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12:13 AM
untick everything apart from hard drive - there will be thousands of files, you gradually have to filter them out... there is no easy way... I will try to help you, but sorry - just trying to get a load of work done at the moment.
Good evening, everyone.
It's really nice having Apple.SE, now people have a place to take their iPhone questions.
agreed @MarkSzymanski
how're you doing?
I'm doing great, @nhinkle. How are you?
well enough
it's been a busy week
i only finally got a bit of a breather today
It's almost Friday.
12:25 AM
woke up this morning to a beautiful covering of snow, which doesn't happen here much
Awesome ^^
I woke up this morning to rain XD
It's been raining all day :/
Yeah well, that's what it does here most of the time: rain :P
Where is "here" if you don't mind my asking?
hey sorry, i was talking to someone for a minute
if you look around a bit on my profile you can probably figure it out ;)
1:01 AM
@Wil hmm, monitoring programs intercepting keyboard
I know that Comodo Firewall allows you to prevent it.
I think she is gone now anyway - Keyboard hook monitor, or something along those lines... I think it was part of a free security scanner suite... (more useful than the main tool)
To actually check what happens on a key-press you would have to set a breakpoint and do some stack tracing...
... it just monitored the Windows API for any other tool that was intercepting data or listening on it
the key hook event - or whatever it is called
It doesn't matter, just you always seem to remember tool names, I thought it was worth a shot!
Well, you could do this...
Perhaps you can do the job with API Monitor.
Alternative, you could enumerate all processes and dynamic link libraries to see which ones contain hook functionality...
I don't know of any software other than global ones that debug from a high level, don't know something that really looks specific for (keyboard) hooks.
hmm, lol, never seen that one before... nice... been wanting something similar for a while
1:13 AM
@Wil: This is about the closest I can get...
Discontinued because of resplendence.com/sanity
do you just know these or do you search? good results and Im taking the API one!!! - I can't remember where it was and it wasn't available on it's own - it was part of a malware program and it was a module... just looking at spybot but it isn't there - it was something that used to be very popular then they went pay/screwed the users and hardly anybody uses them now...
i just can't think of the name :S
Well, I know Sanity and didn't work on my 64 bit in the past but that might be fixed by now.
I know API Monitor too, the two other links are by Googling... :-)
Have been looking for registry references in the past, this looks even better. :D
@Wil Lavasoft Ad-Aware went that way...
And Comodo Firewall, but Comodo Firewall is still free I think.
Maybe it was adaware... or otherwise, possibly the API/the way it worked just isn't in Windows Vista/7 and whoever it was no longer makes it...
Bummer, no descriptions in lite version.
after looking for ages, I think it may have been part of one of the Webroot products, windows washer or spy sweeper, but I can't see that specific part listed.
1:25 AM
Dunno, I know all those products and have never seen it. The only one I know of is Comodo Firewall...
I have never used that - if it does include it, it wouldn't be the one I was thinking of
Quite good, but I don't like so much popup dialogs as I do a lot of non-home-user things.
anyway, no problem... Thanks a lot for the help
Thank you too, refreshes my mind. :-)
I don't know how I got to this, but I really like troubleshooting and knowing what tools to use when is handy...
Although it's most of the times more theoretical than actually doing something practical with it.
Where are those hard troubleshooting SU questions! :P
Hmm, maybe I should create a tag set on StackExchange that includes related tags to that...
But Linux questions will pop up too, worst case I could learn troubleshooting them too...
Anyhow, getting late here, good night. :-)
goodnight... Think I am going to stay up again... too much too do :(
1 hour later…
3:00 AM
Hello again, everyone
Hehe, good evening, @Wil.
It's like 9PM for me XD
on MS site - feedback.microsoftsecurityessentials.com/… anyone think this textbox is weird? it wraps text :S
3:46 AM
what's up @KronoS
morning @Wil
Hi, @Sathya.
evening @MarkSzymanski
How are you, @Sathya?
doing good, @MarkSzymanski how sbout you ?
3:50 AM
I'm doing great, thanks.
... just heard that hot spot shield apparently is hosted in America and it can get around Hulu and other ip blocks...
Has anyone else got any experience? I don't really want to install any software, but done some digging and they give the VPN info so you can type it directly...
used to work, not any more @Wil
@Sathya :( Thanks - I'm always late to these things... Thanks
@Wil I know - it sucks
4:05 AM
hey @Sathya
4:38 AM
> Much to my surprise, I discovered that there is some automatic support for this built in. In the paragraph above, I did not paste the question title; instead, I pasted the bare URL and SE serves up the title as link text. Schweet!
very nice.
Q: Can we improve the automatic titling of links to internal URLs?

