty.
Q: Let us wear hats

Joel David HamkinsMany of the other stackexchange sites enable a festive wintertime custom every year in late December, the Winter Bash, in which user profiles are accommodated with fanciful hats, earned for various accomplishments on the site, something like badges, except that they are temporary and often whimsi...

The tag should probably be added to the older questions on this topic: How to wear my Winter bash hat and Winter Bash on MO?
Q: How to wear my Winter bash hat

TintinI have noticed a link on my Mathoverflow page linking a webpage that explains an event called Winter bash. I have earned already earned some hat which I am using on different stack exchange communities. My question is: Can I also wear my hat on MathOverflow? If so, how do I do it?

Q: Winter Bash on MO?

user62675I noticed that the Stackexchange sites are having a Winter Bash, and one of my friends recieved a hat on MSE. Why isn't this on MO? It'll be fun to have something like that here, wouldn't it? (I suspect this is because MO doesn't have a ".stackexchange.com" in its address, but I could be wrong.)

6:25 AM
Q: Connections between Borger's absolute geometry and Connes' and Consani's $\Gamma$-spaces

Alexander PraehauserAs the idea of an absolute geometry over the field with one element $\mathbb{F}_1$ becomes more clear, two approaches seem to have crystallized, being based on different assumptions and going into different directions: on the one hand, there is Borger's, which interprets an $\mathbb{F}_1$-algebra...

There already is a tag with 66 questions.
Perhaps a synonym between and would be reasonable?
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9:28 AM
Q: Ultrafilter lemma for arbitrary lattice

Menander ICan someone kindly confirm whether the ultrafilter lemma for arbitrary (i.e., not necessarily Boolean) bounded lattices is equivalent to Zorn's lemma? To be precise, if $\mathbf{L} = (L, \leq, \land, \lor, 0, 1)$ is a bounded lattice, then an $\mathbf{L}$-filter is a non-empty subset $F \subseteq...

The tag was added by the OP.
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10:53 AM
Search returns personal/pborwein in 9 posts on MO and 28 posts networkwide. This is a bit unusual case.
As you can see here, a link to www.cecm.sfu.ca/~pborwein/PAPERS/P48.pdf works while a link to www.cecm.sfu.ca/personal/pborwein/PAPERS/P48.pdf does not. At the some time, on the author's website the links to papers are in the format which returns "Forbidden".
According to Wikipedia, Peter Borwein died in August 2020.
A: Extremely messy proofs

Pantelis DamianouThe Sylvester problem: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sylvester%E2%80%93Gallai_theorem A finite set of plane points has the property that any line through two of them passes through a third point from the set. Then the points are collinear. This claim was posed as a problem by J. J. Sylvest...

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@DavidRoberts BTW I've seen your suggestion about new election. ;-) Relatively soon after the previous election, I'd say.
Mods need updating.... — David Roberts ♦ Dec 4 at 1:31
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On a more serious note, what do the moderators think about the synonym between the new tag and already existing tag for the same topic?
6 hours ago, by Martin Sleziak
Perhaps a synonym between and would be reasonable?

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