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5:32 AM
So I'm a fanatic. Not really the trustworthy kind though... SO WHAT? I love being a fanatic evil snicker
6:26 AM
@StephanLehmke A consolation after the big delusion. :)
7:12 AM
@egreg Well the golden badge looks very becoming, that's for sure. And who'll ever look where it comes from? ;-)
@egreg Congratulations, btw. Great performance. I believe they'll be the champions.
7:53 AM
Too localised?
Q: \sqrt(2) in TikZ results in illegal unit of measure

user695652The code snippet below works well on my Mac but under Linux I get the error messages "! Illegal unit of measure (pt inserted)." "! Missing number, treated as zero." ! Package calc Error: `s' invalid at this point." for line 3 of the example. \begin{tikzpicture}[thick,scale=0.9] ...

8:26 AM
@AndrewStacey Agree, closed with 3 votes, as the OP did not provide further information.
@AndrewStacey I'm pretty sure it was due to an old TikZ version. Each version had different bugs :-)
A LaTeXnical question: In this answer, percusse observed that \arraystretch adds more space at the top than at the bottom of an array. This is rather bad when an array is used for a vector or a matrix. Is there anyone who can explain why the LaTeX people chose to implement \arraystretch like this?
@HendrikVogt Don't know why, but that was a very nice analysis of what is going on there.
8:42 AM
@HendrikVogt ease of implementation perhaps? arraystretch is simply a factor used to enlarge the row strut and since that strut is not symetrical to the baseline a factor means that the part above the baseline grows faster than the bottom.
@AndrewStacey Thanks :-)
But I guess it was thought that this goes hand in hand with "bigger" material in the cells that typically also grow fast above than below the baseline
@FrankMittelbach Yep, that's the explanation for the asymmetry, exactly! But it's not exactly difficult to get it symmetric - a simple \vcenter does the job. My impression was that it was a design choice, but I may well be mistaken.
@FrankMittelbach About the "bigger" material: that was what I was wondering about - which kind of stuff (that people are likely to put into an array) will grow more above the baseline? I use LaTeX for math only, so my imagination is limited ...
as I said the design choice might be that if you use a bigger font then the top part needs to be bigger than the bottom part. But I guess it is too late to ask :-) when I implemented "array" I took the basic assumption by Leslie in 2.09 for granted and only added \extrarowheight to allow some flexibility in spacing (when using rules)
@HendrikVogt don't forget that "array" and "tabular" share the same core so you always have to look at this from a table perspective not so much from a "math matrix" point of view
@HendrikVogt it is put in vcenter if you use [c] but this won't visually center if the height or the strut on the top row is bigger than the depth of the strut on the bottom
8:49 AM
@FrankMittelbach It won't be changed, I know! So I'd have to ask Leslie Lamport about it, OK.
Ah, and I forgot about tabular indeed.
9:09 AM
@HendrikVogt He might answer :-)
9:20 AM
@DavidCarlisle Do you mean [c] as in \begin{array}[c]? That appears to be used by bmatrix - which I wasn't aware of yet, thanks for pointing this out! (bmatrix was where the problem arose nevertheless.) The problem is indeed the large height and small depth of the strut that \arraystretch produces. One would think that for a [c] array, the strut should also be centered, shouldn't it?
@HendrikVogt well one might think that, but the [] option is handled in pretty much the same way in array, tabular parbox etc [t] means baseline of first row [b] means baseline of bottom row and [c] means do whatever vcenter does. The option never changes the setting of the contents of the box. It so happens that for many reasons these points don't correspond visually with what you might hope. But without major upheaval eg latex3 coffins) that's just the way it is:-)
9:38 AM
@DavidCarlisle I can live with "that's just the way it is", but I don't quite understand what you mean with "major upheaval". I don't know anything about tabulars, but for arrays I'd say: the reasonable and simple way would be to replace \@arstrutbox with \hbox{$\vcenter{\box\@arstrutbox}$} if the [c] option in in effect.
Or maybe I'm missing something important here?
@HendrikVogt That won't work, if the strut wasn't stretched by arraystretch it would mean that the height of the strut was less than the height of a capital letter or bracket, so there would be effectively no strut at the top of the array so if stacked vertically (in a fraction for example) it will get to tight spacing.
