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3:41 AM
@LalitTolani mene pura procedure likha tha
Dhionske deta hu
2 hours later…
1 hour later…
6:44 AM
@Wolgwang It is with great sadness, that I have to inform you , I could not find the book you requested :(
(P.S. Don't share this link with anyone. This link is directly taken from NCERT's server. πŸ˜…)
7:26 AM
@Wolgwang you know chats are public right?
2 hours later…
9:05 AM
@HrishabhNayal now no more😎
9:17 AM
i haven't seen any Math vid in ages, decided to click on this for fun
guess who just watched a few hours of math vids
numberphile, that presh talwaker, blackpenredpen,...
@Arjun this shit was wayy to dope @RajdeepSindhu @Wolgwang @HrishabhNayal@hansika@LalitTolani
9:52 AM
@LalitTolani cold turkey blocker on laptop and appblock app on phone
1 hour later…
11:05 AM
@HrishabhNayal koi imdea?
eak se pucha tha bolta chod, JEE walo ke aukaat ke bahar ki baat h
5 hours later…
3:44 PM
(and grills)
Had to go out for phamili phuncshun T-T
And I was grinding phorutnaite XP yesterday 😎
@hansika Hated it too
Then I started liking it, for some reason.
Drank the 30 rs glass at those stalls almost every day a few winters ago 😎
A kid from mah class spotted me one day, he was drinking le "ganne ka juicc"
Told the whole damned class the next day
"oye tere ko pata hai maine rajdeep ko gajar ka juice peete hue dekha"
@Wolgwang Nice face reveal bro ._.
@hansika haow ze hell is it not ._.
Doesn't it talk about GAWDS?
Even if it's not, I consider it pointless to read it, change mah mind 😎
From what I know, it states stuff like "if thou dareth to eat metaeth, begone to hell, thou shalt be" or "if thou drinketh alcohol, begone to hell, thou shalt again be"
I dislike most books that STATE things rather than REASON through them.
@Wolgwang atti uttaram πŸ™ƒ
I really liked sanskrit in 6th and 7th
hated it in 8th cus...shitty teacher
The teacher who taught us in 6th (after summer vacations) and 7th was cool as fuck! I doubt any kid would forget his infamous slaps πŸ™‚
I thought I'd do something related to the 3d program today, turns out I'm too lazy to do anything more than thinking
Bro, I just realized that I don't know my paternal grandmother's name πŸ’€
4:24 PM
@RajdeepSindhu mela chota vmro
@RajdeepSindhu u missed the opportunity to say, nahi bhai vo to mere latest victim ka khoon tha
@RajdeepSindhu ye sahi tha
@RajdeepSindhu i have to read it once no matter what
i said i would to gramps
to karna padega
@RajdeepSindhu i do😎
maternal too😎
kaya matlab 10 dost ke naam bataπŸ™‚
"About that long string on chat SE
If you search for characters in the string"
@Wolgwang bolo ji
@Anthony Yeh chal rha h kya?
5:23 PM
@Wolgwang yes
@Anthony Jinx
AApke shubh kadam
@Wolgwang ?
had to leave for a bit lol
reddit supermacy
@RajdeepSindhu @HrishabhNayal
@Anthony Which sub?
@Wolgwang dank india memes
@Wolgwang i saved this one+ downloaded + uploaded to drive
@Anthony Hmm
5:33 PM
6 hours ago, by Anthony
user image
any idea?
don't look it up on web tho, will ruin the fun of it
@RajdeepSindhu better than gajar ka juice
@Anthony Yes
@RajdeepSindhu ahh obedient boiii
@Anthony No I thought it was spring.
@hansika aare yaar, ye log gaane hi bekar rakhte h
5:35 PM
@RajdeepSindhu afaik..it is wayy too deep and has hidden reasons..but dk much
@Wolgwang xd
@Anthony πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚sahi hote hain
@hansika apne gaane deke piya tha eak do baar
but normally khana is better
@Anthony 🀣🀣
@Anthony it takes so much efforts to eat
@Anthony Question samajh nhi aaya. Average distance measure? Dono ends ke beech ka distance?
