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4:29 AM
Q: Puzzling.SE top 10 Worsearch!


@Sphinx Can someone give me feedback on my first puzzle please?
Also what is a good way to get into puzzle solving, just practice?
5:11 AM
@Deusovi as an experienced user, can you give me some feedback please?
6:25 AM
Q: A crossword (+ a secret message)

DaniilWhat number does this top-secret message point to? Ftq mzeiqd ue: ftq ecgmdq daaf ar fia tgzpdqp mzp fiqzfk ruhq This table and crossword could help: Crossword clues: Across: 4: A lifeboat, perhaps 5: Strips in Geography class 8: Somewhat thin 9: Whirlybird 10: Perma...

@Sid pretty sure this is O+BAM+A, who used to be a US senator
i tried so hard to make RUBIO work at first :P
2 hours later…
7:59 AM
@jafe Bingo!
8:10 AM
I give up, I got a few numbers but not many
btw i think A for answer is fine (assuming that was the part you thought might be iffy)
Q for question and A for answer are pretty common (just look at sphinx above, for example)
hm, it seems i use parentheses a lot (but i'm not going to stop)
CCCC: Making a misstep on vacation: being on drugs (8)
@jafe I was also thinking Love->0->O
Thought that might be a stretch
8:30 AM
O was the first thing i thought of when i saw "love"... i think it's pretty common
8:54 AM
@jafe Some years ago I made a resolution that every time I found myself writing parentheses in anything anyone else was going to read, I would try just taking them out and seeing how it looked. I find that I usually don't put them back again.
(I don't always keep my resolution.)
To be explicit, what I remove is the "(" and ")", not what's between them. (A "parenthesis" can be either.)
9:31 AM
Q: Born a X, reaching adulthood no longer a X, but dead, X

TomDot Com Born a X, reaching adulthood no longer a X, but dead, X. What is X?

3 hours later…
12:14 PM
Q: This day in history VII

William PennantiThis day in history was solved first by Glorfindel with Yuzuriha Inori giving a more detailed answer. Today (9th May), a number of years ago, some sort of event happened. What was it and what do the clues mean? That wibbly-wobbly feeling Like you get higher than a ceiling A great psychological t...

1:00 PM
Q: Anagrammatically speaking 3

FlanManFill in the blanks below. Each sentence uses words that are anagrams of each other. In each pair of sentences, solve the first sentence, change one letter of an answer-word from that sentence, and shuffle it to form the answer-words for the second sentence. The answer-words in all sentences are t...

1 hour later…
2:25 PM
Q: How to choose the answer to accept in a multi-question puzzle?

melfntSimilar question but not extremely useful because this time is about multi-question puzzles rather than the answers quality. I recently posted this puzzle which was composed of multiple questions of the form: can you do [something] for $n=6$? And for $n=8$? For which value of $n$ [the same thing...

2 hours later…
3:55 PM
@GarethMcCaughan that makes sense... i don't think there are many situations where the parentheses are absolutely necessary
as long as you don't apply the same reasoning when coding
4:29 PM
Q: Query about block and stream ciphers

lostprophetI don't know if you can help me or not, but I could do with any additional guidance here. I am currently solving a puzzle that needs to use a combination of block ciphers and stream ciphers. I am on my way to doing it, but could do with help as to whether certain things are possible and what so...