Similarly you would get unneven row spacing in the table as any rows with only lowercase would have height the strut but any rows with brackets would have height of the large character.
What you could do if c was in effect is after the halign, unpack it re-asign the depth of the last row to be the minimum of its current depth and the height of strutbox, and then vcenter rather than just vcentering the box from the halign,
@DavidCarlisle It does work in this simple way; test the code from my answer :-) The effect of \vcentering the \@arstrutbox in the case of the default \arraystretch =1 is that the depth of the strut is decreased by 0.1pt, which is not a problem, I guess.
The height is of course increased by 0.1pt accordingly.
9:57 AM
This is so awesome, I almost cried! ;) — mort 2 hours ago
I can't believe I made someone cry. :P
@HendrikVogt oh hadn't spotted this was related to a question, just following along in chat:-) Ah I assume those numbers are right but I still claim that it is wrong in principle even if it happens to work out at the standard font settings as the main function of the strutbox is to normalise the inter-row spacing within the table, and that should not be affected by the option to control its external alignment.
The functionality only overlaps on the first and last rows where the height and depth of the first and last strut respectively affect vertical alignment.
@DavidCarlisle Ah, OK, now I see what you mean. Again, it wasn't quite clear to me what [c] is actually meant for. Maybe an option for external alignment isn't quite the right thing for this. But with my redefinition of the \@arstrutbox I don't really effect the inter-row spacing within the table. I only wanted to effect the height of the first and the depth of the last row.
The thing with the 0.1pt could of course be easily fixed. I guess the \strutbox is font-dependent? Then of course one would need to compute this 0.1pt adjustment individually, but it shouldn't be hard to code that.
10:14 AM
I'm having a minor problem with \textquotesingle.
I have
pheno_filter = "sex = \textquotesingle M\textquotesingle AND race = \textquotesingle white\textquotesingle "
but I have some space missing. It looks like
pheno_filter = "sex = 'M'AND race = 'white'"
What am I doing wrong?
Space missing between the 'M' and AND, that is.
@egreg: 7:15am here and 15rep to rep cap. Oh my! :P
@FaheemMitha spaces after command names are always dropped, they just terminate the comamnd, use \ AND or ~AND
@FaheemMitha Note you relied on the space being dropped before white and before M
@PauloCereda he's got twice as much as that to go:-)
@DavidCarlisle ooh. :)
@DavidCarlisle Oh, right. My bad.
@PauloCereda 30, actually. :)
10:26 AM
@PauloCereda, see a demonstration of @egreg's mathematical skills, I mention twice 15 and he calculates 30 in no time at all.
@DavidCarlisle Oops, my bad. It's early in the morning, my brain is still bootstrapping. :)
@DavidCarlisle Now you know that I can count even above 100000. :)
@egreg To the 200k! :)
@PauloCereda Near the twilight zone?
@egreg It's spooky. :P
Thankfully, there’s a better solution for writing cross-platform rules which require system-specific commands. In Section 3.3, I mentioned about a special orb tag called @{SystemUtils} – it’s now time to unveil its power.
The manual is getting better! :)
@egreg: could you test if the installer launches in Java 5? :)
10:45 AM
@PauloCereda Can you tell me where I can find it?
@egreg It's not public yet. :( Can I send to your email?
I still need to deploy the "real" files. I just wrote the installer with some dummy files. :)
Well, some files are real, but the majority isn't. :P
11:02 AM
@DavidCarlisle: now arara is a serious tool: I'm using longtable in the manual. :)
11:22 AM
@PauloCereda Of course
@egreg Sent. Thank you again. :)
In other news, how do you guys type "Mac OSX" in TeX? Simply "Mac OSX"? :P
@PauloCereda Mac~OS~X
@egreg Ah thanks. :)
@PauloCereda \newcommand{\MacOSX}{Mac~OS~X}, of course. :)
@egreg :)
12:05 PM
Another gold badge for @StefanKottwitz. It's only his 13th Publicist badge. :P
12:26 PM
Q: natbib / biblatex Styling help. Numeric-style in listoffigures ! authortitle in flowtext

tomcatkonstiCan I post my question in german? If not I translate it in english later. Hallo, ich komme mit den Natbib-Biblatex Einstellungen nicht ganz zurecht. In meinem Text verwende ich für die Quellenkennzeichnung \footcite mit 'authortitle-icomp'. Darstellung ist schick, genauso will ich es haben. Im...