5:37 PM
@Wolgwang yes suur
@Wolgwang @hansika Relatable?
@hansika pErOPeR tEkNiqUe se nahi kaati ho
@Wolgwang indeedd :')
@Wolgwang bhai i've never seen a grill not hugging father
@Anthony idk if there's a technique to eat it :/
@Anthony i don't :/
5:40 PM
there is😎
it is passed down generation after generation
@hansika free advice, do it
@Anthony EZY PZY : string is massless so it moves with $\infty$ acceleration so not possible to find length according to hiseburger uncle uncrtanty principal sir
@Anthony 3 times a year..my bd..papa bd..father's day
@Wolgwang WoooooooW sur, your sooh brulliant suur, this isss the aenswer suur
@hansika that is more than i've hugged him in 4 years
Mujhe toh pta nhi papa ko hug kare hue kitne saal hogaye. <Maine royan plays in background>
@Anthony guys rarely hug dads
5:42 PM
@Wolgwang just so you don't waste much time ye open problem h
@Anthony Now get me an nble prize
@Wolgwang saare bois ka us moment
@Wolgwang unsolved
@hansika we want to too YKπŸ™‚
So now get me the 1 milllion dollar that was announced as reward for solving the problem by that prestigious university
@Anthony ikr!
gf ban ne nahi dete, khud karte nahi, ladko se kaya hi karna
pillow hota h na vo cylinder wala, roj uske saath sota hu mai
5:44 PM
Get some guts and give it a try on his bday
@Anthony IG agar meine ab hug kiya toh papa kahenge "kya hua? jee ka stress"
@Wolgwang Fields medal on it's way suur
@Wolgwang mai karunga to thappad and "kahan aag laga di ab"
@hansika ye kab h ye nahi yaad, likha hua h
@Wolgwang let him say..you just goo
@Anthony very goodπŸ˜‚
@hansika sabka likha h udhar
hrishabh ka bhi h
@Anthony Sister ko hug karle tu toh 😒
5:47 PM
@Wolgwang tera nahi h
bhai itna risk hum lete nahi h, vo karleti h kabhi kabhi
mai peeche nahi hat ta
@hansika Papa sochenge "Depression mein ho gaya"
par reciprocate bhi ni karta
Mein toh GF ko hug kar leta hoon
5:50 PM
@Wolgwang isme mai chah ke bhi us moment nahi likh sakta
@Wolgwang kiske POV se bheja h
@Anthony Walk like you are a king or walk like you don't care who is a king
@Anthony Me
@Wolgwang bhai bohot ho gayaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
king budha ho gaya h
walk nahi karta
wheelchair pe h
Being confined to a wheelchair doesn't bother me as my mind is free to roam the universe but felt wonderful to be weightless.
5:57 PM
@Wolgwang hawking?
in Mathematics, 6 hours ago, by Leaky Nun
@Wolgwang basically the arc length formula $\int_a^b |f'(x)|^2 \ \mathrm dx$
@Anthony Galat nhi h yeh
@Wolgwang gonna read it but i doubt against it, leaky is one smartass
$\int_a^b \sqrt{1+(f'(x))^2 } \mathrm dx$
Arc length is the distance between two points along a section of a curve. Determining the length of an irregular arc segment is also called rectification of a curve. The advent of infinitesimal calculus led to a general formula that provides closed-form solutions in some cases. == General approach == A curve in the plane can be approximated by connecting a finite number of points on the curve using line segments to create a polygonal path. Since it is straightforward to calculate the length of each linear segment (using the Pythagorean theorem in Euclidean space, for example), the total length...
Bhaiya yeh government website ke servers itne mashed up kyu rehte h?
Pichle 2 ghnate se NCERT ke website down h -_-
@Wolgwang aur esa lagta h kisi 10th wale coder ko design karne ko bola h
@Wolgwang VPN se try kar eaak baar
Website bhi nhi h. Sidha host server ka ip address h (?)
