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6:52 PM
Q: Why moderators of Matter Modeling SE encourage off-topic questions?

Mithridates the GreatRecently Matter Modeling SE became a site that attracts lots of off-topic questions (see a recent one here that is more suitable for SO and has nothing to do with matter modeling: Is there a way to do array broadcasting faster, or without using loops?, but you can find lots of other examples by s...

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9:28 PM
S R Maiti's question got asked on main already, so no need to reply to that now!
Comments on Tristan's answer to the most recent Meta question:
A: Why moderators of Matter Modeling SE encourage off-topic questions?

Tristan MaxsonI just came here to make this exact post. While it's okay for us to answer questions which are semi-related to matter modeling (maybe publication advice in the field etc), this particular question is confusing. We have given a couple answers to the question, which we do not even fully understand ...

Yes, I stopped contributing to this website almost one and half year ago exactly because of this confusing mindset... — Mithridates the Great 1 hour ago
@MithridatestheGreat the last post you wrote on this site was 7 days after we entered Private Beta. Nothing described in this answer had happened during those 7 days. But over the last 610 days you have several times issued close votes against site policy, or when all other reviewers voted to keep it open, and it's extraordinary that someone who only contributed to the site for 1 week of Private Beta, would lead the entire 3700+ users in downvotes over the next 610 days. — Nike Dattani 14 mins ago
@NikeDattani I don't think that I need to remind you the 1st Amendment here but everyone has a right to have different opinion. So, that's exactly why there is a voting system for final decision of if a question should be closed/reopened. If several users, including myself, have a different view of what is on-topic what is off-topic you have no right to suspend our voting privilege. If you have it, post it here and I would remove all of my SE accounts, cause I don't want to be on a website that silences opinions. Otherwise, please talk on-topic here and avoid posting irrelevantMithridates the Great 9 mins ago
The tone in your post here (originally on the network-wide Meta, but immediately closed there) comes off quite aggressive, similar to another Meta post you wrote in week 1 which had a net score of -4 before edits were made (but not by yourself) to make it come across more mellow. Are you simply being disruptive to the site, or do you have some benevolent motive? Based on your tone and lack of participation, how can we believe that you want the site to succeed? — Nike Dattani 9 mins ago
You have the right to vote, but if you're consistently being disruptive (for example persistently initiating close-vote reviews for on-topic questions), then you can get banned from reviewing. — Nike Dattani 8 mins ago
@NikeDattani "(for example close voting on-topic questions), then you can get banned from reviewing." The answer is simply NO. Cause there is no such written policy in the SE. — Mithridates the Great 7 mins ago
@MithridatestheGreat In which circumstances are review bans supposed to be issued? — Nike Dattani 6 mins ago
@NikeDattani Please review the SE code of conduct: meta.stackexchange.com/conduct. — Mithridates the Great 3 mins ago
I've read the CoC many times, but if there's any specific part of it that you'd like me to review, I'd be very happy to do that. But also, I don't think you've answered the question of when review bans are supposed to be issued. The CoC doesn't say when a review ban needs to be issued.

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