Right, who wants to translate this into English? I'd prefer a native speaker ...
@JosephWright I only understood "Hallo". :)
And even that, I thought it was the Halo game. :P
Q: Model of curriculum vitae with Latex

researcherPlease, is there any patterns (model or package) to download to do a cv with latex? Thank you so much

Dupe. :)
@PauloCereda Yup, just looking for the master question
@JosephWright There are a lot of CV related questions. :)
@PauloCereda I've got it: comment in a second!
@JosephWright ooh. :) Diamond power! :D
@JosephWright: BTW the system removed the offending message. Sorry for the trouble. :)
12:33 PM
@PauloCereda Yes, I saw that
@JosephWright Terribly sorry.
@Raphink Hi
@DavidCarlisle I wouldn't have answered to the verbatim question until some detail is provided.
What's up guys?
12:38 PM
@Raphink Hi! :)
@egreg I wonder if it's linked to
Q: Is it possible to use \{verbatim} in a dot2tex node?

sampablokuperIs it possible to use \{verbatim} in a dot2tex node? If so, please could you provide a MWE?

by the same OP (and with the same typo!)
@JosephWright Of course it is.
@JosephWright: hummingbird! :P
@egreg yes saw your comment afterwards. I would have tested it if an MWE were supplied, which given my tyoung accuracy is almost the same thing as your policy:-)
@JosephWright when you have a minute, you should re-implement LaTeX's handling of marks:-) tex.stackexchange.com/questions/61615/…
@DavidCarlisle Already done: xmarks (thanks to @FrankMittelbach, of course)
@DavidCarlisle There's also a LaTeX2e package: by Javier Bezos?
12:50 PM
@JosephWright oh yes, how could I forget:-) then there's the etex extended mark stuff as well (which I don't think xmarks uses)
@DavidCarlisle No, they don't work :-(
@FrankMittelbach and I double-checked this for xmarks a few months ago
@DavidCarlisle Got it: titleps
@JosephWright not working as intended is no reason not to use them, they must be good for something:-)
@DavidCarlisle I should be clearer. They work exactly as described in the e-TeX manual. Regrettably, that helps not one iota with tracking multiple marks. The xmarks docs have more on this (Frank's ideas, my .dtx tidying)
oh b@@@r I see I mis typed "typing" in "typing accuracy" above. Self fulfilling typos...
@JosephWright yes I sort of recall (much) earlier discussions along same lines:-)
@egreg: updated news: not even lunch time, and you have 230. :P
1:05 PM
@PauloCereda It is UTC lunch time. :) I had lunch two hours ago.
@egreg Oops. :) Mine is yet to come. :P
@PauloCereda And only three answers, today. :)
@egreg Let me check how David is going.
@egreg: David is stuck at 120. :( Let me find more answers of him. :D
- David?
- Yes.
- Sure?
- Yes.
- David Sure.
- No, Thomas.
- Thomas Sure.
I love that sketch. :)
As always, @JosephWright already knows which sketch I'm referring to. :)
I don't
Gooodnightdinglinglinglinglinglingling! :D
1:17 PM
2:10 PM
@DavidCarlisle @Joseph right ... the eTeX marks do not actually solve any problem as it turned out (and contrary to everybody's believe), so by the end of the day we had to keep the xmark implementation that just works with a single mark register
@JosephWright @David I just wonder if we properly documented why they do not actually help. If not we should do that at some point
2:56 PM
@egreg, so are you going to make a \dummy answer or should I edit mine to use \dummy rather than nullfont?
@DavidCarlisle Use the spoiler tag, so the answer text will be visible only with mouseover. :D
@DavidCarlisle I don't really understand what the question is about. If one doesn't want output, it's simpler not giving input! Edit your answer. :)
@egreg Some people want to see the world burn. :)
@egreg yes I wasn't sure either, maybe I'll just leave it with your comment unless @Altermundus clarifies what the use is.
@egreg oops thanks for count0=0 that was a kill and yank error it was in my original:-)
@DavidCarlisle You're welcome. I was puzzled when I tried it and some symbols appeared. Of course, \count0=1 in that situation.
3:09 PM
@PauloCereda Oh, I was getting slower with links.
@StefanKottwitz :P
Q: Can LaTeX be translated into HTML5?

sam bashlin Possible Duplicate: Converting LaTeX to HTML5 Convert LaTeX to HTML I would like to upload some notes on math on my site, and I thought it would look nicer to have it appear in a webpage manner rather than a list of hypertext that direct to pdfs. Is there some clever program that con...

