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6:09 AM
I think I'll start a competition for this month. (I've had experience with hosting photo competitions on SE over on the Travel site.)
@scottbb @MichaelC What's a good theme for the contest? I'm thinking of going with "lomography" (the best picture shot on not-so-good camera equipment, such as old low-res digital cameras, expired film, light leaks, etc.)
@gparyani I'm not really into the contest thing due to the way the rights are set up. I'm more than a little disappointed with the way they retroactively changed the permissions for images we uploaded into answers. I'll continue to reuse images I've already uploaded in new answers when they contribute to the answer, but I'll not be uploading any more new images.
@MichaelC They undid the rights change. Things posted prior to it continue to be licensed under version 3.0.
6:28 AM
@gparyani Well, sort of. Things posted between May 2018 and September 2019 were posted with all indicators that the old terms were still in force when, in fact, they had been replaced in May 2018 but the notifications weren't modified until September 2019. They rolled back content posted prior to May 2018, but didn't roll back content posted between May 2018 and September 2019, even though most contributors were led to believe nothing had changed.
Yeah, I do agree that they didn't do a great job in that regard. What I think happened is that someone decided to change 3.0 to 4.0 in the May 2018 update, and that change went unnoticed for a while before it was eventually noticed in September 2019. Then, once the update was to be published, their attorneys told them they couldn't roll back content posted between those dates since the Terms said one thing and take precedence over everything else, etc.
While the license change may not have been completely legal, I don't think it was in bad faith. It's very different from, say, changing to a different license or suddenly saying that all content is copyrighted to SE.
It may have been their impression that all posts were considered adaptations, on which re-licensing to a newer version would indeed be legal. (This is why they processed dissociation requests on all posts, even though the 3.0 license only required it on adaptations, i.e. edited posts. From the signals I've picked up, they only do dissociation because it's a formality required by the license, and that they'd prefer not to do it.)
6:57 AM
Anyway, I've got so many rolls of exposed, undeveloped film sitting around waiting for the time the photo labs in my local area reopen:
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5:37 PM
@gparyani That’s a great idea for a theme. I suggest just try it as a theme, and ask for suggestions for the next contest as comments. Here’s my answer to a different Meta question explaining my rationale, and references similar contests in Travel and The Great Outdoors.
@gparyani I tagged the contest questions with .
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8:28 PM
Q: Moderator Election - Community Interest Check

Cesar MPhotography last had an election back in 2017. Right now we have an opportunity to run an election for the site, and after consulting with the mods, it sounds like it is a good time for 1 or 2 new slots to open up. To avoid finding ourselves in a situation where an election would fail due to an ...

9:13 PM
@scottbb Posted it!
Q: Photo competition May 2020: Lomography

gparyaniTheme After another delay, I've decided to take the initiative to start another photo competition here. The theme for this competition is "Lomography". The challenge is to post the best picture that would fall short of "professional" photographic standards. For example, photos taken on old or c...

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10:35 PM
@gparyani noted and upvoted! =)
10:47 PM
Do pinhole camera exposures count as interesting photography? I'm about to open up a test of a box pinhole camera based loosely off of a can pinhole design

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