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3:15 AM
downloads a trial of photoshop cs6 just to make an animated gif for an AD answer
3:35 AM
@jtbandes True dedication.
3:47 AM
A: What un(der)-documented features have you stumbled upon in Mountain Lion?

jtbandesMore versatile selection while holding Shift When you hold ⇧ Shift and click in a text field, you extend the selection from the current cursor position to the point you clicked. In Lion and earlier, one end of the selection would remain fixed at its original point, and shift-clicking a new point...

4:01 AM
Nice animated gif!
Is this really not new?
That's the 2nd time
I'm slipping :(
@jtbandes How did you do that?
@daviesgeek which part?
Oh wow. Using SetResX to change the resolution on a rMBP to 1680x1050 gives you the non-retina version (i.e., the same thing that would render on a non-retina hi-res MBP)
@DanielLawson 😈
4:39 AM
@jtbandes Getting your screenflow into a GIF.
@daviesgeek ah. Photoshop has an "import video frames to layers" feature, and it adds timing data so you can just export to a gif.
HAHAHA. @DanielLawson I beat you even to your own question.
@jtbandes Stupid screen shot taking too much time
That's just freaky.
I took a screenshot ;P
I even had to calculate the proper width for mine so it didn't appear at twice the size.
That's just seriously freaky.
Wow, that's funky. No matter what folder you're in under Mobile Documents, ⌘↑ doesn't work.
Also, it seems you can't Quick Look any of the items.
4:46 AM
That is disturbing
No, I got QL to look.
oh I see. It just doesn't work on folders.
(profound file content)
what the canadian english?
also, neat. how'd you get there?
Q: If I save files in iCloud, where are they "really"?

Daniel LawsonIf I save files to iCloud in apps in Mountain Lion that support such saving, where on my drive can I find these files if I want to run command line utilities on them, edit them in other programs, etc?

I see
@jtbandes Did you just beat me to the answer again?
hm. I like that iCloud icon
Me too
4:49 AM
goes hunting for the full size image
weird, they have a sidebar version of it
I wonder...
yeah, you can't put it in the sidebar
mmm hmm
huh, I don't see the icon
You can't put it in the sidebar. I can.
Well done, how'd you do it/
wait.... I already did it
I just didn't notice -_-
It doesn't have the icon though.
nice icon
Ha. This time you didn't beat me to my own question.
4:58 AM
too busy looking for the icon ;)
...which I can't find :(
I wish f-script worked on ML
It lives in the cloud.
yeah, probably
There is no local copy of it.
those 32x32 pixels are a direct window into the cloud
There are various cloud outlines in /System/Library/CoreServices/Finder.app/Contents but they're pdfs and pngs not icons
5:03 AM
Hey! Does anyone know if an inserted but unmounted SD card prevents standby mode on ssd macs?
hessius: I could probably test that... do you know how to check if standby mode is prevented or not?
Hey! What do you mean by standby mode?
It's the deep sleep mode that allows the battery to last for up to 30 days
When it's in this state the indicator light isn't on
whereas in the regular sleep mode it is
What indicator light?
I see no such light on my MBA
The macbook airs don't have it
5:05 AM
So when you say ssd macs you mean…
@jtbandes leave your computer alone for 29 days and see if it still resumes
(and then I'll beat you to the answers in the meantime)
Macbook pro mid 2012 + retina and macbook air mid 2010 and later
If you could do that, that would be very helpful
But as you've established, the MBAs don't have indicator lights.
@Hessius I bet there's some command line tool to check the power state (enabled/disabled) or something. if you can find it, I'll test
Here are some commands to set time before the computer enters standby mode. For testing purposes this probably should be set to lower than the initial ~1 hour forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1307671
Hmm I can't find any command to check wether or not the computer has actually entered standby mode
But in Apple's support document - "About standby mode" support.apple.com/kb/HT4392
They say that the computer should resume within a few seconds
Isn't almost instant in regular sleep?
So using three tests it should be discernible: 1) close the lid, wait for it to sleep, and wake it. 2) set the delay before standby mode to a few second, close lid, wait for standby mode, and wake it. If any speed difference is noticed proceed to test 3) Insert SD card, unmount it but let it stay inserted, close lid, wait for standby mode and wake it: Is it instant as in 1) or slower, as in 2) ?
5:19 AM
HAHAHA this is great.
/me posts a jeopardy question
hmm I can't check but is there a way to set it to prompt for password when waking from standby mode but not regular sleep? That would be easier
A: Can I dismiss a Notification Center Alert using the mouse?