5:01 PM
@Daniil Not sure I can give too much feedback? It's a word search - not much to say about it really.
I would say that generally you shouldn't base things off of Puzzling trends that may change in the future. So "top ten tags", like "top ten users", would be a problem, because it would make your puzzle potentially unsolvable later.
(And I'm not personally a fan of word searches. There's very little actual puzzle to them -- it's just tedium, with no thought involved.)
5:50 PM
@Deusovi If the definition is plural, the answer has to be plural to right? I.e. if hypothetically jafe's def is "drugs" the answer can't be "COCAINE" or the like?
Thought Idk if there's a plural form for specific drugs
I've never heard anyone say "Pepto-Bismo"s
I think "drugs" is a mass noun there, so I wouldn't completely rule out an answer like COCAINE
mm okay
6:07 PM
CC: Iron streak after small cats (7)
With jafe's CC, the def being just "drugs" seem a bit unlikely since the wordplay is "making a misstep on vacation being on", and how "being on" makes any sense
FE+LINE+S except that would be "before", not "after"?
The originally clue was actually "Iron streak before small cats" but then I psyched myself out
To anyone besides jafe, is there a word to describe a state of "being on"?
maybe the def is "making" an the wordplay is "a misstep on vacation being on drugs"?
Wait hold on
@jafe The answer's TRIPPING
Making a mistep: tripping, on vacation (tripping?), "tripping" is a colloquial term for being "high"
oh nice!
yeah, looks right to me
6:16 PM
Eyyyyy my first C4 solved!
Ooh cool
I'm going to wait for confirmation (that's just me stalling to make a C4 up)
Expect a 90% chance of failiure
it's definitely right (but no rush - you don't have to post the next clue instantly)
@NorthLæraðr that's correct!
@NorthLæraðr What's C4?
6:20 PM
@Daniil Cryptic Clue Chat Chains
Feb 7 at 16:31, by Gareth McCaughan
CCCC is Cryptic Clue Chat Chains! Latest clue is ⤴/⤵ there! Join the fun! See Deusovi's Cryptic Clue Guide and GPR's **[Archive & Statistics](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1sOR80-CRwBbb7odMLt2QRx_uEIefjovIOjFzZ_2VqoY
Basically we tell cryptic clues to each other and try to solve it
@NorthLæraðr Ah, cool
Tried so many words, none seem to fit as an anagram of the other word
6:28 PM
Oh my God I love my clue
@NorthLæraðr For what?
CCCC: A spiky plant is an essential, smart group under the Affordable Care Act (6)
@Daniil my C4
I'm actually so proud
So you made a C4 and solved it yourself?
@Daniil I solved a C4 and made one myself, yes
The first person to solve the C4 listed has to make another one replacing it. And so on and so forth.
So what's the current C4?
6:32 PM
I need to post a C4 because I solved jafe's C4, who solved Sid's, who solved msh's... etc.
@Daniil Mine.
4 mins ago, by North Læraðr
CCCC: A spiky plant is an essential, smart group under the Affordable Care Act (6)
If one of the mods would kindly pin it for me
@NorthLæraðr I starred it for you
@Daniil Thanks. Ah. Someone pinned it. Nice
@NorthLæraðr So how does it work, it's like a crossword clue?
6:35 PM
@Daniil Not exactly
Q: Cryptic Clue Guide

Deusovi This post is not a puzzle. There is nothing puzzly hidden inside it or the self-answer, posted at the same time. What exactly is a cryptic crossword clue, and how do I write one?

