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6:00 PM
@Wezl how do I create a regex
depends on where you're using it
if you're in JS (and ruby and python and maybe perl IIRC), for example, you use /regex/flags
Q: Why was the feeds user renamed to "Check for incoherent ramblings and crackpotism"?

Redwolf ProgramsI came across something rather bizarre today, when I noticed this: The cause being: Upon further investigation, the Feeds user (ID -2) appears to have been renamed: Was this intentional? Why has the SE-wide feeds user been renamed?

Chances are it accidentally got renamed instead of a more specific feed user, like our NMP
@Wezl I mean in regex golf
you just type it into the input field
I just got a suggested edit on a year old answer that I don't remember writing at all
6:02 PM
How to get upvotes on MM: post in TNB :P
The weird thing is that I have a comment on the answer that looks like I'm speaking to myself
How to get upvotes on MM: be a moderator and FGITW questions
the other question then is - why is Feeds' profile image not showing on its profile :P
@hyper-neutrino FYI, I ninja'd your answer in a comment :P
figured it out
6:05 PM
Hey, look, another misstep by SE :/
@cairdcoinheringaahing yes, but you did not provide the explanation, and thus it's not really a ninja because most of my answer wasn't about me changing it back :P
What the heck, somebody deleted my message that said Anders Kaseorg has been [something slightly more unpleasant than unpleasant] to me, and suspended my chat account for 29 minutes.
How in the world does that qualify for deletion and suspension.
@Deadcode if rude/abusive flags get validated it incurs an automatic 30 minute suspension
It was flagged as offensive by me and probably other users
don't worry too much about it - I have 2 suspensions myself. just take it as a warning and avoid it in the future
6:07 PM
Just try to keep language less unpleasant in the future, especially when speculating about other users
I wish SE hadn't removed the "assume good intentions" rule in the CoC
It's a good general rule for a lot of situations
@user that's quite rude
granted there are a lot of things we wish relating to SE and the CoC but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
The now-deleted message, rephrased: Anders Kaseorg has some very impressive code golf achievements, but I have trouble seeing him in any positive light now. For years I've a simple question for him regarding his claimed score on Regex Golf: Glob, and he's repeatedly ignored my question.
@Wezl Flagging is rude?
6:08 PM
@Wezl I'm just helping you freeze it
@cairdcoinheringaahing Different thing
@cairdcoinheringaahing no, it's unrelated
@Deadcode is this some competition site? I don't suppose competitors would publicly disclose their solutions for still open challenges
@StackMeter Look for something all the positive test cases have in common, that the negative test cases don't :)
@user still, you could have asked to do that
6:10 PM
@Deadcode Unfortunately some users aren't as open to sharing their methods and solutions as others. See feersum's Seed Hello World. They've been offered literally 1000s of rep to reveal their method and havent'
Also, spoiler warning on my link above that says "put it at 17 characters in length"
The best (and easiest) thing to do IMO is just to shake your head and leave it
@cairdcoinheringaahing Even if he no longer has it I'll bet he remembers something about what general form it was in.
@cairdcoinheringaahing kamila's method is better so who cares
6:12 PM
@rak1507 I was using it as an example for a similar situation
@Deadcode Perhaps, but if they're unwilling to share after repeated efforts to reach out, then it's probably best to just let it go
@Wezl I can't make you RO of the original room again, but I made a new room, if that helps
@hyper-neutrino In the early form of the Regex Golf site, there was no viewable high score list of any kind. So a lot of people shared their solutions on Github Gists.
It's annoying, and you can lose respect for a user because of it, but there isn't much else you can do
@user it was useless anyway
still, I need to discipline @hyper-neutrino :/
So is doing code golf
6:15 PM
okay, making rooms isn't really an issue cuz it doesn't bother anyone, but may I ask what the point in these rooms that you're creating is
And then a later form of the site added the high score list, and of course hundreds of people copied the solutions that had already been posted, so it's impossible to know whether they came up with them themselves or not. But in the case of many of them, it's highly likely they copied it
in case you didn't know, editing a message with a ping will re-ping the user
@hyper-neutrino The second one was just to replace the first one, which I kicked Wezl out of
@hyper-neutrino :)
@cairdcoinheringaahing I mean, I'd gain some respect for him even if just replied to me just to say, no, he doesn't want to share the solution or any information about it. That would be better than being completely ignored.
@cairdcoinheringaahing This is interesting but not the same thing, as feersum actually replied to some people.
6:25 PM
@Deadcode Not in any meaningful way though
Just to tell someone that their method wasn't what feersum did
I'd argue there's a big difference.