Matthew LeingangIn an answer to this question: Can we have some linking etiquette and guidelines? I suggested that if a link is made to a related page on the TeX SE, the link text should be the document/question title. This provides much more information about the target link than "this question" or "here". Mu...

5:30 AM
hi again
I'm back
6:15 AM
welcome back @tintincute
6:54 AM
in Super User Blog, 24 secs ago, by KronoS
Q: What do you want Super User Blog to test with SSD technology?

KronoSIn conjunction with the Super User blog, we will be getting three SSD's from Kingston. We want to perform tests on these drives and blog about the results, and need your help. What testing, comparisons, or how to guides, would you as a Super User like to see related to SSD technology? Update...

4 hours later…
11:10 AM
Hi! :)
hello @Nyuszika7H
I want to remap Space to Esc and Numpad2 to Space in AutoHotkey… so I can pause the game with Esc, and jump with space… how do I do that?
@Wil Not weird to me, it would be weird if it didn't wrap text...
This doesn't seem to work… (the last two lines)
Try to figure out which one doesn't work.
11:18 AM
Changed Esc to Escape and it works!! AutoHotkey is really very handy.
Hmm, doesn't AutoHotkey warn you for such things?
@TomWij No, I didn't see a warning… maybe because it's a fullscreen game.
I mean, when running the script.
It should (I don't know if it has) be able to tell you that...
yeah, but I didn't see a warning
another thing: since my touchpad supports multi-touch (two/three fingers), I can reassign its buttons to something else :)
According to that you should get warnings, but I suppose that Esc is a valid key somehow...
According to that Esc and Escape should be equivalent... :(
I'm going to stick with PhaseExpress (fits my current needs) and AutoIt (when I need something more advanced).
11:31 AM
@TomWij now it works with Esc, too :)
@Nyuszika7H Why? :D
12:31 PM
A: How can I safely close this window and forever avoid seeing similar pop-ups from Mackeeper Zeobit's malware and spyware?

Sana PaulHello! I'm Sana Paul, Zeobit LLC Social Media Evangelist In no case MacKeeper can be considered malware or spyware. Conversely, our app aims to protect your Mac from all the like things (as one among the great number of its tools is Antivirus) and to maintain Mac's performance. The window you h...

1:24 PM
Q: Intel VT-x features

OSX JediWhat are the older features of Intel VT-x and what are the newer features? Have newer features been added?

Wonder if this would be a candidate for "Closed because General Reference" that was mentioned recently.
2:14 PM
Is it me, or did the logout link disappear at the top of the site?
not just you @TomWij
Q: Where is the 'logout' link?

NavI was on the SuperUser homepage, and noticed that there was no logout link. Came to meta and there's still no logout link. It's now missing on the StackOverflow page too. What's going on?

