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4:44 AM
Why do I feel like the above is aimed at us?
9:14 AM
@WorldEngineer it's unlikely aimed at us ("us" = Programmers community). Compared to other SE sites I frequent (MSO, SO, WP), mods here appear to have a good habit of being low tolerance to snarky content. What I see here may sometimes be described as "cold", "heartless", but not snarky :)
2 hours later…
10:55 AM
Does Programmers accept questions about the sociology of open source programming projects?
We get them occasionally on Unix and Linux, I never know whether I should ever suggest Programmers
Q: Open Source Politics: How is it produced? Decisions, power and gender

mmbI hope this is the right forum to ask that question! I think that computer skills and programming knowledge will be THE decisive factor for the generations to come. I think each and every child everywhere in the world should learn how to code and master a computer. As I am very interested in th...

Q: Survey on activity level of opensource project

RaiyanI'm looking for articles, reports, scientific literature etc. written on activity level of different open source projects. What I mean by activity level is how frequently a project is maintained and up to what level of detail, size of developer and user community associated with it and other rele...

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9:28 PM
@YannisRizos @ThomasOwens would you mind taking a look at migration related question from Gilles above? chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/5453695#5453695 (I'd vote to close questions like these in a heartbeat but I'm not a moderator)

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