6:03 PM
@Wolgwang lmaoo
Laughed for a minute, straight.
"When two neighborhood dogs see each other while their owners are taking them on walks."
@RajdeepSindhu good one indeed
in Mathematics, 2 mins ago, by Leaky Nun
@Wolgwang yes, mea culpa
@RajdeepSindhu 😎😎
6:06 PM
@Wolgwang Yeah I remember that message, what about it? ._.
a man goota habe honour
@RajdeepSindhu What string?
@hansika Whenever did I say that I had a choice :|
@Wolgwang you sure you wanna know? 😎
holy fuck
@RajdeepSindhu sup
long time no see
@Anthony Trying to find the long string rn T-T
6:12 PM
@RajdeepSindhu what;s that
Found a softer version of them.
abe h kaya
@Anthony ahhh
@Wolgwang maybe notπŸ™ƒ
the five strings all have something in common
that is ze sekret message
@RajdeepSindhu hahahaπŸ˜‚
6:17 PM
@hansika do u intend to be on SE after u et in college?
@Anthony Fish! I was trying to read David klien ochem:-/
@Anthony yes most probably
@hansika tera bhi likh leta hu
amwhy ka bhi h
9 may
@hansika Very optimistic you are. I wish you success in your life.
E bulgbeng acting like he's 80
6:20 PM
@RajdeepSindhu 180*
@Anthony This is a good thing tho..I often mess with the dates
@Wolgwang hehee..sweet :)
wait when was @Hansika's birthday again .__.
@RajdeepSindhu 10th..dw i won't let you forgetπŸ˜‚
6:22 PM
Phew, thought so 😎😎
Imma go to bed, cya guys later, tc!
@RajdeepSindhu fata fat messages me jaake dekh liya😎
@Anthony jeeniyass!
@RajdeepSindhu phortnite pe online mila to uncle ko bata dunga
OI OI TEE mein selekshun pakka vmro
@RajdeepSindhu good night!
@Anthony lollπŸ˜‚
@hansika Happy birthday! in advanced. I am not good with numbers
jaldi se altermnate id bana leta hun 😎
btw iss hisab se phy wale din birthday h
@RajdeepSindhu xdd, nice one
hello @AdilMohammed
@Wolgwang thank youu, but if you come here that day..I'll make sure you wish meπŸ˜‚
6:24 PM
@Wolgwang haha you are still in grade 10? Imagine learning history
@Anthony ikr :')
@AdilMohammed 11*
@Anthony hi!!
@AdilMohammed VMRO History is a quite interesting subject in my opnion.
@hansika No I will be busy in JEE.
@Wolgwang finallllyyyyy
6:25 PM
@Wolgwang alright! Thank you :D
@Wolgwang whats VMRO?
Dec 2 at 18:32, by Anthony
@hansika turu lobb h hamara
@AdilMohammed gen z way of saying bro
bruh i am gen z never heard of that lol
@AdilMohammed the cooler gen Z 😎
jk bro
Anyway in my eggsbert opinion, i think that is probably true
otherwise they wouldnt put it there
6:28 PM
it's used with close friends ig
@AdilMohammed -_- No
*shoulder shrug
@AdilMohammed *licks eyeballs to show support
i think maybe they meant dalits didnt feel, you know, very warm/attracted/enntusiastic about gandhi's ideology maybe
@Anthony now thats a genz trend i would support
@AdilMohammed that's reserved for Mr Mark of Phasebok or now Meta
nice to meet ya @AdilMohammed
hope you visit more
6:34 PM
@AdilMohammed I think they were moved. Swaraj=concept of Indian independence from foreign domination. I don't think they would be some person who would want to be subjugated.
@Anthony same bye yall, time for me to hit the bed
@Wolgwang maybe they were skeptical of congress at the time, uk
just a hypothesis
Even though NCERT clearly mentions:
> Not all social groups were moved by the abstract concept of swaraj.