I don't know enough about regex golf (or this situation) to make any meaningful judgement tbh :)
I don't know if it's just that Anders Kaseorg was too busy to even read any of my attempts at communication, or read at least one of them but was too busy to reply to it (but not opposed in principle to sharing the solution), or if he actively doesn't want to share the solution.
@cairdcoinheringaahing Well, it's not so much that the Glob problem itself is all that interesting to me, but that Regex Golf is what kicked off my interest in regex (leading to such posts as this and this) and I have a strong sentimental interest in all of its puzzles, including Glob.
Even though in general I'm much more interested in algorithmic, general-purpose regexes like "match all perfect squares in unary" than brute-force ones like "match all of this particular set of 21 strings and none of this other set of 21 strings" (which Glob is).
@cairdcoinheringaahing Oh and another huge difference. It's obvious that feersum has something real, because the Seed Hello World solution is viewable by anyone. But the 17 character Glob solution may not even exist at that length (if the scoring formula was different), or may have applied to an earlier, different set of test cases.
it's a shame when people do that sort of thing
6:45 PM
can I nest @ calls
Unless you're a mod
no, @@ is how we super ping people
@@chatid super-pings the user with chatid
what's a super ping
Pings anyone, no matter if they've been in the room
6:47 PM
it lets me ping someone who's inactive or even never been in the room, or even who doesn't have a chat profile
Allows mods to contact someone if necessary
it also bypasses the 15m period and sends a notification directly to their main site inbox
@@11241 can you hear me, from the other side?
You aren't a mod
Also, why are you trying to ping Crispy?
Wouldn't you ping someone with a username like that?
Now I have to know why they're named that :P
@hyper-neutrino Sorry, but can you delete this room?
6:51 PM
freeze it first though
that was fast
well freezing and deleting aren't complicated operations lol
i'm on mobile so that took me longer than it usually would
it was a bit faster than waiting for 2 weeks
had to enable desktop site first
@StackMeter That did ping me actually
6:56 PM
@hyper-neutrino Concocts evil plan to make seemingly helpful userscript that hyper-neutrino will download and run here, deleting the TNB
@user i can just undelete it lol
There are some much more subtle things a userscript can do in order to be malicious, which is part of why I make all of mine from scratch
(to avoid it not to add my own maliciousness)
Concocts evil plan to make seemingly helpful userscript that hyper-neutrino will run here so that it can post spam and get HN removed as a mod but delete the TNB just before that happens
@RedwolfPrograms Right
It'd actually be pretty cool if someone made a userscript that could do that before HN just disables it
7:00 PM
Did we get a definitive answer to this?
@user bro typing it out is a poor idea
@StackMeter ?
Looks definitive enough
In which case, @hyper-neutrino could you look into changing the question in the Tour?
I don't really like having Fibonacci being the example question but that seems to be what people liked most
7:02 PM
will take a look as soon as i'm done cleaning up the laundry
Literal or figurative laundry? :p
Also looks like Lyxal won their bet with theirself I've done absolutely nothing productive today
you've talked in the TNB
Then you should just bet against your being productive and profit
@Wezl Indeed, they produced...words. Also odd-looking symbols
speaking of that, do you want to see what I did? <<<
Could we update the info box so that it includes a link to the Welcome post? It's a minor edit to the existing version that I think should help newer users, at least a little bit
7:18 PM
Okay so there's a slight problem
I don't think I have arbitrary choice over the tour question
I have three pages of options and that's all I get
Wait, really? What are the options?
@hyper-neutrino Why?
yet another example of CGCC's incompatibility with SE
A: What determines the questions available for selection in the tour page?

ManishearthApparently the posts have to be short, with at least two short answers (<=400 chars), shouldn't have any crazy formatting, and should be open. Relevant Data.SE query An interesting thing to note is that if the question satisfies the above criteria, but the accepted answer doesn't, the system pret...

Even on other sites, that would be very useful
I think in order to feature this I would need to slice the leaderboard snippet off
7:23 PM
> with at least two short answers
Do it, removing leaderboard snippets a good thing anyway IMO
can be featured
even though it's quite a bit longer than the fib post space-wise
should I just cut the leaderboard off of the post then
does python have any hash function that returns 32 or 64 bits?
7:24 PM
These criteria are pretty ridiculous imo
It's not one of the super obtrusive leaderboards, but I'd rather have an actual good Tour question
hashlib.md5() returns a long string in hex
@hyper-neutrino Interestingly, those no longer apply to the current question; it was closed a while back
> a question must: ... Not contain any of the following formatting: ... Code markup (both inline and block) ... ???
7:25 PM
*sigh* I hate how I have to deface this question just to get it to be able to be featured
That can't be accurate
Code Review must be suffering then lol
Also no lists and quotes
I usually don't swear here anymore, but what the fuck was SE thinking when they set these requirements?