\renewcommand{\LaTeX}{HTML5} - Did I win? :)
@StefanKottwitz: Germans dominate the Publicist badge. :) Patrick 1:13 Stefan. :)
3:40 PM
another happy user of \iffalse{\fi\ifnum 0=`}\fi groups....
3:51 PM
@DavidCarlisle Cool!
@DavidCarlisle Is it a good thing?
@PauloCereda oh yes!, best bit of appendix D
which is of course the main part of the texbook:-)
@DavidCarlisle It might take a while for me to reach that part. :P
@DavidCarlisle Ah! :)
4:22 PM
Hmm I have yet another new avatar. Dear system I want something lighter for the next one
@percusse It looks like the inverse of Alan's... well, close enough. :)
@PauloCereda \node[rotate=10,reverse clip] {AlanMunn};
@percusse ooh TikZ magic! :D
@percusse Does your avatar change with your points or something ? =)
Q: My boss decided to add a "person to blame" field to every bug report. How can I convince him that it's a bad idea?

MK_DevIn one of the latest "WTF" moves, my boss decided that adding a "Person To Blame" field to our bug tracking template will increase accountability (although we already have a way of tying bugs to features/stories). My arguments that this will decrease morale, increase finger-pointing and would not...

4:26 PM
@PauloCereda The answer is Gilda
@percusse LOL
@N3buchadnezzar Who knows maybe it doesn't want me here anymore...
@percusse Heh exellent
@N3buchadnezzar I believe percusse is in fact a group of TikZ experts working secretly in the Project Mariane from Knuth. :)
That means I move up the on the tikz ladder.
4:28 PM
@PauloCereda We are secretly trying to draw the LaTeX lion with TikZ
@percusse Beers for everybody! :D
@percusse Herbert probably know a single command for that in PsTricks, along with curing cancer and round-house kicking Chuck Norris.
@N3buchadnezzar Yes he writes the PDF files in Notepad.
@percusse ^^
@N3buchadnezzar Don't forget that Herbert is the youngest around here. :P
4:31 PM
"H: I have found a cure for cancer!"
"G: Great! Just compile it with pdflatex, and we are good to go"
"H: Well.. about that..."
@PauloCereda so when did he take over pstricks from Timothy van Zandt?
@DavidCarlisle I... I don't know! :) Maybe he has a time machine written directly in PostScript.
4:54 PM
@percusse HELP!
How do one scale a pgf plot, without ruining the axis labels?
London Bridge is falling down! :)
I love that song. :)
@PauloCereda If you make private jokes here, you need to explain them to everyone. :-)
@FaheemMitha Sorry. :) It's a excerpt of a Monty Python episode called Silly Job Interview, where the interviewer (John Clesse) makes all kinds of nonsense things with the interviewee (Graham Chapman). :) youtube.com/watch?v=QjHCXcwpcvE
@PauloCereda Ah, Monty Python. Big fan.
Particularly Life of Brian. Classic.
@N3buchadnezzar How do you mean ruining? give some height width
5:04 PM
Seems like I have to use
x post scale=0.85,
y post scale=0.85,
@FaheemMitha I love the part with The People's Front of Judea. :P
@PauloCereda Yes, that's what I think of first too.
Though that one with the centurion correcting the graffiti artists latin is classic too.
Indeed. :)
And then there is that immortal classic, "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life".
@N3buchadnezzar also true
5:06 PM
I also love the part: "Welease Bwian!"
I should avoid PsTricks, my brain is barely able to contain a decent amount of tikz.
@PauloCereda Don't remember that.
@N3buchadnezzar /throws stone :P
Wow, that's one deranged interviewer.