It's a very specific kind of crossword clue, if you will
It's split into two parts: a definition (the literal meaning of the word) and a wordplay (a list of a different wordplay is in the guide), and nothing else
In jafe's CC, the definition was "Being on drugs", and in his case, he also did a double definition (or like a triple definition).
Actually the definition, for all we know, could have been "making a misstep". Who knows
@NorthLæraðr I give up...
@Daniil CCs are hard at first. It took about 2 years for me to get the hang of it. Plus, I'm not a 100% sure mine is fully legal, but it should be
I'm not very experienced at this either so
6:50 PM
there's at least one obvious guess at the answer from one potential definition
but I can't see a way to make the wordplay work at all
What's the obvious guess?
To make sure I am on the right track...
it's "obvious" to some people with a lot of cryptic experience, I mean -- not saying it should be obvious to everyone
my guess is CACTUS ("A spiky plant")
but i don't see how to make the wordplay work
"US" could be "[smart] group", and "ACT" could just be the word "Act", but that leaves "an essential, [smart]" and "Affordable Care" both unused. (And even if one of the two produces C somehow, the other looks to be unused.)
Yeah, I got cactus as well, at least I'm on the right track
6:56 PM
ACA+CIA is a spiky plant... in which case the CIA would be the "essential, smart group"?
Of course, the definition could also be "Act", or "group under the Affordable Care Act"
@jafe Yes!
that's... a weird definition for CIA
@Deusovi lol
Essential--> central, smart --> intelligence (that's where it was questionable), group ---> agency
@Deusovi yeah it is
My main joke was really the "spiky plant" part
6:57 PM
you can't generally define things by synonymizing individual parts of their names
hm okay
because names are not always descriptive
(as the history joke goes, the Holy Roman Empire was neither holy, Roman, nor an empire)
CCCC: Commercial vehicle to make permanent progress (11)
@Deusovi Lol Voltagr
@Deusovi What the f*
I barely finished reading the sentence I see see deus jump out of nowhere
6:59 PM
Is ACA+CIA the answer?
@Daniil yes
@Deusovi yes
(the answer is ACACIA, and the + indicates how it was formed - just extra notation to understand the construction)
how many seconds was that?
Acacia is known as a "thorntree" because of it's thorns. The main joke was to make people think it was CACTUS
I was going to make it even funnier by giving a hint that the word has two c's with an a in between
CACtus and aCACia
7:01 PM
Probably not, worth a try
I already solved the clue
@jafe Too little seconds
Oh, I didn't see
7:01 PM
I don't see how FRONT+RUNNER would work
RUNNER - make permanent progress and FRONT-RUNNER is a commerical vehichle
@Daniil it was AD (commercial) +VAN (vehicle) + CEMENT (to make permanent) as deusovi posted in about three seconds
@Deusovi How does your brain process so fast. I literally had a heartattack
@NorthLæraðr i hope you literally didn't
used for emphasis or to express strong feeling while not being literally true."
@jafe lol
7:03 PM
Anyway bye, I'll be back for some more CCCC later
i know, i was just using the other sense :)
They're really interesting and fun
I saw "Commercial" first, thought that was likely AD because it was a nice wordplay component, and then jumped to the other side to see "progress". ADVANCEMENT came to mind, and then I saw the VAN+CEMENT decomposition
@Deusovi Yeah. But it takes 5 seconds for me to probably type the whole thing
You read the whole clue, processed it, and typed it in a matter of like 3 seconds
I read and type fast.
7:06 PM
Fast is an understatement
More like god-speed.
Or should I say, Deus-speed (ba-dum-crash)
I'm making that a thing
please don't
afaict the chat doesn't allow one to know the seconds between each post, only minutes
which is a shame because i wanted to know
north's name change is making it harder to construct clues
Mar 16 at 10:57, by jafe
CCCC: Task for young lady: moon North (7)
for example, that doesn't exactly work with "læraðr"
7:24 PM
CCCC: Appropriate interval before stallion's rear end bucks (10)
@Deusovi Definitely will
i'm back. oh hey there mr tree :)
@jafe You can just call me North, lol
@matt Hey, it's a sock account merrybot
sign #1 of the robot apocalypse: accounts named after people are socks of accounts named "bot"
7:31 PM
@jafe Oh crap
uh no. "matt" is my actual name
@matt That's what a bot would say
merrybot is just a random thing
my actual name is 0124576-2341545
(beep boop)
a h h surrounded by bots
7:33 PM
2 days ago, by North Læraðr
It means I'm a tree
"things to do in australia" first result:
> Travel restricted to this destination
good job google
@matt Ahahahahaha
bots get closer
Australia isn't real, you know
7:36 PM
bots get closer still
It's just Madagascar
i thought it was just an obscure city in germany
The Bielefeld conspiracy (German: Bielefeldverschwörung or Bielefeld-Verschwörung, pronounced [ˈbiːləfɛltfɛɐ̯ˌʃvøːʁʊŋ]) is a satire of conspiracy theories that claims that the city of Bielefeld, Germany, does not exist, but is an illusion propagated by various forces. First posted on the German Usenet in 1994, the conspiracy has since been mentioned in the city's marketing, and referenced by Chancellor Angela Merkel. == Synopsis == The story goes that the city of Bielefeld (population of 336,352 as of December 2016) in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia does not actually exist. Rather,...
wasn't aware that there was an entire made-up continent
Australia, officially the Commonwealth of Australia, is a sovereign country comprising the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania, and numerous smaller islands. It is the largest country in Oceania and the world's sixth-largest country by total area. The population of 26 million is highly urbanised and heavily concentrated on the eastern seaboard. Australia's capital is Canberra, and its largest city is Sydney. The country's other major metropolitan areas are Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide. Indigenous Australians inhabited the continent for about 65,000 years prior...
@jafe It's Germans. They can do anything.
@matt That's what Germany wants you to believe
this isnt even german wikipedia
7:38 PM
scientifically it wouldn't make sense anyway, those people would fall off
What, Germans can't speak English
apparently i cause weird discussions
No, I just say weird things
no, both
"interval before stallion's rear end bucks" seems to be the wordplay....
