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12:57 AM
This seems a question worth Tweeting about, see if anyone knows enough about Polish culture to earn that bounty.
(It's too late at night for me to write up a blurb for a tweet, hence just dropping it here and hoping someone else will pick it up.)
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7:38 AM
Q: First Lit Writing! Please share comments!

shivI am new to this forum and am unaware of how to go about asking for feedback. Please pardon me if this is not the place to make such a post. Also do let me where I can share and ask for feedback. The link below is a rudimentary attempt at simple passages or notes that I personally relate to. Your...

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12:14 PM
@Randal'Thor It was already tweeted from the Twitter control room.
Resulting tweet.
@NorthLæraðr And it's at 2.9 now.
2 hours later…
2:32 PM
@Tsundoku Oh, I missed/forgot that, sorry.
IIRC we have a few native Polish speakers on Lit (emerging in response to a question of Hamlet's about Stanislaw Lem), at least one of them (Yasskier?) fairly high-rep and not just a one-post user.
2:55 PM
Pericles?! That was unexpected.
@Randal'Thor I know :-)
Shakespeare's Pericles was printed twice in 1609 and reprinted in 1611, 1619, 1630 and 1635, but not in the First Folio.
3:14 PM
@Tsundoku Very informative and well summarized! The two shades of orange are a bit close though, so are the two shades of gray.
3:31 PM
@EddieKal I understand. I'm not a designer.
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8:44 PM
Q: Why does the narrator specify which psalms are being said at the meal in Agnon's "The Kerchief"?

MithicalIn section 9 of S. Y. Agnon's short story "The Kerchief", the narrator / protagonist gives us the scene at the Shabbat lunch meal: When I came back with Father from the small prayer room she was already seated at the table wearing her kerchief, and the table was prepared with wine and cakes, lar...

9:26 PM
@Mithical Thanks. I have added that to the meta post.

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