7:25 PM
The current one has code markup
Maybe these are outdated then
@LangLangC If I remember correctly, we asked SE to flip a switch that reduces the strict eligibility criteria, as we had not a single allowed question. You'll have to do the same thing on Health. — Mad Scientist Jan 23 '18 at 17:44
That's how
> As far as I'm aware, that switch is only flipped on Skeptics.
Maybe not :/
> s far as I can best tell, if a question selected for the tour later becomes ineligible [...], the system will automatically revert it back to that generic question.
Yeah, that answer is either wrong or outdated
can we force that question to become ineligible so we can change it?
It is ineligible; it's closed
It is ineligible
7:28 PM
oh I see
the other thing is I don't know how often the selection of tour page questions updates
I think I made the first VTC on it shortly before realizing what it was lol
so I can't even tell if the edits I'm doing are fixing it
Maybe ask in the TL?
these restrictions are definitely outdated
this question is a valid selection
wow, I repcapped on MM from simply writing an answer saying "lol yeah someone prob messed with things so i just changed it back". bruh moment (i also filed a bug report earlier so it wasn't just that post, but still)
7:34 PM
@hyper-neutrino as long as new people don't get a bad impression from the name
I'd just try to get the fibonacci function one to be valid
@hyper-neutrino MM's easy to get upvotes on :P
We can wait a day or two for caching if that's what the problem is
@Wezl no I don't plan to feature that, I'm just saying that it has code blocks and can be selected
Oops, looks like I'm not going to get Electorate
7:40 PM
Why's that?
I have over 600 votes but only 20% are on questions
I'd recommend using the random question script(s) to help you find good ones quickly
I see more answers than I do questions, so I can't really help it
Yeah, it's a common problem here
@RedwolfPrograms The gradscript apparently had that but it isn't working
7:41 PM
is there a way to see your votes on questions:answers?
@user Just install this, it adds a button in the sidebar for it
> const ShamelessAdvertising = "Feed Filter"; // doesn't actually do anything but you should really check out Feed Filter for TNB!
There's also one that puts it next to the active/newest/bountied/... options in the home and questions pages if you prefer that
No thanks /s
Looks pretty cool, I'm trying it out now
i now have 32 tabs open .-.
7:43 PM
I also finally took the time to get an API key so you can click the button up to 10k times per day (up from an old limit of 300)
Works pretty nicely
I have exactly 33000 rep :D
I do like nice round numbers :P
Like 0? :P
7:45 PM
Lemme just set 66 +500 bounties :P
That'd be perfectly fine with me, I am ready to suffer the burden of having my rep be an unround number :P
does anyone happen to know off the top of their head how to change the info box (I don't suppose so, but figured I'd ask here in addition to TL)
Thanks for having this discussion! We've pushed dzaima's proposed text and it's live now. Thanks Shog! Please let me know if you start seeing any unintended consequences. I like the text y'all came up with, so I hope things improve! — Catija ♦ Sep 4 '19 at 16:25
ah, so I need a CM for it
well i've already pinged one in TL, so guess i'll just wait :P
if i haven't reported back about the tour question or the info box in a few days' time please do remind me, i'll probably forget if i don't do it soon :P
That's a hell of a caching issue there @Neil :P
I hammered the challenge closed 3 hours ago, how did you just post an answer?
7:53 PM
I guess they just had it open that long and didn't refresh
wh- okay then
@cairdcoinheringaahing set one on mine
if you're putting 66 of them out
I've got 5 different deadlineless bounties available to be claimed, feel free to have a go at any of them :P
7:57 PM
if the closure check is client-side could one theoretically just disable it an post an answer to an already-closed challenge? and if it isn't cilent-side, how is Neil able to do that if it should be closed server-side already o.O
TBH with caching that bad, I might open a bug report on MM
That could be an actual issue
Can I try answering some random dupe by messing with the client side?
I'll delete it right after if I succeed
I wouldn't suggest that
I'd rather let SE figure out if it's an issue or not
Aw :(
I like breaking things
Err...doing research
7:59 PM
I do too, but do it too often and you get kicked out of the library
it would be funny if that worked, but tampering with things or just doing anything to circumvent system restrictions is a pretty textbook offense :P
Apr 6 at 17:51, by Redwolf Programs
Wish we had a sandbox.se :p
@cairdcoinheringaahing I think 18 is optimal on -a * -a = a * a
why do I say so?
