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1:46 AM
@MartinSleziak LOL I just accidentally clicked the link (to check my inbox) and realized to my surprise that I'm the user who posted the question and presumably based on your commend created the tag. I have absolutely no attachment to that tag and no specific opinion of it, if you get rid of it no objections
7 hours later…
8:54 AM
I see that a new tag was created.
Q: Does the House Resolution about the Impeachment Inquiry change anything?

BurtToday (Oct 31) the house passed a resolution formalizing the impeachment inquiry. I assume this was not a necessary step as the inquiry was underway before the resolution. Does this resolution actually change how these proceedings will work?

9:12 AM
I'll just point out that the operator deleted:1 only works for 10k+ users on graduated sites, 2k+ users on beta sites. See help on searching or help on privileges. This threshold is also mentioned in the post on Meta Stack Exchange which lead to introducing this feature: Enable searching with deleted:1 for 10k users. — Martin 9 mins ago
@Martin doesn't it work for users trying to find their own posts? — JJJ 4 mins ago
@JJJ I did not want to leave many comments on meta, so I'll respond here.
If you have an account on some site where you're below 10k, you can test it for yourself.
I get 29872 results when I search with deleted:1 on Politics - I can post here a screenshot if needed.
This is explicitly mentioned in several places. (Usually with 10k+, it's different for beta sites.)
10k is explicitly mentioned in answers to this question: How do you view deleted questions?
Jon Ericson's post says the same:
A: Enable searching with deleted:1 for 10k users

Jon EricsonWe recently enabled searching for own deleted content for 10k users as a result of this suggestion. Note that you can still see your own deleted content on your profile for 60 days. This privilege enhancement gives you access to older content that you own. Jeff's concern with allowing people to ...

An, as I mentioned in the comment, the help center also says the same in various places:
How do I search? mentions this briefly at the end:
> Deleted Posts (requires 2,000 reputation)
> When you earn the Access to Moderator Tools privilege, you may search your own deleted posts by using the deleted: operator.
> deleted:1 searches only your deleted posts
> deleted:all searches both deleted and not-deleted posts that you've authored
> deleted:0 searches only not-deleted posts that you've authored (effectively the same as user:me)
> Site Moderators may use this operator to search all posts on the site, including those owned by other users.
And it is very briefly mentioned also in the page about privileges.
> You also have a new search operator available to find your own deleted posts: deleted:1.
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3:25 PM
@MartinSleziak Thanks, yea I tested it too and it seems not to work on sites where I don't have that privilege.
3:44 PM
Q: Should we have a more neutral tag for "communication"?

FizzWe do have fairly used tags for propaganda and rhetoric but these are somewhat loaded terms (especially the former). I'm not sure these tags are enough to cover all aspects of political communication. Should we have a more generic tag like "communication", borrowed from the academic discipline? O...


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