5:11 PM
@FaheemMitha youtube.com/… :)
Around: 3:05 :)
I'm 5 videos in of these series and once again Bernstein managed to remind me every detail why I hate his stuff :) If you want to kill time youtu.be/U3HLqCHO08s
6 in total
@PauloCereda Thanks, I'll check it out.
5:33 PM
Does some one have a comment on that? ^
@KannappanSampath What's the message you want to convey with this?
@percusse I'd like people to understand that the three blue lines are isomorphisms.
The rest of it is to show how the proof goes.
And, one more thing: The lines from down to up indicates, the lower guy is normal in the upper guy.
@KannappanSampath Excuse my ignorance :) I don't get it at all. What operator is represented by the edges?
@percusse I thought it was some sort of Optimus Prime mask. :P
@PauloCereda more like batman
5:41 PM
@percusse To the batmobile! na na na na na na na na na na na na
@percusse A subgroup which is in the lower part of the paper is normal in the upper part of the paper, if they are connected by an edge. So, the operator is normality.
@PauloCereda must ... resist .... nerdy jokes....
@percusse Resistence is futile. :P
@KannappanSampath I see. But don't you think diagonals are a little misleading i.e. almost normal or even projection?
I'm not good at these things of course but I only comment on the message conveyed, so no offense :)
@percusse I am sorry but this is not clear to me.
5:45 PM
@KannappanSampath I just talk about the graphic no relation to the operators whatsoever. If vertical is normality, then what is horizontal aesthetically speaking?
@percusse I see! But, this practice is pretty common, I guess.
May be resident algebraist @egreg has a comment?
@KannappanSampath We need to overhaul the whole terrible pedagogic math practice anyway ... /ducks...
@percusse I agree; but at times, it is nearly impossible to find a perfect analogy.
@KannappanSampath My group theory is a bit rusted, I'm afraid.
For instance, in my opinion, it is very hard to find an analogue for the the notion of ideals in rings in reality.
5:51 PM
@KannappanSampath Well analogy means strong similarity otherwise it's an isomorphism :P
@KannappanSampath Yes of course: subgroups and normal subgroups become subrings and ideals, which are different beasts.
But, if people will tell me, it looks like a butterfly and not like any other, it is fine with me.
@egreg :(
Ideals are black holes, you can't escape
How does one put two tikz pictures next to each other?
(as in adjacent.)
@KannappanSampath scope them and use \begin{scope}[shift={(x,y)}]
6:03 PM
@percusse Hmm, I see. Thank you.
(I should learn more Tikz.)
@KannappanSampath Adjacent ?
I would use the subfigure package
@N3buchadnezzar Yes?
@N3buchadnezzar I would have to learn to use it then, I guess.
@KannappanSampath Look at my example, it is very easy =)
@KannappanSampath Ah I thought in the same tikzpicture
@percusse You were right.
I would like to draw four lines.
Two shorter; two longer.
6:11 PM
@KannappanSampath OK let me reset, if you want two subfigures labeled and captioned you can use subcaption package as N3buchadnezzar has given. If you want to put two drawings in the same tikz picture then scoping is the way.
@percusse Thank you for making it clear. I am going to do the latter.
I usually would only use scoping if I have not created the two tikzpictures yet, then just use coordinates.
6:29 PM
A: How would you refer to "legacy code" in French?

