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1:54 AM
Q: Black spot in Mars' sky

luchonachoThere is a sequence of three raw images by Mars Curiosity Rover taken in Sol 3066 (22/03/2022, roughly) that show the same features of Mars' landscape and sky. They are separated by 38 seconds' difference each. This is the first one. This is the last one. Interestingly, the middle one shows a bla...

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3:03 AM
Q: Opportunities to see a near earth object via unaided eyes or binoculars?

uhohI would like to see a near earth object proper with my eyes or binoculars someday. Has this been possible recently? Are there any upcoming potential opportunities to do so in say the next 20 or 50 years? I have a shot at the first one, the second one is for the benefit of others :-)

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7:26 PM
As usual, size measured in bananas.
7:41 PM
Ben Popper on March 23, 2021
In this session, we will turn our static drawings into animations!
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9:21 PM
In tehory Starlink 22 (the 7th(?) starlink only launch of the year. Transporter 1 had 10 Starlinks and 130 someodd other satellites) is due at 8:58UTC which is 4:58AM my local time.
Booster is on its 6th flight (B1060).
9:54 PM
@peterh-ReinstateMonica you prefer to have your reputation always stay an exact multiple of 1000?
@NikeDattani :-) No, it is just coincidence. It would be very hard to do without socks, but using socks would risk to lock the rep to 1. :-)
Any bet, when will SN11 fly?
@geoffc How is starlink doing with paying customers? I think huawei, motorola and the large android phone manufacturers should get some license which enables them to simply sell starlink-capable phones.
10:36 PM
hi everyone, so, would a question about the shuttle landing be on-topic here? or the Aviation site? or both? landing as in final stages in thick atmosphere
it's OK, my question has been asked already :) though differently worded
Q: Could Space Shuttle's wings be diminished?

HeoppsFrom Wikipedia The crucial factor in the size and shape of the Shuttle orbiter was the requirement that it be able to accommodate the largest planned commercial and military satellites, and have over 1,000 mile cross-range recovery range to meet the requirement for classified USAF missions fo...

I was curious about the landing speed of a low-aspect wing, after watching this:
turns out the weight requirement was the reason for the delta-wing, not the defense mission req't

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