jtbandesYes! You can simply click and drag the alert off to the right and it will disappear. Additionally, you can temporarily move the notification by dragging it to the left: It will stay there for a few seconds and then move back to its original position. This currently seems very buggy, but perha...

@Hessius I don't think so
5:36 AM
So it's up to the kinda-three-steps-not-complicated-at-all-solution™
alright, I guess I'll give it a shot
nothing-better-to-do™ :D
haha, thanks a million!
@Hessius not noticing any speed difference after step 2
hahaha, "zzz.log"
What's zzz.log?
I think it's where log messages about sleep & other power stuff go
just found it in Console
5:47 AM
That's strange, when I tried to find indicators of the standby / deep sleep mode testimonials from users consistently said it took around 10 secs to wake from standby
maybe it's not actually going into standby
Or rather to resume to full functionality from standby.
No, probably not
@jtbandes I shall try that. Does it only work in CS6, or does CS4/5 have it too?
@daviesgeek even CS3 does. but it said it didn't have enough memory to save the file (a blatant lie, as I have 16gb)
Hmm is it possible pmset -a standbydelay needs a restart to take effect?
Oh and btw approximately 8 615 ppl are anxious about this
Or at least, should be
5:54 AM
Why's that?
The question arose from the kickstarter campaign for The Nifty Minidrive. A micro SD card adapter that fits perfectly into the sd slot of portable macs
ah, neat
Yeah really cool, but not so good if it prevents standby.
Finishing my shift now, going home, I'll be back in 20 minutes
How is standby different from what older macs had?
because I know my old MBP could drain its battery and still successfully wake when I plugged it back in
6:15 AM
I don't get standby...
"causes kernel power management to automatically hibernate a machine after it has slept for a specified time period"
but hibernate is enabled by default
I guess by "hibernate" they mean "stop powering ram and wake from the hibernate image"
@jtbandes I bet CS2 is 32-bit, which means it can only use up to 4GB of RAM. It did run out of RAM, but not because you don't have enough, but because the program didn't have enought
that would make sense
@Hessius I saw that and was trying to find it. Thanks for posting that!
ah yes. "standbydelay specifies the delay, in seconds, before writing the hibernation image to disk and powering
off memory for Standby"
I would totally buy one of those drives if I could get more memory on an SD card.
64GB just isn't quite enough. I want 2TB, as suggested by the page.
> This format can support a Micro SD card of up to 2TB - roughly 2000GB in size.
6:22 AM
jebus. 2TB SD cards don't exist, do they?
Not yet
Saw some rumours of bigger (not that big though) sd cards coming out this year
and faster
@jtbandes Nope. The biggest it 64GBs.
And cheaper 64GB ones this autumn
Yeah but I remember seeing something about microSD ones
6:24 AM
Hessius: so I've been trying a bit, it still doesn't seem my computer is going into standby
Very strange, thanks for trying though!
@Hessius 64GB is the biggest I've seen...
The people behind The Nifty Minidrive said that they're investigating as well. I've posted a question here and on discussions.apple.com
Q: Enable standby mode / deep sleep on SSD macs with mounted SD-card

HessiusThis question arose from the comments page of The Nifty Minidrive's Kickstarter page The Nifty Minidrive is essentially a microSD card adapter that fits perfectly into the SD-slot of the MacBook Pro / Pro Retina / Air so that a microSD card can be used as additional storage. However a backer ca...