LierreCode hérité utilisé seul me parait mauvais, hériter est censé être un verbe transitif. Si tu ajoutes un complément, je pense que cette traduction est très bonne. Exemple : du code hérité de la version Fenêtre 95 du projet Pour traduire legacy code dans son utilisation sans complément voici ...

"du code hérité de la version Fenêtre 95 du projet"
I don't know French, but Fenêtre 95 sounds like Finestra in Italian, which is... window?! :P
Windows 95!
Hey @kan! Long time no see.
@JasperLoy How are you, Jasper?
@KannappanSampath You don't go on MSE anymore?
@JasperLoy Yeah.
I won't write any more answers for the site.
@PauloCereda Paulo are you browsing all the exchange sites simultaneously?
6:34 PM
@N3buchadnezzar I'm guess I'm addicted to SE. :)
@PauloCereda You should create Paulo-Cereda.stackexchange.com =)
@N3buchadnezzar ooh I could have all sites integrated in one! :D
@KannappanSampath Well, I don't understand what made you upset, but never mind.
@PauloCereda still loading - my internet is slloooooowwww today
6:42 PM
@PatrickGundlach Same. I think maybe there was an earthquake somewhere.
@PauloCereda finally! I remember having one golden badge - but I don't know why
@KannappanSampath I believe it is called "butterfly".
@StefanKottwitz or @JosephWright: How does one go about suggested a merge/delete/removal of a tag?
The most recent question on LyX was tagged although there's a clear tag.
7:14 PM
@Werner maybe retagging would clear the wrong one?
oops you already did it
@percusse I already retagged the question.
I think once a tag is created, it stays, unless mods "do something."
I'm not sure what the "something" is though.
7:45 PM
I have to use Excel at the moment. I hate it :)
@PauloCereda The installation of arara was successful on the machine with Java5
@egreg Really?! Thank you very very much! :)
I'll work on the full installer. :)
@PatrickGundlach Cut some slack to Excel. It's the only Office product that doesn't follow the MS standards in my opinoin.
I dare to say that it's even good
But Microsoft knows this so they invented that tabbed menu thingy for the toolbars
@percusse so many options/ribbons... I sometimes can't get basic things to work. For example (this must be a simple switch) - on OS X when I move the cursor keys, the window moves (the visible part of the table moves), but I can't get to the next/prev/upper/lower cell
But yes, I agree that excel is a really powerful tool, I've used it for years (some time ago...)
@PatrickGundlach Hey we don't like emacs breed in our PC town OK, buy yourself a Microsoft hyperspeed ....some wild animal name here .... laser mouse
7:54 PM
no mouse allowed here, only touch pads :)
@PatrickGundlach ouch pad.
(I have to admit that I use a "magic mouse" at work)
awesome lightning here
8:09 PM
@percusse Hey got a second ? =)
@N3buchadnezzar /hand break squeek....takes off his sunglasses
@egreg Reading P. Hall's paper written in 1936! Fun!
@N3buchadnezzar So tick labels are the problem I guess right?
@percusse Actually no, that looks fine in my own document.
And I know how to remove that if it were a problem.
@percusse The problem is the white space at top and the bottom.
8:19 PM
@N3buchadnezzar I see. ...plays elevator music...
@N3buchadnezzar I see; but I am no good with Tikz! :(
I quoted the wrong guy! Hides in a corner, please do not Tikz me!
@KannappanSampath Which one? My reference book on group theory reports one of 1935 and two of 1937.
8:22 PM
@N3buchadnezzar I removed all xmin ymin stuff (all 4 of them), removed enlargelimits=true and started the yticks from -4
@egreg The title is: A characteristic property of Soluble groups.
@percusse That fixed it ? =)
@N3buchadnezzar Why don't you try ? ;)
He proves: A group G is soluble if it contains a p-complement for every p | |G|. @egreg
(Do you use soluble or solvable?)
@percusse Well so far it have only crashed my editor.
8:25 PM
@N3buchadnezzar Ladies tell me the same thing every time.
TeXmaker's new versions has been crappy in terms of viewer. I wonder why the viewer is now made a separate window! :(
@N3buchadnezzar pastebin.com/CHWvGxEr
@KannappanSampath In Italian we say "risolubile". I'd go with "solvable" as usually I adopt American spelling and terminology. My book says that "soluble" is mainly British, while "solvable" is preferred by American authors.
I made it work, but it still does not fix the problem.
@percusse Your pick up line is, lets go home and use latex and watch the world burn ?
Making the labels more equal in length hides, but not solves, the problem.
Forgot to remove the enlargelimits=false brb.
8:30 PM
@egreg I see. Thanks for the input. If I may ask, what is the reference about Americans preferring solvable while British preferring soluble? (the same book?)
@KannappanSampath The book is: John S. Rose, "A Course on Group Theory", Cambridge University Press. I got it at a summer school for graduate students some years ago.
Of course the author prefers British terminology. :)
This is a problem for Luke Skywalk.. I mean Jake Tikzwalker.
@N3buchadnezzar Didn't work?
The problem is with the command "axes equal" or equivalently "axis vector = 1 1 1"
This makes the length of the axis the same disregarding what their actual domain is.
@N3buchadnezzar If you don't manually label the ticks I don't see any problem
8:40 PM
@KannappanSampath In my fourth year I had a course on higher group theory, but it was mainly on infinite groups. As you probably know for some group theorists the following theorem holds: "Every group, apart for some unfortunate exceptions, is finite".