Now I got to rewrite my daily reputation script. :-(
why ?
Because it used the logout link to position itself in the top bar... :-D
And now I somehow need to turn this:
var logout_link = $("#topbar a[href^='/users/logout']:first");
howdy all
2:25 PM
into the chat link. :/
hi @DMA57361
It's back, but not in the right place.. :-/
Perhaps I should add the logout link back and add a review link too.
huh, had to fix mine as well... was relying on the absence of a logout link to ensure the user was logged in - now swapped :)
2:41 PM
why are my separators different? :/
mumbling, mad, unhappy, ...
ah, ok :)
@TomWij did you use the lsep class for the separator's span?
dunno then
2:43 PM
$('<a href="http://superuser.com/users/logout?returnurl=/">logout</a><span class="lsep">|</span><a href="http://superuser.com/review">review</a><span class="lsep">|</span>').insertBefore($("span#hlinks-custom a:first"));
added a &nbsp;, that resolved it. :-)
party time...
no log out link on meta
no log out anywhere @Nyuszika7H, Tom's GreaseMonkey'ed it back in for himself
@DMA57361 I meant, no logout link on meta user profile
log out from main: 2 clicks (user name then log out)
log out from meta: 3 clicks (user name, main user then log out)
did meta ever have a logout?
Ah, it does work.
@IvoFlipse is making low quality posts... :D
@TomWij it should be log out
@Nyuszika7H, @DMA57361: Any idea how I can get my links towork for each site? Because if I click review on SO it goes to SU/review. :P
2:50 PM
@TomWij use document.domain
you're hard-coding your link to "http://superuser.com/review"?
just use "/review"
no wait...
let me see what I did...
@DMA57361: Works, thank you. :-)
ah, I pull the site url and use urlSite + "review" as the href
@TomWij yes - but only on the main page, probably not a question page etc
Doesn't need to work there
Hmm, I better put my spaces around the link rather than the separator.
@TomWij why?
@TomWij fair enough, I wanted mine to work everywhere
2:53 PM
log out is still there on A51 but not in Discussion Zone
@Nyuszika7H: Yeah, I thought everything was fixed... Inconsistency:
// ==UserScript==
// @name         Log out and review for SE
// @description  Add log out and review link at the top of StackExchange sites.
// @author       Nyuszika7H
// @include      stackoverflow.com*
// @include      meta.stackoverflow.com*
// @include      superuser.com*
// @include      meta.superuser.com*
// @include      serverfault.com*
// @include      meta.serverfault.com*
// @include      askubuntu.com*
// @include      meta.askubuntu.com*
Q: Can the log out link be removed at Area 51?

TomWijLogout link now missing, but not on Area 51. :-(

Hmm, I guess I need two userscripts: one for log out, and one for review. Review is not needed on metas (except Meta.SO).
or, just do this:
but then I'm not fussed about the log out... so I've not added it :)
3:03 PM
I just want a bunch of links there, it makes me feel more powerful!!!
Behold the power of log out! silently fades away...
Help! How do I get rid of those Windows XP dialog boxes on my Windows 7?
3:18 PM
I've just realized that my keyboard has no right Windows key…
I've remapped alt gr and windows.
because alt gr = ctrl + alt
so it makes more sense to have that key in between and windows at the other side
3:33 PM
that was quick ;)
hi @MarcoCeppi
Hmm, if I have a question about YouTube, in terms of correcting the video brightness, should I ask it at Web Apps or at Super User?
@TomWij will you be downloading the video and correcting on pc or correcting via youtube's service?
I see that as the defining line between the two IMO
@TomWij You should ask it on Web User or Super Apps.
Well, the question would be like "Some videos seem to have a brighter black, can I somehow manually/automatically correct the brightness while watching?"
3:40 PM
Oh... wow... I think you'll have better success at webapps
@TomWij Oh, wait… Super Web Apps User
In this video, you see the darkest shade of black by the video player.
@Nyuszika7H What are you on about?
Then a shade of black at the top of the video that should be black.
An then you see the video, the house, which brightness seems to high to me.
Is there a specific reason why it matters? Cuz, "just deal with it" comes to mind... but that might be because I stayed up too late last night.
3:45 PM
Image quality would be much better...
Mornin folks
@KronoS: This example shows you why I want the brightness lower, it's a bit exaggerated:
Would such question fit on Super User?
Might be solved by a browser extension or something...
@TomWij I would ask it on WebApps first. If they consider it a Super User question, they will migrate. But it's a stretch for a Super User questions, and Web Apps cover browser extensions.
@TomWij you can try. It's one of those toss-ups that's really on-topic for both, it really more depends on what type of answer you want:

Do you want an answer that involves tweaking settings in youtube or extension to the browser?
I see.
@KronoS: There aren't YouTube settings for that, so it's a browser extension.
3:52 PM
@Diago I didn't know that Webapps covered browser extensions...
But I'm thinking about doing Super User first.
@TomWij Then why ask here?
Well, to make sure it's not off-topic here.
@KronoS I did not notice they updated the FAQ. Browser extension as long as they affect the use of a web application
3:54 PM
yep you're right @Diago
So yeah, extensions would be covered, but not the use of a browser and it's features.
But it's impossible to adjust the brightness through an extension I think.
To be honest... I think that what you're looking to do is near enough impossible to not be worth the effort
@KronoS Fair point. It needs to be controlled by the player, and if it doesn't have the feature built it, it will mean the video needs to be re-encoded or downloaded and played in VLC for example
Most videos are fine, but some are off...
The above is a comparison between two videos, the black levels don't seem to match... :-(
YouTube videos have inconsistent black levels, I'm going to cry in a corner...
4:02 PM
hey @DMA57361
anybody here familiar with K-Maps at all?
k maps?
The Karnaugh map (K-map for short), Maurice Karnaugh's 1953 refinement of Edward Veitch's 1952 Veitch diagram, is a method to simplify Boolean algebra expressions. The Karnaugh map reduces the need for extensive calculations by taking advantage of humans' pattern-recognition capability, permitting the rapid identification and elimination of potential race conditions. In a Karnaugh map the boolean variables are transferred (generally from a truth table) and ordered according to the principles of Gray code in which only one variable changes in between adjacent squares. Once the table is ...
How to cross-post like a professional:
Q: How can I adjust the NVIDIA brightness much quicker?

TomWijI like how you can quickly adjust the volume by clicking the icon and then scrolling the mouse wheel, can a similar thing be done for the NVIDIA brightness (not the backlight of my laptop screen)?

Q: How can I program a NVIDIA brightness slider like the Volume slider?

TomWijI like how you can quickly adjust the volume by clicking the icon and then scrolling the mouse wheel, how can I write something similar for the NVIDIA brightness (not the backlight of my laptop screen)?

@KronoS Yeah. I don't know how I passed on that exercise on my exam though... I drawed some circles, magic happened and the boolean algebra expressions were a lot shorter.
4:12 PM
@TomWij lol... luckily I have a friend that was in the NAVY as a nuclear reactor tech and somehow knows all this stuff... he just decided to be really busy though with stats today and can't help
If that works, I answered my question. :-)
@TomWij I'd like to see your SU question migrated to SO, and your SO one to SU…
Well, would be nice to know how it can be done programmatically.
@TomWij I don't think that will work. It'll adjust your "desktops" brightness... thus actually making the prob even more prevalent
could be wrong though
Hmmm... Works as intended but there is no reset, and I don't know the default setting. :D
Ah, default is 70%. Yay! :D
Okay, not working as intended, gonna see if the NVIDIA slider behaves different.
Okay, the NVIDIA slider does align the black levels, but then the video is too dark. I think I best leave it as is...
Or perhaps I should adjust contrast or gamma instead, I have no clue.
1 hour later…
5:32 PM
whoo hoo @Sathya
how's everyone?
aww it's now at 69997
Who's gonna write the 70,000 th one?
5:38 PM
been deleting several junk questions @Sathya
@studiohack! You ruined it ;P
thanks a lot for your support @KronoS!!
(previous statement is dripping with sarcasm ;P)
Get back to work slave! @studiohack :P
oh now you want the number to go lower @KronoS? some slave you are, being rebellious!! haha jk! ;)
Hey I've been workin hard too! My flag score isn't 430 for nothin. :)
I just realized that my 430 flag weight should really read 430 slave whipping weight :)
5:47 PM
whoa!! @KronoS that's an awesome score!! :)
no, it is the slave obedience score @KronoS
Eh it's really not that great actually insure there are already 500 flaggers out there
eh eh eh...
I'm only 260. :P
It's cuz ur too busy doin my bidding
I don't flag anymore, @KronoS. I take action immediately! ;) that's the cool thing about being a mod
BOO YEAH! Microsoft just released a nice Zune HD ebook reader. It is awesome!
6:05 PM
how much?
I think he means an app for the Zune HD
nvm then
those can always be free if you know what to do :D
6:16 PM
@TomWij on my Chrome, it was wrapping mid word, just look weird...
6:49 PM
... If anyone has a spare two minutes, does the following make sense... IT was very complicated to write and just want an outside opinion...
A: Windows redirect traffic to different DNS name not fixed IP address (hosts file equivalent)

WilI am not sure why Klutch2 deleted his answer, it is along the correct lines. This isn't very easy to explain, so if you have any follow up questions, please write in comments and I will be happy to help: This is not possible BUT putting the IP results in the exact same end result. Remember, at...