@jtbandes How did you get that?
6:27 AM
@daviesgeek erm, ⇧⌘4 :D
@jtbandes No, no, no...the stats.
So if anyone get's ahold of something, please post there :)
It's in Terminal, what command did you run?
pmset -g log and zzz.log
@jtbandes zzz.log...interesting. Never seen that one before
6:28 AM
@daviesgeek yeah, I just found it in Console
Wow. 34 sleeps? That can't be right. I just restarted this morning and I've been using it for work all day.
Yeah. And the sleep reason is clamshell mode.
Even weirder, as I know I haven't closed the laptop 34 times today.
hmm, in the thread over at macrumors they're discussing hibernate mode and standby
it's odd that the Apple support document calls it "standby mode", since "standby" seems to just be an acceleration of hibernate
6:31 AM
Odd. the first log entry says 0 wakes/sleeps, then the second one says 36 wakes/sleeps
It used to be called Deep sleep but they changed it, dunno why
Obviously I'm missing something here.
they also say that standby is only supported on really new mac models
The numbers don't match up.
but deep sleep has worked fine on older ones
6:33 AM
the log entries jump around.
TTY'all later!
@jtbandes Did my Launchpad answer work?
I don't know if this clarifies it: myservice.com/blog/2010/12/macbook-air-standby-mode
oh yeah, I meant to try that
@Hessius "power saving advantages of safe sleep while also getting a fast wake up time"?
I think that's false
@jtbandes Lemme know how it works out. I'm really curious about it.
6:35 AM
it has to restore from the hibernate image on disk, not ram
Maybe the ssd is key here?
that could be their point — with an SSD, it's not that bad
@daviesgeek huh... I have 2 .db files in that folder
Gah this is a bit frustrating, no matter what the answer is to this, it's only the first half of the question...
If it doesn't prevent standby: We probably need an app to watch for sleep and wake and then mount unmount accordingly
@daviesgeek So I deleted the most recently modified version of that file and changed the other one's name to match... and it worked :D
If it does prevent standby: we might have to find some sort of (terminal) to make the computer ignore the sd card (if possible) and even then might also have to use the method above
6:42 AM
@jtbandes Awesome!! Soo cool! It was quite a hacky workaround...
Now I really am going to bed!
Yeah! I guess maybe Launchpad settings are tied to a machine or something...
7:38 AM
@jtbandes Thanks for trying, I'm going to bed now
@Hessius no problem, good luck with it
7:53 AM
@Hessius hibernate may be accepted language from the man page for pmset.
2 hours later…
9:39 AM
Power Nap update is out for rMBPs!
7 hours later…
4:39 PM
@jtbandes Wow - did any of the napping happen before? On my Air the update from a few days ago added some functions.
5:01 PM
Grand Prize

Post Mountain Lion questions or answers with total combined score of 75 or greater.
How does this work? I don;t understand the criteria. I have more than 75 points on ML tagged questions, and anyone with a nice answer should have at least 100, so why have only 3 got the level?
5:22 PM
Hmm, good question.
Maybe it's 75 total score on the posts.
So a 'nice answer' would count as 10?
5:51 PM
@stuffe You could ask for clarification here -> meta.apple.stackexchange.com/questions/1365/…
Also - do we have a "good answer" entry that wasn't on the "inadequately documented feature" question?
A: How can I trigger a Notification Center notification from an AppleScript or shell script?

Steve Moserterminal-notifier From the README: terminal-notifier is a command-line tool to send Mac OS X User Notifications, which are available in Mac OS X 10.8. It is currently packaged as an application bundle, because NSUserNotification does not work from a ‘Foundation tool’. radar://1195...