@egreg Oh, I see. :)
@egreg Yeah, sure. Though not a Group theorist per se, it holds for me as well. ;)
But, I should say, infinite group theory offers its own struggles and challenges.
@percusse This should show the problem clearer
I want the ratio between the axis to stay the same, I do not care whether the length of the axis are the same..
@KannappanSampath They are really two very distinct fields of research. But it's in general very important to find out what can be salvaged in passing from finite to infinite or from commutative to non commutative. Often, weakening the hypotheses allows for a clearer view of the matter. When group theory shifted from the study of permutation groups to abstract groups, for instance, it had a very rapid development and many proofs could be substantially simplified.
@N3buchadnezzar Then you shouldn't use axis equal and cousins
Each unit vector is set to the same length while the axis dimensions stay constant. Afterwards, the size
ratios for each unit in x and y will be the same.
Axis limits will be enlarged to compensate for the scaling effect.
from the manual
Yeah, I know =)
How do you refer to someone in comments?
I tried @percusse for instance, but in comments this does not work.
8:53 PM
@egreg Hmm, I see. I don't have a flavour of permutation group theory. Soon, I should start pursuing those as well.
@N3buchadnezzar You should use axis equal image
@percusse Yeah, that works. Awesome =)
@KannappanSampath Groups were born for studying algebraic equations. Lagrange was among the first to study them. He wanted to look at what properties are maintained when permutating roots of equations.
@egreg Grlj?
(sorry about my ignorance.)
9:01 PM
@KannappanSampath Slip on the keyboard. :)
Oh, OK.
The task was to see what permutations of the set of roots were "invariants".
@egreg Oh, I see.
For instance, the "generic" equation of degree n is invariant under all permutations, which makes it unsolvable by radicals when the degree is greater than 4 (because the symmetric group on n elements is not solvable for n>4).
Yeah , I have proved this lemma about Symmetric group on n symbols in my report.
9:05 PM
A cubic equation (over the reals) can be invariant under all permutations (three real roots) or only under the alternating group (only one real root). This accounts for the difference in the solutions: in the former case passing to the complex numbers is unavoidable.
Galois found out the condition for the equation to be solvable by radicals in terms of subgroups. It was only later that group theory evolved to "abstract groups", also by the influence of geometry (and infinite groups: Klein and the Erlangen program).
However, Cayley had already proved that any "abstract group" is a group of permutations on a set of elements. But it was in the direction of representing groups as permutations groups; then the theory abandoned this view.
9:39 PM
@PauloCereda Other ABNT folies. :) tex.stackexchange.com/questions/61640/…
@egreg Oh no! There we go again! :)
I wrote an app. :)
@PauloCereda So the arrow points toward the day winner?
@egreg Exactly! :) The little arrow. :)
Holy moley when did David obtain 30k points?
@egreg ABNT is evil
9:46 PM
@JosephWright Truer words were never spoken. :(
@N3buchadnezzar The big step is 40k
@egreg I would rather think you would say 100k, or? ;)
@N3buchadnezzar Actually, with 20k you get full privileges (except for some tools reserved to moderators).
@N3buchadnezzar I got at 40000 twice. :)
I remember when I overtook Ulrike: I thought it was a big step, since she is a very good TeXnician.
@egreg :-)
We could always ask for an election: I have a list of candidates to lean on
And the credit card!
9:56 PM
@egreg Thank you for the input. I enjoyed it well. :)
@KannappanSampath Sometimes it's good not to talk about soccer^H^H^H^H^H^H cricket. :)
@egreg I think I remember your reputation to be only 4 digits (6k, I think). :)
@egreg Hmm? I am lost now.
@KannappanSampath Inner chat joke. :)
New question on TeX.sx: "How can I use longtable to draw a cricket scoreboard?" :)
10:00 PM
@PauloCereda I got to 5 digits on June 9, 2011 and gained your credit card number on July 21.
@egreg Oh! :)
@PauloCereda The next one will be Seamus.
@egreg Indeed! :) He's very close. :)
10:45 PM
@N3buchadnezzar 2^15 is the important milestone, don't be fooled by the artefacts of using base 10 for display....
@PauloCereda hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
@egreg my next target as it happens:-)
@DavidCarlisle That's what I thought. Good night; 32768 is a very nice target.
11:01 PM
2 days of rep cap, feeling like egreg for some time, then a close miss, then back to mortals land. :)
PHP is the Nickelback of programming languages.
@PauloCereda Why does everybody hate it? I really want to know.
@percusse I really don't know. :( People tend to choose, from time to time, a escapegoat.
@PauloCereda When I was doing web design a few bronze ages ago. It was a life saver and was almost like FF over IE, if you don't want to touch ASP.
but probably things have changed.
11:18 PM
@percusse IMHO I think bad code written in PHP put a stigma into the language itself. No language is good enough to avoid you write bad code. I had friends which are terrible with programming, but since PHP has a very soft learning curve, they got jobs as web developers. The result: bad programs. It's easier to blame the language than the code. :(

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