And bugger... I think I missed exactly what he wanted after re reading :S...
Well, it's a nice explanation. But he might know (a simple version of) what you just said...
I mis read completely the question... added a paragraph to the top :( oh well, still a nice guide I think!
@TomWij Not tested it, but looks simpler so upvoted your answer!
Q: disk cleanup problem

Jamesafter i reinstalled windows 7, disk cleanup stopped working. I can start Disk cleanup and select the drive to clean. But when i click on the OK button, the window disappears. Any solutions?

I really have the urge of commenting/answering: Looks like something went wrong with the installation, reinstall again.
Because really, I think there is no point in troubleshooting something that's broken right after installation.
7:11 PM
... After you click ok, it goes away if it is successful :S
oh no, you get the stage to choose, but I don't remember feedback/message upon completion... it could just be completing fast? :S oh well... I like your tool list +1!
Haven't done a Disk Cleanup for some while, let me check.
@Wil: This window should appear, which doesn't in his case:
But I can't think of any reason why it would not appear on a fresh install...
Hmm, that window is started by a command I think, one moment...
Well, I can get to the next dialog without selecting a disk.
Or do something magical which I've never seen:
Selecting a disk and clicking OK starts:
C:\Users\TomWij\AppData\Local\Temp\836825EF-DFEE-424F-9FA0-50AAF9BE01B7\dismhost.exe {291DB762-3F44-497C-987A-F9E90F86E566}
Gonna improve my answer.
7:34 PM
Well, this is the best I could do, I think...
8:27 PM
I'm lost. Why did this one come over from SF?
Q: Windows Server 2008 R2 on the Intel D525MW motherboard

Has anyone installed Windows Server 2008 on this motherboard? I know Intel doesn't officially support windows servers on their Atom motherboards. I would like to build a headless server, so video driver (or the lack of it) is not really an issue. But what about the other drivers?

@Iszi They probably thought it was for a personal server, which it very well might be..
@Kyle Ah. I thought that all "Server OS" issues belonged on SF regardless?
Server Fault is for system administrators and desktop support professionals, people who manage or maintain computers in a professional capacity.
I have seen quite a few personal server questions get migrated over here
It confused me at first too
@Kyle It's not even really for support pro's... it's more for professional server :)
Yeah but help desk type questions come up from time to time there
8:34 PM
mainly larger networks involving more robust servers than just simple media servers
they also show up here..
ya, but that's not really their main purpose... I'd like to that SU is more for desktop support
clippy? 0_o how does ^ statement need help?
I don't think he's coming..
@KronoS Probably need to start the message with "I'd like to"?
@Iszi makes sense
8:37 PM
I know our die roller over at RPG.SE won't work unless the roll is requested at the start of the message.
Speaking of which.
I'd like to have a roller that had a full set of dice.
I think clippy's being lazy.
9:24 PM
@David , @IvoFlipse: yes, I meant a new app for the Zune HD...I really like it. all the apps for the ZHD are free... :)
the Zune HD is EOL anyway
surely MS won't release anything new
Quick question: can anyone interpret this?
`HTML1115: X-UA-Compatible META tag ('IE=edge,chrome=1') ignored because document mode is already finalized.
Apparently not @digitxp :P
9:41 PM
Where do webdesign/html questions go?
Or whatever this is:
Q: I'm Feeling lucky doesn't work on firefox url bar for my website but it works on google

khalidHi All, My personal website khalid fazeli on google appears as the first result when searched for 'khalid fazeli' and if the 'I'm feeling lucky' button is pressed then the user is automatically re-directed to my website. However when I search for 'khalid fazeli' on firefox url bar it only shows...