Not sure of others
6:16 PM
That's awesome - I wish we had more like that
2 hours later…
8:02 PM
@balpha Thank you a thousand times for this. It's a real pain to mod and edit things on the site with the contest and this dialog constantly popping up.
Any chance we can test this fix out this weekend on the Ask Different site? @balpha
2 hours later…
9:51 PM
I do apologize to whomever declined my flag about editing the code. Looks like the person who posted it fixed the formatting issue. I wasn't able to fix it at all. It was a weird issue.
For reference only, peculiar representations of Core Storage (coreStorage world) in Disk Utility:
10:24 PM
In the shots above, all partitions are shown (a debug option within the utility). There's also some use of ZFS child datasets.
The shot below, without that debug option, more clearly demonstrates how things not within a logical volume group are misrepresented as within the LVG:
Would the following be an acceptable question within Ask Different? "How should Apple redesign Disk Utility to suit modern uses of disks?"
That's pretty subjective
Perhaps something more like "What modern disk management techniques are supported in OS X but not Disk Utility?"
@GrahamPerrin @jtbandes Is right, we've shied away from 'How would you redesign X?' questions in the past because of how subjective they are. If you're looking for alternatives/workarounds or just want to inventory what it doesn't support, that would be okay.
10:42 PM
@NathanGreenstein You're both right – thank you. Ultimately I (and some other users of OS X) would like design suggestions … I wasn't sure whether Ask Different is the best venue for this.
@GrahamPerrin ux.stackexchange.com could be a good resource for specific questions, but I don't think they handle things as broad as 'ways to redesign x' either.
@JasonSalaz the rmbp's disk is user-serviceable? really? I'd heard so many people complaining that nothing was user-serviceable.
I'm curious, are you planning on building a DU replacement?
@jtbandes how about, "What modern disk management techniques are possible with OS X but troublesome within the current design of Disk Utility?"
Answers to that question here could form the basis of a design-specific question in the stack suggested by @NathanGreenstein
@jtbandes I make no claims about opening up the case, but an Apple staff member showed me a schematic where the disk was slotted into a space on the mother board.
Everything is soldered down.
10:47 PM
Poll: any disadvantages to encrypting Time Machine backups?
If you encrypt them can you still navigate them via Finder?
@NathanGreenstein No, but a redesign by Apple of the utility is overdue, and I reckon that the stacks are ideally suited to collecting the knowledge/ideas required for a design to be future-proof and … maybe extensible.
@jtbandes Yes.
Oh man. this is a useful article:
@jtbandes "… fsck_cs does not perform an exhaustive validation, nor is it able to fix many of the inconsistencies that it does detect …"
@GrahamPerrin oh... it's CS-based? Does this mean I can't store other data on the disk as well?
@jtbandes Mountain Lion uses Core Storage to encrypt for Time Machine. Lion, I can't recall.
@jtbandes storage of data alongside Backups.backupdb should be no problem.
11:01 PM
@GrahamPerrin so it will encrypt the full disk? or does CS also support encrypting directories?
@jtbandes Recommended reading: the man page for diskutil, the section for the coreStorage verb. Encryption applies to a logical volume (LV).
@jtbandes Do you wish a part of the physical disk to be not encrypted? If so: would you like that part to be without coreStorage world, for compatibility with Snow Leopard and earlier?
@GrahamPerrin I don't mind (I don't need backwards compatibility), I'm just curious how this works :)
Hm, does anyone understand the difference between tmutil inheritbackup and tmutil associatedisk?
It sounds like maybe the first one acts as a special case of the second?
I got a new machine but restored from a TM backup of an old one, so I don't know if associatedisk applies to me (but I also don't know if inheritbackup would properly associate everything)
tmutil machinedirectory is still saying "No machine directory found for host."
time for a reboot perhaps.
@jtbandes Mountain Lion?
Previous machine was Lion.
I restored this machine when it was running Lion, then upgraded to ML
Well, I'll just try doing a backup. it doesn't matter so much if I lose some history
"com.apple.backupd[570]: First backup after disk inheritance for / - complete scan required" well, that's reassuring :)

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