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2:12 AM
Q: How to block bluetooth device that spams me with pairing requests?

user50849A bluetooth device that is not mine nor under my control asks my computer to pair, about every minute or so. Interestingly, it's fairly effective as a DOS attack actually. Disabling my BT is not an option, since I need it for my BT devices. I want to tell OSX to ignore this particular BT devi...

TIL you can factory reset holding option and shift and don't need Xcode supplemental tools
@ankii yeah - sometimes edits can really go off the track
great move pinging others and stopping back - I know you are very diligent, earnest, intending to help but that doesn't mean others won't get agitated / angered by a simple edit
Always flag as well - choose other and ask a moderator to have a look / help "moderate" if you feel you've gotten into something and another person isn't seeing the good to getting hot.
Not saying that happened here, but it's something every single high rep user has experienced and mods experience often. We all (and especially mods) can carry large authority that we can underestimate how it affects people new to the site
That aside - keep up the great work, asking questioning and most importantly - participating. This place is amazing due to lots of people making things better here and there / little by little as well as a lot by a lot (on occasion)
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9:20 PM
@bmike This "great authotity" thing is something I often wonderd about. Mods are supposed to be regular users as well (and are as fallible as every other human being) Yet in many SE interactions it is very difficult to see the exact role mods are fulfilling at any given moment. When 'voting to close' as anyone but the fifth vote is done by mod, it is fairly obvious. But at other times it would be a nice idea to have another indicator besides the always present diamond.
Is this comment 'a mod commenting as mod' (~*strong* advice to do as told), or 'a user (who happens to be mod as well) commenting' (~one user giving his opinion, following the advice should be considered, rejecting it is equally OK). Which hat is this mod wearing at this point, or that point? Somehow I wish there was an established shorthand indicating that.
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10:45 PM
@LangLangC one of the typical questions running up to nominations and elections is everything one says gets the mod diamond. Before and after the election, so it does change how we can and do interact here quite dramatically. The good news is most items are reversible, rarely do we need to take action in isolation and we have the ability to edit like most other moderators. Don’t forget, all users past a basic amount of reputation are moderators. Not just those elected.
11:00 PM
@bmike I don't forget. But you are wearing a badge all the time. Police may be 'a human being behind the badge' or talked to in private as an ordinary citizen. And all these roles are supposedly designed into mod duty here. But 'you know' that uniform may 'define a situation' at any time, putting you in danger or peril if you try to "redefine" the situation (in having an argument?).
A high-rep user is respected and may flag you, having a heated word with a mod decreases the distance to suspensions and else quite a bit. And that's only at the drastic end. I also feel that sometimes mods 'want' to make their given authority felt – before anything escalates too quickly – and that's rarely made use of.
Or just voice their user role, but "diamonds are forever" 'influencing' people. (Well, and I suspect as well that it mods might often feel that that is actually too often not the case. Being restricted from acting normally and seen as normal users on SE)
With rhe edit, this probable deserves another upvote.
New users shouldn’t be penalized for asking a clear duplicate. The first draft was rough, but it’s super clear what their situation is hence the good edit.
Q: Forgotten iPad passcode - How to reset it with no access to old email address and without using iTunes?

Anysha GoodeAt first we forgot the passcode for our iPad, so we tried to change the passcode but it was connected to an old email address we no longer use. How do we reset it totally without using iIunes? The iPad is now disabled.

What do you think @ankii
removed mine :)
also the replies to your messages above are long pending.. I had an exam some hours ago and rn I am finding some meta for @LangLangC about hiding the badge. will do today.
It's really exemplified in VtCs. If I didn't know the answer, well, at least most probably given, I'd othwerwise ask:Why aren't mods allowed to 'regular user-vote VtC' and have the option to also 'mod-hammer close'?
Yeah, we have to sit out votes we don’t want to hammer.
@LangLangC well this site rarely sees full 5 close votes by NDM(non-diamond mods )
11:07 PM
Also, the questions linked above as the dupe destinations need some vote love so they rise to the top
@bmike And isn't that quite a waste of your time?
@ankii were getting so much better. Years ago it took so long for close votes, now it’s quite decent - not stellar, but way better

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