There are two ways to reach a * a
@StackMeter I haven't offered a bounty on that
@cairdcoinheringaahing I saw it and went for it
8:04 PM
Never tagged a meta post with [discussion] [support] and [bug] before :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing I'd say a mod edited that message...
one is to get to -1 * -1 * a * a
in the revision history:
- :57736829 Mods can edit anyone's message: HN, show 'em
- :57736829 Mods can --mod abuse-- edit anyone's message
- :57736829 Mods can ---mod abuse--- edit anyone's message
(since I suck at markdown)
and the other is to get rid of the minus signs
Apparently the limit is 4 hours, so right under the wire there, Neil :P
8:09 PM
and the other is to go from (-a * -a) to a * a
in reverse
@user we have a winner! yeah, it took a long time to iron the bugs out of it, subtraction is hard when all you have is bijective base 1
now, based off of what I have heard, the first is out (can't do in 17 steps, let alone 9)
You know you can just look at the proofs right?
so thus, we do the second
This room isn't the place for you to work through your though process for a challenge. Either create a room to do that, or do it your answer (if you post one)
8:13 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing wow
One interesting difference between null and undefined: undefined = 0 does nothing, while null = 0 errors
What happens if you do undefined = 0; console.log(undefined + 1), or otherwise use undefined as a variable name?
undefined (the keyword) takes precedence
So var undefined; creates an unusable variable
If you're going to be stupid, be stupid consistently
(not you Redwolf, I'm talking to JS :P)
8:20 PM
(1000000000000 | 0) < 0
It makes sense when you know why it's just very unintuitive
@Neil Looks like you answered 2 minutes before it would've stopped you, nice! :P
@hyper-neutrino My cunning plan worked. You just saved me from doing all those computations manually. Thanks!
8:43 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing That's good advice for anyone :P
@Adám haha, I do recall you mentioned something about needing to do all of these manually every day. Glad I could help :P
I personally am stupid consistently, and it's worked out great for me
ironically the top voted answer of the supposed duplicate can't be easily ported to the question it's a duplicate of, because vim doesn't do nested loops
(you can but you need to surround the inner one with try-catch or something; i've never actually done this)
9:16 PM
@kops You can't do it with two macros?
10:06 PM
@user it's... subtle actually
usually in vimgolf we want to exit by failure
but if the inner macro exits by failure then it will exit the entire stack of macros, so you'll only get one iteration of the outer loop
so your options are to have the inner loop exit somehow else (i.e. by knowing how many iterations to run it) or to wrap it in a lengthy try-catch
i guess in the specific case of the repeated-forward-differences task you could keep track of the number of iterations by decrementing it each time but this would probably cost... idk like 10 bytes?
admittedly probably less than the try-catch
@RedwolfPrograms let's goooooooooo
actually probably a lot more than 10 because the challenge doesn't give the length of the list as input, so you'd have to get it somehow
(upper bound solution: "=line('$')<cr>p but hopefully there's something shorter
10:33 PM
Oh ok
11:04 PM
So any last feedbacks?
I have a sandbox proposal. Should I require answers to check if the input is valid?
11:35 PM
do what you want, it's your challenge
@Wezl Things to avoid when writing challenges: input validation
if it's a parsing challenge, it seems fair
i'd say it depends on the challenge
for some, it probably makes sense. others, it just seems like an unnecessary introduction of complication
heh, there's a Things to avoid when writing challenges: Parsing expressions (but that's what my challenge is about)
CMQ: Can you see the revisions here?
Can't remember if it's rep-dependent or not
11:42 PM
I can
@cairdcoinheringaahing I suppose my response wouldn't particularly be relevant here then.
@hyper-neutrino No :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing I can see 7 revisions
I can, as a low-rep user
11:42 PM
@Wezl i feel like validation makes sense if the parsing itself is very simple but then at that point you may as well make it a that's just validation
Ok, good, thanks
May I ask why?
I'm writing up a complaint/feature-request on MM
Oh ok
Guess I'll find out what it's about soon enough :P
Guess who's likely to hit 11k tomorrow :D
11:44 PM
actually looked at the sandboxed challenge and it seems involved enough that validation would be very bad
okay thanks I've removed it
Y'all know how tag wiki excerpts are mangled when looking at tags right?
11:55 PM
So, here's part of the regex looking for when to mangle them:
(\s(is|are)\s)         # blah blah blah is|are ...
Within the first 40 characters, you can't use is or are
That's not too smart
Totally lol
Who designed that? What is at all wrong with just leaving the fricking thing alone? :p
Jeff Atwood
And why I'm currently writing up a MM [feature-request]
I will upvote that seven times and then bounty it and then reload the page once per minute until it is improved
11:59 PM
Is this too "provocative" for a MM post? Should I reword it?
> You can't use the words "is" or "are" within the first 40 characters in a tag wiki. I genuinely cannot think of a reasonable excuse for this, or a way of describing this other than stupid.
I like it but probably yes
Maybe just replace "stupid" with "pointless"

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