I guess it has some on-topicness...
@oKtosiTe it's not on-topic for SU
KronoS: I wanted to flag it as off-topic, but wasn't sure where it should go, if anywhere...
no where actually
So I just flagged it with a comment. Hope that doesn't reflect badly on my flag weight.
9:56 PM
Nuke it from orbit...
10:08 PM
Ion cannon charging up
10:19 PM
Q: Ethernet switch capacity question

Andrew QueisserWe're looking at hooking up 48 small embedded systems with 10/100 Ethernet ports to an Ethernet switch and then have that switch talk to a server upstream via a faster connection. I have a couple of questions about that scenario: What kind of upstream connection is best (fiber, other?) Would it...

I just answered... see if you like!
Cheap £20 switch = bad
Expensive gear = good (typically)
Q: What's wrong with my will?!

LillyToday, i got the game JUST DANCE 2 and when i insert the disc into the will machine, it said something about updating and so i updated it. Afterwards when i try the game, it doesn't even let me into the game, what should i do???

Just dance over to gaming
@Wil great answer... still belongs on SF IMO
esp with your answer actually
@Wil The question is a bit fuzzy; I would say some kind of load-balancing would be nice in such a situation, but I think it's too vague to recommend anything. Your answer is probably the best way forward.
yeah, I mean... typically, if a switch has fibre, it is for linking to other switches - but nothing stopping you using a server... there just isn't enough information... I just hope he understands my summary and doesn't try to run it off an unknown brand single chip thing which can only sustain 100Mb across all ports or something...
@KronoS I say could really be either... just because he mentions servers, it is still a networking question... which is on topic for both
mind you, probably right... it is more enterprise networking :S
10:29 PM
@Wil it's not the fact that it says servers or that it's networking it's the type of networking he's wanting to do... which I think he'll get better attention and answers over at SF
even though the question as it is sucks
Show of hands; who thinks a will machine is a Wii? :-D
@oKtosiTe it's already been changed
Well, edit clash, I think.
no you edited after Lilly
I approved yours
and now it's fixed
Q: Have MSDN Ultimate 7 installed by company. Want to convert to personal Ultimate 7. Can I?

DerickI purchased a used development PC with Ultimate 7 MSDN version on it. I own a laptop with Ultimate 7 full, installed over XP. I also own a 3 user Home 7 with only one install (2 left). Yes, it's messy. I also own unused copies of XP (2 or 3, not new, but not installed on anything at this time...

@Wil I've just thrown in some techy stuff to add to the mix. I was wondering whether this was for some kind of process control app and so was going to add a bit about a deterministic protocol, but there's not enough to go on and speculating is going to create more questions tan answers.
10:35 PM
@Wil correct me if I'm wrong but MSDN and "personal" are the same
@Linker3000 reading now... @KronoS - MSDN has many varieties, I will read in a second...
They're all in tonight:
!question for ipod touch!
@Linker3000 Nice - although, something tells me he already has purchased or is buying pre made devices (cameras or similar) and won't have any control over it :S... I could be wrong...
@Wil Yeah, but they were hinting on doing their own TCP-oriented protocol
@Linker3000 I didn't see/get the hint :S but ok...
@KronoS -
A: Have MSDN Ultimate 7 installed by company. Want to convert to personal Ultimate 7. Can I?

WilNo, I don't really follow :S If you purchased a used development machine with a MSDN version of Windows 7, it is ONLY licensed for development and testing usage. It should of been deleted/formatted before you purchased. If you have a full copy of Windows 7 Home, you can then purchase a Windows ...

10:43 PM
@Wil already upvoted :)
Done yours as well in return!
I am on a roll! Lets see if there are any more or if I should get on with work!
@Linker3000 Ahh... sorry... yeah, possibly then!
11:23 PM
@KronoS Thanks.
11:58 PM
This is sick, there are 185 questions that have exactly 15 letters in the title.
But well, doing those now would only add to my SU addiction and would be negative towards my school results, scheduling them for another time... :-)

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