One such group was the nation’s β€˜untouchables’, who from around
the 1930s had begun to call themselves dalit or oppressed.
But I challenge that as everyone know how messed up the NCERT books are.
But just not participating in a movement doesn't mean they didn't like swaraj or weren't moved by them.
> But many dalit leaders were keen
on a different political solution to the problems of the community.
They began organising themselves, demanding reserved seats in
educational institutions, and a separate electorate that would choose
dalit members for legislative councils. Political empowerment, they
believed, would resolve the problems of their social disabilities.
This doesn't mean they like Britishers
i think dalits at the time probably thought, "okay we don't want to be subjugated by the brits, but are the people who you made do sewer cleaning operations any better"
@Wolgwang maybe yeah
Even this: jstor.org/stable/26611325 supports me.
@AdilMohammed But they were moved by swaraj. Otherwise they would have never supported Independece movement. They did support Non cooperation movement in 1920s
@hansika What are your views?
hmm i think you are right
well a guy made an entire jstory on it after all
6:41 PM
@Wolgwang I am not interested in historyπŸ™ƒ
@hansika Traitor. JK
@hansika Even Einstein liked history
> eory of education.”
Albert flushed.
β€œI think it’s not facts that matter, but ideas,” he said. β€œI don’t
see the point in learning the dates of battles, or even which of
the armies killed more men. I’d be more interested in learning
why those soldiers were trying to kill each other.”
@Wolgwang Einstein liked science too..I don't like even that :p
@hansika Are you even studying science?
<Beluga face here>
@Wolgwang reading it? Whatever..just for the sake of jee
6:44 PM
I had specially bought the past 3hours for NCERT portal and their fricking server won't work.
Pure capitalism, aristocracy
haha you still remember that thing from 10th though
...uk what i remember the most from that chapter... the part Ali Jinnah was about to agree and not push for Pakistan creation, and MR jayakr opposed and did sum shit that led to creation of pakistan
@AdilMohammed I had to study that for an exam that was held on 24 Oct Sed lyf
wait ohh
oh shit i was suppose to be hitting the bed
6:48 PM
@AdilMohammed LOL My fault
Sweet dreams
Fish. That was a breakdown.
@Anthony @hansika What are you doing right now ? :)
@Wolgwang thinking..what should I be doing tomorrow
@Wolgwang snuck mag dog in for some treats
@hansika Thinking what can be done about their broken server.
uske baad sochra hu revise karke so jaau
@Anthony Subha padha kar jyada concentration hota h.
6:52 PM
@Wolgwang lmaoo
@Wolgwang nothing, i doubt on your indian citizenship sometimes
@Wolgwang bhai kiya h try, nhi ho pata
I am a robot. XD
soo jata hu
@Wolgwang subha padhke pata hi nai chalta hai 2 ghante bhi chale gaye..
@Anthony Nhi pehle uth ke 2 km bhaag ke aa
6:54 PM
@Wolgwang shuru kiya to 12 se kam me to nahi rukne wala
@Wolgwang -_-
@Anthony -____-
@hansika 😢😢
sahi me
maja aa jata h pura
@Wolgwang try karege isko boards ke baad
in Teresa Lisbon, senior agent, CBI, 8 hours ago, by Anthony
there's another one too with same name but different authors
I ran for ig 40-50m and was half dead
Dusra author konsa h?
@hansika km*?
@hansika Aapko pta h 40-50 m kitna hota h?
6:56 PM
@Wolgwang metres
@Wolgwang bahot thodaπŸ˜‚
@hansika whyyyyyyyyyy
Idk tho :/
@hansika Stamina kam h. Covid mein kai logo ka stamina kam ho gaya.
Mera bhi
6:58 PM
@Anthony I have hardly gone out for even walks since past 2 years
@hansika i swear to god nothing feels better than running, not solving a hard math question, not AIR 1 nothing
@Wolgwang bhai shadow box kiya kar
sets bana ke
skipping best h
@Anthony ShUSH me jee aspirant no time for my fatty ass
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