Isn't there a specific word for deer butt?
7:41 PM
interval could be "second", "third" etc
@Deusovi Oh nice wording btw with stallion and buck
stallion's rear (end) could be N
I feel like deus made 3 butt jokes at once
could buck be like money?
would that be... appropriate? ba dum-tssh
bucks = $ = S?
7:44 PM
ascii art rendering of drum sounds
@jafe very possible
hmm interesting
Nope I misread the definition
Okay so "buck" does mean "butt" but butt i.e. a verb
If def is something like "pauses" does the word have to be "stops" or can it also be "stop"
It would have to be "stops" there.
Hm I see
@jafe Hmm okay, so it most likely is an adjective, unless there's a 10 letter verb that also means the verb form of "appropriate"
or maybe the def is bucks?
"appropriate" can also mean "take something that isn't yours" or something like that?
It can mean to steal, basically
wait can appropriate also mean to like divvy out or divvy up?
or wait yeah
well APT is a plausible word if appropriate is part of the wordplay
well a lot of words are
7:58 PM
interval could be just GAP
Stallion could be horse
GAPES, but where's the 4 other letters...
hi @Sid!
Now, there are three CCCCs pinned, lol
(Can I say, that @jafe's clue was absolutely lovely. Triple def is not a common sight in CCs.)
8:07 PM
Reminds me of the time we had a septuple or a sextuple def clue or something
i was trying to mislead people who read the "on vacation" discussion a couple of days ago
@Sid what in the world
@jafe Not me lol
Nov 14 '17 at 3:41, by Deusovi
CCCC: Chuck and expelled actors totalled shed project with plaster (4)
Ofc it was deus
8:08 PM
2+ years back, lol
Maybe this is another septuple clue
"appropriate interval" during the days of coronavirus could be three feet or FFF?
not seeing how to make the rest work though
@jafe it's six
FFFFFF? that's even less likely, heh
six feet apart, idk about in europe tho
8:11 PM
here it's 1-2 metres
@jafe Why f?
isn't F = foot?
ft is
even less likely, hehe
ftftftftftftft is clearly a word, what do you mean
8:12 PM
btw, i made it back to finland \o/
@jafe Congrats!
thanks! can't wait to be able to travel again, though :D
Can I just say America my country's states are kind of stupid? Is that okay to say? I mean literally
Some states' coronavirus cases per day are rising and they're opening up
for "economical" reasons
well there ain't no economy left if everyone is ded
anyhow back to deus's cluye
The government has plenty of issues, doesn't mean the populace is guilty of the same. Which isn't to say they aren't guilty of course.
well there are a lot of factors to consider
spain just started opening up as we left
8:19 PM
beaches opened the day before yesterday, cafes will open next monday
nobody can say how that affects the number of people getting sick until they try it
looks at Spanish flu of 1918 History does repeat itself....
Did they try modeling it yet? :P
There's like 50 different models that say 50 different things, so I'm not sure
Call me machiavellian, but what would happen if we just pretend the virus didn't exist and let natural selection take its course?
@NorthLæraðr they kinda don't have a choice. Govt revenues are down the drain due to lockdown
@NorthLæraðr millions will die. I don't think Anything else should even matter after that
8:28 PM
@Sid So choice #1: Open up and risk people dying, and the government gets a huge backlash. Choice #2: Stay closed and government falls apart and we fall into anarchy
Seems as though everything sucks
@Sid now, how many will die because they run out of money because they couldn't work?
@Sid yes, but we'll biologically be stronger as a species
Or because somebody messed up food delivery and now food markets sell for ten times as much?
@JohnDvorak that's a trade-off that Govts have to make. Where they would like to draw the line.
S. Korea pretty much got this thing under control in like 2 months. Same for China.
Currently people are dying, people are in debt, govt is in debt, everything sucks
@Sid Well with China....
8:31 PM
Now that's another issue. If you go too close toward the natural selection route, people will start to deny your intelligence.
But in the long run....
"if we just let all the [x] people die, we'll be stronger as a species"
doesn't really work like that
even if the [x] people all go away, it doesn't affect the survival of the non-[x]
well yeah, but the x that do survive pass on their traits
8:34 PM
It's not that x dying helps non-x, but the lack of measures against x dying might.
@NorthLæraðr No, I mean even if they had 10x cases than what they reported, they have still got it under control now.
I guess
Czechia has had very few cases. But then again, that might have been primarily due to the lack of covidiots.
Not that I haven't seen one guy with a cigarette instead of a face mask, but that was outside anyways, and already on the downslope.
1 hour later…
9:51 PM
I'm just waiting for the day that somebody clues 0xFFFFFF with color
or something like that
hey avi
chemistry is so borrriiinngg
chemistry and cs are the like
it's just conversions
9:52 PM
two interesting subjects to me, so I'm afraid that I'd have to put a deaf ear to that
to each their own
I'd ask for help, but it's not bc I don't understand it, it's just I don't want to do it
I eventually figured out that chem is just an excuse for people to talk biology
so I quit early
biochem shudders
@Avi Ew. Organic chemistry is even worse
Anyone figured out the latest CCCC yet?
@Daniil It's a Deus C4, it's gonna be a while
9:54 PM
not that I can tell
@NorthLæraðr Was gonna say that but didn't want to scare them
@Avi Biochem is just like being hit with brick
OChem is like
@Avi No, you gotta teach them early
Fear Deus and Gareth. Rubio's barks are worse than his bites.
well... there's a board in the chem building, and it's literally just OChem students complaining about their coffee running low
I haven't seen GPR in a while
9:56 PM
Could be possessing bark worse than bite (?)
^ not actually a CC, if you're wondering
@NorthLæraðr I read this and the sentence popped into my head immediately... it's like one of those sentences where you feel like it should be a CC... but it's not...
@Avi You missed out on Deus solving jafe's C4 in like... 3 seconds
I think he solved mine in 6
9:58 PM
@Avi as I said a while back, that's happened to me a lot too:
I've assumed notes involving "initially" having a particular style are giving a clue
oh no
is involving anyhow related to revolving and thus anagrind
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